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science and art and spiritual truths on the Essence of Light. This It is 110 MB, quite big, due its graphic images. This ground breaking work is almost impossible to find in its original and complete form, but certainly deserves to be made available. Yes, it did take a great deal of scanning and editing in order to get it completed as near as possible to the author's stated wishes ... using color in book as he had intended but could not due to printers of the late 1800s.

Transcript of Principles of Light and Color - Edwin Babbitt


By Edwin D. Babbitt



"Study the Light; attempt the high; Seek out -Bailey.NEW YORK: BABBITT & CO., SCIENCE HALL O 141 F 1878

Thy Soul's bright path."



CONTENTS .Preface (p. 12) Chapter First Harmonic Laws of the Universe (p. 14) I. Light II. Nature our Guide III. Unity IV. Diversity V. Harmony VI. Gradation or Progression VII. Contrast VIII. Harmony of Analogy IX. Violent Contrasts contrary to Natures General Laws X. Natures Unrestricted Growth never Discordant XI. All Unrestricted Growth Exemplifies Moral Perfection XII. The Law of Perfection XIII. Adaptation or Fitness XIV. Truth XV. Refinement of Material XVI. Gradation of Instrumentalities XVII. Division of Colors XVIII. Triad of Primary Colors XIX. Triad of Secondary Colors XX. Triad of Anachromatic Colors XXI. Triad of Primary Grays XXII. Triad of Secondary Grays XXIII. Trinal Division of Tints and Shades XXIV. Trinal Division of Hues XXV. Nomenclature of Colors XXVI. Triad of Colors, Tones, and Forms XXVII. Harmony of Gradation in Colors XXVIII. Gradation of Color in the Spectrum XXIX. Harmony of Contrasts in Color XXX. Harmonic Colors in Architecture XXXI. Colors in Dress XXXII. Colors in Floriculture XXXIII. Synopsis of Harmonic Laws Chapter Second Insufficiency of the Present Theories of Light and Force (p.84) I. Science and Philosophy should be Combined II. Basic Principles not yet Reached Cohesion III. Chemical Affinity IV. Electricity V. Gravitation VI. Physiology and Psychology VII. Light and Color VIII. Colors must be Formulated by Law IX. How is Light Projected so far? X. How can Chromatic Phenomena be Explained? XI. Chemical and Therapeutical Properties of Color XII. Shadow is an Entity XIII. Correct Science Requires a Knowledge of Atoms3

XIV. The Dynamic and Material Theory XV. Faraday XVI. Lord Bacon XVII. Locke and Tyndall XVIII. Kant, Fichte, Schelling, ect., XIX. The Law of Optics XX. New Worlds of Light and Color XXI. Summation of Points Chapter ThirdThe Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force (p.95) I. Atoms II. Force III. The Size of the Atoms IV. The Form of Atoms V. The Heat End of Atoms VI. Nature of Atomic Spinals VII. General Features of Atoms VIII. Thermo Spirals IX. Ethereal Forces X. The Primate of Force XI. Different Grades of Ether XII. Ethers have Weight XIII. Polar Cohesion of Atoms XIV. Lateral Cohesion XV. The Unity of Atoms XVI. Converse Layers of Atoms XVII. Traverse Layers of Atoms XVIII. Laws of Atomic Combinations XIX. Paraverse Layers of Atoms XX. Crystaloid and Amorphous Bodies XXI. Heat and Cold XXII. Atomic Divisions XXIII. Cohesion XXIV. Different Kinds of Electricity XXV. Frictional Electricity XXVI. Chemical Electricity XXVII. Galvano Electricity XXVIII. Magnetic Electricity XXIX. Chromo Electricity XXX. Magnetism XXXI. Diamagnetism XXXII. Phosphorescence XXXIII. Fluorescence, Calorescence, ect. XXXIV. Galvanism XXXV. Direction of Frictional Electricity XXXVI. Positive and Negative Electricities XXXVII. Chemical Affinity XXXVIII. Are Atoms Animals? XXXIX. Count Rumford and the Dynamic Theory XL. Weight and Specific Heat of Atoms XLI. Latent and Sensible Heat XLII. Theories of Atoms XLIII. Summation of Points4

Chapter Fourth The Sources of Light (p.160) I. Introduction Point II. World Formations III. Nebulous Matter IV. The Sun Forming Process V. The Planet Forming Process VI. Comets VII. Refinement of Matter VIII. The Atmosphere of Space IX. Aurora Borealis X. Terrestrial Forces XI. The Solar Atmosphere XII. Facu and Spots on the Sun XIII. Solar Statistics XIV. Sun Power XV. The Production of Light XVI. Constitution of the Atmosphere XVII. How Color Effects are Produced XVIII. Shadow as an Entity XIX. The Moon XX. Planets and Fixed Stars XXI. Combustion XXII. Flame XXIII. Smoke XXIV. Non-Luminous Flames XXV. Coal Gas XXVI. Kerosene and Coal Oil XXVII. The Oxyhyrdogen Blowpipe XXVIII. Calcium Light XXIX. Electric Light XXX. Electric Candle XXXI. Heat of Various Combustibles XXXII. Spontaneous Combustion Chapter Fifth Chromo Chemistry (p.204) I. Character of Spectrum Analysis II. The Spectroscope III. Metals Discovered by the Spectroscope IV. The Spectrum V. Laws of Color and Phenomena of Spectrum Analysis VI. The Spectrum of an Element VII. Chemical Repulsions and Affinities VIII. White or Light Gray Elements IX. Spectra of White Colors X. Spectra of Alkaline Metals XI. Spectra of other White Metals XII. Spectra of Black or Dark Elements XIII. Spectra of Elements with Gray or Neutral Colors XIV. Spectra of Elements with Positive Colors XV. Spectra of Transparent Elements XVI. The Most Powerful Substances XVII. Transparent Fluids XVIII. Transparent Solids XIX. Chromatic Repulsion5

