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Princess Mononoke Script In ancient times, the land lay covered in forests, where, from ages long past, dwelt the spirits of the gods. Back then, man and beast lived in harmony, but as time went by, most of the great forests were destroyed. Those that remained were guarded by gigantic beasts... who owed their allegiance to the Great Forest Spirit, for those were the days of gods and demons. Yakul! Come on, boy. - Girls! - Ashitaka! There's something strange going on. You have to hurry. The wise woman wants everybody back to the village at once. - We just came from Ji-san. - Did he see something? Yes, in the forest. Something's wrong. - The birds have gone. - The animals too. I'll go to the watchtower and check with Ji-san. You three hurry back home and be quick about it. All right. Be careful!

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Princess Mononoke Script

In ancient times, the landlay covered in forests, where, from ages long past,dwelt the spirits of the gods. Back then, man and beastlived in harmony, but as time went by, mostof the great forests were destroyed. Those that remained were guardedby gigantic beasts... who owed their allegianceto the Great Forest Spirit, for those were the daysof gods and demons.

Yakul! Come on, boy. - Girls!- Ashitaka!

There's something strange going on.You have to hurry.The wise woman wants everybody backto the village at once.

- We just came from Ji-san.- Did he see something?

Yes, in the forest. Something's wrong.

- The birds have gone.- The animals too.

I'll go to the watchtower and check with Ji-san. You three hurry back home and be quick about it.

All right.Be careful!

Something's there. - Ji-san, did you see it too?- I did. It isn't human. The wise woman's calling everybody back to the village.

There. Look.

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- It's some kind of demon!- A demon? Run, Yakul! Run! It's headed for the village. I've got to stop it. Prince Ashitaka, wait! Be careful! That thing is cursed! Don't let it touch you! Here, Yakul!

Calm your fury, o mighty lord! Whatever you may be, god or demon, please leave us in peace!

- The monster!- Come on!

Go back! Please! Leave our village alone! Stop! Please! Stop!

Get up!

- Run!- Come on! Hurry!

- He killed it!- Ashitaka!

- Fetch the wise woman!- Don't put the fire out yet.

Ashitaka! Are you all right?

- Kaya, don't touch it. This wound is evil.- The prince has been hurt.

- Where is the wise woman?- Here she comes!

You must keep away from him, all of you. Everyone, stay back. - What shall we do?- Take this and pour it over his wound, child, slowly.

All right.

O nameless god of rage and hate, I bow before you.A mound will be raised and funeral rites performed on this ground where you have fallen. Pass on in peace and bear us no hatred.

Disgusting little creatures, soon all of you will feel my hate... and sufferas I have suffered.

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I'm afraid this is very bad. The stones tell me the boar god came from far to the west. He had some kind of poison inside him, driving him mad, his heart and flesh... and turned him into a demon monster.

- Prince Ashitaka?- Yes?

Show everyone your right arm.

What's it mean?

My prince, are you prepared to learn... what fate the stones have foretold you?

Yes, I was prepared the very moment that I let my arrow fly.

Mmm. The infection will spread throughout your whole body, bone and flesh alike. It will cause you great pain and then kill you.

Is there no waywe can stop it?

The prince got that wound by defending our village and saving our lives! Do we just sit here and watch him die?

You cannot alteryour fate, my prince.However, you can riseto meet it, if you choose.Look at this.This iron ball was foundin the boar's body.This is what hurt him so.It shattered his bones andburned its way deep inside him.This is what turned himinto a demon.There is evil at work in the landto the west, Prince Ashitaka.It's your fate to go there and see whatyou can see with eyes unclouded by hate.You may find a wayto lift the curse.

- You understand?- Yes.

We are the lastof the Emishi.It's years since the Emperordestroyed our tribe...and drove the remnantsof our people to the east.Some managed to survive herefor all these years,but the blood of our tribe has grownthinner and weaker with each generation.

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Now our last prince must cut hishair and leave us, never to return?Sometimes I think the godsare laughing at us. Our laws forbid us from watching you go,Ashitaka.Whatever comes to pass now,you are dead to us forever.Farewell.

- Ashitaka!- Kaya, what are you doing here? You know it's forbidden.

Do you thinkI care about that?I came to give you this so you won'tforget your little sister.

Your crystal dagger.Kaya, I can't take this.

Please, keep it with you,brother, to protect you.You must take it with you. Please, I wantyou to have it, so you won't... forget.

Kaya, you know I couldnever forget you.

A battle?

No. A massacre.

Where are you going?Come back here, you coward!

They're unarmed! Move in!

Look! Up there, on the hill!

- It's a warrior!- Good! His head is mine!

You! Stop!

- My arm! What's happening to me?- Stop him!

Hurry! Stop himbefore he gets away!

Let me pass!I'm warning you!

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A demon.

The mark isgetting bigger.

- Who's that?- I've never seen him.

Are you selling soupor donkey piss?

Mommy! Look!

There he is now.

I wouldn't get too close to him.

- Will this be enough?- Hey! What are you trying to pull?

This isn't money.Give me back my rice, you little thief.

- Excuse me, but might I inspect that?- Go ahead.

Mmm? My God!

But this is a lump of pure gold,you silly woman!

However, if it's money you want, I'll pay forthe rice and take this nugget off your hands.

What do ya say?

My good people, is there a money changerwho could tell us how much this is worth?

No? All right.

Now, I'm just a monk, but I'dsay three bags of rice at least.

That's right, maybe even more. Hey,wait a minute. Where are you going?

Where are you going?Give me my gold!

Hey! You can'tjust rush off now.

We've only just met.

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We have got your rice,and everything's fine.

You're a man of few words.I understand.

Don't you even think of thanking me.It was my pleasure.

In fact, I should bethanking you, really.

You see, I was caught in that battle. I saw what you did to those samurai. You fight like a demon. Where'd you learn to fight like that? I see you noticed. we're being followed. That's what we get for waving thatgold nugget around. They'll wait till we're asleep, then slit our throats. What to you say we give 'em a little demonstration of how fast we can run, huh?

So the demon monster turned out to be a giant boar.

I followed its trail westward through the mountains... to where the samurai were attacking those villagers.

- But then...- You lost it. That's life.

See this place here? When I came here last, a few years back,this was a lovely little village. But then there must have beena flood or a landslide or a fire. The only sure thing is that everybody's dead. These days, there are angry ghosts all around us, dead from wars, sickness, starvation. And nobody cares. So you say you're under a curse?So what? So's the whole damn world. Mmm! Ahh!

I was wrong to fight in that village.Two men are dead because of me.

Samurai thugs. You win some, you lose some. Hand me your bowl. My point is, everybody dies. Some now, some later. From brothel girl to Emperor. I've heard them say that the Emperor has promised... an entire hill of gold to anyone who can help him live forever.Beautiful bowl. I've seen one other like it. Have you ever heard of the Emishi people? They're said to ride red elks. They also use stone arrowheadsjust like you. Of course, they were allwiped out years ago.

Don't worry.I won't tell anyone where you're from.

Anyway, I've gotmuch bigger fish to fry.

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ASHITAKA: Have you ever come across anything like this before?

[He pulls out the iron ball and hands it to Jigo, who studies it.]

JIGO: Never have.

[Jigo hands it back to Ashitaka, who puts it back in the pouch.]

ASHITAKA: It came from the giant boar. It was inside him, and I'm sure it was this little ball of iron that killed him.

JIGO: *grunts* There's a place high in the mountains far to the West of here. It's where the Spirit of the Forest dwells and it's a very dangerous place for humans. To enter there is certain death.

ASHITAKA: The Spirit of the Forest?

JIGO: I've been told the beasts there are all giants, just as they were in the dawn of time.

[The next morning, Ashitaka saddles Yakkul and heads out. Inside the cave, Jigo cracks an eye open and watches him, before falling asleep again.]

JIGO: See you there, my friend.

[Far away, up in the mountains, a line of oxen are slowly moving up, carrying bags on their backs and being herded by drivers, in the pouring rain.]

