Project Part 2

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Human-Computer Interaction

Transcript of Project Part 2

  • 1. Harrys Black Hole Presented By: Maha Al Batat (16507467)

2. Overview What is it? Harrys Black Hole is a website that allows users to navigate through different links to find what they are interested in. Why is it important? -Needs a new interface and better navigation and accessibility. 3. Demonstration of the project Official Website 4. Demonstration of the project New Design 5. Usability Testing

  • Methods Used
  • Scenarios
  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Goal and questions:-
  • Identify the range of usability problems
  • Satisfaction in functionality of navigation
  • Locate information on different pages of the website.
  • Seeking assistance and advice.
  • Locate links on different pages of the website.
  • Satisfaction in layout (clarity, colour balance and font consistent) of thehomepage


  • Selection of participants:-
  • 2 Groups
  • Ages varied 18+
  • Experience and unexperienced
  • web users.

Usability Testing 7. Usability Testing

  • Development of the tasks:-
  • Subjects were given three different scenarios which had to becompleted in 30 minutes.
  • The same questionnaire was used repeatedly.
  • Interview was completed by an experienced user.
  • Individual sessions were recorded and observed by the testing coordinator and one volunteer note-taker.

8. Usability Testing Results Questionnaire Results 9. Usability Testing Results Scenario Results 10. Details of modifications madebased on usability testing 11. Details of modifications madebased on usability testing 12. Details of modifications madebased on usability testing 13. Details of modifications madebased on usability testing 14.

  • Use different methods for usability testing and plan how and what I will be using in order to get the best accurate results.
  • Enable the login feature in order to sign up for any teams the user wishes to participate in.
  • Update all News so theuser receives the most recent news.

Suggestions for further work 15. References Sharp, H., Rogers, Y. & Preece, J. (2007).Interaction Design: Beyond human-computer interaction 2nd edition . England, Wiley.