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document.xls Page 1 District 01 DISCHARGE "A" Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) district 01 (fig. 1) Discharge Contraction scour Type Total Method Overbank Route County Left Right b [ft] [ft] [ft] Type [ft] [ft] [ft] A1153A&B DILLON CR IS229 ANDREW 1 164 15.2 Q100 7220 7220 REG 14.4 4.3 L -- -- 7.7 A1251 ONE HUNDRED TWO RI RT00B ANDREW 1 353 635 Q100 42100 34700 BC 17.2 4.5 L 16.9 15.5 7.7 A1290A&B MILL CR & RD IS029 ANDREW 1 243 3.48 Q100 3580 3580 REG 10.5 0.5 L -- -- 7.6 A1782 LINCOLN CR RT00H ANDREW 1 129 17.0 Q100 7410 7410 REG 15.2 0.5 L -- -- 7.7 A4345 ONE HUNDRED TWO RI US169 ANDREW 1 503 755 Q100 45200 45200 REG 18.6 0.0 L 27.7 -- 8.7 K131 PLATTE RI OF MO048 ANDREW 1 107 617 Q100 39700 1112 EST 4.4 -- -- -- -- -- K350 DILLON CR RT00K ANDREW 1 127 19.8 Q100 8070 8070 REG 14.1 14.5 L -- -- 3.9 K84 PLATTE RI MO048 ANDREW 1 404 617 Q100 39700 38509 EST 17.2 0.0 L -- 28.2 15.7 L633 PEDLAR CR RT00H ANDREW 1 109 18.5 Q100 6820 6820 REG 14.6 7.9 L -- -- 3.9 N868 PLATTE RI RT00O ANDREW 1 399 678 Q100 41500 41500 REG 21.7 8.1 L 17.4 8.6 9.7 P570 ARAPAHOE CR RT00Y ANDREW 1 139 21.7 Q100 8250 8250 REG 17.3 17.9 L -- -- 8.5 S190 STREAM RT00A ANDREW 1 81 3.00 Q100 2660 2660 REG 11.6 13.8 L -- -- 3.9 A1863 M FK TARKIO CR RT00O ATCHISON 1 141 18.9 Q100 6560 6560 REG 16.6 2.5 L -- -- 6.4 A2545 ROCK CR US136 ATCHISON 1 137 36.5 Q100 8450 8450 REG 13.3 1.2 L -- -- 5.5 G674 COW CR US136 ATCHISON 1 137 7.06 Q100 3920 3920 REG 12.5 0.0 L -- -- 6.4 J222 E FK HIGH CR US275 ATCHISON 1 163 16.3 Q100 7310 7310 REG 12.5 6.3 L -- -- 6.4 J23 E FK TARKIO CR US136 ATCHISON 1 98 6.98 Q100 3580 3580 REG 11.1 16.4 L -- -- 7.7 K812 M FK TARKIO CR RT00C ATCHISON 1 121 19.2 Q100 7140 7140 REG 17.4 0.0 L -- -- 10.2 K827 E FK TARKIO CR RT00C ATCHISON 1 212 219 Q100 21500 21500 REG 20.9 9.3 L -- -- 12.2 N274 LONG BR RT00M ATCHISON 1 119 9.90 Q100 5320 5320 REG 14.7 13.4 L -- -- 4.4 N733 LONG BR RT0TT ATCHISON 1 106 8.47 Q100 5100 5100 REG 14.3 10.4 L -- -- 3.9 P330 E FK TARKIO CR RT00N ATCHISON 1 197 59.6 Q100 12200 12200 REG 14.4 0.0 L -- 17.8 11.6 R186 HICKORY BR RT0EE ATCHISON 1 109 10.1 Q100 5220 5220 REG 13.9 8.0 L -- -- 5.7 R276 L TARKIO CR RT00N ATCHISON 1 201 13.3 Q100 5680 5680 REG 15.3 0.0 L -- -- 6.4 T813 HICKORY CR MO046 ATCHISON 1 80 7.33 Q100 4310 4310 REG 13.3 0.0 L -- -- 13.6 X576 ROCK CR RT00B ATCHISON 1 105 14.7 Q100 5550 5550 REG 15.9 14.6 L -- -- 11.7 A520 CONTRARY CR RT0JJ BUCHANAN 1 194 22.5 Q100 13000 13000 REG 17.4 1.4 L -- -- 7.7 K681 LOST CR DD US059 BUCHANAN 1 98 6.18 Q100 4810 4810 REG 11.3 -- -- -- -- -- S445 L SUGAR CR MO116 BUCHANAN 1 102 7.70 Q100 4840 4840 REG 14.7 3.5 L -- -- 3.9 S785 BEE CR MO116 BUCHANAN 1 134 28.0 Q100 8930 8930 REG 15.1 11.1 L 14.2 -- 3.9 A1014 LONG BR US036 CALDWELL 1 149 11.8 Q100 5030 5030 REG 9.0 -- -- -- -- -- A603 N FK MUD CR RT00A CALDWELL 1 147 29.4 Q100 8820 8820 REG 13.4 13.1 L -- -- 7.7 G400 SHEEP CROSSING CR RT00W CALDWELL 1 28 2.63 Q100 2470 2470 REG 16.5 15.2 L -- -- -- G402 CREEK BU036 CALDWELL 1 20 2.60 Q100 2770 1965 BC 17.9 16.7 L -- -- -- N318 TOM CR RT00U CALDWELL 1 98 10.8 Q100 5540 5540 REG 12.6 16.0 L -- -- 3.9 N319 COTTONWOOD CR RT00U CALDWELL 1 111 5.71 Q100 3760 3760 REG 9.6 4.9 L -- 12.2 7.6 N536 MUD CR RT00N CALDWELL 1 174 81.0 Q100 13700 8755 BC 12.8 5.2 L 6.0 5.1 7.7 N735 OTTER CR RT00U CALDWELL 1 103 13.6 Q100 5710 5710 REG 12.2 13.7 L 16.2 17.5 3.2 R526 PLUM CR RT0HH CALDWELL 1 113 6.43 Q100 3360 3360 REG 10.3 7.9 L 9.6 -- 10.4 T844 WILLOW CR RT0KK CALDWELL 1 101 6.97 Q100 4330 4330 REG 10.9 1.7 L 7.3 12.2 3.2 T863 PANTHER CR RT00A CALDWELL 1 99 10.3 Q100 4980 3080 BC 8.9 1.7 L 8.3 8.5 7.2 X565 MCGUIRE CR BR RT0NN CLINTON 1 77 8.42 Q100 4280 4280 REG 12.7 18.2 L -- -- 6.7 A1756A&B GRAND RI IS035 DAVIESS 1 1335 2100 Q100 86800 86800 REG 13.4 -- -- -- -- -- A3015 E BRUSHY CR RT0RA DAVIESS 1 110 3.48 Q100 2990 2990 REG 10.1 3.5 L -- -- 3.2 A4227 GRAND RI RT00Z DAVIESS 1 342 1250 Q100 65600 65600 REG 25.9 -- -- -- -- -- Table 3. Bridge site information and estimated scour depths from rapid estimation assessments (Level 1+) in Missouri. [ft, feet; mi 2 , square miles; ft 3 /s, cubic feet per second; --, not dete Depth of flow at bridge Maximum sco Through bridge Main channel Main chan- nel Structure number Stream name in potential- scour (Level 1) database (table 2) Physio - graphi c region Bridge length Drain- age area Qtot Q2 Y2 Ycm Ycl Ycr Ypm [mi 2 ] [ft 3 /s] [ft 3 /s] C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

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District 01Table 3. Bridge site information and estimated scour depths from rapid estimation assessments (Level 1+) in Missouri.DISCHARGE "A"DISCHARGE "B"COMMENTS AND NOTESOT - Potential for road overtopping?Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) district 01 (fig. 1)OTPF - Chance of pressure flow through bridge opening?Comment codes:[ft, feet; mi2, square miles; ft3/s, cubic feet per second; --, not determined]DischargeDepth of flow at bridgeContraction scourMaximum pier scourAbutment scourDischargeDepth of flow at bridgeContraction scourMaximum pier scourAbutment scourPFAR - Armored appearance to channel bed?N - NoARLI - Lateral instability of channel (i.e. is channel migrating)?Y - YesTypeTotalThrough bridgeMethodMain channelOverbankMain chan-nelOver-bankLeftRightTypeTotalThrough bridgeMethodMain channelOverbankMain chan-nelOver-bankLeftRightLIPS - Evidence of local pier scour?P - PossibleSort keyLevel 1+ site numberStructure numberStream name in potential-scour (Level 1) database (table 2)RouteCountyPhysio-graphic regionBridge lengthDrain-age areaPSRR - Riprap on abutments or banks?M - MarginalLeftRightLeftRightRRRD - Riprap "designed" as a scour countermeasure?? - Don't knowbQtotQ2Y2YcmYclYcrYpmYpoYalYarQtotQ2Y2YcmYclYcrYpmYpoYalYarRDSD - Spurdikes present?-- - Not determined or not applicable[ft][mi2][ft3/s][ft3/s][ft][ft]Type[ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft3/s][ft3/s][ft][ft]Type[ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft]SDNotes11002A1153A&BDILLON CRIS229ANDREW116415.2Q10072207220REG14.44.3L----7.7--13.214.1Q50096009600REG16.417.8L----7.7--17.017.9NNNYNYY--Rip Rap covering R&L abuts and aprons; mostly cobblesize and boulder. Extensive debris along RB and U/S 100 feet. U/S bridge was considered in the evaluation with no observable scour.21007A1251ONE HUNDRED TWO RIRT00BANDREW1353635Q1004210034700BC17.24.5L16.915.57.77.720.214.4Qimp2730027300BC14.95.5L9. protection on both abuts or banks. Impendent sections occur on both sides of raised bridge. Discontinuous levees exists on both overbanks.31001A1290A&BMILL CR & RDIS029ANDREW12433.48Q10035803580REG10.50.5L----7.67.611.411.4Q50047904790REG12.30.6L----7.67.614.714.7NNNYNYY--Completely riprapped on both banks; small channel with low flow for a significant opening. No distinct FPs; Additional county road exists under bridge that does not get overtopped at the Q500.41008A1782LINCOLN CRRT00HANDREW112917.0Q10074107410REG15.20.5L----7.7--12.112.1Q50098709870REG17.50.6L----7.7--16.516.5NNNYNM----Riprap covering L abut only. Possibility of inundation onto LFP according to Q500 calculation.51013A4345ONE HUNDRED TWO RIUS169ANDREW1503755Q1004520045200REG18.60.0L27.7--8.73.915.215.2Q5005940059400REG21.70.0L38.2-- riprap at both banks extending into channel and existing on the L abut. Calculations show flow not getting onto RFP.61004K131PLATTE RI OFMO048ANDREW1107617Q100397001112EST4.4----------------Q500524001468EST5.2--------------------------------This overflow roughly conveys 3% of the flow from the respective main bridge K-84. As such, the main bridge will be the only bridge assessed. No signs of scour at this bridge.71010K350DILLON CRRT00KANDREW112719.8Q10080708070REG14.114.5L----3.9--14.013.1Q5001070010700REG16.724.6L----3.9--18.918.1NYNYNNY--Recently placed riprap underneath bridge on the L abut and bank. Deep erosional features exist through loess material on the LB.81005K84PLATTE RIMO048ANDREW1404617Q1003970038509EST17.20.0L-- has limestone/shale outcrop exposed from cutbank just U/S and underneath bridge. No riprap visible. Some debris in channel. Bent #2 has local scour hole in sand channel approx 15' in diameter and 2-3' deep. R-abut inlayed block cobbling.91009L633PEDLAR CRRT00HANDREW110918.5Q10068206820REG14.67.9L----3.9--20.719.9Q50091709170REG16.013.8L----3.9--24.623.8NNNYNMY--Riprap has been placed on LB and L abut in '93. Significant erosional features exist on the RB and have deeply incised 1 H-pile.101011N868PLATTE RIRT00OANDREW1399678Q1004150041500REG21.78.1L17. riprap existing on the R or LB. Channel is composed primarily of silt and sand with hardpan clay at depth.111012P570ARAPAHOE CRRT00YANDREW113921.7Q10082508250REG17.317.9L----8.5--31.426.6Q5001100011000REG19.829.9L----8.6--37.335.1NNNYNMY--Riprap is scattered on both abuts.121006S190STREAMRT00AANDREW1813.00Q10026602660REG11.613.8L----3.9--18.114.2Q50036203620REG14.017.9L----3.9--20.818.6PYYYYYN--Riprap and brickwork on the abut faces currently being undercut. Fallen trees in U/S channel. Channel migrating right underneath bridge.131021A1863M FK TARKIO CRRT00OATCHISON114118.9Q10065606560REG16.62.5L----6.4--14.314.3Q50088508850REG18.62.7L----6.5--18.118.1NNYY?MY--Deeply incised channel with an approximate depth of 24'. Cutbanks are near vertical. Riprap in the form of broken concrete and asphalt exposed primarily on the LB. Riprap exists primarily in the middle channel left.141024A2545ROCK CRUS136ATCHISON113736.5Q10084508450REG13.31.2L----5.5--12.712.7Q5001140011400REG15.912.1L----5.5--17.717.7NPNYNN----Mass wasting is significant around banks. Area is urbanized and bank is built up on the left side at the approach so that at Q100 no contributing FP flow will occur.151025G674COW CRUS136ATCHISON11377.06Q10039203920REG12.50.0L----6.4--12.312.3Q50053205320REG14.80.0L----6.4--16.716.7NNNY?MY--Mass wasting is significant at L abut. Bottom of abut and partial footing are exposed. Bottom of L abut is exposed as well. Large chunks of broken concrete exist down L abut and on into channel. Deep erosional features common on abuts.161027J222E FK HIGH CRUS275ATCHISON116316.3Q10073107310REG12.56.3L----6.46.412.313.9Q50097409740REG14.415.1L----6.46.415.917.5NNNYNN----Significant cutbanks on RB U/S. Moderate debris exists just D/S of bridge.171026J23E FK TARKIO CRUS136ATCHISON1986.98Q10035803580REG11.116.4L----7.7--21.624.6Q50048904890REG11.517.9L----7.7--23.025.9NNYYNYY--Riprap has recently been placed extensively underneath bridge extending into channel; large boulders are frequent. Bridge is well protected; channel deeply incised.181016K812M FK TARKIO CRRT00CATCHISON112119.2Q10071407140REG17.40.0L----10.2--26.726.7Q50095709570REG20.06.0L----10.3--35.435.4NNPYNMY--Very deeply incised channel with near vertical banks. Small confluence exists U/S approx 70'. Channel appears channelized. Riprap is very scarce and non-functional.191017K827E FK TARKIO CRRT00CATCHISON1212219Q1002150021500REG20.99.3L----12.24.831.033.2Q5002870028700REG22.212.9L----12.24.835.236.3NPNY?MY--Significant riprap recently placed on RB from abut into channel. Old timber piles are reinforced by steel H-piles. H-pile footings are exposed as concrete connecting caps. Significant debris exists within pier bents.201018N274LONG BRRT00MATCHISON11199.90Q10053205320REG14.713.4L----4.4--13.419.5Q50071407140REG16.618.6L----4.4--17.021.2NNYNNMY--Marginal riprap exists on RB underneath bridge and in roadway drainage ditches on the U/S and D/S sides of the RB. RFP has rather small retention area.211023N733LONG BRRT0TTATCHISON11068.47Q10051005100REG14.310.4L----3.9--19.513.2Q50068406840REG16.015.9L----3.9--20.916.3NNNYNMY--R abut has marginal riprap in the form of concrete slabs extending down into the channel. Channel is deeply incised with extreme cutbanks. Due to channel configuration flow will not exist over into the FPs.221019P330E FK TARKIO CRRT00NATCHISON119759.6Q1001220012200REG14.40.0L--17.811.6--13.313.3Q5001640016400REG17.30.0L--26.211.7--18.618.6NNNYNN----Concrete