OX DRIVER 1: Come on! Move it!

DRIVERS: Hiah! Hiah!

[To one side, Lady Eboshi stands with her captain of the guards, Gonza, watching.]

EBOSHI: The sooner we get this rice home, the sooner we eat! Let's move!

OX DRIVER 2: Coming this way! wolves!

[In the distance, two blue-silver wolves are seen running along, one carrying someone on its back.]

EBOSHI: Don't let the oxen panic! Stay calm! Take up your positions!

GONZA: Keep your powder dry! Make sure you wait for them to come within range!

[The wolves continue to run back and forth as the rifle men take up their positions under umbrellas.]

EBOSHI: Ready... and fire!

[The rifle men fire their rifles, but miss the wolves.]

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EBOSHI: Second round... fire!


[The blasts miss the wolves again, who run off.]

GONZA: That was it? They weren't so big.

EBOSHI: They're just pups. Wait 'till you see thier mother.

OX DRIVER 1: Where are they?

[From above, a large white wolf comes bounding out of the tress and pushes men and oxen over the cliff edge.]

EBOSHI: It's Moro!

[Lady Eboshi aims her rifle at the wolf.]

EBOSHI: Come on...

[Eboshi fires the rifle and the bullet hits Moro right in the chest. Moro jumps forward, but the rifle men shoot fire at her, knocking her over so she falls down the cliff into the unknown.]

GONZA: *laughs* We killed her!

EBOSHI: You forget, she is a God. It will take more than that.

[The two look around at the oxen and men trying to right the damage Moro had done.]

GONZA: She certainly did some damage.

EBOSHI: We'll move out now.

GONZA: But what about the men she pushed off the cliff?!

EBOSHI: They're dead. Let's get the living home.

[Ashitaka and Yakkul emerge from some woods next to a fast flowing river. Noticing something. Ashitaka runs over to the river side, where a man is lying.]

ASHITAKA: He's still breathing.

[Ashitaka pulls the fallen man over to where Yakkul is grazing, then runs to a crevice between some rocks and pulls out another man.]

ASHITAKA: Hang on.

[Ashitaka carries the man over to his companion and lays him down. Sensing something, he turns around

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and heads over to two tall rocks and looks through an opening to the other side of the river. There lays Moro, trying to get up as her two pups come up. A girl, San, jumps off one of them and runs over to the bullet wound. She proceeds to suck out the poison.]

MORO: *growls*

[The girl turns, with blood on her face, and looks across the river to where Ashitaka is hiding. Ashitaka quickly climbs up to the top of the rock.]

ASHITAKA: My name is Ashitaka! I've traveled far from lands from the East. Are you ancient Gods and have I at last come to the realm of the Spirit of the Forest?

[Moro growls some more as she walks away. The girl climbs back onto the pup, as the other one pulls along a dead ox.]

SAN: Go away!

[Ashitaka watches them go into the forest as a scream rips through the air.]

KAROUKU: Yeahhhh! Help! Ahhh!

[Ashitaka hurries over to see a little creature with the body of a man and a round head with three holes. Two for eyes and one for a mouth.]

ASHITAKA: A Kodama! I never thought I would see one of them here.

KAROUKU: Ah ah ah ah ah! Yaaaaa!!

ASHITAKA: Easy there. You don't want to make your injuries worse do you?

[The Kodama turns its head to the side.]

KODAMA: Cli-cli-click-click!

ASHITAKA: He's a tree spirit. He brings good luck. It's a sign this forest is healthy.

KAROUKU: But they'll lead their Lord and Master right to us!

ASHITAKA: Who do you mean? You mean those wolves I just saw?

KAROUKU: No, I mean a real monster! Like a huge enormous deer! Except they say it's got a human face sometimes, and then at night they say it...

[Without warning the Kodama disappears.]

KAROUKU: Ahhh! Where'd it go?

[Karouku looks over and sees tons of the little Kodama's standing and sitting around. One, with a longer

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face, is sitting on Yakkul's saddle.]

KAROUKU: Yeahhhh! Look! Re-enforcement's! We're doomed! Oh, no!

ASHITAKA: If Yakkul's not afraid, then we have nothing to worry about here.


[Ashitaka gets up and walks over to the one sitting on Yakkul's saddle.]

ASHITAKA: Would you be kind enough to grant us passage through your forest, little one?

[The Kodama turns its head 180 degrees, then turns around and disappears.]

KAROUKU: Oh no...

[In the forest, a little Kodama leads Ashitaka, carrying the unconscious man, through the woods. Karouku follows on Yakkul. Both men have there wounds splintered. Karouku with a broken arm and leg and his companion with a broken arm and a bandage over his eyes. On either side, Kodama's run keeping up with the humans.]

KAROUKU: Ehhh, sir. I really think we should turn around now. I wonder, did I ever mention that no humans have ever made it through these woods alive? There's a lovely little trail back across the river.

ASHITAKA: The current is too swift for us to get across. And your friend's injuries are very bad. If we don't get him back soon he doesn't have a chance. (to lead Kodama) Hey, little fellow, are you showing us the way or just getting us more lost?

KAROUKU: Please sir! I'm really pretty sure they're not trying to help us get home! Oh, my God! There's thousands of them!

[Ashitaka pauses in front of a large tree where thousands of Kodama's sit clicking their heads.]

ASHITAKA: Look at that. That must be their mother. A fine old tree.

[They continue on until they emerge into a woodland glade.]

ASHITAKA: Oh, this place is magical.

[Ashitaka looks down and sees large wolf tracks and a pair of human ones as well.]

ASHITAKA: The tracks of those wolves and the girl with them. This place must be where the four of them live.

KAROUKU: Sir, I think maybe we took a wrong turn somewhere. This is a place for Gods and Demons.

ASHITAKA: I think we're safe. We'll rest a bit.

[Ashitaka lays the man he was carrying onto the grass and brings his red bowl over to the river to wash it out before filling it with water. On a tiny piece of land in the river, a footprint is seen. The same one is also

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on the bottom of the river nearby.]

ASHITAKA: More tracks? Whatever made these... made them recently.

[Ashitaka looks around and in the distance spots a herd of deer. One, with tons of antlers stops, and looks at him. Ashitaka looks back until a jolt of pain runs through his right arm causing him to look away.]

ASHITAKA: *gasp* Augghh!

[He holds his arm and then quickly dunks it into the water. The deer leaves as the pain recedes.]

KAROUKU: Sir! What's going on? Are you all right?!

[Ashitaka refills the bowl and walks back to the two men and kneels next to the fallen one.]

KAROUKU: Ah, sir, what just happened there? You went white as a sheet all of a sudden. I warned you about this place.

[Ashitaka holds up the man's head to let him drink.]

ASHITAKA: Here. (to Karouku) Did you see anything just then?

KAROUKU: Like what?

ASHITAKA: Forget it. (to rifle man) Hang on just a little longer. You're almost home.

RIFLEMAN: I failed her...

[Ashitaka looks back in the direction of the deer.]

ASHITAKA: It's gone. Whatever it was.

[A little while later they resume their trek through the forest.]

ASHITAKA: (thinking) That's strange. Suddenly he doesn't feel heavy at all.

KAROUKU: My arm it, it doesn't hurt! It's healed!! Ack! No, it's still broken!

[They emerge from the forest on top of a hill over looking a lake where on a small island stands a fortress, with smoke billowing from a huge building.]

KAROUKU: Ya-ha! Sir, you were right! We made it back home just like you said!

ASHITAKA: It's a fortress.

KAROUKU: It's Lady Eboshi's IronTown. We make iron her from the ore in the sand.

[On the lake edge, a couple boatmen stand next to a boat.]

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KAROUKU: (far off) Hey there! Look! It's me!

BOATMAN 1: Look, there!

KAROUKU: (far off) Heeellllllllooooo!!

BOATMAN 1: Someone's come out of the woods!

BOATMAN 2: Is it the wolf girl?

