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  • 1.
    • Welcome


  • I am taking a guess that some things are just not quite right in your life
  • May be you are tired of your Job?
  • May be you cant see yourself getting ahead with your current income?
  • May be the dreams are still not fulfilled?
  • May be the commute to work and rat race have forced you to start looking for alternate ways to make money?
  • May be you want to spend more time with your family?
  • Maybe there is a piece missing in your life?

3. Our objective is to introduce you to a system thatsproven, tested and has changed lives of millions of other people like you. As you view this presentation, you will see there is a solution It is not for everyone. However if you have the drive and the determination to make a change, we are convinced enough to say, you will not find a better opportunity available to you right now thanQuestNet Let us show you how you can free yourself from your 9-5 job and create a serious income all from the comforts of your own home. 4. AboutNetwork Marketing / Direct Selling Network Marketing is a vibrant industry offering employment to over 43 million people worldwide with a turnover exceeding $75 billion in worldwide sales Today, the network marketing/direct selling industry spans the globe, practiced in more than 100 countries and growing. Nearly 53 million people participate worldwide resulting in $100 billion in annual revenue. 5. The above illustration shows the percentage increase in cost of a product from manufacture to the end customer. The middlemen and advertising share 80% of a cost of a product . And finally the customer bears it all! Network marketing was introduced to eliminate the middlemen and distribute the percentage of profit to the customer for their role in advertising the product. 6.

  • Who We Are?
  • QI Ltd is a multinational conglomerate with business interests in retailing, travel and leisure, luxury products, interactive marketing, technology, financial services, corporate investments, training and education, business consulting, and logistics. The rapidly expanding QI group, established in 1998, has regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • QuestNetis the flagship business of QI Ltd . QuestNetis an international direct selling company that utilizes the power of network marketing combined withe-commerce. We offer a highly diverse product portfolio for our customers and a well-proven business opportunity for people to start and run their own business without the need for the usual overheads, inventory or storefronts. We also provide the Information Technology knowledge and business tools for our Independent Representatives (IRs) to successfully run their business, whether it be on a full-time or part-time basis.


  • QuestNetbegan eleven years ago with a dream to touch and change lives around the world. We have achieved all these without losing focus on our quest. This has been due to not only a proven business platform, but also through our diligent adherence to corporate social responsibility and our underlying motto,Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM).
  • QuestNetprovides services and support to Independent Representatives and retail customers now totaling over6 millionin over160 countries .QuestNetis supported by an extensive network of representative offices and associate companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India, United Arab Emirates and Brazil.


  • QuestNet Credibility
  • The companys credibility is understood by its affiliations to theUN (United Nations)/ Food and Agricultural Organization, Mother Teresa Trust , International Olympic Committee (IOC),FIFA,Formula 1 racing,International Badminton Federation,Central Banks of various countries, European Union,Permanent member of Commonwealth Business Forum,John F Kennedy Foundationand many more.


  • QuestNet Prodcuts Price & Unit Value
  • Products price starts from 600$ to 13,040 $.
  • Each products comes with a Commissionable Unit Value (CUV) and Qualify Unit Value (QUV). CUV is used to calculate the commission earned and QUV is used to qualify each Business Centers or Tracking centers.
  • For eg: 600$ product comes with 1 QUV & 1 CUV and 13,040 $ product with 21 QUV & 21 CUV

1000$ 2 QUV 2 CUV 600$ 1 QUV 1 CUV 13,040$ 21 QUV 21 CUV 10.

  • QuestNet -How Do You Get Started?
  • Registration: is a legal document binding with the company which can be filled online and registered with an annual fee of 10$.
  • Qualification: is to buy any company product of 3QUV (Qualifying Unit Value) from the e-store and be eligible to do the business with the company as per its regulations.
  • Activation: performing the business


  • Registration
  • Once you are registered you will be provided an uniqueIndependent Representative ID calledIR -ID and Password, with which you can login to your Virtual Office*.
  • And you will be provided
  • 3 Business Centers or
  • Tracking Centers (TC) ie
  • 001, 002 and 003.
  • * Its your business location inQuestNet Server. From the Virtual Office, you can see all your personal info, business performed, commission earned, down-lines, company news, latest updates, etc.