connecting caps exposed as footings on reinforcing H-piles included in timber-pile bents. Extreme mass wasting exists of U/S and D/S channel banks.231022R186HICKORY BRRT0EEATCHISON110910.1Q10052205220REG13.98.0L----5.7--18.015.8Q50070207020REG13.410.7L----5.7--17.014.9NNNYNN----Significant mass wasting underneath bridge; cutbanks are severe U/S.241020R276L TARKIO CRRT00NATCHISON120113.3Q10056805680REG15.30.0L----6.4--13.713.7Q50076607660REG17.80.0L----6.5--18.418.4NNNYYMN--Stream is deeply incised with vertical banks. Mass wasting of overbank material exists along and below bridge.251014T813HICKORY CRMO046ATCHISON1807.33Q10043104310REG13.30.0L----13.6--12.712.7Q50058205820REG15.10.7L----13.6--16.116.1NNPYNN----No effective riprap on abuts or banks; however, riprap has been recently placed in erosional features existing on the RB U/S. Right bank has been cut; channel is very deep, as a result no flow will get onto RFP.261015X576ROCK CRRT00BATCHISON110514.7Q10055505550REG15.914.6L----11.7--17.613.9Q50075107510REG18.622.7L----11.7--20.919.1NNNY?N----No riprap ; H-piles supplement pre-existing timber piles producing a 4.5' effective pier width. Channel overall is narrow and deeply incised.271030A520CONTRARY CRRT0JJBUCHANAN119422.5Q1001300013000REG17.41.4L----7.7--12.912.9Q5001680016800REG19.01.5L----7.7--15.915.9NNNNYMY--Deeply incised channel with large riprap on RB. Concrete debris exist D/S in channel. LB and abut very steep. Flow does not get out onto either FP.281031K681LOST CR DDUS059BUCHANAN1986.18Q10048104810REG11.3----------------Q50064106410REG13.5--------------------------------Bridge has been replaced with A4976291028S445L SUGAR CRMO116BUCHANAN11027.70Q10048404840REG14.73.5L----3.9--13.912.0Q50064806480REG16.45.6L----3.9--17.215.2NPNYYYY--Riprap on both bank and abut faces. Steep banks, deeply incised channel. Riprap is arresting slope failure, but any further slumping will threaten abuts and approaches. Large meander U/S.301029S785BEE CRMO116BUCHANAN113428.0Q10089308930REG15.111.1L14.2--3.9--19.212.8Q5001190011900REG18.016.5L17.9--3.9--21.818.2NPNY?MN--Riprap on RB is slumped; minimal riprap on LB. Meander bend U/S. Steep, well vegetated banks; some slumping observed on D/S banks.311042A1014LONG BRUS036CALDWELL114911.8Q10050305030REG9.0----------------Q50068106810REG10.8----------------PNPYYN----Bridge D/S of new bridge is A-5337 on US 36. New bridge is designed to resist scour with riprap on both abuts and banks. Old bridge has exposed pile footings; however U/S bridge will limit further exposure.321033A603N FK MUD CRRT00ACALDWELL114729.4Q10088208820REG13.413.1L----7.7--19.316.8Q5001180011800REG15.316.0L----7.7--20.919.8PPNPNN----Deep channel with steep banks. Large cutbank on D/S RB and U/S RB. Slumps on other banks. FP is shared with A604 which seems to appear in worse shape.331039G400SHEEP CROSSING CRRT00WCALDWELL1282.63Q10024702470REG16.515.2L--------31.332.3Q50033703370REG19.915.6L--------31.832.8PYPYYN----Some concrete on U/S LB. Meandering is significant D/S. Cutbanks exist at all meanders. Footings at both abuts are exposed.341032G402CREEKBU036CALDWELL1202.60Q10027701965BC17.916.7L--------45.745.7Qimp11601160BC13.022.4L--------43.043.0YYYYYN----Immediately D/S from reservoir on Business 36; channel from spillway contains flow to approx 100 feet U/S so FP widths were taken at 45 deg. Q's most likely overestimated due to reservoir U/S. Cutbanks D/S.351036N318TOM CRRT00UCALDWELL19810.8Q10055405540REG12.616.0L----3.9--17.015.6Q50074307430REG14.721.5L----3.9--20.119.5PPNYYYN--Potential road overflow area on LFP. Riprap on both abut faces. Cutbanks and slumps on both D/S banks. U/S channel appears channelized. Qimp approx equals Q500.361037N319COTTONWOOD CRRT00UCALDWELL11115.71Q10037603760REG9.64.9L--12.27.6--9.020.9Q50050905090REG11.55.3L--16.910.5--13.822.7PPYY?NN--Riprap and concrete and asphalt debris exist on both banks but not on the abuts. Large meander and cutbanks on U/S LB partially arrested with concrete debris.371035N536MUD CRRT00NCALDWELL117481.0Q100137008755BC12.85.2L6.05.17.7--19.517.3Qimp38103810BC8.44.7L--0.57.6--11.46.6YNNNNN----Road overflow areas on both sides. Deep, steep banked channel. Highly channelized. Cobbles across channel D/S of bridge.381038N735OTTER CRRT00UCALDWELL110313.6Q10057105710REG12.213.7L16.217.53.2--20.116.0Q50077007700REG14.616.6L19.521.43.3--22.219.9PYNNYN----Concrete debris on LB to arrest mild lateral migration. Shallow channel with steep, well vegetated banks.391040R526PLUM CRRT0HHCALDWELL11136.43Q10033603360REG10.37.9L9.6--10.4--16.29.6Q50046004600REG12.311.9L13.8--10.5--19.614.2PNYPNYY--Concreted riprap on L abut face up to an approximate 8' depth. Channel exist along the R-edge of the FP; therefore, no RFP. R abut and bank exist on a limestone outcrop exposed near the bridge. Channel bottom is bedrock.401041T844WILLOW CRRT0KKCALDWELL11016.97Q10043304330REG10.91.7L7.312.23.2--11.110.9Q50058305830REG12.64.1L12.516.43.2--14.414.2PYNYYMN--Channel degradation apparent. Riprap exists on both banks and partially on abut faces. Substantial meandering D/S with significant cutbanks. U/S LBs covered with riprap at a 12' depth.411034T863PANTHER CRRT00ACALDWELL19910.3Q10049803080BC8.91.7L8.38.57.2--14.56.1Qimp11801180BC5.03.1L----7.1--2.3--YNYPYN----Channel on edge of Shoal Creek FP. Agricultural levees line both sides of roads; however, they curve to allow road overflow. Riprap and concrete debris on RB and underneath bridge. Steep banks on all banks.421043X565MCGUIRE CR BRRT0NNCLINTON1778.42Q10042804280REG12.718.2L----6.7--33.939.0Q50058005800REG15.218.2L----6.8--33.839.0PYNYYYN--Steep banks; deeply incised channel. Riprap on both banks to arrest slumping. Concrete footers exist under timber piles on L abut. Debris is gathered on pile bents.431044A1756A&BGRAND RIIS035DAVIESS113352100Q1008680086800REG13.4----------------Q500112000112000REG15.7----------------NNNYYYY--Bridge opening is very large; no signs of scour present. Recently placed riprap on abuts. High water marks show water surface elevations below setback elevations.441063A3015E BRUSHY CRRT0RADAVIESS11103.48Q10029902990REG10.13.5L----3.2--11.212.8Q50040504050REG10.87.0L----3.2--12.614.2NNNYNMN--RB has partial riprap along with culvert pipe just U/S.451060A4227GRAND RIRT00ZDAVIESS13421250Q1006560065600REG25.9----------------Q5008540085400REG30.4----------------NNNPNYY--RB and abut has recently deposited riprap. LB has limestone/shale outcrop which has been moderately undermined where weaker mud & siltstones lie underneath. Q500 still well below low steel. Photos taken.461061A876SAMPSON CRRT00ZDAVIESS1173109Q1001610016100REG20.70.0L----7.7--16.216.2Q5002150021500REG23.50.0L----7.8--20.320.3NNNPNMN--Channelized river; large levees on both sides. Broken concrete on RB provided as bank protection. Levees on both FPs are consistently higher than low steel of bridge for both FPs.471046F1001OLD CHAN MUDDY CRMO006DAVIESS18471.9Q1001260012600REG22.3----------------Q5001690016900REG26.6----------------NYPNNMN--Backwater is present at this relief bridge. This bridge conveys roughly 9% of the flow from the main bridge F1136. No observable scour.481047F1021BRUSHY CRMO006DAVIESS112826.6Q10079707970REG15.74.7L----7.7--13.813.8Q5001070010700REG17.55.2L----7.7--17.417.4NNNYNMY--Scattered cobble size riprap on both left and right banks. Slight footing exposure on RB bent. Block cemented cobbling on R abut. No protection on the L abut. Significant debris in U/S channel.491048F11361MUDDY CRMO006DAVIESS117872.8Q1001280012800REG19.54.1L----11.7--15.615.6Q5001710017100REG22.44.7L----11.7--20.220.2NNNYNMY--Footing exposure on RB bent. Partial footing exposure on LB.. Sand channel with marginal riprap on RB under bridge and U/S approx 50' on RB. Channel is channelized with steep banks.501049F97GRAND RIMO006DAVIESS16362250Q1009130091300REG21.7----------------Q500118000118000REG25.3----------------NNNY?NN--Bent #2 has slight scour holes around columns. U/S banks are lined with marginal riprap. Old abuts exist 100' U/S. Photos taken.511050F98GRAND RI OFMO006DAVIESS11152250Q1009130091300REG61.0----------------Q500118000118000REG71.3----------------NNNY?NN--U/S banks are lined with marginal riprap. Old abuts exist U/S. Photos taken521064J146GRAND RIUS069DAVIESS16171720Q1007240072400REG21.29.2L20.6--24.710.028.724.5Q5009450094500REG23.814.5L28.0--24.710.032.230.2NNNYYMY--Square inlayed cobbles at L abut. Slight evidence of clear water contraction scour at L-setback. No significant local scour. Large scour hole resulting from massive debris pile-up at conical pier. Photos taken.531051J860HONEY CRMO013DAVIESS128297.7Q1001580014315EST14.27.1L----11.08.813.913.1Q5002100019026EST16.28.8L17.3--11.08.817.717.0NNNYNN----No riprap, small erosional gully through L-setback.541052K169L CYPRESS CRMO013DAVIESS1684.24Q10026102610REG11.213.6L----8.6--14.411.9Q50035903590REG12.818.5L----8.6--17.414.9NNNYNYN--Inlayed block cobbles at abuts. Scattered riprap U/S on LB; large concrete chunks and assorted riprap exists on RB U/S.551053K170HICKORY CRMO013DAVIESS116016.3Q10063306330REG10.214.3L----7.67.616.725.7Q50085208520REG12.225.3L----7.67.622.530.0NPNYNYN--Riprap exists on both banks and on the outer edges of a blowholes on the R-top of bank and L-top of bank.561058P470PILOT GROVE CRRT00PDAVIESS111723.2Q10079907990REG16.118.9L----3.9--21.514.0Q5001070010700REG17.121.1L----3.9--22.315.9NNNYNNN--No riprap; mild slumps along both banks.571059P510BIG MUDDY CRRT00PDAVIESS113122.9Q10065506550REG16.015.2L----3.9--14.019.8Q50088908890REG17.319.2L----3.9--16.721.0NNNYNMN--Marginal riprap filling erosional features on RB. Some cobble/boulder size riprap on LB that is placed in erosional features. Significant amount of debris in approach and exit sections.581062R378MAROWBONE CRRT0HHDAVIESS123474.0Q1002370023700REG24.80.0L42.117.17.8--18.118.7Q5003040030400REG27.717.5L52.123.87.8--21.421.6NNNYNMNYRiprap exists on R & LBs and abuts. Cobble to boulder size riprap extends into channel. Timber-pile constructed spur dikes exist U/S on the RB. 6-foot dia. culvert pipe exists U/S on LB as an outlet.591056S793PILOT GROVE CRRT00KDAVIESS1766.70Q10039603960REG12.79.5L----4.7--14.912.5Q50053605360REG14.316.6L----4.7--17.915.4NNNYNMN--Severe mass wasting on U/S banks; erosional gullys underneath RB. LB covered with riprap and extending into channel. No riprap exists on either abut.601054T895CYPRESS CRRT00BDAVIESS115936.3Q10094506710EST10.712.3L----6.76.716.415.6Q500127009018EST12.816.8L----6.76.719.819.4NPNYNMY--Recently placed boulder-size riprap on LB and L abut. Extensive debris existing in the approach. Concrete base connecting caps exist on 1 timber-pile bent which has been replaced with steel H-piles.611055T896L CYPRESS CRRT00BDAVIESS19635.9Q10094402740EST8.20.0L----3.9--27.728.3Q500127003686EST9.80.0L----3.9--33.233.8NNNNYMN--Small amount of riprap on R & L abuts where erosional gullys exist. Small blowhole exists underneath bridge; photo taken.621057X733LICK FK CRRT00MDAVIESS115636.8Q10099807410BC14.214.3L--------21.09.5Qimp48404840BC8.66.3L----4.7--12.2--NNNYNMN--L abut is fully protected; no riprap on RB or R abut. No riprap on the LB. Qimp will not get onto the RFP.631078A1591CASTILE CRUS036DE KALB118127.7Q10064906490REG10.21.3L14.914.77.6--15.516.2Q50088708870REG12.01.8L18.518.27.6--18.819.4NNYYYY?