KAROUKU: Look, it's me! Karouku, the Ox Driver! *laughs*

[In IronTown, people start running about. Under a tent, Gonza sits with some parchment and a pen.]

VILLAGERS: It's Karouku! Karouku's alive! He's alive! Let's go see!

WARRIOR: It's true! Karouku is still alive!

GONZA: Quiet! Stop that noise! I'm trying to tally these accounts here, so shut up!

VILLAGER: But haven't you heard? Karouku's come back from the dead!

GONZA: What?!

[The villagers gather on the shore where the boat carrying Karouku, the rifleman and Ashitaka lands. Yakkul emerges from the lake and shakes himself off after swimming.]

MAN 1: This is unbelievable!

MAN 2: Where are the others, Karouku?

MAN 3: Yes, is my son with you?

KAROUKU: I'm afraid we're the only ones who made it.

[Other riflemen appear and start carrying their injured friend up to the village.]

ASHITAKA: Be careful with him.

WOMAN: It's never the guards that die.

[Gonza pushes his way through to the boat.]

GONZA: Stand aside!

MAN 1: That man in the weird costume, sir. Who do you think he could be?

GONZA: He's obviously an outsider.

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[A few villager pick Karouku up out of the boat as Ashitaka leaves it as well and walks up to Yakkul.]

KAROUKU: Augh! Listen to me, everyone! This stranger saved our lives! He carried the rifleman all the way back! You should be grateful to him! Augh! Hey, watch the arm! Ahh!

GONZA: Ah, hold it right there!

[Everyone stops to watch as Gonza approaches Ashitaka.]

GONZA: I'm very grateful to you for bringing these men back to us, stranger. But something doesn't smell right. You got back here almost as fast as we did. And through the Forbidden Forest! On top of that, you did it with two badly injured men! And you...

VOICE: Karouku!

GONZA: ...want me to believe that you...

VOICE: Karouku! You're alive!

[A woman pushes her way through and runs up to Karouku.]

KAROUKU: Toki, my love!

TOKI: *gasp* That's just great! How are you ever going to drive the oxen now all banged up and mangled?!

KAROUKU: But, my little flower...

TOKI: You scared me half to death! Don't you 'little flower' me! I wish the wolves had eaten you! Then maybe I could have found a real husband!

KAROUKU: Sweetness, can we discuss this later?

GONZA: Toki, save your sweet nothing for some other time.

TOKI: And as for you, Gonza! A fine captain of the guard you are! Always strutting and throwing your weight around once the dangers over! You never do a lick of work around here!

GONZA: That's unfair and untrue.

[Toki calms down and turns to Ashitaka.]

TOKI: Thanks, stranger. My husband's an idiot but I'm glad he's back safe and sound.

ASHITAKA: That's a relief. I was starting to think I've done something wrong by bringing him back home.

TOKI: Huh? *laughs* Say, why don't you take the mask off? I bet you're really handsome.

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[Lady Eboshi appears on above them on the hill.]

EBOSHI: Gonza, bring the stranger to me later. I would like to thank him personally. (to Karouku) Karouku?

KAROUKU: Ah, uh, yes?

EBOSHI: I'm happy you're back. And I apologize.

KAROUKU: Ah, okay.

TOKI: Oh oh, my Lady. You really shouldn't tell him things like that. If you're too nice to him, he'll walk all over you.

EBOSHI: I hope you'll forgive me too, Toki. I was responsible. I should have never let it happen.

TOKI: Ah, that's all right. My Lady, if you hadn't been there the wolves would have eaten everyone and we would all have to find ourselves new husbands.

WOMEN: *laugh*

EBOSHI: (to Ashitaka) Get some rest, traveler. I will see you this evening.

[Ashitaka pulls his mask down.]

TOKI: Wow. Hey! You're not handsome, you're gorgeous!

[Later on, in the village, villagers crowd around the men dishing out the rice.]

RICE MAN: There! You know they had to fight off wolves to get this rice through!

WOMAN: Just dish it out!

[In a bar, men sit around eating and drinking. Ashitaka sits with a small group to the side. At the door, women crowd around to get a peek.]

WOMEN: Is he there? There he is! Where is he? Over there, near the back!

WOMAN 1: Toki was right. He is handsome.

WOMAN 2: Yeah, no bet.

WOMAN 3: But he's so young!

WOMAN 4: That never stopped you before!

WOMEN: *laugh*

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MAN 1: Quiet out there! We lost some good men today!

MAN 2: Yeah, there's lots of gorgeous men in here, honey!

WOMAN 1: I've seen cattle that look better.

WOMAN 3: Listen stranger, why don't you come over to our place? You don't want to stay in this stinking bar.

MAN 3: Look, woman! We risked our lives to bring you the rice you're all eating tonight! So watch your mouth!

WOMAN 2: And who made the iron that paid for the rice? Huh? Tell me that.

WOMAN 3: Yeah, we're pumping those bellows while you pigs are in bed.

ASHITAKA: Actually, if it's not too much trouble, lady's, I would like to see where you work.

WOMEN: *gasp*

WOMAN 1: You would?

WOMAN 3: We'll have to work in make-up tonight!

WOMEN: Don't be a stranger. Don't forget now! We'll be waiting.

[The women leave.]

MAN 3: (to Ashitaka) It's best not to pay them any mind, you know. Lady Eboshi spoils them rotten. That's why they're like that.

ASHITAKA: Well, they say that happy women make a happy village.

MAN 4: Happy?! Huh?! Those kind of women working here?!

MAN 1: Living like that, it's a disgrace! They defile the iron. The Lady Eboshi goes around buying the contract of every brothel girl she can find.

OLD MAN: My Lady has a kind heart. That's all.

MAN 3: And you've got rice on your chin, old man.

MAN 4: Well, it's true. Everything here has turned upside down since she showed up.

MAN 2: That's right! She's not even afraid of the Gods, that woman. Why you should have seen the way she dealt with Nago, am I right?

ASHITAKA: Who's Nago?

Page 16: Princess Mononoke Script

MAN 2: Who's Nago?! The gigantic boar God! He used to rule this whole forest! We couldn't even get near the mountain's with him around. Nothing to do but sit around on our backsides for months, staring at a bunch of angry boars.

MAN 1: Mmm-hmm. See, the iron in the sand under this town had all been dug out.

MAN 2: So then we tried to get at the iron under the mountain, but Nago wasn't going to stand for that.

MAN 3: The problem was, before we could dig for the iron, we had to clear away the forest. And that's what made the boar angry.

[The men start laughing at another man nearby, dancing.]

MAN 1: He's feeling no pain!

[MAN 2: (to Ashitaka) Then one day, Lady Eboshi came along with her warriors and her rifles.

[Ashitaka starts to grip his arm where the demon mark is.]

MAN 3: Young man, what's wrong? Is something hurting your arm?

ASHITAKA: No. I was just thinking about the boar God. I was thinking of how he must have dies filled with hate.

[Later on that night, Ashitaka is standing in front of Lady Eboshi, who is sitting in her chair testing a piece of iron with a small hammer. Next to her stands a man holding other plates of iron. Gonza also stands nearby.]

EBOSHI: Forgive me for keeping you waiting, stranger. (to man) That's good iron.

[She places the iron on top of the pile and he walks away. Eboshi turns and starts recording something into a log book.]

EBOSHI: We were running behind with tomorrow's shipment. (to woman, nearby) Let's have a rest. You may tell the others.

WOMAN: Yes, ma'am.

EBOSHI: (to Ashitaka) Some think you're either a spy for the wolf girl or Lord Asano and his Samurai. There are a lot of people out there with their eye on this iron. Why are you here, if you don't mind my asking?

[Ashitaka pulls down his right sleeve to reveal the demon mark. He also holds out the iron ball.]

ASHITAKA: I believe you'll recognize this. It shattered the bones of a giant boar. Rotted his flesh and turned him into a monster. I fought with him and for that I was cursed with this mark on my arm. And soon it will kill me.