Virtual Office 001 TC 003 TC 002 TC 12.

  • Qualification
  • Independent representative (IR) must generate qualifying volume ofat least 1 UV per Tracking Centre (total 3 UV)by either:
        • Making a personal purchase or
        • Selling a product to a retail customer


  • Activation
  • Performing the business, you can perform 2 business (A & B) under TC-002 and (C & D) under TC-003. No need to perform under TC-001 as your TCs 002 & 003 is below 001. (Binary System)

YOU TC 001(1UV) A B C D TC 002(1 UV) TC 003(1UV) 14.

  • QuestNet Commission Plan
  • This is a referral business and every TC has to introduce two referrals to the business. The Binary system had a left (L) customer group and right (R)customer group. (fig. below)
  • Every 3 UV sale on the left (L) and 3 UV sale on the right (R) completes a step and every step entitles the TC to a commission of 250$
  • ie 3UV on left / 3UV on right = 250$
  • ( 3 / 3 = 250$
  • 6 / 6 = 500$
  • 9 / 9 = 750$
  • 12 / 12 = 1000$)

YOU 001 002 003 3 UV 3 UV 3 UV 3 UV L L L R R R 15.

  • TC 002 = 3UV(A) on Left (L) and 3UV(B)on Right (R) = 250$
  • TC 003 = 3UV(C) on Left (L) and 3UV(D) on Right (R) = 250$
  • TC 001 = 6UV(A+B) on Left (L) and 6UV(C+D) on Right (R) = 500$
  • ie : 001 earns 500 $
  • 002 earns 250 $
  • 003 earns 250 $
  • So total of1000 $ in your 1 stlevel

YOU 001 002 003 A 3 UV C 3 UV B 3 UV D 3 UV 002 = 250$ 001 = 500$ 003 = 250$ L L L R R R Lets calculate how much commission you can earn after completingthe 1st Level, ( introducing business partners A, B, C and D to the business) . All the business partners qualifies to perform business withQuestNetby investing 1UVin each of their TCs. ( ie. total of 3UV for each business partner) 16.

  • Level 1
  • 4 Business Partners:each came with 3QUV (4 x 3QUV = 12 QUV) = 1000 $

001 A D C B 002 003 Level 1 Level 2 Level 2 16 Business partners* = 4000 $ ( commission) (* 4 x 4 = 16 and commission is also multiplied by 4) Level 3 64 Business partners (16x4) = and 16000 $ (commission) 17. QuestNet1 Year Projection Plan Levels Time estimated to find Business Partners Business partners Unit Value (UV) Commission earned Level I 1 - 4 months 4 12 UV (4 X 3 UV ) 1000 $ Level - II 5 8 months 16(4 X 4 ) 48 UV (16 X 3UV) 4000 $ Level III 9 12 moths 64 (16 X 4) 192 UV (64 X 3UV) 16000$ After 1 year in Business 84(business partners) 21,000 $ commission earned 18. QuestNet 3 year projection plan In a year 84 business partners, from that well take just 10 serious business partners. ie, every year for each partner under him 10 serious business partners. 1st year 10 business partners 2 ndyear - (10 x 10 = 100) 100 business partners 3 rdyear 1000 business partners(all of them starts the business by purchasing 3UV products) After 3 years, total UV earned is 1000 X 3 = 3000 UV,Ie. 3000 X 83.3* = *value of 1 UV = 83.3 US $249,900 19. Once you complete the 1 ststep and receive your first payment, you are bound to feel more secure and confident about the company and your business. Now you are not alone in the business after completing your Level 1 youhave 4 business partner or down-lines and after completing Level 3 you have total of 84 down-lines. And every sale done by them effects your business too. Thus gaining more hours of business and reduced effort. This is called time leverage. Proper training and nurturing is required to developleaders in your organization who will in turn develop the business. 20. Todays Reality

  • Total credit card debt grew to $802* billion from $237* billion between 1990 and 2005 1
  • Most people are living paycheck to payc