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AMY KATHRYNS HOUSE• Topshop Top• Topshop Leggings• Hair grips and hair band• Door• Make-up• Ukulele

The topshop clothing links into my readship profile and the want to look good. Topshop being a shop that many readers recognise and wear themselves. “ its important to be well dressed”. The clothing is appropriate as many readers wear Topshop clothing and the meaning conveyed is that even though it may seem artists are on a “different planet” they still are similar to readers, giving readers artists to inspire to be and iconize.

The ukulele links with more of a indie image and a uniqueness to the artists within my magazine, making my magazine unique. Although i want to create more of an overall mainstream look, her clothing creates that and her chosen instruments implements a uniqueness.

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No props or costumes were needed to be supplied at Rosie's house. Each of the artists had various designers to create their dresses and no props were needed as we were in Rosies home/garden. A social, relaxed and real atmosphere was created and it gives a reader a insight to their lives. The fact that no props ect were used it creates a real image of the artists. it makes the magazine “natural” and not have a fake, staged and boring backdrop. The artists were just “doing their own thing”...but they obviously posed for photos too. The Britz is a large music event in which music lovers will be interested in, therefore it is important to satisfy my readers needs of giving them “up to date” information; a larger audience will be created as it is “exclusive”. Again no props or costumes were needed, the fans were

themselves creating a “real” atmosphere and so were the artists. This creates a “real” vibe to my magazine, giving readers information that has not being staged or is fake. Everybody is just themselves, making the contents of my magazine valuable. The fact that it is a Winter festival links into my readership profile/target audience as my target audience regularly attend gigs and festivals making this feature in the magazine a “pull” as readers enjoy going to festivals and will therefore be interested in the article about the new festival and photographs. Again because its a “new” festival an even larger audience will be interested as it will be something different and unheard of.