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2. TEASER TRAILER We will use a teaser trailer to help promote our film. This teaser will have no dialogue and will focus on the love story between Luke andGrace. Well use intertitles like COMING SOON. The pace of the trailer will be quick. 3. TEASER POSTERS 4. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES TEASER POSTERS 5. SOCIAL NETWORKING Well use #homelessselfie and encourage people to take selfies dressed as homelesspeople and ask people to tweet these pictures. The person with the best selfie will wintickets to the premiere of the film and get to walk the red carpet with the stars. 6. VIDEOGAMES/APPS Well work with gaming developers to create apps and games to do with our film. In asimilar style to the Batman game.] 7. PRESS STORIES Co-stars dating On-set feuds Examples of headlines we will use are:1. I refuse to work with Luke as hes such a diva. He demanded that the director get him adressing room of exactly 10ft by 20ft.2. I need to have my cats flown over on a private plane 8. MAGAZINE INTERVIEWS/COVERS Our stars will be shot on the front of popular film magazines like Empire and Total Film 9. SPONSORSHIP DEALS Well have toys in McDonald's happy meals which will massively help market our film. 125million happy meals are sold every day so this is a great opportunity to market the filmand get the word out there. 10. RADIO Our cast will do lots of radio interview talk show type interviews in the run up to the filmsrelease which will help spread the word about the film and hopefully get people talkingabout it. 11. MOBILE PROMOTION We will have vans with screens at the back which will drive to busy town centres andpark. The screen will show the films trailer and interviews with the cast/crew and directoron a loop. There will also be the opportunity at specific locations for the cast members toappear out of the van surprising their adoring fans, there will be the opportunity for photosand autographs. Once again getting people talking about the film. We will also pay a small fee to get a poster of our film on the side of some London buses.We will aim at the busiest bus routes going through central London so we optimise thenumber of people who are reminded about the film through this method. 12. SOME EXAMPLES