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Q2 Evaluation

Q2 EvaluationI think that these characters relate to the target audience because they are similar age they will speak the same as our target audience so I think this would work well. Characters like Romeo and Mia will be something that people are used to seeing in the school. For example; the pretty nerd and the player.Having the girls as the main cooperates for the opening sequence is different and challenges the stereotypes of girls in Thrillers as they are always the ones to find trouble. But in Love Gun they are ones that cause the trouble and start the dram. I think in our opening sequences they do things that men usually would do which is kidnapping, beating up people and getting revenge. Meet Tyler...Tyler- I think that Tyler represents the boy that all the girls know and like. The opening sequence to Love Gun is the typical scenario that girls would love to do if they found out that they was being cheated on as girls love to get revenge. Tyler portrays the guy that all the guys want to be like good with the girls, can get away with anything, the boy that guys aspire to be like and can be a player as no one will tell him different. He represents a typical 16 year old boy who lives up to this title of being a player which can be common in boys at that age as they are very interested in girls and relationships. He also represents a middle class family of an afro Caribbean race. Often boys like Tyler, are represented as boys up to no good, living in a council flat, in a gang and selling drugs, smoking and misuse the attraction they get from girls. Tyler doesnt reinforce all this stereotypical view of boys his age and from his social class and ethnicity. From the opening sequence you can tell he doesnt live in a flat in an estate and the thing that gets him in to trouble is not the fact that he is in a gang or selling drugs which is stereotypical, is the fact that he likes a lot of girls which usually never gets a boy into trouble.

Tyler is very much like John tucker as gets a lot of girls and also he has revenge taken out on him which at the end of the day still makes him be seen by his guys like a God. Tyler also has a personality like Will smith getting all the girls by using his humorous ways.Meet Mia...Mia- I think she is represented as the girl version of Tyler. The girl that gets all the attention and the one that all the girls look up to, Mia represents the Upper class girl that can get whatever she wants. She is the type of girl that we dont see a lot in low concept films. Mia is also the type of girl that is very dominant so when she likes a boy no one can like him. Mia is the type of girl that would cause a girl lot of trouble if she found out that they was dating the guy that she was with. Mia represents the stereotypical of girls in her social class that look rich and act like the world revolves around her. Therefore for her to act the way she acts in the opening sequences shows that she doesnt usually do this but hates being taken for a mug.

Mia character is very similar to the characters Regina George as she played dirty to get her hands on the guy she is meant to be with.Many girls can relate to her because she is of the same age, she is from a background where people can relate and understand as she is very well off and gets clothes that are from the best brands. This is something that our target audience can relate to.Meet the girls...As a group these girls are very similar. They all very different when it comes to interests. but, they all have one common interest which is Tyler. These are a stereotypical group of girls as they are one that is nerdy, the group leader and the follower. These groups of girls are seen a lot with girls in that age group. These girls are interested in mainly shopping and looking good

These group of girls are have elements of all of these girls groups. They have mixed personalities like the girls from they all have one aim of getting back at the guy that hurt them which is very similar to the girls from John Tucker Must die and they also because very close like the Plastics from Mean Girls. Each one of the love Gun girls can relate to each of these characters. When creating this group we looked very hard at all these groups to see what element we could put in from each group to make them be what they was like in Love Gun; Evil and set on getting revenge. I think because of these element girls that will go and watch love gun can really relate to these girls as they are either one of these types of girls or they know people that are these type of girls. Also, there is a variety of social classes and races that can make any group of girls the are in secondary or college relate to the characters in Love Gun.Mean girls4.3.2.1. girlsJohn Tucker Girls