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by Dr. Saurabh Sharma Medical Superintendent Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital BP-Block,Shalimar Bagh(W),Delhi Tel:011-27479501,02,03 Web: www.ayurveda4you.in Email: [email protected] Rasayana w.r.t MAK

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A Presentation revealing facts of rasayana and their benefits. A special emphasize on Maharishi Amrit Kalash , King OF rasayanas.

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Dr. Saurabh SharmaMedical Superintendent

Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

BP-Block,Shalimar Bagh(W),Delhi


Web: www.ayurveda4you.in

Email: [email protected]


Rasayana w.r.t MAK

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Ayurveda – It’s meaning

Ayurveda is the combination of 2 words

Ayur - Veda• Ayur meaning The Whole Lifespan• Veda meaning Total Knowledge

The science of Ayurveda, therefore, encompasses

treatment of the total knowledge of the whole Lifespan.

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Ayurveda – It’s Purpose

Preserving the health of healthy and eliminating suffering of the sick

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jlL; v;ua izki.ka jlk;ue~ ¼jk-fu-½

The Therapy, which gives the benefit of good Rasa, is Rasayana. Hence, it is the therapy by which one gets the Rasa, Raktadi Dhatus of optimum quality.


jlk;urU=a uke o;% LFkkiuek;q esZ/kkcydja jksxkigj.ke leFkZapA ¼lq-lw-1@7@2½ Rasayana Tantra is one which deals with delaying of ageing process, increasing of intellect and strength, prolongation of life and curing of disorders.

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ला�भो� पा�यो� ही शा�स्ता�ना�म रा�सदि�ना�म रास�योना� ! च. चिच. 1

The therapy which produces the best quality of ras, rakta dhatu & other dhatus, is rasayan.

रास�योना तान्म�त्रा� ना�म वयो� स्था�पाना� आयो�ही म�ओ बला�कम� ! स!. स�हिहीता�.

Which decreases the ageing process, increases the longevity & increases the mental as well as

physical strength & which destroys the disease process, is rasayan

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Rasayana Benefits

nh?kZek;q% Le`fra es/kkekjksX;a r:.ka o;%A

izFkko.kZLojkSnk;Za nsgsfUnz;cya ije~AA

okfDlf) iz.kfra dkfUra yHkrs uk jlk;ukr~A

As per "CHARAKA" Benefits of regular usages of

Rasayanas are Longevity, good memory power, Health,

youthfulness, complexion, luster, good sensory function

and resistance against diseases etc.

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Rasayana herbs and Pharmacological properties

Emblica officinalis(Amla) fruit Terminalia chebula(Haritaki) fruitWithania somnifera(Aswagandha) rootTinospora cordifolia(Guduchi) satwaTerminalia arjuna(Arjuna) Stembark

Ø Antioxidant, nutritive

Ø Antioxidant

Ø Adaptogenic, antioxidant

Ø Immunomodulatoryantioxidant

Ø Hypocholesterolemicantioxidant.

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Various Rasayanas

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Maharishi Amrit Kalash

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For Health & Immunity

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Benefits• It enhances longivity• It boosts memory• It sharpens the intellect• It lends glow and aura to the skin• It improves quality of voice• It makes speech more effective• It increases the stamina of the senses• It keeps the body and the mind youthful.

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Composition of MAK(A Powerful Rasayana)

• Maharishi Amrit Kalash is presented in two forms.


Paste-38 Herbs

lipophised in Cow ghee

Tablet-Hydrophilic Tablet

of 13 Herbs

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Mode Of Action

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Mode Of Administration

• MAK - 4 (Paste) 10 g is to be taken twice a day with milk on empty stomach both morning and evening.

• After half an hour of each dose of MAK - 4, one tablet of MAK - 5 is to be taken with water. The dose of MAK (4 & 5) may be doubled as per requirement.

• For diabetics, MAK - 4 paste is now available as sugar-free tablets.

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Contains (in Natural Forms)Antioxidants such as • Polyphenols• Riboflavin• Catechins & Flavonoids• Carotinoids & Flavoprotiens• Alpha-Tocopherol• Beta-Carotene• Ascorbate• Tannic acid

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How It Works?

• MAK induces the human body to produce more Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which scavenges Free Radicals.

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What are Free Radicals?• Biochemical

BAD BOYS• Basically

unpaired electrons which attacks normal cells and results into degeneration.

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Scientific Reseraches• Amrit Kalash has been the subject of many

studies by independent researchers at top universities, including Ohio State University and the University of California. Scientific research has shown that MAK supports:

• mental clarity• a strong immune system• cardiovascular health• resistance to allergens• protection against chemical toxicity.

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Links to Researches

• http://www.mapi.com/maharishi_ayurveda/research/index-antioxidant.html

• http://www.mapi.com/maharishi_ayurveda/products/amrit/details.html

• MAK 1 • MAK 2

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