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  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    L&T EPC An Engineering & Construction major is the largest and most reputed

    companies in Indias pvt sector.

    Business of ECC division is divided in six business sectors.

    ECC division are headquarters in Chennai & Kolkata with 7 regional offices

    and 250 project sites. Specialized functions in

    Highways & Roads



    Hydroelectric Dams & Bridges Structural Engineering

    Quality Systems etc.

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    MATERIAL MANAGEMENT Includes procurement from both indigenous as well as

    oversees markets, storage, logistics, inventorymanagement at regional stores, disposal etc.

    Materials department at HQ deals with allpolicy matters, imports, exports, capital procurement,project procurement, high value purchases, rate

    contracts, system development & implementation, etc

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    RESOURCES PLANNING Takes care of allocation, distribution and movement of Staff and

    Plant & Machinery to meet the requirements for deployment invarious regions and overseas across the company.

    Resources department as a focal point helps the OperationalUnits to optimize the productivity by maintaining a balancebetween the availability and the requirement of resources (Staffand Plant & Machinery).

    It also facilitates the process of decision and deployment ofequipment from external agencies as needed.

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    SUB CONTRACTS MANAGEMENT Subcontracting is one of the major inputs in the execution of projects.

    The main areas of focus are streamlining / standardizing ofsystems/procedures, registration, making available the track record

    and rating of the subcontractors based on their performance through asuitable on-line system.

    Importance is given for training of subcontractor labour to suitrequirements.

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    VICAT SUGAR CEMENT PLANT SCOPE OF WORK Construction of civil structures, structural fabrication and mechanical

    equipment erection including supply of TMT, structural steel and

    cement for setting up a green field dry process cement plant having acapacity of 7500TPD .

    The project commenced in October 2010 with a duration of 22 monthswhich was later amended to 29 months due to significant addition inthe scope of work.

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    CHALLENGES FACED Quality Problem-The elevation of the pre heater was

    165m, erection of cyclones and mechanical structuresin parts could lead to quality problems in terms ofwelding and alignment.

    locational challenge-One of the locational challengesthat were faced by the project team was the nature of

    soil condition, which was black clayey soil that madevehicular movement very difficult.

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    2.44 MTPA Thin slab caster &

    Rolling Mill (TSCR) Scope of Work

    installation, testing and commissioning of different capacities oftransformers, HT/LT system switchboards.

    cable laying

    automation system, field instruments,

    associated earthing and lighting system etc., for different substationsand process areas.

    Challenges Faced

    The primary and most critical challenge at the RMHS site is that thelocation is very scattered throughout the plant, measuring about 16 and installation of equipment are in either 60 to 70 m height or 10to 20 m in depth.

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    Overcoming Challenges Good resource and logistics planning.

    Different gadgets were used for working at height & below groundlevels such as-Rope grab type fall arrestor & electroguards.

    Necessary training was provided to workmen for working at height.

    Equipment was lifted through crane upto certain elevation and thebalance height was covered using chain pulley block.

    Emergency lights and torches were provided to the workers to avoidentrapment due to power failure during work.

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    Challenges Faced By L&T ECC Decision Modelling

    Bidding phase decision

    Decision: What is the Bid Price?

    Alternatives: Contract Bid Price/ Reject Bid Request

    Parameters: Project Specifications/ Project Schedule

    Performance Measures: Extended ContractProfit/Financial Risk

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    Procurement Phase Decisions


    When to Buy

    What to buy

    Where to buy How much to order


    3 months in advance/ 1 month inadvance/Same day


    Local supplier/non localsupplier/VMI

    An estimated/less than

    estimated/more than estimated

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    Risks Pre tender stage Post bid stage Execution stage

    Political risks Political stability of thecountry;change in governments

    Delay inapprovals &land acquistion






    Technical risks Insufficient primaryresearch, techrequirement leading toinaccurate time & cost


    Designchanges/inadequacies, resourceavailabilty, site


    Unfamilarity wthterrain,resettlement, utilityshifting

    Financial risks Cost estimates &financing assumptions

    Liquidity andcredit shortage

    Forex & interestrate fluctuation


    - Economicdownturn

    Delay inpayments etc

    Stage of EPC Contract

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak


    Kraljic matrix for L&T ECC

    Bottleneck: land acquisition, scarcity ofmanpower. A construction associationsinteraction with construction industryparticipants reveals that construction

    projects are getting delayed due to

    around 40% shortage of skilledconstruction workers

    Leverage: IT technology, pricefluctuations in raw materials like

    cement, steel, coal etc.

    Routine: Consumables like stationery,etc.

    Strategic: partnerships withother agencies for long termbenefits.

  • 7/29/2019 Prm Deepak