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Snag And Inspect

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Introduction In Dubai, the government has introduced new laws

to better regulate the Real Estate industry and the activities of development companies to give better protection to property investors and home owners.

  The introduction of Owner’s Associations to give

home owners control over the building in which they live, form an important part of the new regulations, as is the creation of a new trade licence to enable companies to offer management services to these new Owner’s Associations.

  Snag & Inspect has produced a brief guide for

Owner’s Associations, and are working with the Dubai government’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency in the development of building audit services to support the new regulations.

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Property Inspection Dubai

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Real Estate The Real Estate market in the region has seen better days. Today

it’s a buyer’s market, so giving your clients that extra something could easily tip the balance in your favour.

It is a sad fact of life that in today’s world the commitment to quality and the attention to detail exhibited by some construction companies / owners leaves much to be desired.

Whether its sub-standard materials, inadequately trained craftsmen, a lack of pride in their work, inexperienced management, or poor maintenance, they all result in a very unhappy prospective purchaser, and a lost sale.

The most effective way of encouraging a prospective purchaser to give extra consideration to the properties you have to offer is for you to be able to show them a property inspection report produced by an independent, professional, internationally certified Inspection Company like Snag & Inspect.

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Commercial Property Inspection

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New Services • Building Condition Audits Building Condition Audits provide clients with a written inspection report

identifying the defects and code violations both through visual assessment and deemed material of the building’s common area assets. The primary purpose of the inspection is to enhance the Client’s information and knowledge about the building to improve decision-making for purchasing, selling, maintaining or improving the property to meet statutory requirements as part of the handover process.

• Asset Condition Audits Asset Condition Audits provide vital management information to our

clients enabling them to assess and evaluate the performance of their specialist maintenance service providers through a detailed independent third party report, enabling us to measure their performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which tend to be written into their Service Level Agreement.

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Contact Us Whether you are a

homeowner, tenant or a developer responsible for a multitude of projects, Snag & Inspect is the only Snagging and Inspection company you should consider, in the Middle East.

As a trained team of western experts, we deliver excellent service at competitive price.We’re waiting for your call!