EBOSHI: Where is it you come from? I've never seen a red elk like that before.

Page 17: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: I have come a very long way. I can't tell you more than that.

GONZA: Answer my Lady's question or I'll cut you in half!

EBOSHI: What do you plan to do? What exactly are you here for?

ASHITAKA: To see with eyes unclouded by hate.

EBOSHI: Eyes unclouded? *laughs* That explains it. Come, I'll show you all my secrets.

GONZA: Is that wise, my Lady?

EBOSHI: Gonza, take over for me.

GONZA: Ahhh, ohhh, eugrahhhhh!

[Lady Eboshi leads Ashitaka out of the hut and down the street. They walk by the boiler building where Ashitaka pauses and see women working the bellows and men keeping the large fire going. He then continues to follow Eboshi.]

[Outside Lady Eboshi's hut.]

EBOSHI: This is my garden. None of the towns-people dare to come here. Follow me if you wish to learn me secret.

[Inside Lady Eboshi's house, several bandaged leper's sit, working. One, in the corner, is covered with a mat, sleeping.]

EBOSHI: Good evening.

[One of the leper's hands a rifle to Eboshi.]

LEPER WOMAN 1: We've only just finished it, my Lady.

EBOSHI: It's still too heavy.

LEPER WOMAN 2: Perhaps if you didn't hold it so delicately.

LEPER MAN 1: My Lady, if you make them any lighter, they'll fall apart.

EBOSHI: I trust you to figure it out. They're not for me. They're for the other women here.

LEPER WOMAN 1: Ha, that'll be something to see.

EBOSHI: (to Ashitaka) This is the latest rifle I've asked these people to design. The one's we've bright here have turned out to be too heavy. These will kill forest monsters and pierce through the thickest Samurai armor.

Page 18: Princess Mononoke Script

LEPER MAN 1: You'd better watch it, young man. The Lady Eboshi wants to rule the world.

EBOSHI: (to lepers) I'm sorry to have to push you all so hard. I'll have wine sent down later.

LEPER MAN 1: Oohh. That would be nice.

ASHITAKA: First you steal the boar's forest from him, then transform him into a demon. Now you're making even deadlier weapons. How much more hatred and pain do you think we need?!

EBOSHI: Yes, I'm the one who shot the boar. And I'm sorry that you suffer, I truly am. That brainless pig. I'm the one he should have put a curse on, not you.

[Ashitaka's right arm suddenly starts to throb and reaching over, starts to pull his sword out of the sheath. Ashitaka fights it with his left hand and manages to pull his arm away.]

EBOSHI: Does that right hand of yours wish to kill me now, Ashitaka?

ASHITAKA: If it would lift the curse, I'd let it tear you apart. But even that wouldn't end the killing now would it?

EBOSHI: No, it wouldn't. It would have to kill all of us to be at peace.

LEPER MAN 2: My Lady, Gosa has something to say.

[Everyone turns to the man lying under the mat.]

GOSA: Pardon me, my Lady, but you must not make light of the boy's strength. (to Ashitaka) Young man, like you I know what rage feels like and grief and helplessness. But you must not take your revenge out on Lady Eboshi. She's the only one who saw us as human beings. We are lepers. The world hates and fears us, but she, she took us in and washed our rotting flesh and bandaged us. *coughs*

LEPER MAN 2: Gosa...

GOSA: Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed but still you find reasons to keep living. I'm sorry. I'm not making any sense.

[Out on the porch of Eboshi's house, she fires at some apes in the distant woods. The blast from the rifle makes them scatter, but soon they re-group.]

EBOSHI: Oh, they just keep coming back. Every night they're out there planting trees, trying to turn the mountain into a forest again. Stay here. Help me kill the Forest Spirit, Ashitaka.

ASHITAKA: You would do that? Kill the very heart of the forest?

EBOSHI: Without that ancient god, the animals here would be nothing but dumb beasts once more. When the forests have been cleared and the wolves wiped out, this desolate place will be the richest land in the world. And Princess Mononoke would become human.

ASHITAKA: Princess Mononoke?

Page 19: Princess Mononoke Script

EBOSHI: Princess of the spirits. Of ghouls, beasts, and ancient gods. The wolves stole her soul and now she lives to kill me. The legends say the blood of the Great Forest spirit can heal anything. Perhaps it can cure my poor lepers. Might even be able to lift your curse, Ashitaka.

LEPER MAN 1: (inside) My Lady? How does it feel?

EBOSHI: Smooth as silk. The perfect thing for ruling the world. It's still to heavy for the girls.

LEPER MAN 1: *laughs* All right.

[Ashitaka walks away and back through the town. He pauses once more outside the forge building and walks inside to where the women are pumping the bellows.]

WOMEN: *singing*

TOKI: Well, look who's here.

ASHITAKA: Evening. All right if I work the bellows for awhile?

TOKI: Well, I guess so?

[Ashitaka walks over to one of the women pumping the bellows.]

ASHITAKA: Excuse me. May I try it?

WOMAN 1: Oh...

TOKI: Might as well let him try.

WOMAN 1: But, but...

[Ashitaka takes the woman's place and pushes down hard on the bellow which causes it to move higher and faster.]

WOMEN: *laugh*

WOMAN 2: When you get tired I'll take over for you.

TOKI: Well, that won't be long.

WOMAN 1: (to girl) Whoops! Better keep that kimono shut tight, girl!

TOKI: I'm impressed. But you'll never keep that pace up.

ASHITAKA: It's hard work, isn't it?

TOKI: You bet. And our shifts are four days long.

Page 20: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: You must live hard lives here.

WOMAN 3: Yep!

TOKI: I suppose. Yeah, but it sure beats working a brothel in the city, huh?

WOMAN 4: Mmm-hmm. Here we can eat as much as we want. And the men don't bother us!

WOMAN 5: Unless we want 'em to!

[Outside the town's walls, two wolves stand and watch. San, on one of the wolves, pulls a mask on over her face.]

[Back in the town, outside the forge building.]

WOMEN: Ohhh...

WOMAN 1: But you can't leave tomorrow!

WOMAN 2: Can't you stay a little longer?

WOMAN 1: You can stay and work here.

ASHITAKA: Thank you all, but there's someone I have to find out there in the forest.

[Ashitaka suddenly senses San, riding a wolf towards the town.]

ASHITAKA: *gasps* She's here...!

[Ashitaka runs towards the center of town. Up in the watch tower a man starts banging a hammer to a piece of iron.]

GUARD: The wolves are coming! It's the Wolf Princess!

[Outside the wolf carrying San stops suddenly letting San sail through the air and onto the outer wall. Using the spear she's carrying she pushes herself over the top to where a watch man sits. He attacks, but she easily dodges his sword, fending him off with her dagger.]

MAN 1: Hurry!

[San jumps down to the ground, dodging rifle blasts, until she stands in front of Ashitaka. She attacks him, but he deflects his blows with his own sword.]

ASHITAKA: Stop! No, wait! I don't want to fight you! I'm a friend!

[San runs pass him and up into a roof top, where she proceeds to run towards the forge building.]

MAN 1: Hurry, she's after Lady Eboshi!

Page 21: Princess Mononoke Script

[Ashitaka looks around and then follows her on top of the building.]

[In the forge building.]

GONZA: Keep stocking those fires! Riflemen to the stock cave! We got her right where we want her!

WOMAN: Go! Let's go! Move!

[In the weapons room, a man hands out long handled swords.]

MAN: A weapon for every man! Everyone defends IronTown!

[Back in the forge builder, near the bellows.]

WOMAN: Toki, she's on the roof!

TOKI: Now don't get excited. Keep those bellows working. Whatever happens, we can't let those fires go out!

[Nearby, Lady Eboshi stands with Gonza and two women, both holding rifles.]

EBOSHI: Is she alone?

GONZA: Yes. She can't escape. We have her cornered. You know she means to kill you this time.

EBOSHI: We'll see about that. (to women) Come on.