--Dual bridge with G538. Concrete debris along both U/S banks, but a blowhole exists underneath bridge. Riprap exists on both abut faces. U/S flow is controlled by U/S bridge G538.641065A4467JORDAN CRMO006DE KALB19713.4Q10058605860REG13.317.0L----3.9--20.823.0Q50078807880REG16.017.4L----3.9--21.123.3PYNYNYN--Q500 is approx equal to Qimp. Riprap on both banks and abut faces; gravel and cobbles in D/S channel. Cutbanks on U/S and D/S LB. Channel bends roughly parallel to road on the U/S.651079G538CASTILE CRUS036DE KALB17328.0Q10064905770BC18.67.3L----8.4--20.336.7Qimp50505050BC17.212.2L----8.3--23.238.1YYNYYMN--Concrete debris on embankments U/S and D/S of bridge. Single pier in the middle of span. Channel bends parallel to road on U/S L-side therefore no LFP exists. Flow impinging on R abut. Dual bridge with A1591.661066J433GRINDSTONE CRMO006DE KALB1339254Q1002590025900REG14.8----------------Q5003430034300REG17.5--------------------------------Replaced with A4610.671080J6053RD FK PLATTE RIUS169DE KALB117045.3Q10086608660REG11.618.6L----7.67.622.524.6Q5001180011800REG14.026.2L----7.77.729.030.0NPNY?YY--Riprap exists on both banks and abuts. Significant footing exposure on L-pier set. Photos taken.681067J674W FK LOST CRMO006DE KALB121337.0Q10098009800REG10.9----------------Q5001310013100REG13.0--------------------------------Replaced with A4746.691068J675BIG LOST CRMO006DE KALB1298157Q1001820018200REG12.9----------------Q5002440024400REG15.4--------------------------------Replaced with ? Bridge currently being constructed.701069J733RD FK PLATTE RIMO006DE KALB132463.9Q1001050010500REG8.8----------------Q5001420014200REG10.6--------------------------------Replaced with A5539.711070J776BIG LOST CRMO006DE KALB1255158Q1001830018300REG14.3----------------Q5002450024500REG17.0--------------------------------Replaced with I9455721071J777GRINDSTONE OFMO006DE KALB1243253Q1002560025600REG18.0----------------Q5003390033900REG21.3--------------------------------Removed and replaced with box culvert.731076N2153RD FK PLATTE RIRT00VDE KALB114781.0Q1001190011900REG16.412.4L----4.8--14.216.0Q5001610016100REG18.416.1L----4.8--17.919.5NNNYNMN--Boulder-size riprap extending down into channel from LB. No protection on both abuts. Levee on LB will confine flow even at Q500.741077N537SMITH BRRT0EEDE KALB110510.2Q10051105110REG12.79.7L----3.9--12.416.9Q50068906890REG13.911.7L----3.9--14.719.1NNNPNMY--RB and abut have cobble size Riprap . LB unprotected. No flow on L-overbank.751074N870CROOKED CRRT00FDE KALB11059.80Q10044504450REG13.612.9L----4.5--12.818.8Q50060506050REG15.515.6L----4.6--16.520.8NNNYNYYNAThere is a significant amount of riprap on both banks and abuts. Riprap probably placed in '93. Some debris exists in channel.761075R375L THIRD CRRT00ODE KALB116953.6Q10096406380BC11.20.0L3.72.47.6--14.213.1Qimp31203120BC7.50.0L2.6--7.6--2.7--YNNYNNN--Some riprap exists on the RB. Road overflow will occur on RFP. Meander bend U/S. Large cutbank on U/S RB.771072S419ERVENS BRRT00DDE KALB11035.60Q10036903690REG9.65.2L15.1--6.1--15.710.9Q50049904990REG11.57.0L18.4--6.1--19.314.5NYNYNYY--Erosion on LB. R abut and RB has cobbled wall that is slightly undercut. No protection on LB.781073X140E FK LOST CRRT00EDE KALB19512.2Q10043304330REG12.516.9L----3.9--15.915.3Q50059305930REG14.124.1L----3.9--18.918.4NNNYNMY--Rock is well stacked on both abuts. Sand channel with 4 timber-pile bents. Moderate erosion on LB.791141A1874ZOUNDS CRRT BGENTRY11069.41Q10048504850REG12.211.8L--11.84.7--17.417.8Q50065406540REG13.814.8L--16.54.7--19.920.0NPNNNYY--Cobble and boulder-sized riprap on both abutment faces & marginally on banks; deeply incised channel801142A2478PANTHER CRRT CGENTRY11456.90Q10042404240REG10.23.8L9.814.23.9--11.012.3Q50057205720REG12.010.2L15.017.83.9--14.515.8NPNY?YY--Broken cobble riprap at abutments & embankment aprons; broken concrete slabs on RB U/S & at bridge811143A2479WELDON BRRT CGENTRY110626.4Q10074306120BC13.20.0L20.620.83.9--16.119.3Qimp48104810BC11.30.0L17.718.03.9--12.615.8PYNNNYY--Cobble and boulder-sized riprap on both abutment faces & embankment aprons821144A4498WILDCAT CRUS 169GENTRY1214106Q1001850014060EST15.10.0L26.2--7.7--12.212.2Q5002440018544EST16.80.0L29.5--7.7--15.615.6NNNYYN----Some local scour evident at both bents; no riprap observed except at toe of RB831145A4520W FK GRAND RIUS 136GENTRY1392353Q1003100025730EST15.13.4L18. boulders & cobbles on LB & RB; no riprap observed on abutments841146A4521W FK GRAND RIUS 136GENTRY1201353Q100310005270EST8.20.0L17.117.13.9--19.519.5Q500409006953EST9.30.0L20.020.03.9--20.420.4NNNNNN----Relief structure to A-4520; small, indefinite channel; no riprap observed on abutments851140A729M FK GRAND RIUS 169GENTRY1429159Q1002110021100REG14.712.7L10.418.418.4--18.517.6Q5002790027900REG16.615.6L15.021.818.4--20.620.2NNNYYN----Boulder-sized riprap on LB both U/S & at bridge; substantial meander bend U/S; debris on U/S face of piers861147F327R1OLD CHAN ISLAND CRUS 136GENTRY112749.8Q100185004440EST9.50.0L----4.1--19.819.8Q500244005856EST11.00.0L----4.1--21.121.1NPNNNYN--Relief structure to A-4498; stone revetment at both abutments871148H223THOMPSON BRMO 85GENTRY1481.30Q10016701670REG9.43.2L--------16.123.1Q50022902290REG11.47.0L--------25.130.0PYNNNN----Vertical abutments with essentially vertical faces; no protection; tall grasses underneath881149H248TOWN BRMO 85GENTRY111310.3Q10048704870REG12.07.6L8.89.07.6--12.814.0Q50065906590REG13.110.2L13.614.07.7--14.916.1NPNP?YY--LB & L abutment covered with boulders & broken concrete891150H551BEAR CRRT YYGENTRY119318.8Q10064506450REG11.61.4L--15.710. & concrete on LOB901151H619RLINN CRUS 169GENTRY11826.90Q10042404240REG10.618.1L19.4--8.6--19.816.8Q50057205720REG12.722.2L23.4--8.6--21.720.0NNNPNYY--Cobble-sized riprap on both abutment faces & on RB under bridge; channel appears to be migrating to R.911154J02031TOWN BRUS 136GENTRY11136.49Q10037803780REG11.214.1L5.39.46.4--12.815.5Q50051305130REG12.516.8L8.914.86.4--15.418.1NPNNYYY--Large boulders on LB & some on RB; footing exposure at L bent; debris in U/S channel921155J02041MOCCASIN CRUS 136GENTRY11117.40Q10040704070REG11.32.3L7.2--9.9--12.012.1Q50055205520REG13.05.5L11.6--9.9--15.215.4NPNYYYY--Large concrete chunks on LB & RB; stone revetment on L & R abutments; massive debris at R bent; footing exposure at both bents931152J83R3RD FK PLATTE RIMO 48GENTRY112814.5Q10052105210REG10.121.3L19.818.87.6--18.817.9Q50070807080REG12.226.0L24.223.27.6--20.920.4PYNNNYY--Boulder-sized riprap on both abutments941153J84RELM GROVE BRMO 48GENTRY1385.34Q10033002725BC14.37.0L--------36.538.4Qimp21502150BC12.410.4L--------31.635.4PYNNNN----Vertical abutments with essentially vertical faces; no protection951160N1000ISLAND CRRT BBGENTRY1902.78Q10025502550REG8.512.3L12.48.95.0--16.111.3Q50034603460REG10.017.4L16.314.85.1--18.914.2PYNNNYY--Substantial riprap at both banks & abutments - well protected961156N161GRANTHAM CRRT BGENTRY120220.7Q10076207620REG13.914.5L6.8--7.73.915.215.2Q5001020010200REG15.016.6L11.2--7.73.917.217.2PPNYYN--YU/S timber dikes used for debris catchment & channel training; massive debris at RB; severe cutbank on U/S RB; major meander bend U/S971157N162HICKORY CRRT HGENTRY114221.7Q10081008100REG15.84.3L----7.7--12.316.2Q5001080010800REG18.29.9L----7.7--16.820.0YYNYNMN--Small amount of riprap at R abutment; deeply incised channel; confluence with Grand River approx 2 bridge lengths D/S; overflow area on L side981158N248LITTLE MUDDY CRRT DDGENTRY191112.6Q10053005300REG12.014.8L22.117.85.5--19.519.1Q50071707170REG14.417.7L27.022.45.5--21.721.4PYNNNYN--Small riprap on both abutment faces991159N515TURKEY CRRT UUGENTRY113521.5Q10070207020REG13.123.7L17.9--6.4--20.420.1Q50094609460REG15.026.9L22.512.66.4--22.121.8PPNYYN----Footing exposure at R bent; large blowhole on U/S RB; large riprap on LB, none on abutments1001161R12W FK GRAND RIRT OGENTRY1339304Q1002870021000BC13.50.0L--14.310.56.416.216.2Qimp1330013300BC10.30.0L--6.910. cobbles on L abutment, none on R abutment; channel divided U/S; potential overflow areas on both sides1011165S00951EVONA CRRT AGENTRY1855.25Q10035103000BC9.32.9L16.415.43.2--16.014.1Qimp24902490BC8.33.7L14.813.23.2--14.212.2PYNNNN----Broken asphalt on RB at R bent connecting footers1021163S385BRUSHY CRRT TGENTRY1837.81Q10041104110REG11.69.1L18.120.16.1--20.020.5Q50055805580REG14.012.1L22.224.46.1--22.022.5PYNNNN----No riprap; U/S debris jam 1 bridge length U/S1031164S386FITZGERALD BRRT TGENTRY1483.17Q10026802680REG12.210.6L--------16.619.5Q50036503650REG14.817.6L--------20.221.7PYNNNYN--Stone revetment on LB & abutment; none on R side1041167T01951WALNUT FKRT EGENTRY112218.0Q10070807080REG14.05.3L20.320.112.7--16.116.5Q50094809480REG16.212.1L25.225.012.8--19.719.9PPNNNN----No riprap observed; substantial debris pile in channel on bents; double pile replacement bents1051166T332W FK GRAND RIRT HGENTRY1341502Q1003850029600BC19.00.0L----26.712.314.114.9Qimp2070020700BC15.61.9L----26.612.33.55.5YPNYYYYYBank restabilization on U/S LB; overflow areas on both sides; boulder-sized riprap on both abutments; debris in D/S chan1061168X725LONG BRRT HGENTRY110112.4Q10052705270REG12.215.0L19.917.23.2--19.019.5Q50071207120REG14.117.4L24.521.43.2--20.921.2NYNNYN----Riprap cobbles on LB under bridge; deeply incised lateral on U/S L1071169X848ISLAND CRRT MGENTRY115238.1Q10098609860REG17.213.3L----3.9--18.818.8Q5001320013200REG19.917.8L--13.23.9--21.421.4NNNNNYY--Severe bank erosion (possibly scour induced); riprap on both abutments and banks1081086A2402E FK BIG CRRT00NHARRISON125546.2Q10094809480REG11.66.6L11.711. on both abuts over entire abut apron. Large concrete chunks on RB. Stream is somewhat channelized consisting on mostly sand.1091097F157RWHITE OAK CRUS136HARRISON112112.6Q10045604560REG9.7----------------Q50062306230REG11.7--------------------------------This site is well protected. Large boulders placed in '93. Small channel with a calculated Q500 well below low steel. Photos taken.1101095H753BIG CRUS069HARRISON1208306Q1002970025245EST21.913.4L----17.4--20.919.5Q5003910033235EST25.221.7L----17.5--23.922.5NNNYNMN--L abut is partially protected. Bridge is located on an extreme meander bend.1111096H789BIG CR OFUS069HARRISON189306Q100297004455EST11.60.0L----7.67.637.737.4Q500391005865EST13.50.0L----7.77.740.840.5NNNNYYY--Inlayed block cobbling on both abuts. Abuts exposed underneath. Contraction scour very evident. Photos taken.1121098K165TRAIL CRUS136HARRISON121329.5Q10090609060REG10.83.0L----7.67.625.119.8Q5001210012100REG12.815.8L----7.77.729.825.6NNNYNMY--Sand channel; riprap exists as concrete chunks on LB. R & L abuts have inlayed block cobbling. Massive debris pile exists approx 50' U/S. Scattered stumps and debris throughout channel bottom.1131081K168CYPRESS CRMO013HARRISON122320.5Q10071007100REG9.56.1L12.011.67.6--15.613.1Q50095409540REG11.412.9L15.815.67.6--19.116.7NNNYYYN--Cobbling on both abut faces. Riprap on LB to arrest lateral migration and protect piers. Riprap on U/S LB for same reason. Large erosion gullies on setbacks. Meander bend U/S, slumped banks on D/S LB.1141099K756SAMPSON CRUS136HARRISON11289.8Q10042304230REG10.219.2L----7.6--21.524.4Q50057705770REG12.025.8L----7.6--26.429.0NNNYNYY--Inlayed cobbling at each abut. Erosional features exist at both RB & LB. No observable local scour. Bridge is on a significant tilt.1151092L631W FK BIG CRRT00WHARRISON1194189.00Q1002040020400REG18.317.6L----7.7--21.421.9Q5002720027200REG21.629.3L----7.7--24.324.7NNNYNMY--U/S LB consists of large concrete chunks of riprap. RB is not well protected. Both R & L abuts are protected.1161091N373COAL CRRT00VHARRISON114714.9Q10062306230REG14.02.1L----3.9--13.013.0Q50083708370REG16.12.4L----3.9--17.017.0NNNYNNN--No protection. Erosional features on abuts particularly on RB and R abut. Very deeply incised channel.1171094N738SHAIN CRRT0KKHARRISON110714.6Q10046004600REG12.525.0L----4.2--18.518.5Q50063106310REG13.629.6L----4.3--20.020.0NNNYNMN--Large concrete chunks on RB. Both abuts are not protected nor is the LB. Significant cutbanks for rather small channel.1181085P176PANTHER CRRT00FHARRISON1898.55Q10045104510REG11.616.5L----4.2--15.415.3Q50060906090REG13.922.7L----4.2--19.519.5NNNYNMN--Exposed concrete base connecting caps of steel H-piles to pre-existing timber sub-piles. Marginal protection of boulder-size riprap on RB. No protection on LB. No protection of R & L timber abuts.1191090P576WHITE OAK CRRT00PHARRISON112532.1Q10084208420REG14.625.1L----3.9--21.321.6Q5001130011300REG16.730.4L----3.9--23.223.5NNNYNMY--Abuts well protected with concreted riprap. Boulder to cobble-size riprap exists down into channel on RB. Steel H-piles exist on RB