Rainforest deforestation

Rainforest Rainforest deforestation deforestation Created and Presented by Created and Presented by Sophia Nu Sophia Nu ñez ñez


Rainforest deforestation. Created and Presented by Sophia Nu ñez. Earth. 22 ° North. 0 °. 22 ° South. Where is the Tropic of Cancer?. How about the Tropic of Capricorn?. The Equator?. How many. Rainforest can you name?. Southeast Asia. Madagascar. The Congo. The Amazon Rainforest. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rainforest deforestationRainforest deforestation

Created and Presented byCreated and Presented by

Sophia NuSophia Nuñezñez

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22° North

22° South0°

How about the Tropic of Capricorn?

Where is the Tropic of Cancer?

The Equator?

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MadagascarMadagascar Southeast Southeast AsiaAsia

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DeforestationDeforestation Nutrients are Nutrients are

removed from the removed from the ecosystemecosystem

Soil is only good for Soil is only good for a short period of a short period of timetime

GrazingGrazing BurningBurning BuildingBuilding

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Tropical Rainforest covers less than 6% of Tropical Rainforest covers less than 6% of the Earth’s landthe Earth’s land

More than ½ of worlds plants and animal More than ½ of worlds plants and animal species live in tropical rainforest’sspecies live in tropical rainforest’s

Produces 40% of earth’s oxygenProduces 40% of earth’s oxygen 25% of all medicines come from rainforest 25% of all medicines come from rainforest

plantsplants 70% of plants with known anti-cancer 70% of plants with known anti-cancer

properties are from rainforestproperties are from rainforest By 2050 there may be no more rainforestBy 2050 there may be no more rainforest

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Friends & NeighborsFriends & Neighbors

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Other AnimalsOther Animals

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Don’t just think locally,Don’t just think locally,Think globally!!Think globally!!

Rainforest ConservationRainforest Conservation Fund Fund

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