Principles with famous artists

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Famous Paintings and The Principles of Art Paintings you’ll see again and again…..

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Famous Paintings and The Principles of Art

Famous Paintings andThe Principles of ArtPaintings youll see again and again..Taking notes from picturesDo a thumbnail sketch. Draw a 2 x 2 box and QUICKLY sketch the major details of the picture. You want to sketch enough that the thumbnail will trigger a memory of the actual pictureInclude the artists nameInclude the name of the pieceThe Elements of ArtThe Elements of Art are like the tools an artist uses to create a work of art. The Elements are:LINESHAPE/FORMVALUETEXTURECOLORThe Principles of Art

The Principles are the rules of art. These rules apply to how the artist uses the tools of artoh yeahline ,shape/form, color, value and texture.BALANCEPROPORTIONRHYTHMMOVEMENT

VARIETYCONTRASTUNITYEMPHASISBALANCEVISUAL EQUALIBRIUM The sense of stabilitySymmetricalAsymmetricalradialsymmetricalLeonardo da Vinci The Last Supper

Salvador DaliThe Persistence of Memoryasymmetrical

Leonardo da VinciVitruvian Man

PROPORTIONTHE RELATIONSHIP OF SIZESPablo PicassoPortrait of Olga in the Armchair

Pablo PicassoThe Dream

James Abbott McNeill WhistlerArrangement in Greyand Black

RhythmRepetition of any of the elements usually color, shape and value.Vincent Van GoghStarry Night

Claude MonetPoplars

MOVEMENTDirects the viewers eye through the picture planeFranz MarcFighting Forms

Vincent Van GoghWheat field with Cypress Trees

VARIETYDifferences in the elements. Different colors, textures, shapes, sizes create interest.Andy Warhol9 Marilyns

Georgia OKeeffeOriental Poppies

CONTRASTA big difference in any of the elementsLeonardo da VinciMona Lisa

Georgia OKeeffeCow Skull:Red, White and Blue

EMPHASISPoints of interest that pull the viewers eye to the important parts of the workAndy WarholCampbells Soup I

Jan VermeerGirl with a Pearl Earring

Rene MagritteThe Son of Man

UNITYAll parts of a work seen as a whole.Gustav KlimtThe Kiss

Claude MonetWater Lilies

Edvard MunchThe Scream