with concrete connecting caps to pre-existing timber sub-piles.1201087P74BRUSH CRRT00NHARRISON114318.2Q10065406540REG12.56.8L----4.7--12.312.5Q50088108810REG14.510.8L----4.7--16.116.3NNNYNMN--Boulder-size riprap placed in L-cutbank underneath bridge and on LB above cutbank. Both abuts and RB are not protected. Sand channel relatively flat. Riprap also placed in LB drainage ditch.1211088P76INDIAN CRRT00OHARRISON116623.3Q10077407740REG15.84.2L----12.38.613.913.9Q5001040010400REG17.94.8L----12.38.617.917.9NNNYNYY--Cutbanks U/S heavily lined with riprap. Sand channel. Large concrete chunks.1221089P78DONABY CRRT00OHARRISON11017.06Q10037903790REG12.72.0L----5.5------Q50051605160REG14.02.1L----5.5------NNNYNNN--Old abut exists upon LB. Loess exists on RB making banks near vertical. Channel deeply incised.1231093R75PANTHER CRRT0EEHARRISON11027.2Q10041704170REG10.714.3L----3.9--15.916.1Q50056405640REG12.519.0L----3.9--19.319.4NNNYNYY--Cone shaped piers. Small local scour present approx 2 feet in diameter. Partial cobble retaining wall on both channel banks underneath bridge. Both abuts protected with cobble size riprap.1241082S295PANTHER CRRT00BHARRISON11011.22Q100921921REG5.50.7L----4.5--5.65.6Q50013201320REG5.71.6L----4.5--6.36.3NNNYYNN--No riprap; near vertical banks. Concrete connecting caps on all H-piles joining timber-subpiles. Small Q's. No LFP flow.1251083S298DITCHRT00BHARRISON1342.64Q10023001805BC11.94.7L--------25.929.7Qimp13101310BC9.85.4L--------17.122.6YYNYNYY--Large concrete slabs lining both L & RBs. Abuts are vertical timber structures overlying a pre-existing concrete vertical abut.1261084S299DITCHRT00BHARRISON1330.25Q100752614BC6.34.7L--------20.924.3Qimp476476BC5.45.5L--------18.521.9YYNPNNN--Small drainage ditch; somewhat channelized U/S. Pressure flow occurs at Q100. No protection on banks or abuts.1271102H704SQUAW CRMO118HOLT117063.5Q1001300013000REG16.2----------------Q5001740017400REG19.3--------------------------------Dredged and confined channel where levees are approx 15' higher than the bridge deck. Levees are discontinuous at bridge allowing relief around bridge and overtopping either side of road. Photos taken.1281103H705TODD DDMO118HOLT112963.5Q10022802280REG6.10.8L9.48.311.53.818.617.8Qimp22802280BC6.10.8L9.48.311.53.818.517.7YYNNNN----Designed as an overflow bridge; bridge is unskewed but main span is skewed by 35 deg to match channel.1291104L197NICHOLS CRRT00BHOLT11139.46Q10045204520REG14.414.5L----8.6--13.319.5Q50061306130REG16.720.5L----8.6--17.521.5NNNYNMY--Poured concrete exists on R & L abuts and R & LBs. Large boulders exist at R-bent. Very small deeply incised channel.1301108N722KIMSEY CRUS159HOLT1936.64Q10036103610REG12.42.1L----3.9--12.312.3Q50049204920REG14.52.4L----3.9--16.316.3NNNYNMN--Poured concrete exists in erosional gullys on both banks and abuts. Minor slumping exists just U/S on LB. Channel is somewhat channelized and deeply incised. LFP is well above bridge deck.1311106P729M BR SQUAW CRRT00CHOLT117912.1Q10059705970REG13.03.9L----10.5--12.612.6Q50080008000REG15.24.5L----10.5--16.816.8NNNYNMN--Very deep channel; FPs are cornfields. Channelized with '93 riprap on L & R abuts and banks.1321105S183NICHOLS CRRT00BHOLT115711.1Q10054305430REG13.21.8L----9.63.912.712.7Q50073007300REG15.02.0L----9.63.915.915.9NNNY?MY--Fairly severe erosional gullys underneath bridge on RB. Very small amount of local pier scour on connecting cap of associated steel H-piles. Will not get out onto FPs. Deep channel.1331100T104BIG TARKIO CRMO111HOLT1180502Q1003620036200REG26.6----------------Q5004780047800REG31.5--------------------------------Completely channelized with confining levees that are an elevation higher than the road. No evident scour or mass wasting. MO River FP.1341101T230GRAND AVENUE CRMO111HOLT1271.98Q10024002400REG16.2----------------Q50032503250REG19.5--------------------------------Vertical walls ; no piers. Walls continue U/S. Slight abut footing exposure evident on L abut; however, abuts appear to be founded on bedrock.1351107X265WILDCAT CRRT00NHOLT1958.39Q10045404540REG13.20.0L----4.7--12.712.7Q50061306130REG14.90.0L----4.8--15.815.8NNNY?MY--Riprap deposited in '93 where L abut and bank are experiencing mass wasting. Riprap covers LB and abut down into channel. Q500 does not get out onto either FP.1361118A1379MILL CRRT00CNODAWAY120361.5Q1001300013000REG14.50.0L----8.5--13.313.3Q5001740017400REG17.26.1L----8.5--18.218.2NNNYNMY--LB has recently deposited riprap where considerable mass wasting of banks has occurred near L abut.1371121A1386LONG BR CRRT00MNODAWAY116745.4Q10086208620REG14.20.0L----7.7--14.713.1Q5001170011700REG15.79.8L----7.7--17.515.9NNNY?MY--Riprap has recently been placed in slump that exists on RB underneath bridge. Scarce riprap located on LB. Cutbanks significant both U/S and D/S.1381122A1387PLATTE RIRT00MNODAWAY1552523Q1003500035000REG13.2----------------Q5004640046400REG15.7--------------------------------Both abuts are well protected. No signs of contraction scour or mass wasting under bridge. Cutbanks are moderate U/S. Small erosive gully exists on RB.1391129A4468NODAWAY RIUS071NODAWAY14271190Q1006430049450BC21.510.0L---- exists at L abut. Several debris piles exist U/S in channel.1401130A4469CLEAR CRUS071NODAWAY119656.7Q1001370013700REG15.311.3L----8.6--16.118.9Q5001810018100REG17.315.7L----8.7--19.620.9NNNYNMY--Riprap exists on R abut. Riprap is scarce on the L abut. Significant slump exists U/S on LB. New riprap has filled in U/S slump. Significant cutbank exists on the LB U/S and at bridge.1411131A4570MILL CRUS136NODAWAY131485.1Q1001580015800REG13.317.1L-- deposited riprap on both abut faces.1421132J794WILDCAT CRUS136NODAWAY117015.3Q10060406040REG10.80.0L-- exists on both abuts. Footing exposure evident. Severe mass wasting on banks. Scattered riprap on LB and over inlayed cobbling. Poured concrete existing on LB. Old grader blades on U/S LB.1431120K888SLEEK CRRT00JNODAWAY1652.03Q10021602160REG10.319.4L----10.6--25.125.1Q50029502950REG11.022.1L----10.6--27.427.4NNNYNYY--Recent riprap deposited in '93 on both abuts and banks and into channel. Cutbanks are well defined U/S and D/S. Some debris in channel.1441113L168HONEY CRMO246NODAWAY112563.4Q10098309830REG17.920.8L----3.9--21.320.2Q5001340013400REG19.825.4L----3.9--23.121.9NNNYNMN--Small amount of riprap U/S RB. Large chunks of concrete exist on LB in erosional ditch along roadway. Cutbanks are significant U/S and D/S.1451114L186BRUSHY BRMO246NODAWAY1898.54Q10037403740REG12.80.0L----3.9--12.512.5Q50051205120REG15.10.0L----3.9--16.816.8NNNYNNN--Some undercutting evident of both abuts. No protection. Significant debris in the channel.1461127N39LONG BRRT0VVNODAWAY112536.8Q10077507750REG14.516.5L----3.9--22.119.3Q5001050010500REG17.019.6L----4.0--24.321.5NNNYNNN--No protection. No apparent significant cutbanks or contraction scour evident.1471124P567JENKINS CRRT00YNODAWAY113125Q10084708470REG17.011.8L----13.4--17.316.1Q5001130011300REG19.618.1L----13.4--20.720.1NNNY?MY--Completely covered with riprap. Sharp meander U/S.1481126P979HONEY CRRT0NNNODAWAY116475.3Q1001090010900REG15.78.2L17.5--7.7--13.818.1Q5001480014800REG17.717.1L24.3--7.7--17.720.5NNNYNMY--Boulder size riprap exists on RB and further into channel. Abuts are not protected. Significant cutbanks U/S and D/S.1491128R14PLATTE RIRT0VVNODAWAY1317510Q1003760037600REG20.215.1L33.0--18.04.622.519.6Q5004950049500REG23.018.6L43.7--18.14.625.022.1NPNYNMY--RB has relatively new boulder size riprap extending down into channel. Significant U/S debris on RB.1501125R192S FK CLEAR CRRT0FFNODAWAY112516Q10062606260REG15.94.0L----7.3--14.014.0Q50084308430REG18.14.5L----7.3--18.118.1NNNYYNN--Significant bank instability and slope failure at the U/S face and around piers. Deeply incised channel. Considering channel configuration U/S, the RB is susceptible to further contraction scour where extensive mass wasting has occurred.1511123R89ONE HUNDRED TWO RIRT00UNODAWAY1303534.0Q1003880033100BC18.64.9L23.2--8.73.319.812.3Qimp2740027400BC16.46.1L25.9--8.63.316.34.7PNNYNMN--R abut has substantial riprap that extends on into the channel and on the U/S apron.1521115S109WHITE CLOUD CRRT00ANODAWAY116359.8Q1001020010200REG13.1----------------Q5001380013800REG15.8--------------------------------Bridge is presently being replaced. Photos taken.1531116S186JENKINS CRRT00ANODAWAY112512.2Q10061706170REG15.25.3L----7.8--13.619.7Q50082508250REG17.116.5L----7.8--17.221.4NNNYNMY--Riprap on R abut and bank. Recent riprap deposited in roadway ditch perpendicular in approach. New riprap exists furthermore U/S on apron extending down into channel. Small amount of debris in channel.1541109S919BIG SLOUGHMO046NODAWAY1846.3Q10041504150REG13.76.2L----18.0--17.815.0Q50055905590REG15.911.0L----18.1--20.619.3NNPYYMN--Debris accumulation and marginal local pier scour evident; deep channel with few large boulders and extensive cobbles. Cobbles are frequent on U/S apron of L abut.1551110S921STREAMMO046NODAWAY1947.76Q10040104010REG11.421.2L----3.2--35.528.5Q50054505450REG13.733.1L----3.2--39.135.7NPNPNNN--No LFP. Steel H-piles have been added at abuts to supplement timber piles and timber abuts. No signs of contraction.1561111T44FLORIDA CRMO113NODAWAY116722.3Q10071707170REG10.4----------------Q50096609660REG12.5--------------------------------Unable to locate; most likely replaced.1571112T50SAND CRMO113NODAWAY114216.2Q10062606260REG12.20.8L----8.88.822.222.5Q50084308430REG14.212.3L-- Riprap completely lining L & R abuts, setbacks and banks; protection extends U/S 100 feet on LB and 40 feet U/S on RB.1581119T579MOZINGO BRRT00FNODAWAY16626.4Q10076004930BC14.75.9L----4.6--19.320.3Qimp22602260BC9.22.7L----4.5--6.311.0YYPYNY?--Riprap exists as concrete slabs on L abut. Riprap scarce on R abut. Significant road overtopping.1591117X671SAM CRRT00BNODAWAY197420Q1003520035200REG38.0----------------Q5004630046300REG44.8----------------NNPYNNY--Heavy concrete blocks at channel edges on D/S side. Partial outcrop on RB U/S. No signs of observable local or contraction scour.1601133A4377M FK GRAND RIMO046WORTH126579Q1001500015000REG14.10.6L----9.5--13.113.1Q5002000020000REG15.60.6L----9.6--15.915.9NNPYNMN--Marginal riprap on RB approx 1 bridge length U/S. Some debris in channel along with broken riprap. Channel has been channelized.1611139A448M FK GRAND RIUS169WORTH136483.9Q1001560015600REG14.51.4L----8.6--13.313.3Q5002070020700REG16.11.5L----8.6--16.316.3NNNYNMY--Riprap on both abuts; some existing on both banks. Old riprap levee exists on RB approx 100 feet U/S starting at bridge. Severe skew; levees are common making this channel somewhat channelized.1621134J24MARLOWE BRMO046WORTH112813.5Q10055705570REG14.81.9L----7.7--13.413.4Q50075207520REG16.72.1L----7.7--17.017.0NNNY?MN--RB has moderate boulder-size riprap. Footing exposure exists on RB pile bent. Steep cutbanks. Channel in deeply incised.1631135N355L MUDDY CRRT00MWORTH110212.1Q10058905890REG13.314.2L----6.3--18.917.3Q50079007900REG15.012.0L----6.4--16.314.7NNNYNMY--Cobble and gravel size riprap exists on the RB and R abut. Boulder-size riprap exists on the U/S apron of R abut and RB.1641138N516M FK GRAND RIRT0PPWORTH114352.9Q1001110011100REG14.9----------------Q5001490014900REG17.9--------------------------------Q500 depth calculated at approx 13'. Low steel of bridge at 25'. This bridge is well protected. Channel is channelized. Photos taken.1651162S50BRANCHRT AWORTH1290.53Q1001200846BC9.04.1L--------23.724.8Qimp492492BC6.55.3L--------16.717.7YYNNNN----Small single-span bridge; wingwall extensions on L abutment1661137T898BEAR CRRT00WWORTH1967.77Q10035503550REG12.016.5L----3.9--12.117.9Q50048704870REG13.419.6L----3.9--14.920.0NNNY?NN--No riprap at bridge abuts or banks. Local scour evident around concrete base connecting caps.1671136X112LOTTS CRRT00TWORTH11140.47Q10010801080REG6.00.3L----7.0--10.910.9Q50014701470REG7.10.4L----7.0--19.319.3NNNYNYY--Riprap deposited in '93 on LB and abut. Boulder to cobble size riprap exists on RB. Flow does not get out onto LFP at Q500.

