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  • Living Positive intheP ro j e c t L a z a r u s

    SupportHousingHeal Su



    rWellnessProject Lazarus is the life-giving agency it is today thanks to the tireless efforts and tremendous support from many members of the community. We honor those who go above and beyond in support of this mission as Guardian Angels.

    This year, we are proud to announce that we will honor David Cortez as Guardian Angel at the 2016 Annual Guardian Angel Award Gala. Mr. Cortez, the Customer Service Manager at Avita Pharmacy, has been a dedicated supporter of Project Lazarus for over twenty years. He has been actively involved in many of our fundraisers and initiatives and has been a strong advocate for the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS. Says Mr. Cortez, I feel my greatest connection to Lazarus came when I started working with Avita Pharmacy; it has allowed me to connect with staff and residents on a whole other level.

    We are proud to present our highest honor, the Pawell-Desrosiers Award, to Anne Milling. Mrs. Milling, one of the most dynamic philanthropists in New Orleans, was one of Project Lazarus earliest advocates. Despite the tremendous stigma and fear surrounding HIV at the time, Mrs. Milling committed herself to helping people at Project Lazarus who were dying of AIDS. Through her leadership and humble example, she opened the door for many people who would never have otherwise supported Project Lazarus. Our agency would not be the successful place it is today without Mrs. Millings service and humbling example. Please join us for this special and not-to-be-missed event!


    2016 Guardian Angel David Cortez

    2016 Pawell-Desrosiers recipient Anne Milling

    Project Lazarus Honors its Angels

    Save the Date!Annual Guardian Angel

    Award Gala

    May 25, 2016Messinas at the Terminal,

    Lakefront Airport

    Honoring Guardian Angel

    David CortezPresenting the Pawell-Desrosiers Award to

    Anne Milling

  • The Wellness University Prepares Residents for Success

    The Project Lazarus Wellness University continues to grow and adapt to meet the needs of our residents. Jessica Kinnison, Wellness University Supervisor, stresses that the program exposes our residents to the resources they need to secure and maintain permanent housing, improve physical and mental wellness, and meet daily lifestyle goals.

    We have implemented new programs and resources to meet these goals with a variety of ways to learn: the Wellness University educational handbook, online videos (increasing computer literacy), and weekly, monthly and quarterly education sessions addressing HIV, medications and their side effects, conflict resolution, self-empowerment, literacy, and more.


    What have our residents accomplished through the

    Wellness University? One former resident regularly publishes

    writings in local and regional newspapers

    Five residents were included in a national anthology of writing published by Words Without Walls in Pittsburgh, PA

    Two students are currently attending Delgado Community College

    Residents self-published books of photographs and writings

    One resident was detained by police and felt confident enough to advocate for his HIV medications

    One resident improved from a first grade reading level to a functional level

    Each year, all 65 plus residents of Project Lazarus make a budget and set short-term and long-term goals for their finances

    Classes are taught by local partners:

    Walgreens and Merck Pharmaceuticals offer courses about medication adherence.

    Crescent Care (NO/AIDS Task Force) teaches HIV 101, which covers transmission, health information, disclosure and other relevant topics.

    Financial literacy is covered by Operation HOPE through classes and one-on-one financial counseling.

    Tulane University volunteers offer life skills programming focused on conflict resolution, advocating for needs, time management and more.

    Second Harvest teaches residents about healthy eating on a budget.

    Rotating electives include Music Therapy, Photography, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Criminal Justice.

    Residents and volunteers gather to celebrate the publication of their self-produced photography magazine as part of the Wellness University Photography class.

  • More than a PharmacyAvita Pharmacy has been a healthcare partner of Project Lazarus for nearly a decade, serving

    those in our community who are affected by HIV/AIDS. A leader in providing pharmaceutical care, Avita caters to people with the unique health situations that many of our residents face, including chronic illness, like HIV/ AIDS, and dual diagnoses, such as HIV and Hepatitis C or other concurrent illnesses. Thanks to medical advances, people with HIV/AIDS are living longer, more productive lives, but they need strong pharmaceutical access and support to manage this disease. Fortunately, Avitas personalized care allows all of our residents to focus on their health and wellness thanks to their programs, such as refill

    reminders and free delivery. Avita has great customer service. Every time I call, they answer my questions immediately and make sure all of my prescriptions are filled, said Tony, a Project Lazarus resident, The help I receive from both Avita and Project Lazarus makes it

    easy for me to stay on top of my medication and remain healthy. Avita Pharmacys partnership not only benefits the patient, but also the mission

    of Project Lazarus. Avita has been a long time sponsor and supporter of both Project Lazarus and Halloween New Orleans. We are able to better serve our community because of the support we receive from Avita!

