Real estate sales techniques

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Real Estate Sales Techniques
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It helps to improve your selling skills in real estate and helps to teach how to interact with customer in proper manner.

Transcript of Real estate sales techniques

  • Real Estate Sales Techniques
  • Overview We found this great for effective selling and think that this presentation is so important for People who sell Real Estate for a living as well as for their customers. The key factor here is that selling is about creating a good relationship with your buyer and you should love what you do so that you develop great relationships that last.Real Estate market we probably know this better than in many other markets.
  • Points To Selling Techniques People love to buy, but hate to be sold Believe in your product. Say the right thing on a continual basis. Don't use the tired phrases and wording that everyone else is using. Think service, not sales. People buy on emotion and later use logic Sell what you know.
  • Characteristics Related to Sell Trade Selling Age, Maturity vs. Youth Empathy (understanding/compassion) vs. Aggressiveness Knowledge of customer and business methods Technical Selling Education and Intelligence vs. persuasiveness Product and customer knowledge usually gained through training
  • Relationships With Customer Common goals Commitment to mutual fulfillment Social support Mutual trust Open communication Personal Relationships
  • Relationships With Customer Common goals Commitment to mutual gain Organizational support Mutual trust Open communication Customer Relationships
  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Become genuinely interested in others Smile Remember names Be a good listener encourage other to talk about themselves Talk in terms of others interest Make others feel important
  • Presentation Skill Front To Customer Pre-approach preparation adds value Presentation plan adds value Outstanding service adds value with; friendly approach customer centered presentation effective demonstrations win win negotiations timely close after sale service
  • Question Ask To Customer Information- gathering questions Probing questions Confirmation questions How many miles per year do you drive your company car? (auto leasing) What type of image do you want your advertising to project to current and potential customers? (newspaper advertising) Do you see the merits of purchasing a copy machine with the document enlargement feature? (office copy machine)
  • USING DEMONSTRATIONS PRODUCTIVELY WHY improves communication improves retention speed proves buyer benefits feeling of ownership confidence saves time WHAT product, models, samples product, models, samples photos, illustrations, reprints portfolio, graphs, charts, tests testimonial, guarantees computer printoutas, audio, visuals WHEN as a product approach to prove benefits to overcome objection to strengthen close to service the sale
  • Duties owend to your client 1. Usually based on law/regulation/custom 2. Six primary fiduciary duties a. Loyalty b. Keep personal information confidential c. Obedience d. Reasonable skill & diligence e. Disclose all known facts f. Accounting for money & documents