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Project OptimisationSimon Michaux & Andrew Lewis | November 2012

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

Economic risk mitigationMore sophisticated prediction & schedulingPotential to integrate engineering design steps into a coherent outcomeMore sophistication in ore characterisation and deposit knowledge is required on a greater scaleAbility to justify and manage projects on a much bigger scale with a high capital risk and a longer time period for the start of profit returnAbility for more accurate decision making in a challenging business environment The industry is changing, we must change with itA systems approach in design across the mining process is now considered the next generation of engineering

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

Multifactor Productivity: The efficiency in which capital, labour, materials, services, and energy are utilised to generate a unit of product

The industry business environment is now more challenging where profit margins are being squeezedAustralian Bureau of Statistics 2011, Experimental Estimates of Industry Multifactor Productivity, 2010-11, ABS, Cat no: 5625.0.55.002, Canberra.

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

Project optimisation can mean the difference between success and failure in this challenging environment

NPV makes the first few years critical to successful operationPlant design capacityFast run up to full capacitySlow run up to partial capacity

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

Project Optimisation Intelligent EngineeringData transfer technology now makes this possible early in the design processAll aspects of the mining process can now be designed to a level of sophistication where the outputs can be used as inputs into other engineering operationsAll engineering operations can then be optimised togetherThe key is to do this in an iterative loop several times to ensure overall operational efficiency

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

8 January 20135

Geological Assays Petrophysical Equotip Comminution

Multi-disciplinary data collection

Class GroupCopper DomainThroughput DomainRecovery Domain

Group CGroup BGroup BGroup CGroup AGroup D

Group AGroup DGroup CGroup AGroup DGroup A

Geometallurgical domains in block modelSophisticated data collection is the key (Geometallurgy)

Ore Domain 2Ore Domain 4Ore Domain 7Engineering Recommendations for Project Optimisation

So what is the most cost effective option?

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

8 January 20136

Project optimisation for small and large studies

pit design, production plan & scheduledesign criteria, flowsheet, mass balance etc

block modelgeomet data (mill, float, leach, geomechanical test data)

option and scenarioanalysisAMDAD/Ausenco LiteO Whittle/Ausenco EOPFSFS

best possible optimised outcomeAusenco now has access to this expertise

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

Ausenco Project OptimisationWhen industry is in a growth cycleHow can we optimise design, construction and production to help your business make more money most efficiently

When industry is in a contraction cycleHow can we optimise design, construction and production to help your business to survive in a challenging environment

Flexible decisions can now be made in a defendable form, fit for purpose to the macro business environment

Engineering expertise merges with corporate decision making

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #

Thank you for your timeDr Simon MichauxSenior Process Engineer (Geometallurgy)Technical SolutionsMinerals & Metals

[email protected]

Dr Andrew LewisConsultant (Optimisation)Technical SolutionsMinerals & Metals

[email protected]

Project Optimisation | Nov 2012| #