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Transcript of Product Strategy for UXers

  • Product Strategy for UXers Presented by Kevin Vigneault at NOVA UX onJuly 16, 2014
  • Hello, my name is Kevin Vigneault @hellokv
  • Tonight Im going to talk about Product Strategy
  • More specically... Digital Consumer Products
  • Currently a UX Designer Formerly a Project Manager 7+ years at Viget Degrees in HCI, Economics & Finance About Me
  • I am NOT a product strategist.
  • Product Managers? Executives? Marketing? Business Services? Who guides product strategy?
  • 1. User-centered perspective 2. Research & testing skills 3. Familiarity with design & build The UX Advantage
  • Product strategy should be driven primarily by user experience, not business objectives or technical capabilities.
  • What is product strategy? What is GOOD product strategy? What should you build? How much should you charge? I will try to answer...
  • What is product strategy?
  • Design Business Strategy Product
  • What is a product?
  • An entity that when consumed provides value to an organization. An entity that when consumed provides value to an organization.
  • Augmented Actual
  • What is strategy?
  • A vision for your desired outcome and a plan for how to achieve it.
  • Planning is NOT strategy.
  • Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Mike Tyson
  • Vision Strategy Plan
  • What is good product strategy?
  • Deciding what NOT to do.
  • Fear and discomfort are an essential part of strategy. Roger L. Martin Harvard Business Review Magazine
  • Keeping up with competition Wasting development resources Appeasing everyone Missing out on that critical thing What are we afraid of?
  • 1. Simple & Clear 2. User-centered 3. Bold & Aggressive 4. Long-term 5. Imperfect & Agile Good strategies are...
  • What should you build?
  • A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works. John Gall General Systemantics
  • Simple is NOT inherently superior to complex.
  • The Tyranny of Small Decisions A series of small, individually rational decisions that cumulatively result in an undesirable outcome.
  • The House of Quality
  • 1. Generate ideas 2. Design & build some of them 3. Never launch Level 0
  • 1. Generate ideas 2. Design & build everything 3. Launch & see Level 1
  • 1. Generate ideas 2. Prioritize 3. Design & build by priority 4. Launch incrementally, test & evaluate Level 2
  • 1. Generate ideas 2. Group logically & prioritize 3. Design & build in groups by priority 4. Launch incrementally, test & evaluate Level 3
  • Well that didnt answer the question...
  • How much should you charge?
  • Whatever price generates the most revenue over a dened period of time.
  • Quantity Price
  • 1. Collect emails 2. Set a high base price 3. Email 1/3 the base price, 1/3 a 25% discount, & 1/3 a 50% discount 4. Track conversions per cohort How to Test Price
  • Quantity Price
  • Quantity Price
  • Derive a demand curve from sample prices Learn your customers sensitivity to price The point...
  • Decoy Products Odd Pricing Price Anchoring Other Pricing Topics
  • Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
  • In summary...
  • 1. Product strategy is important 2. UX professionals are uniquely qualied to lead the charge 3. Think boldly & play to win Key Takeaways
  • All done, thanks.