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  • 1. Observations from usage of SlideShare Running brand campaigns for large clients Startup using social media
  • 2. Marketing vs. legal Trademark issue Your team members are ahead of you
  • 3. Deloitte Tribalization of Business Survey 2009
  • 4. Deloitte Tribalization of Business Survey 2009
  • 5. Deloitte Tribalization of Business Survey 2009
  • 6. B2B Buyers Forrester Survey: Social Technographics of B2B buyers
  • 7. Forrester Survey: Social Technographics of B2B buyers
  • 8. B2B Social Objectives Functional Alignment Success metrics Customer insight LISTENING Research Improved segmentation Reduced pain; alignment of offering with need Changes in reach, impressions, brand awareness TALKING Marketing, education Increased share of voice Higher quality of responses to offers Increased velocity of messages in market ENERGIZING Sales Increased recommendation, promotion, advocacy Higher trust, brand trust perception Faster deployments at new customers SPREADING Professional services Existing customers create new business capacity Reduced support costs Customer service, Higher customer satisfaction SUPPORTING technical support Less churn Development, Product Deliver products faster to market EMBRACING Marketing Increased loyalty, increased advocacy Forrester Survey: Social Technographics of B2B buyers
  • 9. It's a little more personal. More back- and-forth discussions, and it's less formal. And it gives immediacy to interactions. Frank Eliason, @comcastcares
  • 10. From David Armano
  • 11. From David Armano
  • 12. % helpfulness of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn in generating leads CitiBank / GFK Roper Small Business Survey Oct 09
  • 13. On your whitepapers & marketing presentations Form shows up anywhere you want Customize form On SlideShare or on embeds
  • 14. Cost ranges from $1 to $22 depending on no of questions and targeting
  • 15. Only to people interested in your topic or on searches for related keywords Pay only on CPC basis
  • 16. Trenderr, radian6, scoutlabs
  • 17. Use hashtags. Use general ones rather than only ones with your brand. Be proactive. Add people who tweet about your topic. Never AUTO DM. Never send out Mafia War tweets with your account. Be genuine, be personal.
  • 18. Get started today Small steps at a time. Measure, learn, do more Keep it personal Use the power of real time Tie it to business goals
  • 19. rashmi@slideshare.com www.twitter.com/rashmi