&CPage &P&R&A
Type of discharge:Q100 - 100-year peak dischargeQ500 - 500-year peak dischargeQimp - impendent road or levee overtopping discharge
Method used to determine discharge:REG - Discharge determined using regional regression equations from Alexander and Wilson (1995).BC - Impendent discharge was back-calculated using the depth of flow at the bridge and generalized unit discharge equations for each physiographic region, Qimp = b * 0.888 * y21.653 for Region 1, Central Lowlands and Region 3, Mississippi Alluvial Plain, or Qimp = b * 0.918 * y21.664 for Region 2, Ozark Plateaus If Qimp < Q100, discharge through bridge, Q2, for 100-year discharge, Q2 = Q100 - 1/2 (Q100 - Qimp)EST - Estimated, usually by a distribution of conveyance through each bridge at a site with multiple bridges, where Ka = (1.49 * ba * y2a5/3) / na conveyance of bridge "a" Kb = (1.49 * bb * y2b5/3) / nb conveyance of bridge "b", and Q2a = Qtot * Ka / (Ka + Kb) discharge through bridge "a"GAGE - Discharge determined from gaging station at structure (usually because of substantial difference from discharge determined using regional regression equations)
The following abbreviations are used in stream names, except when part of proper name:BR - BranchCHAN - channelCR - CreekDD - Drainage DitchDIST - Uncertain; assumed to be "District" or "Distributor" (typically found in conjunction with drainage ditches)FK - ForkL - Little (as in Little Piney Creek)LAT - Lateral, used in conjuction with drainage ditchesM - Middle (as in Middle Fork Tarkio Creek)N, S, E, W - North, South, East, and West respectively (usually refers to a fork or branch of a stream)OF - Overflow (usually used with flood relief bridge)RD - RoadRI - RiverRR - RailroadSL - Slough

Highway Number, abbreviated using the following format: All are two letters followed by three numbers with leading zeroes (lettered highways use up to three letters with leading zeroes (i.e., "RT0WW" is "RT" - zero - "WW" and stands for State lettered highway "WW")).

In order of priority:IS - Interstates (i.e., "Interstate 29" -- IS029)US - U.S. Highways (i.e., "U.S. Route 63" -- US063)MO - State Numbered Highway (i.e., "State Route 142" -- MO142)RT - State Lettered Highway (i.e., "State Route 'WW' -- RT0WW)OR - Outer Road or Old Route (i.e., "Outer Road I-44" -- OR044)BU - Business Route of primary highway (i.e., "Business Route 63" -- BU063)

Interstate and U.S. Highway numbers are unique across the country; State Numbered Highways are unique to the state; State Lettered Highways are unique to the county (i.e., there will likely be a RT00A in every county, and only occassionally will it cross the county line).

The "Structure Number" is a unique identifier assigned to each bridge. Structure numbers followed by "A&B" are bridges over the same stream on a multi-lane, divided highway, and are counted as two bridges in table 4 in the text. Structure numbers in bold-face type had Level 1+ assessment performed in 2002.
Physiographic Region (fig 1) is used to determine discharge from regional regression equations in Alexander and Wilson (1995): 1 - Central Lowlands2 - Ozark Plateaus3 - Mississippi Alluvial Plain
Type of discharge:Q100 - 100-year peak dischargeQ500 - 500-year peak dischargeQimp - impendent road or levee overtopping discharge
Method used to determine discharge:REG - Discharge determined using regional regression equations from Alexander and Wilson (1995).BC - Impendent discharge was back-calculated using the depth of flow at the bridge and generalized unit discharge equations for each physiographic region, Qimp = b * 0.888 * y21.653 for Region 1, Central Lowlands and Region 3, Mississippi Alluvial Plain, or Qimp = b * 0.918 * y21.664 for Region 2, Ozark Plateaus If Qimp < Q100, discharge through bridge, Q2, for 100-year discharge, Q2 = Q100 - 1/2 (Q100 - Qimp)EST - Estimated, usually by a distribution of conveyance through each bridge at a site with multiple bridges, where Ka = (1.49 * ba * y2a5/3) / na conveyance of bridge "a" Kb = (1.49 * bb * y2b5/3) / nb conveyance of bridge "b", and Q2a = Qtot * Ka / (Ka + Kb) discharge through bridge "a"GAGE - Discharge determined from gaging station at structure (usually because of substantial difference from discharge determined using regional regression equations)
Type:L = live bedC = clear water
Type:L = live bedC = clear water
The following abbreviations are used in the notes:abut(s) - abutment(s)approx - approximatelybbl - barrel (typically found with culverts, as in "3-bbl culvert")cfs - cubic feet per second, a measure of discharge flow ratedeg - degreesD/S, U/S - downstream, upstreamFP - flood plainL, R - left, rightLB, RB - left bank, right bankLFP, RFP - left flood plain, right flood plainLOB, ROB - left overbank/setback, right overbank/setbackMI River - Mississippi RiverMO River - Missouri RiverQ - dischargeQ100, Q500, Qimp - 100-year, 500-year, or impendent dischargeRR - railroadw/ - withw/o - withoutWW - wingwallYimp - depth of flow associated with impendent discharge

District 02Table 3. Bridge site information and estimated scour depths from rapid estimation assessments (Level 1+) in Missouri.--ContinuedDISCHARGE "A"DISCHARGE "B"COMMENTS AND NOTESOT - Potential for road overtopping?Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) district 02 (fig. 1)OTPF - Chance of pressure flow through bridge opening?Comment codes:[ft, feet; mi2, square miles; ft3/s, cubic feet per second; --, not determined]DischargeDepth of flow at bridgeContraction scourMaximum pier scourAbutment scourDischargeDepth of flow at bridgeContraction scourMaximum pier scourAbutment scourPFAR - Armored appearance to channel bed?N - NoARLI - Lateral instability of channel (i.e. is channel migrating)?Y - YesTypeTotalThrough bridgeMethodMain channelOverbankMain chan-nelOver-bankLeftRightTypeTotalThrough bridgeMethodMain channelOverbankMain chan-nelOver-bankLeftRightLIPS - Evidence of local pier scour?P - PossibleSort keyLevel 1+ site numberStructure numberStream name in potential-scour (Level 1) database (table 2)RouteCountyPhysio-graphic regionBridge lengthDrain-age areaPSRR - Riprap on abutments or banks?M - MarginalLeftRightLeftRightRRRD - Riprap "designed" as a scour countermeasure?? - Don't knowbQtotQ2Y2YcmYclYcrYpmYpoYalYarQtotQ2Y2YcmYclYcrYpmYpoYalYarRDSD - Spurdikes present?-- - Not determined or not applicable[ft][mi2][ft3/s][ft3/s][ft][ft]Type[ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft3/s][ft3/s][ft][ft]Type[ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft]SDNotes12010A4120CHARITON RIRT00NADAIR13371550Q1005930059300REG24.5--------5.6------Q5007830078300REG29.0--------5.6----------------------Very large opening; Very well protected. Photos taken22001A4354N FK SALT RIMO006ADAIR1170114Q1001580010428EST13.70.0L----9.5--11.611.6Q5002120013992EST15.90.4L----9.6--15.815.8NNNYNMN--Partial riprap on LB. Some erosional gullies on RB. Debris in US channel32002K23CHARITON RIMO011ADAIR13241510Q1005720057200REG24.6----------------Q5007560075600REG29.1--------------------------------Replaced with A564442003K299HOG CRMO011ADAIR119022.8Q10067106710REG10.42.2L---- connections visible. Substantial debris in channel. Poured asphalt on abutment faces52004K301WALNUT CRMO011ADAIR126313.3Q10054405440REG9.22.7L----5.7--8.78.7Q50073607360REG10.33.0L----5.7--12.112.1NNNYDM----Concrete connections visible. Riprap on R bank62005K305MUSSEL RI DDMO011ADAIR129757.8Q1001040010400REG11.61.2L----3.93.910.710.7Q5001400014000REG13.11.3L----3.93.913.613.6NNNYNN----Severe gully erosion on LB. Moderate mass wasting under bridge. Deep channel--will not get onto FPs or setbacks72011P421SALT RIRT00TADAIR110332.8Q10078207820REG16.516.7L--------27.727.7Q5001060010600REG18.722.4L--------35.135.1NNNYNYN--Moderate cobble-sized riprap on R&L abutments and banks. Significant cutbanks U/S & D/S of bridge.82009S620BRUSH CRRT00DADAIR1903.22Q10027602760REG9.57.4L----5.4--9.012.0Q50037503750REG10.915.6L----5.5--12.814.7NNNYNMN--Concrete connections visible. Riprap on R bank and partial on abutment92006S807S FK FABIUS RIMO011ADAIR19413.4Q10046503845BC11.122.4L----3.9--19.016.0Qimp30403040BC9.621.5L----3.9--16.313.3YYNYNMN--Riprap on LB; poured asphalt is being undermined on L abutment. Debris trapped on low steel confirms overtopping102007T883SALT RIRT00AADAIR117816.9Q10054705470REG9.110.3L19. connections visible. Moderate contraction scour evident in setbacks112008T885FABIUS RIRT00AADAIR117622.2Q10061206120REG10.14.8L-- riprap on banks or abutments. Thick trees on LFP122029A1823L WAKENDA CRRT0CCCARROLL1851.95Q10020602060REG8.114.5L10.7--3.2--12.612.1Q50028102810REG9.116.4L15.3--3.2--14.413.8NPNYNYN--Riprap on both banks & abutment faces. Large meander U/S. cutbank on U/S RB. Channel appears to be deepening, riprap placed to stop migration.132037A2747MOSS CR DDUS065CARROLL159278.9Q10060006000REG4.74.6L6.97.23.8--12.312.3Q50085208520REG5.85.7L9.29.53.8--14.414.4PPNNYYD--Bridge designed to carry MO River overflow and backwater; therefore, given Q's misrepresent true scour discharges. Riprap on both abutments and U/S embankment faces. Contraction & local scour observed on R setback.142034A2903WAKENDA CRUS024CARROLL11422.01Q10018701870REG7.44.1L2.9--3.2--9.67.2Q50025802580REG8.46.1L5.4--3.2--12.211.2NNNNNYYYRiprap on both abutments, on RB and U/S. Spurdike on U/S RB. Small creek, bridge probably designed to help MO River FP. Channelized & leveed mostly. Old US24 road embankment U/S.152038A2906WAKENDA CRUS065CARROLL1572254Q1002510025100REG10.6----------------Q5003330033300REG12.6----------------NNNPYYY--Well protected with riprap on banks and abutments and around pile bents. Apparently designed to carry MO River flow. Levees on setbacks under bridge limit Creek flow up to 12 ft depth & 240 ft width.162030A3928WAKENDA CRRT0JJCARROLL115236.7Q1001030010300REG14.57.9L20.618.55.1--16.714.7Q5001380013800REG16.813.8L26.323.95.1--20.018.9PPNYDMN--Riprap on banks & abutment faces--simply pushed in place to stop slope failure. Cutbanks on U/S RB; mass wasting on all other banks U/S & D/S. Old bridge crossing U/S. High RR embankment with bridges crosses diagonally from U/S RFP to D/S RFP & then to D/S LFP172033A4269BRIDGE CRRT0WWCARROLL118146.3Q1001020010200REG12.814.3L23.3--3.9--17.314.1Q5001370013700REG15.017.8L31.1--3.9--20.318.2NNNYNN----Substantial erosion under bridge. Local scour near setback pier set. Mass wasting common on channel banks.182012F404WAKENDA CRBU065CARROLL1104255Q1002540010746BC17.90.0L--------29.730.3Qimp75607560BC14.57.1L--------21.122.5YYNYYMN--Concrete debris on abutment toes. R abutment toe & footing exposed. Channel shifted to right due to meander U/S. Cutbank on U/S RB. Generally in bad shape.192035H423WILDCAT