    Halloween New Orleans Another Year of Success


    In 2015, Halloween New Orleans (HNO), the fundraising benefit for Project Lazarus, was an unforgettable weekend of events. The Fall of the Pharaohs themed extravaganza allowed all guests to embrace their inner Egyptian while supporting the work of Project Lazarus. We

    thank the hard working HNO board of directors for once again going above and beyond to produce four of the best Halloween events in the country. We cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store at Halloween 33!

    The help I receive from both Avita and Project Lazarus makes it easy for me to stay on top of my

    medication and remain healthy. - Tony, resident

  • 4DonateDonations from March 1, 2015 through March 15, 2016

    Please donate online at or by mail: Project Lazarus, P.O. Box 3906, New Orleans, LA 70177

    Thank You for your continued support of our mission.

    Dr. Khanh T. Ho

    Norbert Landry

    Michael Lorino

    Lucky Law Firm

    MAC AIDS Fund

    Bruce Martin

    New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness

    NO/AIDS Task Force

    Katherine Payne *in memory of Fr. Royce Mitchell

    Jim Perrier

    Jerry Purcell

    The Vincent Saia Foundation

    Rodney and Frances Smith

    Carol Solomon

    St. Francis of Assisi Church

    Jason Waguespack

    The Mystic Krewe of Satyricon

    Richard Weeks

    Jane Wilbert

    $500-999Ralph Cheramie

    Collectable Antiques

    Elizabeth Deitch

    Patrick Dunne *in memory of Ismael Pena

    Stephen Fowlkes

    Golden Ranch Farms

    Dennis Guidry

    Thomas Jeider

    LifeCity LLC

    Marathon Petroleum Company, LP

    Marrero Land and Improvement Association

    Oby Rogers

    St. Louis Cathedral

    Whitney National Bank

    $1000-2499Daniel Akers

    Archdiocese of New Orleans

    Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

    Kevin Charpentier

    Christopher Homes, Inc.

    Kenneth Coscino

    Coughlin Sanders Foundation

    George and Milly Denegre Fund

    Ed Blancher Service, Inc.

    Tim Fields

    Fordham University

    Christopher Fransen

    Lawrence Henry Gobble

    Charles Godchaux

    Frank Godchaux

    A. John Groth

    Michael McIntosh

    Marguerite Moisio

    Andrew Orestano

    John Parsons

    Carly Pigg

    Johnny Prejean

    Michael Prejean

    William Rivera

    Christian Rogers

    Gary Schiro and Jorge Munoz

    Fr. Michael Schneller

    Transfiguration of the Lord Parish

    Troy Scroggins

    Michael Self

    State Farm Companies Foundation

    $200-499Dennis Alexander

    *in memory of Louis Massett

    Nicholas Antoon

    William App

    Warren Backer and David Cortez *in honor of Crain and Sara Rogers and Tim Fields

    Robert Balzebre

    Sr. Anthony Barczykowski

    Rev. Thomas Bouterie

    Marc Behar

    Helene Berot

    Lance and Natalia Branch

    Ralph Buras

    Michele Campisi

    Lance Cardwell

    David Catherman *in honor of Fr. Paul Desrosiers


    Avita Pharmacy

    Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc.

    The Garden Study Club of New Orleans

    Goldring Family Foundation

    Halloween New Orleans

    The estate of Rev. Royce Mitchell

    LABO Foundation

    The Greater New Orleans Foundation

    The estate of Francoise Richardson

    Whole Foods Market of Metairie

    $2500-4999James Bourgeois

    John Deveney and Chris Costello

    Cynthia Molyneux


    Shea Moore

    Sammy Steele III

    Jane Wilbert of the Mystic Krewe of Satyricon proudly presents Executive Director Steve Rivera a donation from the club.

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    Clint LaCour

    Gregory LaCour

    Don Paul Landry

    Coy and Jeri Landry

    Lawrence Lehman

    Carl Little

    Kelp Littlefield

    Gina Loiacono

    Joseph Macaluso

    Carl Mack

    Macys Foundation

    Martin Manion

    Robert Manness

    William Margo