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Pro Travel Network "The Network of Independent Travel Agents" Part I Pro Travel Network - Travel for Life- The PTN Opportunity Presentation

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How to travel for life for free as a travel agent.

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  • Pro Travel Network"The Network of Independent Travel Agents"Part IPro Travel Network - Travel for Life- The PTN Opportunity PresentationThank you for looking at the overview of Pro Travel Network.
  • My name is Linda Moses, an Independent Agent with Pro Travel Network.I want to share with you this amazing opportunity with Pro Travel Network.I was introduce to Pro Travel Network by my church Pastor.There are no limits except the ones you place on yourself and no labels withPro Travel Network.Pro Travel Network Is the hottest and fastest growing trend in travel. It is exciting and fun opportunity It is a company that allows you to capitalize and get paid from thingsthat you already do like travel and talk to others about travelNew Challenges and Opportunitieso Own your own businesso Be your own bosso Financial Freedom you always dream ofo Freedom from a dead end job
  • o Leave an inheritanceIf you had more money and more time what would you do?Travel!Where would you travel to?Let Pro Travel Network help get you to where you want to go.Would you like PTN help pay for it? It does not matter where you comefrom or how old or how old, rich, poor, big or small. Everybody loves totravel and somebody is getting paid. Why not you? Why are you notparticipating in the worlds largest industry from the comfort of your homeonline? 8 Trillion dollars spend annually worldwide Most search word on the Internet Expected to double in next 7-6 years Travel is 43% of all Internet spending Baby Boomers driving leisure growth
  • Who are we? A debt free global, travel-company The company was launched in 2003: 10 years in business Publicly Traded "PTVL" Offices in the US and Canada Approved Member of CLIA< IATA (US and Canada) 2013 Expansion: Australia, Europe, south AmericaPro Travel have received top production awards: Pinnacle Award - Carnival Cruise Lines Platinum Agency - Apple Vacations The 500 Club - Fun Jet Vacations "Elite" Member - United Vacations Inner Circle Member - Vacation.comWhat does all this mean? It means our agents know the travel business andoffer great service. Each agent have their own professional website. Wehave access to vast inventory of major suppliers. You can book your clientsnext cruise and earn up to 80% of the commissions paid to our company,when anyone books travels on a plan stays at a hotel, rents a car, goes on acruise, plans a vacation through as an agent. Get paid to do what you goingto do. Your friends and family are planning a vacation trip and someone isgoing to get paid for it - why not you?
  • You have a client relationship manager that comes with your business wherecan manage your clients reservation. You have your own virtual assistance.If you do not have time to book your client PTN has a 50/50 commissionsplit where the main office will book your referral for you and you still getpaid.Pro Travel Network offers you as an Independent Agent Support andTraining. Unlimited support to unlimited training is offered to you as anIndependent Travel Agent.There is so much money to be made. Can you make a six figure income intravel? Yes, you can. You can use PTN business model. Imagine taking 40people on a Caribbean Cruise. Carnival Cruise Lines: 7 Day Wesstern Caribbean Cruise Participants: 40 people Cabin Rate: $361 per person Vendor Commission is: 16% Estimated Commissions paid: $1,670.40 70% Payout = $1,670.40
  • "Ability to add a markup to each cabin"Group Booking: Earned an agent over 10% in commissions estimated toearned over $10,000 in commissions by booking 55 people to go to SouthAfrica.Benefits of Completing PTN Required Trainings"The more you learn, the more you earn" Increase Commissions & Credentials: from 50% to 70% once youvecompleted all required training and earned $500 in travelcommissions. You will also earn a PTN Credential Card. Unlock Vendor Supplier Links Personalization of website: Complete About Me Section Ability to book individual and group bookings. Credentials may qualify you for Reduced Rate Travel- These arecalled Familiarization Trips: Many resorts, hotels, cruises, andvendors offer deeply discounted trips to Travel Agents to Familiarizethem with their location or product. These trips are offered as "Perksand Courtesies" and offer powerful educational opportunities toTravel Professionals.Let me share with you some of our trips offered to FAM
  • All Inclusive trip to Jamaica $299 7 days Air, hotel, food, taxes and fees onan "all-inclusive property"A couple went on a Royal Caribbean FAM trip, the costwas $586 for both of them. They were upgraded to a suite on the Oasis byThe Sea where the retail price was over $8900.
  • In November "The Knights" also went to the Western Caribbean on Princessfor free as part of their travel agent certification.Start your own Travel Business today. Growing Industry: 50% of all new businesses are home based. PTN: Earn Income "Have Fun " Travel PTN: Provides the vehicle, training, tools and support Whats missing? YOUThe Ingenious Concepto We didnt invent the interneto We didnt even invent Online Travelo We just made a better mousetrapWe are simply showing you how to get paid from what you are alreadydoing!Youre probably wondering, "How do I get started?" How can you bringextra income into your home?Call today 706-587-2949 or visit my website