CRUS024CARROLL1334.33Q10030902360BC14.411.1L--------39.839.0Qimp16301630BC11.512.4L--------35.233.5YYNYDN----Small bridge with vertical WWs. Channel shifted to Left.202039H6061SHOOTMAN CRUS065CARROLL1873.64Q10029502950REG13.59.6L17.9------35.229.3Q50040004000REG16.29.2L23.0------35.530.0NPNYYN----Single span bridge with filled approach "spans". Channelized but meandering. Cutbaks & slumps on all banks U/S & D/S. Footing exposure on R abutment.212040H6141BIG CRUS065CARROLL122351.2Q1001270012700REG12.5----------------Q5001690016900REG14.9--------------------------------Well protected. No signs of scour, riprap aprons. Photos taken222013H9411WAKENDA CRBU065CARROLL1256255Q100254007363BC8.20.0L15.515.33.23.917.618.4Qimp54905490BC6.90.0L12.912.63.23.911.112.9YYNPYN----Second relief bridge. Qimp approx equal Q100. Over slough of Wakenda Creek. Old bridge in dire need of replacement. Well-defined channel U/S, blowhole & undefined banks D/S.232036J4SMITH DDUS024CARROLL1633.81Q10027002700REG10.4----------------Q50037003700REG12.6----------------YYNNYYN--Leveed Channel, levees designed for MO River flow. No FPs or setbacks. Large riprap on L abutment face. R abutment appears to be washing out. RR embankment and tressle approx 70 ft U/S.242041K571MOUND CRUS065CARROLL11088.88Q10047504750REG10.618.2L----11.3--14.017.2Q50064106410REG12.724.8L----11.3--18.120.2NNNYNMN--Cobbling on both abutment faces. Severe fluvial erosion on LB around pier. Mass wasting typical on all banks U/S & D/S252014K98WAKENDA CR OFBU065CARROLL161255Q100254001791BC8.30.0L----3.9--4.64.6Qimp13901390BC7.11.6L----3.9------YYNYYN----First relief bridge. Qimp approx equal Q100. In town, FPs paved. No flow on FPs, no setbacks.262015L2R1DRAINAGE DITCHMO041CARROLL1802.95Q10023801815BC7.50.0L----3.9--3.93.9Qimp12501250BC6.00.2L----3.8------NPNNYN----Leveed channel at edges of channel. No FPs. Qimp taken as top of levees because FPs are for MO River--ie, once levees overtopped, no additional depth. R abutment undermined.272019L426CAMP CRRT00BCARROLL1956.44Q10041804180REG10.714.1L8.3--5.8--15.816.7Q50056405640REG12.812.9L13.3--5.8--15.416.3PYNYYN----Old road abutments under bridge. Meander w/ cutbanks U/S. On edge of MO River FP, just U/S of Wakenda Creek. Erosion gullies & contraction scour on L setback.282025N630BIG CRRT00MCARROLL1169114Q100170009010EST13.31.7L----7.7--15.515.0Q5002270012031EST15.66.0L----7.7--19.519.1NNNYNNN--Old abutment wall in DS channel RB under bridge and LB. Some concrete slabs on LB and Abutment. Erosion gullies under both bridges.292026N632WOLF CRRT00MCARROLL1955.49Q10032403240REG10.315.0L----7.1--13.69.6Q50044304430REG11.618.3L----7.1--15.912.8NNNYDN----Large concrete slab/wall extending width of LB. ROB is not FP--rolling hills/natural levees.302031N859BIG CRRT0UUCARROLL1430133Q1001710017100REG10.95.3L17. a FP with N910 over Shootman Cr, which will act as relief bridge. The present data assumes not (worst case). Well developed contraction/abutment scour holes & deposition on both setbacks. Cutbanks & slumping on U/S & D/S banks. U/S RFP leveed.312032N910SHOOTMAN CRRT0UUCARROLL113718.5Q10060505155BC11.97.2L13.914.87.4--7.116.3Qimp42604260BC10.612.2L9.810.97.3--5.915.8YYNYYN----Shares a FP with N859 over Big Cr, and will act as relief bridge. The present data assumes not (worst case). Creek parallels road on U/S LFP for approx 1 mile along overflow section. Levee on U/S FP forces flow between road and levee322027P659BURR OAK CRRT00WCARROLL11119.44Q10048704870REG11.911.5L15.717.73.9--22.419.5Q50065606560REG14.317.3L19.721.93.9--28.926.1PYNPYMN--Riprap pushed in place on LB and abutment setback. Filled in contraction scour hole on L setback. Channelized. Mass wasting on U/S & D/S banks & under bridge. Potential road overflow on both FPs332020S10CAMP CRRT00BCARROLL1661.79Q10019901990REG9.111.4L----6.1--11.713.3Q50027202720REG10.415.6L----6.1--14.215.8PPNYYN----Bridge built with 30 deg skew--channel approaches at 15 deg. U/S channel filled w/ debris and wood. Immediately U/S of confluence.342016S485BIG CRMO139CARROLL1299175Q100195008385EST8.30.0L11.210.15.4--13.413.2Q5002600011180EST9.70.0L15.014.45.4--15.915.8NPNYYN----Channel has migrated left almost one whole span. Levee along RB will limit flow, but assumed not present for relief bridges--Q100 will overtop. Contraction scour observed on L setback. Large slump on RB at & U/S of bridge352017S549BIG CR OFMO139CARROLL1219175Q100195006435EST8.30.0L14.713.83.9--20.119.3Q500260008580EST9.90.0L16.916.33.9--21.420.7NPNYYN----Relief bridge, but small tributary which parallels road of RFP curves under bridge and becomes "channel". Contraction scour observed on both "setbacks".362018S605BIG CRMO139CARROLL1175175Q100195004680EST7.81.7L----3.9--19.019.0Q500260006240EST9.32.3L----3.9--20.420.4NPNNNN----Relief bridge. Not in any real danger. Regular deposition appears to occur, some contraction scour as well.372023S868MOUND CRRT00JCARROLL11029.16Q10048104810REG11.18.2L----3.9--13.310.2Q50064906490REG13.315.6L----3.9--17.414.7PYNYNMN--Moderate gully erosion on R bank. Left abutment and bank well riprapped. FPs are heavy timber and undergrowth382028T267TATER HILL CRRT00ZCARROLL113027.3Q10089708970REG14.85.0L----3.9--15.712.0Q5001200012000REG17.615.1L----3.9--20.117.4NPNYNYN--Cobbles sized riprap on both banks and abutments; moderately protected. Sand channel; thick undergrowth392022T271TURKEY CRRT00DCARROLL114917.6Q10059405045BC11.814.7L13.811.83.23.926.228.6Qimp41504150BC10.519.7L11. scour under bridge at setbacks with deposition zones immediately D/S. Channelized but meandering. Cutbanks & slumps on all banks U/S & D/S. Overflow sections on both FPs. Bridge cuts across FP diagonally.402024T368BRIDGE CRRT00JCARROLL110113.6Q10052005200REG13.415.4L----3.2--14.213.4Q50070607060REG14.217.3L----3.2--15.414.7NPNYNN----Moderate fluvial erosion on R&L banks. Concreted connections visible.412021T938WAKENDA CRRT00BCARROLL1202285Q1002480018200BC16.70.0L16.316.37.7--20.720.7Qimp1160011600BC13.20.0L9.89.87.7--15.815.8YPNNYN----Channelized, along edge of MO River FP. Leveed on LB to depth of 13.4'. Allows flow from MO River; overflow section on RFP. Contraction scour on R setback422050A3779CHARITON RIUS024CHARITON15041960Q1006850068500REG21.0----------------Q5009010090100REG24.8----------------NNNNNYY--Bridge well protected with riprap aprons on abutments and U/S and D/S embankment faces. Riprap on both banks. "Newer" bridge. (I-beams unpainted?) Flagged due to high Potential Scour Index. Piers designed to minimize scour as well.432042A4528L CHARITON RIMO005CHARITON1258613Q1003690036900REG21.6----------------Q5004900049000REG25.7----------------PPNYNYY--Flagged due to cutbank on LB. Photos taken. Well protected & designed to resist scour. Riprap with aprons on both abutments & well designed piers. Channel appears to be deepening and shifting slightly.442051G08263CHARITON RIUS024CHARITON1163169Q100172007998EST11.30.0L20.015.311.0--21.819.7Q5002310010742EST13.50.0L23.718.711.0--23.721.6NPNYYYN--Riprap on LB & both abutments. Channelized straight through bridge. Levee on US RFP up to 9 ft will limit and control flow. Bridge built with 25 deg skew, channel approaches with no skew. Relief bridge G891R. Main bridge along L edge of FP.452052H631MUSSEL RIUS024CHARITON1111335Q100264001848EST5.90.0L----6.3--23.923.9Q500353002471EST7.00.0L----6.3--26.926.9PPNNYN----Relief bridge to Mussel Fork H520R. Probably noted due to contraction scour under bridge. FP depth = channel depth. Old cobbling on abutment faces.462043H667DOXIE CRMO005CHARITON140342.8Q10088208820REG11.02.0L-- edge of MO River FP. Known from observation to be subject to backwater. Webwalls on pier stop approx 10 ft above ground. Road & edge of FP act as a funnel.472044L344CHARITON RIMO129CHARITON12641890Q1006100036300BC21.60.0L----11.7--12.212.2Qimp1160011600BC12.54.9L----11.6------YPNYYMN--Riprap on both banks at bridge and U/S. Discontinuous levees on U/S banks will control flow (flow behind levees will be slack)--therefore no FP data. FP flow will be carried by overflow sections. Cutbanks and fallen trees on all banks.482047N135JONES BRRT00OCHARITON1838.32Q10037603145BC9.715.0L15.014.53.9--26.124.5Qimp25302530BC8.517.3L12.010.93.9--24.823.2YYNYYN----Riprap on RB at & U/S of bridge. Cutbanks & mass wasting on all banks U/S and D/S.492049N694SLATER BRRT0JJCHARITON11059.60Q10048803515BC9.83.0L12.614.93.2--4.217.5Qimp21502150BC7.34.4L6.89.33.2----12.8YYNPDN----Channel along L edge of FP. Road overflow sections on both FPs. Cutbanks on both banks U/S & D/S.502045T458CLARK BRRT00DCHARITON114326.9Q10077307730REG12.714.2L--7.07.7--19.428.6Q5001040010400REG14.416.6L--12.07.7--24.030.9PPNYYN----Cutbanks on LB under bridge. Discontinuous levees on both U/S banks.512046T463BEE BRRT00DCHARITON1907.82Q10037803110BC9.711.5L5.56.33.2--18.216.3Qimp24402440BC8.412.8L3.74.63.2--15.813.8YPNYNMN--Riprap on both banks & marginal on abutments. Meander U/S with cutbanks. Overflow sections on both FPs522048X808PUZZLE CRRT00PCHARITON110328.0Q10071704935BC11.43.5L11.413.23.9--17.017.3Qimp27002700BC8.13.5L4.66.13.9--10.611.2YPNYYYN--Sparce riprap on both abutment faces. Blowhole D/S. Meander with cutbanks U/S. Overflow sections on both FPs.532058A1217SUGAR CRMO146GRUNDY118580.6Q1001490014900REG17.99.0L----10.6--13.115.4Q5001990019900REG20.414.4L----10.6--17.719.6PYPYNYYYExtensive riprap on RB and abutment. Bedrock exposed in channel bottom U/S. No LFP.542059A2413RACOON CRMO146GRUNDY117521.7Q10082308230REG11.1----------------Q5001100011000REG13.3--------------------------------Very large opening. Protected banks. Cutbank on U/S RB. Bridge is not a critical concern. Photos taken.552071A2675HONEY CRUS065GRUNDY1325102Q1001550015500REG11.52.5L11. riprap on both abutments. Significant debris at bridge opening in channel. Steep cutbanks on both banks U/S.562053A904HICKORY CRMO006GRUNDY111912.2Q10059305930REG12.515.9L----7.8--16.614.9Q50079507950REG14.019.3L----7.8--19.417.7NNNYDN----No riprap. Sheet pile caissons exist around exposed footing572054A906THOMPSON RIMO006GRUNDY18701730Q1007100071000REG16.96.2L--18.517. sized riprap on right abutment and bank. Bank slumped to 75 ft U/S, Erosion 100 yds U/S. Debris on pier.582055F10931HONEY CRMO006GRUNDY118985.6Q1001410014100REG14.6----------------Q5001890018900REG17.4--------------------------------Replaced with I5515592056J769NO CRMO006GRUNDY121246.1Q10091707244EST9.37.3L13.316.08.4--14.414.0Q5001240012400REG12.918.0L20.723.18.5--20.120.0NPNYYN----Local scour observed at setback pier sets.602057J771W MEDICINE CRMO006GRUNDY1357101Q1001480013172EST10.30.0L---- local scour at setbacks.612060L340WELDON RIRT00AGRUNDY1264547Q1003460030750BC19.55.0L----19.6--12.018.6Qimp2690026900BC18.06.9L----19.6--7.015.8YPNYNYYYModerate protection on both banks & abutments. Rock levee on U/S