GONZA: (to crowd) Make room for my Lady!

[Lady Eboshi and the two women stop in the center of the square. Men and women holding weapons circle them on three sides.]

EBOSHI: Can you hear me, Princess of Beasts? If it's me you want, here I am. If you seek revenge for all the animals we've killed, well there are two women down here whom I'd like you to meet. They would like revenge as well. For husbands killed by your wolves.

KEO: Come on out, you little witch! My husband's dead because of you!

[Ashitaka is near the bottom of the forge's roof, hidden from the crowd by a turret. He watches as San suddenly stands up on the top of the building.]

ASHITAKA: *gasps*

GONZA: Everybody, out of the way! Gunmen, get ready to fire!

[Ashitaka watches below as gunmen come running out and take up positions under overhangs, where they are hidden from San's view.]

Page 22: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: It's a trap.

[Ashitaka stands up and faces San.]

ASHITAKA: No, wait! Princess of the Wolf Gods! Don't go down there! Go back to the forest! Listen to me, please! Don't throw your life away!

GONZA: Shall I stop him?

EBOSHI: Leave him be. Let him do what he likes.

[In the distance, wolves howl as San takes off down the roof, straight towards the ground. Ashitaka runs to intersect her, but a rifle blast from the ground splits the roof apart, causing Ashitaka to hit the roof and San to roll of towards the edge.]

GONZA: She's down! We got her!

EBOSHI: Stay back! cut off a wolf's head and it stills has the power to bite.

GONZA: What?

ASHITAKA: Take aim where she falls.

[San rolls off the roof and lands on hands and knees on the ground. She quickly stands up, facing the crowd.]

EBOSHI: Open fire.

[The two women with her fire at San. One of the bullets hit her mask, shattering it and knocking San out.]

GONZA: *laughs*

[Ashitaka, watching, uses his strength to pull a large wooden beam out of the structure of the roof and hurls it down at the ground.]

ASHITAKA: No! Stay back!

[The point of the beam slices through a torch on the street right in front of Gonza and some villagers, blocking their path to San.]

GONZA: Ahh! What the devil was that?!

[Ashitaka jumps off the roof to the ground and starts shaking San by the shoulders.]

ASHITAKA: Wake up!

[San awakes and slashes her dagger at Ashitaka's face, cutting him below his left eye. She then runs towards Gonza's group and jumps up, planting a foot in Gonza's face before vaulting over into the center to the ring of villagers where Eboshi stands. The two women with her run as San and Lady Eboshi fight

Page 23: Princess Mononoke Script

sword to dagger. Gonza slowly lifts himself up from the ground where he fell.]

MAN: Are you all right, sir? Can I help you?

GONZA: I'm fine. I'm fine!

[Ashitaka frowns as ghostly ribbons come out of his right arm and start spinning around it.]

GONZA: (to Man) Get away from me! Be gone!

MAN: Yes, sir!

GONZA: (noticing Ashitaka) Traitor! You're a spy for the wolves, aren't you?! Stay back!

[Gonza points his sword at Ashitaka, who just grabs the blade with his right hand and bends it so the point is facing Gonza.]

ASHITAKA: Step aside.

[Ashitaka walks into the middle of the ring, pushing people to the side and grabs San's right arm and deflects Eboshi's sword with his own.]

EBOSHI: What do you think you're doing, boy?

ASHITAKA: Stay your hand. The girl's life is now mine.

EBOSHI: I'm sure she'll make a lovely wife for you.

ASHITAKA: There's a demon inside of you. It's inside both of you.

[San, who was trying to free her arm, bits down on Ashitaka's arm, only the have the demon ribbons move faster and wider.]


ASHITAKA: Look everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold if you! It's eating me alive and very soon now it will kill me! Fear and anger only make it grow faster!

EBOSHI: I'm getting a little bored of this curse of your, Ashitaka. Let me just cut the damn thing off!

[Eboshi uses a small dagger and swings it down to his arm. With the handle of his sword, Ashitaka bangs Eboshi in the stomach, knocking her out. He does the same to San.]

WOMEN: My Lady Eboshi!

ASHITAKA: Someone come here and take her from me!

[The villagers look around until two women throw down their weapons and run up to Eboshi.]

Page 24: Princess Mononoke Script

WOMAN 1: My Lady!

ASHITAKA: Don't worry. She's just stunned. She'll be all right.

[The two women carry Lady Eboshi away and Ashitaka sheathes his sword and the demon ribbons disappear.]

ASHITAKA: As for me, I'm leaving! And I'm taking the wolf girl!

KEO: Oh no, you're not! Nobody treats my Lady Eboshi like that!

[Keo points her rifle right at Ashitaka who lifts San up across his shoulders. He looks at Keo, then turns to walk away.]

WOMAN 2: Keo, what are you doing?!

[Startled, Keo fires the rifle. The bullet rips through Ashitaka's left side, but he keeps on walking as if nothing happened. He passes Gonza who takes one look at Ashitaka and runs back to the villagers.]

WOMAN 2: How can he still be walking?!

GONZA: Is she all right?!

MAN: Yes. My Lady's safe, sir.

GONZA: Someone bring me my gun! Riflemen to the square now, on the double! They're not getting out of here alive!

[At a side door of the forge building, a couple women stand watching.]

WOMAN: Toki, come here!

[Toki appears in the doorway and sees Ashitaka walks by, carrying San and trailing blood on the ground behind him.]

TOKI: Wha-What's happened?! (sees the blood) *gasp*

[Ashitaka makes his way to the front gate where villagers are gathered, along with Yakkul. Two guards block the front of the gate as a man steps up.]

MAN: Sir, I can't let you pass. The gates been ordered shut. It can't be opened!

GUARD 1: Turn back, please.

GUARD 2: We're grateful to you for bringing those men back. We don't want to hurt you.

GUARD 1: Please.

Page 25: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: I walked through this gate this morning. Now, I'm going to leave the same way.

[Ashitaka places the palm of his right hand against the gate.]

GUARD 1: Don't be a fool. It takes ten men to open this gate!

[Blood drips from his wound as Ashitaka pushes against the gate.]

MAN: Stop it, you'll kill yourself!


[Ashitaka slowly pushes the gate open, much to the villagers astonishment.]

GONZA: Out of the way!

[The two wolves run up near the entrance and stand there growling.]

GONZA: The wolves are attacking! Flint! Get me some flint!

ASHITAKA: (to wolves) She's all right! Your Princess is safe with me!

WOLVES: *growl*

ASHITAKA: Stay and I will bring her. (to Yakkul) Come on, Yakkul. (to villagers) You have my thanks.

[Ashitaka walks out of the town, letting the gate crash back down, closing the villagers in.]

MAN: Good luck, stranger.

[Out in the forest, the wolves follow Yakkul with Ashitaka, holding San, riding. San wakes up and quickly looks around while Ashitaka passes out and falls from the back of the elk to the ground. One of the wolves run up and start beating him.]

SAN: Stop it!

[The wolf stops and looks at San as she jumps off the panicking Yakkul and walks over to them.]

SAN: Leave him! He's mine!

[The wolf nuzzles his head under her hand.]

SAN: His own people shot him. He's dying.

[Ashitaka, lying on his stomach, groans.]

SAN: Why did you stop me from killing her? Tell me while you're still alive!

Page 26: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: I didn't want them to kill you. That's why.

SAN: I'm not afraid to die. I'd do anything to get you humans out of my forest.

ASHITAKA: I knew that, from the first moment I saw you.

SAN: And I'm not afraid of you! I should kill you for saving her.

[San pulls Ashitaka over, draws his sword and brings it down. stopping just above his neck.]

SAN: That woman is evil, and there's no one who can stop me from killing her.

ASHITAKA: No... live.

SAN: That's enough! I'm not listening to you anymore!

[Ashitaka cracks his eyes open.]

ASHITAKA: You're... beautiful...

SAN: *gasp*

WOLF 1: What is it, San? Want me to crunch his face off?

