Pvc fittings manufacturers

Pvc fittings manufacturers
Pvc fittings manufacturers
Pvc fittings manufacturers
Pvc fittings manufacturers
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Spectra are the leading PVC Fitting Manufactures based at Mysore, India. Spectra produce these products with effective prices. Offered products are manufactured using high quality raw materials, in accordance with the industrial guidance.

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  • PVC Fittings Manufacturers | spectrapipes Spectra are the leading PVCFitting Manufactures based at Mysore, India. Spectra producethese products with effective prices. Offered products are manufactured using high quality raw materials, in accordancewith the industrial guidance. PVC fittings either have spigotor hub end connections. PVCpipes havespigot ends and must connect to hub connections on both ends. PVCfittings are welded to PVC pipes using PVCcement. The cement is sticking like glue, but it actually melts plastic pipe and making weld between fitting and pipes. PVC fittings offered high tensile finish, thus it ensuring smooth performance applications in supplying of water, and it is non-corrosive, strong and also durable finish, and also these fittings are resistantto mostof the chemicals and has high demand in industrial sector. We providea widerange of PVCfittings, which is manufactured by our professionalteam. They are used for different industries such as construction, agriculture and fertilizer. Spectra offer productas per the demand of customer and providing these products in marketat reasonableprice.
  • uPVC Plumbing system, is an easy and economical solution tor transportation and distribution of potable water. Itis technically superior, costeffective and offers many advantages over conventional G.I. piping system. This systemis very easy to install and functionally most suitable for plumbing application like terrace looping, downtake and up-take lines, concealed pipe work in any building or construction. Features & Benefits: Stronger, Resilient & light Weight: This systemis highly resilient, lough and durablewith high tensile and impact strength Mechanical properties: The PVCpipes are relatively more flexible, have adequate tensile strength and even burststrength to withstand the operating pressures encountered in most serviceconditions, within the acceptable rangeof temperature for the system Excellent Chemical and corrosion resistance: This systemis free from corrosion and has excellent resistanceto chemicals Light weight: Being light in weight (1/6th the weight of metal piping), these pipes are easy to handle, transportand install Simple and leak proof joints: Jointing can be done speedily with the special solvent cement supplied by the company which ensures 100 % leak proof joints Our Product:
  • Most suitable for carrying drinking water: Being non metallic, this system is free fromcorrosion, chemicalaction, and negative biological effects, hence absolutely safefor carrying potablewater Long lasting: Mirror-smooth insidesurfaceensures high flow rates and low frictional losses Maintenance free: Being free fromrusting, pitting or scaling, and galvanic or electrolytic corrosion, Spectra uPVCPlumbing systemis free frommaintenance OverallEconomy: Due to light weight and simple joining technique, it saves costnot only on transportation and installation Applications Plumbing application in buildings Water distribution mains Swimming pools Industrialprocess lines Aggressive/corrosivefluid transportation Salt water lines
  • Contact us : Contact Us: 68-M, Hootagalli Industrial Area, Mysore - 570 018, Karnataka, India. Tel: 0821 4282164, Cell: 84949 20864, Fax: 0821 4282163. Email: contact@spectrapipes.com