RB622065N466GEES CRRT00FGRUNDY19011.6Q10055405540REG13.015.7L---- on R abutment. No protection on L. L abutment partially exposed lip.632067N701MUDDY CRRT00OGRUNDY121396.7Q1001410014100REG16.90.0L15.912.08.7--12.712.7Q5001890018900REG18.63.2L20.116.78.7--15.815.8NNNNNN----Riprap on both banks, but above channel level on setbacks only.642068P202HICKORY CRRT00WGRUNDY110925.9Q10073905945BC12.22.8L12.5--3.9--15.511.3Qimp45004500BC10.33.6L6.4--3.9--11.93.5YYNYDN----Very slight riprap protection on LB. Small amount of contraction scour on RB.652069P203GEES CRRT00WGRUNDY110914.6Q10093508065BC14.619.9L----3.9--20.620.6Qimp67806780BC13.119.9L----3.9--19.419.4YYNYDMN--R abutment protected. Severe erosion gullies & mass wasting on LB/abutment. Concrete connector caps visible on both pile bents.662061P36MUDDY CRRT00BGRUNDY113285.5Q1001340012450BC18.114.2L----7.7--26.026.6Qimp1150011500BC16.010.6L----7.7--17.819.3YPNYNMN--Large boulder riprap sparingly on both L & R banks. Channelized stream.672064S402CROOKED CRRT00EGRUNDY1714.29Q10024302215BC8.64.2L----3.9--11.18.1Qimp20002000BC8.14.0L----3.9--9.05.9PPNNNN----Gully erosion on L & R banks682066S586NO CRRT00NGRUNDY19034.0Q10077306155BC13.97.7L----4.7--25.326.6Qimp45804580BC11.66.4L----4.7--14.217.1YPNYNMN--Some erosion on L & R banks and abutments692062S601MUDDY CRRT00CGRUNDY19833.7Q10085606380BC13.83.9L----4.5--29.429.4Qimp42004200BC10.93.1L----4.5--18.618.6YPNYNMN--Big block riprap702070S657WOLF CRRT00WGRUNDY11009.10Q10049303745BC9.86.3L----3.9--13.916.0Qimp25602560BC7.85.5L----3.9--9.012.2YYNYNNNYNo riprap on banks or abutments. Grader blades on RB are placed in a spur dike fashion with wire mesh & cobbles inside the cavity. Sand channel.712063T899WELDON RIRT00CGRUNDY1289492Q1003660036600REG20.1----------------Q5004820048200REG23.7--------------------------------RB & abutment well protected recently. LB lined with new riprap for approx 1 bridge length U/S. Photos taken722073A4415BLUE CRMO087HOWARD11306.73Q10043304330REG11.12.4L--4.23.2--11.013.1Q50058305830REG12.55.4L--7.93.2--13.615.8NNNYYN----Deeply incised channel with large meander & cutbank U/S. Cutbanks & slumps under bridge on both banks. Flow barely gets out of banks.732074A4636RICHLAND CRMO087HOWARD21486.05Q10036303630REG8.72.9L----5.1--11.25.5Q50049304930REG10.21.8L8.58.55.1--14.011.4NNNYDN----Deeply incised channel. Bridge built with 20 deg skew, channel approaches at 10 deg. Channel migrating to left, widening under bridge.742076L119BONNE FEMME CRUS040HOWARD2244175Q1002100021000REG15.3----------------Q5002770027700REG18.1----------------PPNYYYY--Leveed channel on MO River FP, so no individual FPs. Channel curves from RFP immediately U/S, then bends to LFP D/S. Outside of U/S bend heavily riprapped, RB & abutment riprapped. Blowhole D/S RB. Small probability of pier scour.752075X127MONITEAU CRMO124HOWARD212736.5Q10083206140BC11.13.9L7.14.66.5--18.415.1Qimp39603960BC8.55.0L3.71.66.4--13.69.4YPNYYN----Bridge built with 45 deg skew, channel approaches at 15 deg. Meander bends with cutbanks U/S & D/S. Debris on pile bent exacerbates scour. Some concrete debris on LB. Small riprap on U/S face of R embankment762088A2099W FK LOCUST CRRT0MMLINN1182117Q1001490014900REG16.611.7L----7.8--19.519.6Q5002000020000REG19.118.3L----7.8--21.721.8NNNYNMN--Well protected L & R abutments. Gully erosion on L & R banks.772080A3890WINNEGAN BRMO011LINN113611.7Q10049104910REG10.611.2L----4.8--13.512.1Q50066606660REG12.315.1L----4.8--16.715.2NNNYNN----Both banks well protected. Boulder-sized riprap. No abutment protection.782090A845BIG TURKEY CRUS036LINN18921.6Q10056805680REG13.3----------------Q50077707770REG16.0--------------------------------Well protected banks. L & R U/S embankments extend U/S approx 50 feet, thereby acting as spur dikes. Insignificant velocities through this bridge (this is a relief bridge). Small amount of contraction scour in main channel area.792091G815RYELLOW CRUS036LINN1271143Q1001840018400REG17.213.5L--17.57.710.620.121.2Q5002450024500REG20.216.6L--22.97.710.622.723.8NPNYYYY--Dual bridge w/ A3841 U/S & G815R D/S. U/S bridge well protected with designed riprap protectionn on abutments and banks. D/S bridge has riprap on abutments and banks--probably placed at time of new bridge construction. Mass wasting evident U/S & D/S802077J100LOCUST CRMO005LINN11316.43Q10038903890REG11.81.5L----6.4--19.620.8Q50052705270REG12.92.8L----6.4--23.524.5NPNYYN----Severe mass wasting on LB--all footings exposed. Battered H-pile are added on. Live bed scour occuring in channel. Photos taken.812078J189LOCUST CRMO005LINN1439.70Q10048704870REG19.521.1L----6.5--39.840.7Q50065706570REG23.428.2L----6.5--46.046.9YYNYYMN--Abutment footings exposed. All footings exposed. Cobbling on both banks. Photos taken.822079J96LOWES BRMO005LINN11309.50Q10045304530REG10.00.6L----6.4--9.49.4Q50061406140REG11.50.6L----6.4--13.113.1NNNYYMN--Old abutment U/S approx 1 bridge length. Concrete chunks on R abutment. Inlaid cobbling on but abutments. Mass wasting on RB. Footing exposure (slight) on R pier set. Doesn't get out onto FPs.832085P320MUDDY CRRT00ELINN19523.5Q100119008140BC16.05.6L----5.5--21.020.9Qimp43804380BC11.05.6L----5.5--13.513.3YYNYNN----2 concrete connectors exposed on L pile bent.842087R127YELL0W CRRT00OLINN114975.5Q1001180011800REG16.710.6L----4.0--16.316.5Q5001590015900REG19.116.1L----4.0--20.020.1NNNY?N----No banks or abutment protection. No riprap.852084S489YELLOW CRRT00CLINN111094.0Q100135009555BC16.115.4L----4.8--32.331.9Qimp56105610BC11.714.0L----4.7--24.023.0YYNY?MN--Large concrete slabs on both banks. Moderate debris on U/S LB.862081S747LEWIS CRMO139LINN1908.92Q10037403740REG11.214.2L----4.5--16.210.3Q50051305130REG13.513.7L----4.5--14.77.0YYNY?MN--Concrete connections visible on L pile bent. Concrete slabs on both LB & RB.872082T377PARSONS CRMO139LINN17927.4Q10069704630BC12.710.0L----3.9--32.233.8Qimp22902290BC8.35.2L----3.9--13.517.1YYNYNN----L abutment built on old concrete abutment.882089T807VAN DOOSEN CRRT0WWLINN1797.85Q10038703870REG11.714.5L----3.9--14.915.5Q50052805280REG13.718.9L----3.9--18.619.1YPNYYN----Mass wasting on both banks at bridge. Overflow section on RFP; Qimp = Q500. Well vegetated banks U/S. Terrace on U/S LB approx 1.5 ft deeper than FP depth892083X480LOCUST CR DDRT00BLINN1237554Q1003580024800BC18.11.4L----18.75.518.98.9Qimp1380013800BC12.73.2L---- concrete slabs on both banks. Debris up in bridge rafters. Photos taken.902086X719LONG CRRT00MLINN111239.4Q10084505610BC11.915.5L----7.9--18.916.9Qimp27702770BC8.09.6L----7.9--11.57.8YPNYYMN--Concrete debris on R abutment face. Cutbanks & mass wasting on LB at bridge & D/S. Old bridge piles just D/S. Overflow section on RFP principally, but also on LFP.912100A1180A&BBLACKWELL CRUS036LIVINGSTON11037.37Q10037903790REG9.818.1L----8.1--15.017.1Q50051605160REG11.622.9L----8.1--18.219.8NNNYNYY--Boulder sized riprap at L & R abutments. Octagonal shaped pile set. Moderate gully erosion on LB & RB.922104A3595NO CRUS065LIVINGSTON123167.5Q1001140011400REG11.62.8L20.917.99.29.719.314.7Q5001540015400REG13.95.5L25. abutments moderately protected with cobbles. Some local scour around setback pile bents.932105A3597CROOKED CRUS065LIVINGSTON115713.4Q10054105410REG11.216.6L19.3--13.6--16.912.8Q50073207320REG13.120.7L25.1--13.7--19.916.5NNNY?N----Slight erosion on both banks. RB has severe mass wasting.942106A3851SHOAL CRUS065LIVINGSTON12261.29Q10031303130REG5.3----------------Q50041004100REG6.2--------------------------------Not assessed due to bank & abutment protection. Q's are insignificant considering size of bridge opening; however, backwater from Grand River has occurred, as evidenced by high water marks. Photos taken.952101G6081MUDDY CR DDUS036LIVINGSTON118485.3Q1001310013100REG14.2----------------Q5001760017600REG17.0--------------------------------Road construction in median962102G614MEDICINE CRUS036LIVINGSTON1396421Q1003130031300REG15.1----------------Q5004150041500REG17.9--------------------------------Road construction--adding D/S bridge.972107H844MOUND CRUS065LIVINGSTON115813.5Q10055805580REG10.212.0L--12.96.4--16.419.3Q50075407540REG12.114.6L--17.06.4--19.520.9NNPYNMN--Old cobbling on both abutments. Massive debris pile at U/S low flow face. Small county bridge ~ 3 bridge lengths U/S. Debris pile may cause future problems.982103L156MEDICINE CRUS036LIVINGSTON1395420Q1003110031100REG15.1----------------Q5004130041300REG17.9--------------------------------Fixing bridge.992099P932SHOAL CR DDRT0DDLIVINGSTON1265578Q1003600025000BC17.30.0L13.48.59.6--8.68.6Qimp1400014000BC12.30.9L0.3--9.5------YYNYNN----No riprap on either side. Levee confining flow on both sides.1002095S472CROOKED CRRT00KLIVINGSTON110615.9Q10051805180REG11.321.4L----3.2--16.615.2Q50070707070REG13.630.0L----3.2--20.019.4YYNY?N----Old concrete abutment at REW. Exposed concrete connectors on pile bents.1012092S639SHOAL CR DDRT00CLIVINGSTON1178582Q1003560020610BC20.20.0L----10.6--29.622.3Qimp56205620BC9.21.2L----10.4------YYNYNN----Q100 produces very high WS elevations. Over road south of bridge. FPs are protected by levees to an extent. RR tracks serve as LFP levee.1022094T326RAT SNAKE CRRT00DLIVINGSTON1925.83Q10037803780REG12.45.3L----6.4--11.311.3Q50051105110REG14.110.9L----6.4--14.514.5NNNYNMN--Boulder sized riprap on L bank at U/S meander. No riprap on RB or abutment. Mass wasting prevalent on both banks.1032097T378INDIAN CRRT00NLIVINGSTON19921.6Q10071805250BC11.92.0L----3.2--11.57.8Qimp33203320BC9.01.5L----3.2------YYNY?MN--LB & RB moderately protected. Significant debris on U/S LB.1042093T379SHOAL CRRT00CLIVINGSTON1175581Q10093009300REG12.83.6L19.0-- cobble wall on R abutment. Moderate erosion on RB & abutment. Contraction scour on L setback. Bluff on RB. LFP is confined1052096X148OLD MEDICINE CRRT00KLIVINGSTON1715.53Q10032603260REG10.9----------------Q50044604460REG13.1--------------------------------Done in Level II as relief bridge to A2078.1062098X956GEES CRRT00WLIVINGSTON19311.6Q10058805880REG13.323.1L----3.9--18.417.6Q50078707870REG15.931.6L----3.9--21.120.8NPNYNMN--LB has substantial riprap down into channel. Severe cutbank & mass wasting on RB.1072113G07502MUSSEL FKUS036MACON1325141Q1001690016900REG13.99.2L13.314.812.77.716.617.1Q5002260022600REG16.213.7L18.219.312.87.720.120.4NPNPYN----Minimal amount of concrete debris and small riprap on abutment faces and setback surfaces. Contraction scour on both setbacks. Mass wasting on RB at bridge and U/S LB1082114G07542CHARITON RIUS036MACON117512.6Q10041804180REG9.011.0L16.016.03.9--11.715.4Q50057505750REG11.09.9L19.119.13.9--11.515.2YYNNYN----Relief bridge over slough of Chariton River; Qs calculated from delineation of slough, but bridge will carry main channel overflow. Given Qs cause pressure flow and impendent road overtopping, so representative1092115L569CHARITON RIUS036MACON125352.6Q1001000010000REG12.95.5L18.717.87.7--17.711.3Q5001350013500REG13.86.2L23.922.77.7--19.413.1PPNYYMN--Levee on U/S RB limits flow to channel. Channel on R edge of FP. Exposed footing at pier on RB. Concrete debris & riprap on both abutment faces & around L setback pier. Washouts & contraction scour on both setbacks; left filled with riprap. Photos taken1102112N972BRUSH CRRT0WWMACON114841.9Q10089108910REG13.526.1L----4.5--20.420.0Q5001210012100REG16.024.7L----4.6--19.919.5PYNYYYN--New riprap on both abutments and psuedo-setbacks. Not "designed" for scour, but will stop flow impinging on RB. Possible road overflow on LFP. Substantial meander immediately U/S of bridge, w/ cutbanks.1112111P105E FK CHARITON RIRT00TMACON1113135Q100157009875BC16.10.0L----3.3--9.79.7Qimp40504050BC9.92.9L----3.2------YNNYYYN--Riprap on both banks. Cutbanks U/S & D/S. U/S channel widened to model expected flow scenario. RR embankment U/S which will control & limit FP flow at bridge; however gap between RR & road will allow flow to reach overflow section.1122108S996COTTONWOOD CRMO156MACON1642.87Q10024902490REG11.112.6L----6.7--12.815.6Q50033903390REG13.417.6L----6.7--17.019.5PPNYNY?