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A presentation showcasing the arts community in the Town of Okotoks

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  • 1.Its an upcoming art show in Okotoks.

2. But its also a movement. 3. About a break from the ordinary. 4. Meet Cheryl Taylor. 5. She lives in Okotoks. 6. She moved here 14 years ago. 7. When Okotoks was just a tiny bedroom community. 8. Today there are 26,000 people. http://www.albertacommunityproles.com/prole/ okotoks 9. Including many artists 10. Like Cheryl. 11. She just launched the Rabbit Hole Gallery. 12. In the basement of the Emporium of Impossible Things. 13. Theres really cool stuff upstairs. 14. Downstairs 15. is the gallery. 16. Whose mandate is support local talent and shopping opportunities.! 17. And to host the fth-annual Rage Against Beige show featuring local artists. Aaron Sidorenko Cheryl Taylor Alana Goodfellow Janifer Calvez MaryAnne Jesperson Melanie Pope Michelle Austen 18. This is Erica Neumann. 19. Her oil paintings come alive. 20. The eyes in her wildlife works stare back. 21. Janifer Calvez is also inspired by nature. 22. And colour. 23. Colour was the inspiration for Rage Against Beige. 24. Now its about artists getting out of their own ordinary. 25. A show to keep us all fresh and honest, says Cheryl. 26. Cheryls work is about sustainability. 27. We cant eat art. 28. But Im trying to create art that makes us think about how we live. 29. Like endangered species. 30. And disappearing bees. 31. Because there are challenges ahead. 32. By 2073, 82,000 people will live in Okotoks. 33. Arts and culture will be a part of that growth. 34. It is an economic driver. 35. And inspires other new businesses. 36. So Rage Against Beige. 37. Doors open May 10. 109 21 N. Railway Street. 38. In Okotoks. 39. A town that has become 40. arts central.