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  • 1. Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

2. Analysing my media tasks against Goodwins principals is an effective way of evaluating them against conventions of established media products as well as comparing my research to my finished media tasks. With the features stated in Goodwins principals I can justify what I attempted to include and what I specifically avoided in the act of developing my media tasks to reflect a real media product.
3. One of the cornerstones behind the music video is the genre characteristic behind it; the three most identifiable types of genre characteristic were easily understandable in terms of creating a music video from them. I decided that by using the concept based genre for my music video it would constantly alert the audience to as what is being presented, I think this has been done through my idea of the public being offered sweets by my character; with frequent references to the sweet container, I aimed to alert the audience that this was the centre piece to the video.
4. Screen shots of my character in different locations
However to challenge this idea of genre characteristic in the hope of enhancing my own music videos originality, I have also included a narrative based concept. The effect of having a story involved with the music video can help create a meaning to what its trying to present to the audience; my idea was that through the use of sweets my character could become noticed therefore shes travelling a distance to gain attention through the use of offering treats.
Screen shots of my character in different locations
Screen shots of my character in different locations
Both concept and narrative based music videos are both relevant to the dance/ alternative genre which would explain why I focussed on using them. I think by combining the types of genre characteristics together it amplifies the genre by involving aspects from the concept and narrative.
5. Creating a relationship between music and visuals was a convention of Goodwins that I instantly picked up on after selecting my music artist. The different and quirky style of music played emphasis on beats and left the lyrics predominantly distorted and hard to understand on a first listen. Because of this I decided that amplifying Goodwins principle of matching music to visuals would attract an audience more effectively than matching lyrics to visuals.
I believe that if images were to be shown that have a relationship with the lyrics yet the lyrics are slightly obscured, there would be less impact on the audience as there is less clarity to as what is being presented.
These two screen shots demonstrate the linking I needed to create to portray the idea of my character walking simultaneouslyacross two locations. These frames were edited to appear on the significant beat of the audio track.
6. Right from the start of the media production process ,my idea of the theme including Haribo heart throbs sweets has been present. With the knowledge I have gained through research on star image motifs I quickly realised that I could include the sweet container predominantly, and elements of the image could be taken and used for different features of my productions such as the masthead and the contents.The constant reference to the sweet containerin my media products have helped create an identity and linking of the image to my artist reflecting the motif technique used in real media products.
The image motif appears consistently through a music video. The Black Eyed Peas used the symbol of a question mark throughout their video, Where Is The Love. The use of an image motif can help form the type of images shown during a music video via the connotations involved. I believe with my motifit allowed me to present images that were sincere and kind-hearted.
7. Due to the constant reference to my sweet container, the transferable elements from it such as the contents, the font style and red and white colour have been able to be used on all three of my media products. I have made sure that the same typography has been used in both ancillary tasks as well as similar images. I have also matched the use of the red and white house colours; I made sure that my character wore a red cardigan that stood out among the surroundings and the ancillary tasks included strong red images.
Because of similar images included in my media products I had the idea that I could use different themes for the products as the key pieces were the same therefore not confusing my audience.
Similar features of my magazine advert and digi-pack cover which associate them together reflecting a real media product. The digi-pack presented the product as a reflection of the Haribo heart throbs container, with the outside panels being the outside of the container and the inside panels being the contents of the sweets container. Whereas the magazine cover presented the different locations the character covered on her journey.
8. I think the use of sweets is a star image motif that could work life-long for my artist because of the originality compared to other real media products. The use of having sweets could be slightly changed to feature different types of sweets, (such as bottle rockets or fried eggs) for each new album release.Due to the emphasis on these sweets there would always be a connection between them and the artist so not necessarily depending on debut love hearts.
With the images I have also included colourisation to boost the saturation and contrast in both my music video and ancillary tasks, this was in the attempt to create a stronger colour of red which I also want to be identifiable with my artist.
Updating my image motif could include changing the costume to resemble similar elements. Asecond video release could include a prominence inbrown colours .
9. Goodwins principles on the notion of looking and voyeurism werent features that I wanted to emphasise greatly due to the concentration on my sweet container; however I have included elements of these conventions to increase the plausibility of a real media product.
Through the use of an eye-line match I attempted to bring the audience into the characters perception of the surroundings.
I featured a short frame capturing my character using her phone, this links to Goodwins Principle of the notion of looking via screens within screens. With the use of a mobile phone being captured with the technique of the notion of looking, it also acts as a feature of intertextuality; another convention of Goodwins principles. By adding intertextuality with technology in my video I feel that I have included a feature that is relevant to the social cultural climate as many people have smart phones with a GPS function.
10. Editing was a key element of making my music video as I could manipulate what I had previously recorded to emphasise the feelings I wanted to create.
With the images I have also included colourisation to boost the saturation and contrast in both my music video and ancillary tasks, this was in the attempt to create a stronger colour of red which I also want to be identifiable with my artist.I think the strongcolours shownconnote a quirky, bold effect in oppose to presenting something subtle via more dual colours.
The lighting available for many of my shots allowed full potential for exposing the colour. With the aid of the HD camera and the post production, this colour was enhanced greatly.
11. Keepingconsistency in presentation was made easy when timing of shots were dependent on the beats in the music. Precision editing allowed me to add transitions into the editing process that created my relationship between music and visuals. The sustained amount of cutting creates a style significant to my music video as the visual fits specifically to the audio.
This 2 second sequence is one of my favourite pieces in my video which gives an example of how the visual has been edited to create a relationship with the audio. I think that syncing