Protecting Embedded Devices from Internet Threats

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Protecting Embedded Devices from Internet Threats

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Protecting Embedded Devices from Internet Threats. Company Overview. Founded in 1992 Device Protection Floodgate Packet Filter – Embedded Firewall Floodgate SNMP Secure Access Iconfidant SSH Iconfidant SSL Network Management Envoy SNMP Custom software design & implementation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Protecting Embedded Devices from Internet Threats

  • Protecting Embedded Devices from Internet Threats

  • Founded in 1992

    Device ProtectionFloodgate Packet Filter Embedded Firewall Floodgate SNMPSecure AccessIconfidant SSH Iconfidant SSLNetwork ManagementEnvoy SNMPCustom software design & implementationCompany Overview

  • Hacking drones constantly scan Internet connected devices looking for vulnerabilities

    Reported incidentsElectronic road signs reprogrammed by hackersElectronic billboard reprogrammed to display adult contentSewage spill caused by comprised control system

    Packet flood/DoS attacks growing sharply*102% increase in attacks from 2009-20101000% increase in attacks from 2005-2010

    * Arbor Networks Security Report, 2010

    Growing Threat for Embedded Devices

  • Three main threats for embedded devices

    Data securityUnauthorized access of the data on the device Intercepting communications with the device

    Device securitySomeone actually hacking into and taking control of the device

    DoS attacksPacket floods or other attacks disable or disrupt device functionGrowing Threat for Embedded Devices

  • Phase 1: Embedded systems lack securityDevices wide open to Internet attacksCommunication to devices easy to intercept

    Phase 2: EncryptionSecures communication & access to the deviceStill vulnerable to DoS attacks

    Phase 3: Secure, protected devicesEmbedded firewall for complete device protectionControl what packets are processed Protect against DoS attacks A Brief History of Device Security

  • Floodgate Packet Filter portable embedded firewallProtects embedded systems for DoS attacksLayer based callbacks allow easy integration with any embedded deviceSupports any embedded OS

    Unique two stage filtering engine for greater protection and controlRules-based filtering controls what packets are processedThreshold-based filtering protects from DoS attacks

    Configurable/customizable for any application

    Device Security

  • Floodgate OperationTwo stage filtering engine provides greater control of what packets are processed by the embedded device. Layer-based callbacks allow Floodgate to be easily inserted at any layer in the network stack

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