REALTOR® Match: the Future of Real Estate Referrals Webinar Slides & Recording

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Traditional word of mouth (WOM) is alive and well, with referrals from a family member or close friend remaining the dominant source of leads for REALTORS®. However, our findings illustrate this is changing. First, 71% of consumers say they would validate a WOM referral with an Internet search before contacting a referral. Second, 33% of Millennials would skip seeking a personal referral and go directly to an online search. Both of these trends stand to place increasing importance on REALTORS®’ online presence. Online validation of WOM referrals combined with the trend to rely solely on online search findings will mean that REALTORS® who lack sophistication in online search, marketing and analytics could be invisible to a significant slice of the market. This is the third of our summer webinars as part of the British Columbia Real Estate Association's Journey of Discovery. BCREA launched the Journey of Discovery (JOD) to help our organization and BC’s eleven member boards strategically plan for the next five years. This project seeks to understand where the greatest contributions of products and services could be for increasing the innovation of REALTORS® in service of their consumers. If organized real estate is to effectively adapt to and proactively initiate change, which we believe is necessary now more than ever, the first stage is to gain a solid understanding of the current and future states of the industry. For access to the slides with links and our other reports, please visit This presentation was prepared by CE Holmes Consulting, Solvable & Monique Morden Consulting

Transcript of REALTOR® Match: the Future of Real Estate Referrals Webinar Slides & Recording

  • Over the next five years, do you think traditional word of mouth referrals for REALTORS will...? Press 1 INCREASE Press 2 DECREASE Press 3 REMAIN UNCHANGED Live Votes: 142%, 229%, 329% Poll
  • Journey of Discovery
  • Why Should You Care About REALTOR Referrals? 1. Relationship value 2. Sales value
  • The Voice of 257 BC Millennials
  • 67% Image Credit: Whisper by chris dawson from The Noun Project
  • 33% Image Credit: Browser by Adriano Emerick from The Noun Project
  • 71% However, even among the traditionalists... Image Credit: ZipRealty, The Power of Online Reviews for Real Estate Agents
  • Where do they go online? What do they do when they arrive? What do they see on the page? What information is valuable? What sources are valuable? Our Research Questions
  • Where They Go
  • What They Do
  • Performance Attributes Reviews, rated, ratings, top, best, experienced MLS/ Agency Terms Realty, agency, firm, specific brokerages/franchises Primary & Secondary Terms
  • Image Credit: Google search term: real estate agent burnaby What They See
  • Where is!? Image Credit:
  • Mobile Search Image Credit: Introducing the new iPhone App!
  • Image Credit: Journey of Discovery REALTOR Match Quantitative Primary Research What Sources are Valuable? Q20: Sort the following sources of information on the Agent based on how valuable they would be to helping you decide on whether to use the Agent?
  • Should the regional boards and BCREA have a more visible online presence specifically targeted to consumers?
  • Image Credit: Journey of Discovery REALTOR Match Quantitative Primary Research What Information is Valuable? Q21: How valuable are the following types of information for selecting a real estate Agent?
  • What Information is Valuable? Image Credit: Burnaby REALTORS
  • Make the Match Image Credit: Review & Walkthrough via Online Dating University
  • Image Credit: Vocus Blog Only Part of the Story
  • Facebook Graph Search Image Credit: Two Cents Blog
  • Image Credit: Journey of Discovery REALTOR Match Quantitative Primary Research And Facebook Already Knew This
  • Do you personally feel prepared for this new world of real estate referrals? Press 1 YES Press 2 NO Press 3 UNSURE Live Votes: 125%, 238%, 338% Poll
  • Image Credits: Real Satisfied, Sunday Bell, HomeLight, CurbCall Next Generation Technologies
  • Predict the Near Future Image Credit: Minority Report
  • Predictive Analytics Image Credit: SmartZip Analytics, SmartTargeting: A Quick Tour
  • Social Analytics Image Credit: IBM Research Accelerating Discovery: Social Analytics
  • When deciding whether to work with a new client, which of the following do you consider? Press 1 Value of the transaction Press 2 Value of future referrals Press 3 Both Press 4 Neither Live Votes: 15%, 27%, 361%, 328% Poll
  • CLV vs. CRV
  • Image Credit: V. Kumar, J. Andrew Petersen, and Robert P. Leone, How Valuable is Word of Mouth, Harvard Business Review Manage Referrals Like a Scientist
  • When one door closes, another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us. - Alexander Graham Bell Conclusion
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  • BCREA YouTube Channel BCRealEstateAssn/videos Journey of Discovery Reports Strategic Planning SeptemberNovember 2014 A Sincere Thanks