XX. Chromatic Attraction XXI. The Material of Sunlight XXII. Metachromism, or Color Change XXIII. Proofs of other Octaves of Color XXIV. Color as Related to Taste XXV. Complexion as Related to Sunlight XXVI. Summation of Points Chapter SixthChromo-Therapeutics, or Chromopathy (p.262) I. The Healing Power of Color II. Comparative Fineness of Healing Elements III. Healing Power of Red IV. Healing Power of Red Light V. When Red is Injurious VI. Healing Power of Yellow and Orange VII. Emetics Yellow with some Red and Orange VIII. Laxatives and Purgatives Yellow the Principal Color, or Red in Drastic Purgatives IX. Healing Power of Yellow Light, Aided by some Red and Orange Laxative, Animating X. Diuretics, Diaphoretics, Emmenagogues Yellow Aided by a considerable Red XI. Cerebral Stimulants Yellow with some Red and Orange XII. Tonics Yellow and Red Predominant XIII. When Yellow is Injurious XIV. Healing Power of Blue and Violet Light Nervine, Astringent, Refrigerant XV. Healing Power of Blue and Violet Light Nervine, AntiInflammatory XVI. Healing Power of Blue and White Sunlight XVII. When Blue and Violet are Injurious XVIII. Healing by means of Substances Charged with Blue Light XIX. Healing Powers of Pure Sunlight XX. Disastrous Effects of a Lack of Sunlight XXI. When Sunlight is Injurious XXII. Sleep Producing Elements XXIII. Practical Instruments for Color Healing XXIV. Heat Transmitted by Color Substances XXV. The Chromolume XXVI. Use of the Chromolume in Healing XXVII. Chromo-Disc XXVIII. General Healing with the Chromo-Disc XXIX. Hints for Treating Special Cases with the Chromo-Disc XXX. The Chromo Lens XXXI. The Solarium XXXII. The Hygiene of Color in Dress XXXIII. The General Vagueness of Idea concerning Colors XXXIV. A Word to Physicians XXXV. Summation of Points


Chapter Seventh Chromo-Culture of Vegetable Life I. Review of Ground Already Covered II. Germination III. Healthy Growth above the Ground IV. Florescence and Reproductive Function of Plants V. Blue and Transparent, Glass for Hot Houses VI. Marvelous Vegetable Growth VII. Plants which become Withered and parched VIII. Insect Life as Influenced by Colors IX. Effects of Light and Shadow on Plants X. Light of Plants XI. Affinities and Repulsions of Plants XII. Color as Related to Fragrance XIII. Adaptation of the Seasons to Vegetable Growth XIV. Summation of Points Chapter Eighth Chromo-Philosophy (p.360) I. Plan of this Chapter II. Refraction III. Reflection of Light IV. Absorption V. Transparency VI. Polarized Light VII. The Undulatory Theory VIII. Summation of Points


Chapter Ninth Chromo-Dynamics, or Higher Grade Lights and Forces (p.380) I. Introductory Points II. Odic Light III. Nature of Odic Light and Color IV. Warm and Cold Substances V. Influence of Solar and Lunar Rays VI. Magnetism and Odic Force VII. Opaque Bodies Become Transparent VIII. Is Odyl an Imaginary Power? IX. Proof that Odic Light Comprises Fluidic Forces X. Does Odic Light Produce the Aurora Borealis? XI. Terrestrial Dynamics XII. Terrestrial Dynamics in Human Life XIII. Miscellaneous Points XIV. Summation of Points


Chapter Tenth Chromo-Mentalism (P. 405) I. Mentality II. Beauty of the Fine Forces III. This Finer Vision Exalts Ones Conceptions IV. Many Persons can See these Higher Colors V. They Reveal the Primary Laws of Force VI. This Light Renders Opaque Substances Transparent VII. Explanation of the Higher Vision VIII. How to Develop this Higher Vision IX. The Psychic Force a Great Power to Bless Mankind X. Statuvolence or Self-Psychology XI. The Colors and Forces of the Brain XII. The Right and Left Brain XIII. Radiations and Laws of Power XIV. Intuition and the Relation of the Sexes XV. Positive and Negative Poles XVI. Interior Machinery of Light XVII. Processes of Mental Action XVIII. The Organ of this Higher Vision XIX. The Medical World XX. Miscellaneous Points XXI. Summation of Points


Plate I


Chromatic Harmony of Gradation and Contrast


Plate II Color and HarmonyIn the above elaborate combinations of colors , the artist has found it impossible to get every feature accurate although he has many beautiful and pure t ints. The grays on both plates I and II, are not sufficiently subdued, the chromatic colors standing out too brilliantly, the red , for instance, in the house, figure 6, being too strong, ect. For description of plates, see pages 63, 65, 66, 69, 71, ect. The spectra are described on page 217


Plate III Various Shades of Gray Arranged in Analogical Harmony



Plate IV Spectra of the Sun, Sirius, and Several Elements


PREFACETH H preface of my work is~ like a Hebrew book; it begins at its