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a quarterly online & print publication made possible by earth loving RAWRTIST celebrating and manifesting the high carb low fat raw vegan lifestyle. We live in abundance, love our planet, earthlings and universe! Inside find tips, recipes, art and those that have inspired many of us.

Transcript of RAWRTIST | ISSUE 1 SPRING' 13

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  • Raw Artists

    Wandering life in our

    Radiant Abundant World

    welcome friendslets co-exist

    issue 1 spring13W E L C O M ELEARN on fruity raw vegan. FEEL your

    best. Inside RECIPES.. ART TIPS..

    Includes an EZINE version to

    connect with RAW.RTISTS + other cool

    F R U I T F U L M A T I O N

    We are here to show our LOVE for this

    L I F E S T Y L E . M a n i f e s t i n g , c e l e b r a t i n g

    the gift of ABUNDANCE + a

    coexistence of LOVE between all

    earthlings + planet + universe.



  • rawrtist


    *8 years fully raw low fat vegan 80/10/10*Runs the largest non-profit organic co-op in the USA called Rawfully Organic.*Ecuadorian-Lebanese descent.*Quote - If you want to feel alive, why would you eat something that is dead?*Posts informative + yummy raw vegan recipes each week on her youtube channel!

    *Overcame hyper-glycemia! Gained tons of energy!!



    *7 years as a high carb low fat raw vegan *Co-Founder of 30Bananasaday the largest networking site for raw vegans along with her boyfriend Durianrider.*Quote - Go FRUIT Yourself!*Posts about fitness, quick raw vegan recipes each week on her youtube channel!

    *Overcame unhealthy eating habits + gained health!!

    two beautiful beings that have strived by educating themselves on how to gain + sustain OPTIMAL long term health with no meds!

  • When I first made the switch from a calorie-restricted cooked vegan lifestyle to a calorie-abundant 80-10-10 raw vegan one year ago, the greatest challenge I faced was eating enough greens. I was starved, so eating a large bounty of sweet, juicy, sugary fruits was easy. Raw greens, however, were not as appealing to my salt-

    and-condiment spoiled palate. Ive got it down now, but it seems Im far from the only one to face this problem because one of the most common ques-tions I get on my blog is, How do I get my greens in?! So for this article, I

    thought Id share some of my favorite, original 811RV greens recipes!!

    DLTs2 hearts of romaine lettuce1 pint of cherry tomatoesAbout 6 medjool dates


    First, separate the large lettuce leaves and lay on a plate with the inner leaves facing up. Next, chop your dates into bite-sized pieces and distribute amongst the leaves. Then, halve the cherry tomatoes and add to the lettuce leaves(you can stick em right on the dates). Finally, fold up each leaf as a wrap or taco and enjoy!

    *Protip: Fresh herbs add a whole other level of flavor to these wraps. My favorite is basil!


  • Sweet-Tart Green Smoothie 6-8 oranges, juiced 2 cups of fresh or frozen pineapple 1 bunch of Swiss chard, stems removed About 4 leaves of fresh basil


    Blend and enjoy!

    Sushi Salad 1 head of romaine, chopped 1 medium tomato, diced red bell pepper, chopped cup of chopped or shredded carrot(I run mine through a vegetable peeler to make noodles!) - head of cauliflower avocado, if desired 1 tsp fresh ginger, grated or minced lemon 1 sheet of raw nori


    To make your salad base, start by mixing the romaine, tomato, pepper, avocado(if including), and carrots in a large bowl. Set aside. Then, over a cutting board or other large bowl, grate cauliflower with a cheez grater to make raw sushi rice. Finely chopped cauliflower works just fine if you dont have a grater. Mix the ginger and rice together, then pour over the rest of your salad. Top that with the dried nori- you can either tear it into pieces or crumble in your hands and sprinkle it over the rest of the salad. Finally, add a few squeezes of lemon juice and youre done!

    You wont believe how much it tastes EXACTLY like veggie sushi!

  • In g r e d i e n t s

    2 Apples8 Medjool Dates3/4 C. of Chopped Carrots1/3 tsp of Cinnamon

    R a w C a r r o t A p p l e D a t e B i t e sb y A s h l e y I n T h e R a w

  • D i r e c t i o n s

    1. Blend dates, carrots, cinnamon up in a food processor or Vitamix (use the tamper if using the Vitamix)2. Cut the apples into thin circular pieces (dont take out the core!) and just flick the seeds out.3. Now just spread your delicious date, carrot mixture onto the apple slices and stack them up!

  • Blueberry-Banana Dreamsicle Recipe8 frozen bananas1-2 cups of frozen blueberries5 dates1/2-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

    1. Soak dates in water for a couple of hours prior to blending if they are dried.

    2. Add frozen bananas to blender with as much water as desired. (The less water, the thicker the smoothie.)

    3. Blend frozen bananas 4. Add frozen blueberries, soaked dates, vanilla extract and blend.



  • g r o w g a r d e n s n o t l a w n s. . . .

    1. Begin to COMPOST your fruit & veggies scraps now

    2. Get a bin add some holes around to throw the compost in

    3. Measure your lawn to know how much space youll use.

    4. Research what kind of vegetation is recommended for

    your climate.

    5. Find info on YOUTUBE!

    6. If possible start seedlings inside your home

    7. Make sure there will be enough water and sunlight

    8. Go help someone start a garden!

    9. Have a socializing garden party with friends!

    10. Lastly, document your garden with the world to show

    that IT IS POSSIBLE! #gardenshare

    11. Be grateful for what you have right now.

    12. Just START! :)

    If you are from Chicago you could make this dish >>> with

    nearly all the ingredients coming from your garden! It is

    a raw vegan spiralized zucchini + cucumber noodles with a

    sauce of cherry tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, red pepper+

    a couple of sesame seeds with a dash of lemon!! All raw!

    .........what energy + love will you blossom this Spring?

  • T H E R E VO LUT I O N by Raini Pachenko

    The revolution will not be televised

    For it can't be sold or advertised

    Cause' it can't be contained and bottled pint-sized

    If you can't see it, act not surprised

    For without a mirror, it's quite disguised

    It's you, life's plan, silently devised

    Of your beating heart it is comprised

    Listen closely within for it's real quiet

    It peacefully says, don't incite a riot

    Instead it begins by changing your diet

    It all starts in the produce section

    Baby steps to regain your connection

    To fruit

    Natures sweetest confection

    It'll get you higher than an intravenous injection

    and turn your brain like a neural erection

    Imperfections will vanish, and glow your complexion

    It will be quite clear you're in the right direction

    Voting monetarily, for the fruit farmers, in every day's election

    And choosing to support our earth's protection

    The revolution isn't overthrowing administration

    It starts by realizing our own organization

    For we are the gears in the machine

    It's up to us to make sure our fuel's clean

    All we must do is change our routine

    and wake ourselves with fruit rather than caffeine

    And we'll turn off the matrix like a T.V screen

    The revolution will not be televised

  • T H E R E VO LUT I O N by Raini Pachenko

  • &issue 1 spring13