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Locations, props and models

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I used the furry purple jacket becauseIt is weird and anti-fashion. I used theOriental dress which relates to otherCultures which my target audience areProbably interested in (travelling, otherReligion/race)I used the flower head band because They were very popular, DIY things thatyoung, femenist girls were into making together. This would give the magazine that kind of image which would attractmy audience.

I shot this photo in my bedroom because this also relates to the DIY craft culture relating to some young girls right now.

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I used a cloak of one of the outfitsBecause it is quite a weird choice of Clothing, which fits well with my Magazine and its target audience.

I used a mirror ball as a prop becauseIt is also quite a weird prop, related toBeing quite gaudy, like anti-fashion.

These photos were shot in the studio and on a field. I shot the cover in a studio because I thought that this would look most professional for the cover and

would also make the model stand out more. I shot the dps photo on the field for a sense of irony, because you wouldn’t usually find someone in a cloak with a mirror ball of a field. it might beconsidered artistic.