[A rock suddenly comes flying through the air and lands near to Ashitaka. Several more follow as San and the wolves look up to a bunch of boulders where several apes are sitting.]

SAN: The Ape Tribe. (to apes) All right, what do you want here?!

WOLF 1: Apes?! How dare you show such disrespect to the wolf clan!

APE 1: This is our forest.

APE 2: The human, give him to us.

APE 3: Give us the human and go.

WOLF 1: You go! Before my fangs find you!

APE 1: We will not go.

APE 2: We will eat the human.

APE 1: Yes, let us eat the man creature.

SAN: Are you crazy?! Just what happened to make the ape tribe change this way? Sine when do apes eat the flesh of a man?

Page 27: Princess Mononoke Script

APE 1: If we eat the human we will steal his strength. And then we will drive the other humans away.

APE 2: Give us the man creature!

SAN: Stop this! You know you can't possess the human strength by eating them. All that'll do is make you into something else! Something even worse then a human!

APE 1: We plant trees. Humans tear them up. The forest does not come back. If we kill the humans, we will save the forest.

SAN: You mustn't give up! We'll find a way! The Forest Spirit is with us! Go on planting your trees and someday we'll beat them!

APE 2: The Forest Spirit will not fight. We will all die. Wolf girl does not care. she is human.

WOLF 1: Enough! I'll bite your head off, you chattering Ape!

[The wolves run at the apes, who scatter.]

SAN: Stop! Wait, come back! Leave them alone!

[The two wolves return.]

SAN: Don't worry about them. It's all right. You two go on ahead now. I'll stay here and deal with the human.

WOLF 2: What about the elk?

WOLF 1: Yes. Can we eat him?

SAN: No, you may not. Go home.

WOLF 1: *sigh*

[The wolves leave as San re-sheathes Ashitaka's sword and turns to Yakkul, who's standing nearby, trembling.]

SAN: Come over here. Don't worry, I'm a friend. Don't be shy now, I won't hurt you. I need you to help me carry him. Please?

[Yakkul pauses and then walks over to San, who's lifting up Ashitaka.]

[Walking through the forest, San leads Yakkul, whose carrying Ashitaka. Kodama's appear all around them as they reach the edge of the lake. San runs over to a tree and cuts a small branch from it. Three Kodama's appear where the branch used to be. San runs back to Yakkul and leads him into the lake. She pulls Ashitaka off the back of the elk and pulls him to a small island out in the lake. Yakkul follows as she places Ashitaka on the bank, so his head is out of the water. She places the branch above his head in the ground then turns back to Yakkul, whose still standing in the water.]

Page 28: Princess Mononoke Script

SAN: You are very wise. You know better than to set foot on this island, don't you?

[San swims to Yakkul's side.]

SAN: Yuck, I smell like a human.

[She removes Yakkul's harness.]

SAN: You can go wherever you want o. You're free now.

[That night, all the Kodama rise up into the tree tops to see a magnificent spirit walking through the forest. The spirit is hundreds of meters high and towers far beyond the trees. One Kodama turns its head to the side and sets it clicking. All the Kodama's follow until the tree tops are ringing with the sound of thousands of Kodama's heads.]

[In another part of the forest, Jigo, disguised from head to toe in a bear skin, raises up his head and sees the gigantic spirit.]

JIGO: Finally!

[He turns to the two men with him, also camouflaged in bear skins.]

JIGO: There he is! Come and see! Hurry! Quick, you idiots! It's the Night Walker. He's the reason we've been sitting around in these stinking animal skins, you know.

MAN 1: But, sir, we can't. It's a sin to look at it.

JIGO: Huh, and you call yourself the greatest hunter in the west.

[Jigo pulls out a rolled up piece of paper.]

JIGO: Look, we've got a letter of pardon from the Emperor, forgiving us for cutting off the head of the Great Forest Spirit.

[The Night Walker approaches a part in the trees and looks down. The Kodama are still clicking away.]

JIGO: The legends tell us that when day becomes night, the Forest Spirit turns into the Night Walker. And at sunrise it changes back. Look! See there?! It's happening!

[The Night Walker lowers his head towards the part in the trees and starts to change. The antlers on its head shrink and it disappears into the forest. And the Kodama? They're still clicking!]

[At the lake and island where Ashitaka lies, the large dear-like Forest Spirit walks towards him. With every step he takes, grass and flowers spring up around his foot, but just as quickly, they die away. The Forest Spirit reaches the branch above Ashitaka's head and softly blows on it. Instantly, the leaves wither and turn brown and fall onto Ashitaka's face.]

[Jigo and his two hunters make their way down a cliff and to a small watch-hut, where an archer sits. Jigo crawls in as the other two wait outside, hidden.]

Page 29: Princess Mononoke Script

ARCHER: Take a look, master Jigo.

JIGO: What is it?

ARCHER: Over there.

[The archer points across to a high rock formation's side where hundreds of boars are trekking around it.]

JIGO: Look, there must be hundreds of them!

ARCHER: Those boars are not from this region. they must have been traveling for months to get all the way up here.

[A large gray-white boar with two sets of tusks walks out onto a ledge jetting out of the formation, above the line of boars.]

ARCHER: That one's Okkoto!

JIGO: Can't be! They say he died a hundred years ago!

ARCHER: It's him all right. I know those old tusks. And it looks like he brought along his whole tribe.

[Okkoto turns and looks straight at the watch-hut.]

JIGO: *gasp* He's seen us! Let's get out of here!

[Jigo and the archer quickly leave the watch-hut and run the opposite way of the boars with the two hunters right behind them.]

OKKOTO: *squeals*

BOARS: *squeal*

[Jumping from rock to rock in a fast-flowing river, Jigo pauses and turns to his three men.]

JIGO: Come on, you cowards! Move! Quickly!

[Back at the island, water drips as Ashitaka dreams. Scaled feet move towards him, sending up grass and flowers and just as quickly withering them. The bullet wound in his side seeps blood into the river as a head comes closer and touches it, stopping the flow.]

[Quite a bit later, back on the main land, Ashitaka's lying in a rut in the grass and Yakkul grazes nearby. Ashitaka groans and lifts a hand towards the rip in his shirt where the bullet went through.]

ASHITAKA: *gasp* The bullet wound's gone! *groan*

[Ashitaka closes his eyes again as Yakkul walks over and nibbles at his shoulder. Ashitaka re-opens his eyes and strokes Yakkul's head with his right hand.]

Page 30: Princess Mononoke Script


[Yakkul moves a bit back and Ashitaka notices the demon mark has spread past his sleeve and onto the palm of his hand.]

ASHITAKA: The marks still there.

[San returns as Ashitaka falls weakly back to the ground. She goes up and starts scratching Yakkul under the chin.]

SAN: Finally you're awake. You know, you really should thank Yakkul. He hasn't left your side this whole time.

ASHITAKA: How'd you know his name's Yakkul?

SAN: He told me. And he told me about you, about your village, your people, and your forest. The Forest Spirit brought you back to life again. He wants you to live.

ASHITAKA: I had the strangest dream. There was a golden creature.

[San kneels down next to Ashitaka and holds out a piece of dried meat.]

SAN: Eat this.

[She puts it in his mouth, but Ashitaka seems to have trouble moving his jaw.]

SAN: Chew.

[Too weak to chew, Ashitaka lets the food fall out of his mouth. San picks it up and chews it for him the puts it into his mouth. She does this several times until a sound makes her stand up. Moro and her two pups stop close by, looking off into the distance where the boars are marching towards them. They stop a few meters away from the wolves and one older one steps forward.

BOARS: *squeal*

LEAD BOAR: We are here to kill the humans and save the forest. Why are the humans here, Moro?

MORO: Humans are everywhere these days. Go back to your own mountain. Kill them there. The girl is San, my daughter.

LEAD BOAR: We will kill them here! We will save this forest! What is that other human doing here?