--Both banks and abutments fully protected--both U/S banks as well.1132109X104LONG BRRT00JMACON18620.5Q10074405525BC13.86.4L----5.4--38.439.0Qimp36103610BC10.78.6L----5.3--31.632.8YYNY?N----No riprap. Substantial erosion on LB.1142110X122CHARITON RIRT00JMACON1844.67Q10026302630REG8.816.9L----3.2--14.412.7Q50036203620REG10.723.3L----3.2--17.916.1NPNY?YN--Banks fully protected.1152126A2633W MUDDY CRUS136MERCER11194.78Q10029602960REG9.29.8L----7.6--17.017.0Q50040504050REG10.914.2L----7.6--19.719.7NNNNNN----Regulating reservoir U/S. No protection. Spill-over spillway--corrugated metal culvert underneath 12 -18"1162127A4436SANDY CRUS136MERCER116617.4Q10062206220REG12.23.7L----6.2--11.611.4Q50083908390REG13.89.6L----6.2--14.514.4NNNPNMN--Large concrete chunks on LB around bents. No riprap on abutments1172128H956W MEDICINE CRUS136MERCER117820.2Q10062706270REG9.41.9L14.916.414.89.214.813.9Q50085108510REG11.32.6L18.520. abutment protection--footing exposure. Local scour around bents on setbacks. Severe cutbank on RB--footing exposure at center bent. Photos taken.1182129J657THOMPSON FK OFUS136MERCER1203889Q100467001494EST3.60.0L----3.8--12.912.9Q500616001971EST4.20.0L----3.8--14.214.2NPNNNN----One of 5 bridges on FP, Q's determined by conveyance. Main bridge J655 not flagged.1192124N02531HONEY CRRT0JJMERCER111718.6Q10055305530REG13.512.5L----5.5--12.015.4Q50075507550REG15.317.5L----5.5--15.618.9NNNYNYY--Large concrete chunks/asphalt on both banks. Roadside ditches on both U/S banks--cutbanks.1202125N02541HONEY CRRT0JJMERCER111320.6Q10061306130REG14.312.8L----3.9--14.613.2Q50083308330REG16.217.5L----4.0--18.216.8NNNYNYY--Well protected banks--large concrete/asphalt chunks. No abutment protection. Large rootwads in U/S channel. Severe cutbanks on both U/S banks.1212123N08551WELDON FK GRAND RIRT0BBMERCER11056.89Q10041504150REG12.818.6L----5.5--17.116.7Q50056105610REG13.520.4L----5.5--18.418.1NNNYNYY--Large broken concrete chunks on both banks. Sand channel w/ sharp meander & cutbank ~ 1 bridge length U/S. Concrete debris on RB to mitigate cutbank.1222121P06701BRUSHY CRRT00PMERCER19911.0Q10052305230REG12.36.1L----4.7--20.227.9Q50070507050REG14.215.8L----4.7--26.734.4NNNY?M?--Large concrete slabs on LB; riprap & heavy debris on L abutment & LB. Massive debris obstruction ~ 1 bridge length U/S crossing entire channel--mass wasting induced as a result. Mild local scour at bents.1232122P180BIG BRRT00PMERCER11028.61Q10045604560REG11.414.4L----5.3--16.114.0Q50061606160REG12.917.2L----5.3--18.816.7NPNYNMY--Large concrete slabs on LB & RB. R abutmen has cobble-sized riprap. Gully erosion on LB & abutment. Mild contraction scour on R setback.1242116R499GRAND RIRT00DMERCER1594480Q1003640036400REG14.76.5L-- spur dikes on RB of channel. Riprap on RB. Extensive debris in channel (pt bar). Rock outcrop/bluff on L side. RR embankment serves as levee on RFP.1252118S03711HONEY CRRT00EMERCER11079.26Q10040804080REG9.714.9L----5.2--24.626.8Q50055705570REG11.719.9L----5.2--31.633.8NNNY?MN--Gully erosion on L & R banks. Blowhole on RB under bridge--possible contraction scour.1262120T00891W MEDICINE CRRT00MMERCER11026.20Q10033003300REG8.98.5L----3.9--14.117.6Q50045204520REG10.713.8L----3.9--17.520.1NNNYNN----Erosion/scour around bents on both banks.1272119X01241E MUDDY CRRT00EMERCER115065.6Q1001170011700REG17.54.6L----3.9--23.523.5Q5001570015700REG20.25.3L----3.9--32.832.8NNNYNMN--Large concrete slabs on both banks extending down into sand channel. Some debris on bents. Deeply incised channel--Q500 doesn't overtop banks.1282117X123W MUDDY CRRT00DMERCER19219.3Q10060703233BC10.17.4L----7.7--33.431.5Qimp395395BC4.21.1L----7.5--5.60.9YYNYNMN--Riprap on L abutment on into LB. Steep cutbanks.1292140J400ELM BRUS136PUTNAM11277.92Q10040204020REG9.214.9L----7.6--13.013.0Q50054605460REG10.921.5L----7.6--16.116.1NNNYNM?--Inlaid cobbling on both abutments. Erosion gullies around bents on setbacks.1302141J406W LOCUST CRUS136PUTNAM129835.7Q10087808780REG9.40.0L--19.49.8--8.88.8Q5001180011800REG10.30.0L--23.89.8--11.711.7NNNYNM?--Inlaid cobbling on both abutments. Severe slumping on RB under bridge. Some gully erosion on LB under bridge.1312142J410E LOCUST CRUS136PUTNAM129772.2Q1001270012700REG11.41.0L----9.9--10.510.5Q5001700017000REG12.71.1L----9.9--13.113.1NNNYNM?--Inlaid cobbling on both abutments. Concrete debris in U/S L drain ditch. Mild contraction scour/erosion on both setbacks. Fill has been added on fill holes near setback bents.1322143J689BIG MEDICINE CRUS136PUTNAM1362118Q1001500015000REG15.21.6L----6.7--12.112.1Q5002010020100REG16.81.8L----6.7--15.215.2NNNYNM?--Riprap cobbling on both abutments.1332130K711BLACK BIRD CRMO005PUTNAM121225.7Q10085108510REG10.94.1L----7.6--19.819.1Q5001140011400REG12.42.5L17.6--7.7--25.124.8NNNYYN----No protection. Contraction scour on L setback. Substantial sloughing and mass wasting at both banks under bridge. Photos taken.1342131L256N BLACK BIRD CRMO129PUTNAM112741.9Q1001010010100REG15.513.5L21.2--3.3--19.719.7Q5001350013500REG18.517.7L27.7--3.3--22.322.3NNNYNMN--No abutment protection; riprap on both banks. Minor mass wasting U/S.1352132N29MEDICINE CRMO139PUTNAM19814.2Q10047004700REG12.315.5L----4.7--18.317.8Q50064406440REG14.320.0L----4.7--20.620.4NNNYNMN--Poured concrete on L abutment. Scattered block rock on R abutment.1362139N74SHOAL CRRT0CCPUTNAM1897.26Q10039103910REG10.93.4L----3.9--12.910.1Q50053105310REG12.711.8L----3.9--16.314.0NNNYNN----No protection. Erosion gullies under bents.1372136P01031COON CRRT00NPUTNAM18712.4Q10051603575BC10.38.0L----3.9--18.918.5Qimp19901990BC7.27.8L----3.9--13.112.8YYNYNM?--Moderate protection on both banks & R abutment. Sand channel.1382134P374MEDICINE CRRT00MPUTNAM112548.6Q10097905540BC11.22.4L----6.8--25.323.7Qimp12901290BC5.11.1L----6.7------NNNYNN----Channel doglegs through bridge--bridge built with approx 30 deg skew, channel approaches at 10 deg. Massive slumping on both banks, especially RB.1392135P375SHANKTON BRRT00MPUTNAM111126.9Q10072605165BC11.06.9L----3.9--14.811.7Qimp30703070BC8.14.3L----3.9--7.4--YPNYNMN--Mass wasting & erosion under banks on both banks.1402138P834BLACK BIRD CRRT00YPUTNAM111344.9Q100102007285BC13.519.9L----3.9--20.117.7Qimp43704370BC9.915.3L----3.9--14.211.0YPNYNM?--Riprap on both banks, unsure of design.1412133S584BARBER CRMO139PUTNAM121223.2Q10064006400REG11.31.9L----6.7--18.918.9Q50087008700REG12.52.1L----6.7--23.923.9NNNYNMN--Moderate bank protection on LB & abutment. Sparse riprap on RB, none on R abutment. Deeply incised channel--Q500 doesn't overtop banks.1422137T04901WILDCAT CRRT00WPUTNAM1973.80Q10029002900REG10.90.1L----5.6--10.110.1Q50039503950REG12.50.1L----5.6--13.613.6NNNYNM?--Inlaid cobbling on both abutments. Large cobbles & boulders on LB. No FP on L side. Q500 will not overtop RB.1432144A3094MUNCAS CRMO003RANDOLPH113012.6Q10045904590REG11.211.6L17.917.34.8--19.518.8Q50062706270REG13.214.5L21.821.24.8--21.320.9NPNYYN----Large bend immediately U/S of bridge; channel parallels road on U/S RFP. Bridge built with 30 deg skew, channel approaches at 40 deg. Channel migrating to left under bridge. Cutbank on U/S LB.1442146F403R1CHARITON RIUS024RANDOLPH1162249Q1002220010745EST13.70.0L--12.720.3--11.319.8Q5002970014375EST16.40.0L--16.820.3--11.519.9YYYYYN----Riprap on both banks. RR embankment U/S will control & limit flow on FP. Bridge built with 20 deg skew, channel approaches at 10 deg. Mass wasting & cutbanks on U/S & D/S banks. Channel curves to right D/S, major cutbank on D/S LB. Relief bridge F529R11452145J727SILVER CRMO003RANDOLPH118038.2Q10096909690REG12.52.6L15.313.59.2--16.511.2Q5001300013000REG14.43.8L19.117.59.2--19.714.9NNNYNMN--Bridge built w/o skew. FP skewed approx 50 deg to bridge, channel approaches approx 30 deg other direction. Used net difference for skew. No flow on RFP1462172N595SLOUGH CRRT TTSALINE1964.97Q10035603560REG15.413.9L7.2--3.33.318.918.9Q50048104810REG16.511.5L10.6--3.33.320.020.0NPNYYN----U/S lateral ditches blown out; Debris in U/S channel; Abutment caps undermined on both sides; Substantial channel erosion1472153J690FABIUS CRUS136SCHUYLER11006.53Q10034503450REG10.23.8L----9.2--9.59.9Q50047204720REG11.411.0L----9.2--12.612.8NPNY?MN--Very slight footing exposure. Scattered riprap on LB. Gully washing on RB. Inlaid cobbling on both abutments.1482150P233N FK FABIUS RIRT00CSCHUYLER1895.44Q10029402940REG9.718.9L----3.9--14.414.4Q50040404040REG11.827.5L----3.9--18.218.2PPNYNN----Concrete connecting cap exposed. No protection. Gully erosion under the bridge.1492152R308NEW CHANRT00WSCHUYLER12636.63Q10033003300REG5.0----------------Q50045304530REG6.0--------------------------------Very well protected banks and abutments. Channelized with low flows. Photos taken.1502148S912BRIDGE CRRT00ASCHUYLER1681.23Q10015401540REG8.33.3L----7.7--8.48.0Q50021202120REG9.612.3L----7.7--12.212.1NNNY?YY--Riprap on both abutments & banks, and U/S RB. Concrete connecting caps exposed on R bent.1512151T892BRUSH CRRT00ESCHUYLER1895.21Q10032003200REG9.730.2L----3.9--26.725.7Q50043604360REG11.739.9L----3.9--30.530.0YYNY?N----Severe mass wasting on both banks.1522149X97FABIUS RIRT00ASCHUYLER110233.5Q10083105760BC12.810.7L----5.6--36.531.0Qimp32103210BC9.08.7L----5.5--25.115.7YYNYNN----Moderate mass wasting on both banks.1532164A2523LOCUST CRRT00ESULLIVAN1463224Q1002190021900REG11.56.8L15. abutments & aprons fully protected. Gully washing on both banks, substantial around setback piers.1542154A4421E FK YELLOW CRMO005SULLIVAN1254123Q1001650016500REG16.26.1L----6.4--12.514.6Q5002200022000REG18.810.6L----6.5--17.419.4NNNYNN