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Advance technologies in rebar processing

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  • 1. What is the need?Growth in Industrial technology consequently increases the demand and need for new equipments. Rebar processing machines constitute a large portion of this new advanced equipment.The choice of the processing method depends on the property requirements, cost factor consideration and future applications prospects.

2. OPERATIONS ON REBARSCUTTINGBENDINGTYING 3. EQUIPMENT FOR CUTTINGElectric rebar cutter.Heavy duty rebar cutter.Wire rope cutters.Rebar cutting shear. 4. Electric rebar cutter CUTTING CAPACITY: UPTO16MM RODS. Can cut high tensile bars & bolts. Adjustable head- turns 180degrees. Charging Time 25 minutes. With fully-charged battery: Cuts 75 pc, diameter 16 mm. Cuts 110 pc, diameter 13 mm. 5. HEAVY DUTY REBAR CUTTER Can cut bars of diameter up to42mm. Cutting capacity: 3-6pcs at atime Interior electric-motor: not tobe exposed to rain Oil bathed lubrication gears:Being operated in smooth andless noise None sticking of crank after along period of non-use Simple & easy to use: one-touch type 6. Wire rope cutters Cuts steel core wire rope tothe given specification.Blade construction: high-speed steel with titaniumcoating. Cutting capacity: 1.5mm-20mm wire rope. Cutting time: 8 seconds. Adjustable head: turns 180degrees. Weighs just 6.3kg. 7. REBAR CUTTING SHEAR Rebar Cutting Shear isspecifically designed forprocessing large volumes ofrebar on a regular basis. Also used to process lightscrap like pipe, angle iron,channel iron etc., Upper and lower jaws aredesigned in such a way thatit holds the rebar inposition. Raking tines helps theoperator to separate uncutrebar or condense cut piles. 8. EQUIPMENT FOR REBAR BENDINGElectric automatic rebar bending machine.Spiral hoop radius bender. 9. ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC REBARBENDER Max bending capacity is upto 32mm rebar of 650N/mm2 strength. Length of the roller conveyorapprox - 12 meter Dimensions are 1 1 0.45 m Roller outer diameter - 110mm Speed of the roller drive - 20m/sec Working height - 1 meter 10. SPIRAL HOOP RADIUS BENDER Designed for spiral productionand to radius large diameterbars. Equipped with 2 driving rollsand one adjustable centre idlerroll for diameter adjustment Capacity: Upto32mm Rebar (Gr. 60) Dual Speeds: 20 or 30 RPM Minimum ring diameter: 7,depending on bardiameter, unlimited maximum. Machine weight: Approx. 370kgs Machine size: Approx. 32 x 28x 37 H 11. Electric cutting and bendingmachine Its a portable combination ofboth cutting and bending. Cutting speed is 3 sec andbending speed for 180 degreebend is 7 sec. Max capacity for cut andbend is upto 16mm dia rebar. Its fast and easy to use, thereis no changing ofattachments 12. EQUIPMENT FOR TYINGManual rebar tying machine.Automatic rebar tying machine. 13. MANUAL REBAR TYING MACHINE To cut, twist and tie rebar inplace. Low cost, simple tool withvirtually NO maintenance. Works in all weather andconditions. Weight: 1.5lbs (0.68 kgs)Dimensions: 12"(L) x 1"(W)(300mmx25mm). Can tie any combination of barsizes. 14. AUTOMATIC REBAR TYING MACHINE Can tie bars of size upto 32mm. Tying speed 1.6 seconds pertie. Torque Adjustment0-9(increases wire tie tightness). Each wire spool ties 120-200rebars, depending on therebar sizes. 15. CONCLUSIONS Ensures high volume of production in minimum time. Wastage of steel is minimum, as steel in coils are used forStirrups and for Cutting and bending rods below 12mm. There is no necessity to provide large working and storingarea, labour camp and security for materials. Creates centralized activity for multiple locations. 16. REFERENCES GENSCO EQUIP.[] BENNER-NAWMAN, INC [] STANLEY LABOUNTY [] SIMA REBAR PROCESSING [] MASTERS OF STEEL [] KODI KIPPLING FLAT MATS [] MEP REBAR MACHINERY[]