SAN: He was shot! And then the Great Spirit healed his wound! This man is not our enemy!

LEAD BOAR: The Forest Spirit saved him?! Saved the life of that loathsome runt?! Why didn't he save Nago?! Is he not the Guardian of the Forest?! Why?!

MORO: The Forest Spirit gives life and takes life away. Life and death are his alone. Or have you boars forgotten that?

Page 31: Princess Mononoke Script

LEAD BOAR: You lie! You must have begged the Forest Spirit to spare his life! But you did not beg for Nago, did you?!

MORO: Nago was afraid to die. Now, I too carry within my breast a poison human bullet. Nago fled and the darkness took him. I remain and contemplate my death.

[San runs up to Moro.]

SAN: Mother, please ask the Forest Spirit to save you.

MORO: I have lived long enough, San. Soon the Forest Spirit will let me rest forever.

SAN: All these years you defended the Forest Spirit. He must save you!

LEAD BOAR: You are not fooling us. Nago was beautiful and strong. He would not have run from anything! You wolves must have eaten him!

SAN: Quiet! Watch what you say, you filthy pig!

ASHITAKA: Gods of the mountain? Please listen.

[Everyone turns to Ashitaka, who is weakly trying the speak.]

ASHITAKA: Nago died far from here. And I was the one who killed him. He had become some kind of demon. One day, he attacked our village. If you want proof, look at my hand, where he... touched me.

[Ashitaka weakly pulls down his right sleeve and holds up his arm to reveal the demon mark.]

ASHITAKA: I came here to beg the Forest Spirit to lift Nago's curse from me. He healed the bullet wound in my side, but the demon mark remains. First it will tear my soul apart, then it will kill me.

[Okkoto pushes through the boars ranks and walks up to Ashitaka.]

MORO: Okkoto. Finally a boar who will listen to reason.

[Okkoto leans over Ashitaka and San runs up and stands between the two,]

SAN: No, Lord Okkoto, wait! Please, you mustn't eat him!

[Okkoto looks at San and breathes in.]

OKKOTO: Ah, you are Moro's human child, aren't you? I've heard of you.

SAN: You're blind.

OKKOTO: Stand back. I will not eat him.

ASHITAKA: It's all right, San.

Page 32: Princess Mononoke Script

[San steps aside.]

ASHITAKA: My Lord Okkoto, what I said about Nago's death was the truth.

[Ashitaka places his left hand on the boar's large nose and the boar breathes in.]

OKKOTO: I believe you. And I thank you for it, young one. I am only grieved and ashamed that such a demon has come from our tribe.

ASHITAKA: Oh, mighty lord. Is there a way to lift Nago's curse from me?

OKKOTO: Leave this forest. For the next time we meet, I will have to kill you.

MORO: You can not win against the humans. Their guns will destroy you all.

OKKOTO: Look on my tribe, Moro. We grow small, and we grow stupid. We will soon be nothing but squealing game that the humans hunt for their meat.

MORO: You'd risk everything on one last battle. That's just what the humans want.

OKKOTO: I do not ask the help of the Wolf Tribe. Even if everyone of us dies, it will be a battle the human's never forget.

BOARS: *squeal*

[The boars leave as San looks around. Out on top of the lake, the Forest Spirit stands, looking into the lake. It looks at San then runs away.]

SAN: The Forest Spirit...

[Far away from the peaceful forest, a battle rages between Lady Eboshi's men and Lord Asano's Samurai. The drivers are trying to keep the oxen calm and moving while Gonza and the rifle men fire upon the approaching Samurai.]

MAN 1: Come on, keep your oxen together! Hurry!

EBOSHI: Get ready now. A little bit closer. Fire!

[Eboshi's men fire at the approaching Samurai, sending them off their feet.]

SAMURAI 1: Ahhhhhh! My Armmmmm!!!

GONZA: Reload... Fire!

SAMURAI 2: Attack!

[The samurai captain gets blown off his horse.]

Page 33: Princess Mononoke Script

SAMURAI 3: Relay!

[Another samurai gets blown off his horse.]

[Off to the side, Jigo stands and watches the battle. Next to him stands a monk.]

JIGO: Well, I see somebody is going to have to go play the peace maker. (to monk) Take our rifle men and hide behind the cliffs.

MONK: Yes, sir.

JIGO: Stay there until I send for you.

[The monk walks over to a line of hundreds of monks and they start moving off.]

[Back in the battle, the Eboshi's rifle men fire then back up.]

MAN: Come on, we have to keep going 'till we get to IronTown!

[Above the gate at IronTown, the women crowd around on a small porch looking off into the distance. One spots a line of people and oxen.]

WOMAN: There they are! Coming around the path!

[Jigo sits on a rock next to the path watching the oxen and drivers pass. One monk, disguised as a rifle man walks up to him.]

MONK: The hunters are ready, sir.

JIGO: Excellent. Well done, my boy. Go and spread the word. We'll be moving out presently.

MONK: Yes, sir.

[The Rifle man leaves and Jigo draws back until he's walking next to Lady Eboshi.]

EBOSHI: Greetings, Jigo.

JIGO: Well, I've got the Emperor breathing down my neck, and you're busy playing war with Lord Asano.

EBOSHI: And you would have nothing to do with Lord Asano being here, now would you?

JIGO: Of course not. Whatever made you think that?

EBOSHI: He'll call a truce if I give him half my iron.

JIGO: Is that right? Well, he's a greedy bastard, isn't he? But, all the same, you might as well let him have his iron. Listen, Eboshi. The boar's are gathering for battle. And you know what that means. You made me a promise. Now once you get me the head of the Forest Spirit, then we can come back and destroy

Page 34: Princess Mononoke Script

Lord Asano together.

WOMAN 1: Watch out, my Lady! There are two horsemen coming! Get in!

[Behind them, three horses and riders appear.]

JIGO: Well, speak of the devil. A messenger from Lord Asano.

EBOSHI: (to women) We have guests. Mind your manners ladies.

WOMEN: We will!

[Eboshi and Jigo pass through the gate into IronTown.]

WOMEN: Welcome back, my Lady!

[The gate door slams closed behind Jigo.]

JIGO: Whoa! Wait, won't you even talk to the man?

[The messenger reins his horse in front of the gate. The two guards with him stay a bit behind him.]

MESSENGER: Lady Eboshi! Mistress of IronTown! I bring a message to you from my Lord Asano. You have fought valiantly and well. Now open your gates so that we may speak to you.

WOMAN 2: Humph! We can hear you just fine from down there!

WOMAN 1: My Lady took this mountain away from the Gods, the boars, and the beasts.

WOMAN 3: And now that it's worth something you want it!

WOMAN 1: Well, you won't get it!

MESSENGER: The brazen impudence! You ladies need to be taught some respect!

WOMAN 1: Respect? What's that?

WOMAN 2: We haven't had any respect since the day we were born!

WOMEN: Nyah!!!

WOMAN 2: You want some of our iron? Here you go!

[The woman holds up a rifle and fires next to the messenger's horse. The horse rears back, and the three men ride off.]

WOMEN: *laugh*

Page 35: Princess Mononoke Script

[Inside IronTown, Jigo and Lady Eboshi sit under an overhang to converse.]

JIGO: (about the women) They are really something! They'll fight gods or samurai, it doesn't matter to them! They are an amazing bunch of girls. They were wasted in the brothel's.

[Jigo hands Eboshi the rolled up parchment.]

EBOSHI: Impressive. For a piece of paper.

JIGO: Well, you know, it's gotten me all the best hunters and trappers around. Remember, my dear Lady, we're after a god, not just a beast.

EBOSHI: Girls, come here.

[From nearby two women walk over.]

WOMAN 1: Yes, my Lady? What is it?

EBOSHI: Do you have any idea who this paper has come from? From the Emperor himself.

WOMAN 1: That's nice, who's he?

WOMAN 2: Is he supposed to be important?

WOMAN 1: I'm serious, who's he? Should we know?

JIGO: Yes, they're really something.

