Q4 a2 evaluation

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How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages

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Page 1: Q4 a2 evaluation

How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and

evaluation stages

Page 2: Q4 a2 evaluation


When filming I used a DSLR Canon Camera using both its features; filming and still image(to enable images to be used for the digi-pak

and magazine advert) . When filming we used the white balance tool in the camera to make sure the saturation within our shoots

were balanced. The rule of thirds grid was also used so our shoots would look more professional.

Page 3: Q4 a2 evaluation

When editing I used new technology to my advantage. I used final cut pro to edit. I used editing on the beat to enable the video to look professional. At certain parts of the video I created manipulated the cuts between shoots to fit the fast paced rhythm of the song which appeared a couple of times within the video. Filters were used for example at the start to create a bold and colourful start for the video.Final cut pro also enabled me to look at all the footage on one screen and enable me to get rid of any footage that was unusable or not wanted with a click of a button. It also enabled me to instantly put text of the video which was useful for placing the title and artists name at the start.Lip synching the video to the music was double covered with using the lip synching tool on final cut pro and using phone speakers when filming to make sure the everything fitted well.

Page 4: Q4 a2 evaluation

For the magazine advert and Digi-pak photoshop and in-design was used to create them. Indesign was useful as it enabled me to use the basic cd cover to form the basis of my digi-pak. The magazine advert was also created by using the basic template of a magazine advert of it.Photoshop enabled me to take out or put in details into the images I wanted to use for the ancillary texts. Problems such as the cloudy day we shot in which took out saturation of the images were put back in using the saturation tool as well as air brushing the girls skin in the image to make the image stand out more. It came in useful for the little details such as taking out the white background of the record label on the digi pak to keep up the professional look.

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To find an unsigned artist I used different websites which finally resulted in finding my teams chosen artist. Google was a big help where we found websites such as unsigned.com & BestofBristishunsigned.com where a bundle of artists across different genres were on there.Soundcloud was which enabled my team and I to find our artist as we typed in unsigned where groups and hashtags for songs took us to a wide range of songs to listen to.From soundcloud links to our artists website enabled us to find out more about her finding more of her music, her Bio and past projects which was key in showing us she was right for us. The asscesability of soundcloud has allowed us to easily contact her which was fast.

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All planning was achieved with new technology. Our mood board was created using powerpoint as a basis to put all the collected images

found on google to create a visual format to give us an idea of what we wanted to achieve.

Although the animatic was created by drawing the final product involved editing on final cut pro adding our artists song and uploading

onto youtube to be able to put it onto our blog.

Page 7: Q4 a2 evaluation

When planning to make the digi pak and magazine advert google and record company sites to see real

artists products were key to helping spark a sense of inspiration for my own.

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I sued a variety of electronic formats to present my evaluation using prezi and powerpoint which enabled me to professionally showcase my evaulation enabling me to add text and images.Shortcuts on keypads were used to quickly get images I needed from videos off youtube to put onto my presentations. Such as cmd+shift+4 which automatically gets the image I want straight onto my computer.Images from videos to put on my presentations were key in enabling my audience to see as examples for the points I was making without having to go back to past work to find it.After uploading it would allow my audience to leave comments which I would easily be able to view and reply to on Eblogger.