EBOSHI: (to women) Thank you.

WOMAN 1: Yes, my Lady.

WOMAN 2: Mmm-hmm

[The two women get back to their work.]

EBOSHI: Everyday that we cut trees and dig for iron, the forest and it's creatures grow weaker. My way there is no loss of life, Jigo.

JIGO: Listen, you owe me and I've come to collect. When you needed rifle men, I sent them. And without those rifle men you lose IronTown. Oh, I'm sorry, did that sound like a threat?

EBOSHI: Don't tell me the Emperor believes that wives tale about the Great Spirit's head granting immortality.

JIGO: I'm sure I don't know what the Emperor believes. I'm just a humble monk. I'm just trying to get by.

EBOSHI: I keep my promises. Anyway, we have fought the boars before, they are much easier to kill than

Page 36: Princess Mononoke Script

Moro and her wolf cubs. So you can call out that shady bunch you've got hidden under the cliff, Jigo.

[Lady Eboshi starts to walk away.]

JIGO: *laughs* So, I've been found out. Oh, just one more thing, my Lady.

[Eboshi pauses.]

JIGO: Did a stranger come through here by any chance? He's a young an riding a great big red elk.

EBOSHI: Came, and went.

[That night, the gates open up to let the monk rifle men and the tracker's into IronTown. They group themselves around fires and are served rice and drink. In a nearby building some women and men watch them.]

WOMAN: A bad looking bunch, if you ask me.

KAROUKU: Those men are no ordinary hunters. They're killers!

MAN: Killers?!

[In a room in IronTown, a bunch of women sit in front of Eboshi. Gonza stands behind her, keeping guard.]

WOMAN 1: My Lady, at least let some of us go with you.

WOMAN 2: Yes, you can't trust these men. They're strangers.

WOMAN 3: That's right!

WOMAN 4: What if something goes wrong and we're stuck here? We can't help you!

WOMAN 5: You said yourself we're better shots than the men are.

EBOSHI: That's precisely why I want you all here in IronTown. I can deal with forest gods, it's humans I'm worried about. Once the Forest Spirit is dead, we don't know what will happen. Will Jigo be satisfied with the creatures head? Or will he be after my iron works as well? Jigo's rifle men may turn on us, and if that happens I'll need everyone of you here to fight them. Remember, you can't trust men.

GONZA: Don't worry about her Ladyship. I'll be right at her side protecting her.

WOMAN 1: That's what we're afraid of.

GONZA: What?!

WOMAN 5: Even if you were a woman, you'd still be an idiot.

Page 37: Princess Mononoke Script

WOMEN: Nyahh!!

EBOSHI & WOMEN: *laugh*

[Out in the forest, Ashitaka is awaken by the pain in his arm to find himself under an animal skin blanket in the shelter of a cave. San is asleep nearby, but the pain in his arm prevents Ashitaka to go back to sleep, so he steps outside of the cave onto the edge overlooking the forest. Above the cave opening, Moro lays, stretched across a slab of rock.]

MORO: You know you could always jump, boy. As soon as your strength returns, the mark will spread and destroy you.

ASHITAKA: It feels like I must have been asleep for weeks. I had a dream that San was by my side, nursing me.

MORO: I was hoping you'd cry out in your sleep. Then I would of bitten your head off to silence you.

ASHITAKA: It's a beautiful forest. Are Okkoto and the boars on the move yet?

MORO: *growl* Yes. The boars are marching. The trees cry out as they die, but you can't hear them. I lie here. I listen to the pain of the forest and feel the ache of the bullet in my chest. And I dream of the day when I will finally crunch that gun woman's head in my jaws.

ASHITAKA: Moro, why can't the humans and the forest live together? Why can't we stop this fighting now?

MORO: The humans are gathering for the final battle. The flames of their guns will burn us all.

ASHITAKA: Then what happens to San? What's your plan? Let her die with you?

MORO: Typical, selfish. You think like a human. San is my daughter. She is of the Wolf Tribe. When the forest dies, so does she.

ASHITAKA: You must set her free! She's not a wolf, she's human!

MORO: Silence, boy! How dare you speak to a god like that! I caught her human parents defiling my forest. They threw their baby at my feet as they ran away. Instead of eating her, I raised her as my own. Now my poor, ugly, beautiful daughter is neither human nor wolf. How could you help?!

ASHITAKA: I don't know. But at least we might find a way to live.

MORO: *laughs* How? Will you join forces with San and fight the humans?

ASHITAKA: No. All that would do is cause more hatred.

MORO: There is nothing you can do, boy. Soon the demon mark will spread and kill you. Now leave this place at sunrise. Return, and I shall kill you.

[Ashitaka returns to the cave and sits down to meditate. San opens her eyes and looks up at him.]

Page 38: Princess Mononoke Script

SAN: You feeling all right?

ASHITAKA: I'm fine. Thanks to you and the Forest Spirit.

[San smiles then falls back asleep. Ashitaka pulls the animal skin blanket over her.]

[The next morning, Ashitaka wakes up to an empty cave. He runs outside to see that the sun has risen and Moro and San are both gone. He returns to the cave the see his sword and hood folded neatly with a couple packets of food.]

ASHITAKA: Right...

[Ashitaka pulls his gear on then walks outside the cave. Below, Yakkul is grazing when he looks up at Ashitaka.]

ASHITAKA: Yakkul. Sorry if I worried you.

[Ashitaka jumps down the hill, but loses his balance and falls the rest of the way down. Yakkul walks over to him.]

ASHITAKA: I guess my legs are still pretty weak, huh?

YAKKUL: *wuffs*

[Ashitaka mounts Yakkul and sees one of the wolf cubs sitting nearby. It starts to walk away and Yakkul follows. They pass through the forest.]

ASHITAKA: It's so quiet. I wonder where out little friends the Kodama went.

[They emerge from the forest.]

ASHITAKA: Ah, can smell the iron works.

[Ashitaka looks back to see the wolf cub sitting at the edge of the forest.]

ASHITAKA: Thanks for showing us the way! I have another favor to ask! Will you please give this to San for me?

[Ashitaka tosses something at the wolf you catches it in his jaws then heads back into the forest.]

ASHITAKA: Let's go.

[In the forest, up on a hill overlooking a large glade, Moro stands watching the humans below. A wolf cub with San runs up. San gets off and goes to stand next to Moro. Below, the humans are burning some stuff that covers the forest.]

SAN: It stinks. And it burns my eyes.

Page 39: Princess Mononoke Script

MORO: That's what they want. They're trying to kill our sense of smell.

SAN: It's that damned woman again.

[In the glade, Eboshi, Jigo, and Gonza approach one of the smoke blowing men.]

SAN: She knows we're out here.

MORO: It's a trap. And a stupid one.

SAN: What?!

MORO: They're trying to lure the boars out of the forest.

SAN: No!

MORO: The humans are planning something.

SAN: then we have to find Okkoto while there's still time to stop him! Or else they'll all be killed!

MORO: Okkoto's too stubborn. He won't listen. None of them will. They may even know it's a trap. The boars are a proud race. The last one left alive will still be charging blindly forward.

[San and Moro watch as the humans cut some trees down.]

SAN: Why cut the trees down?

MORO: To make them angry. Which makes them stupid.

SAN: Mother, I have to go. Okkoto's blind, I must be his eyes. You understand?

MORO: Do as you must. You know, that boy wanted to share his life with you.

SAN: I hate him! I hate all humans!

[The other wolf cub runs up and stops in front of San. Ashitaka's crystal dagger hangs from his teeth. San reaches down and picks it up.]

SAN: From Ashitaka? For me? Pretty...

MORO: (to wolf cubs) You two stay with San. I must go to the Forest Spirit.

SAN: Right. Let's go.

[San, riding one of the wolves with the other right behind them, ride through the ranks of the charging boars.]

SAN: The Moro tribe has come to fight with you. Where can I find Lord Okkoto?

Page 40: Princess Mononoke Script

BOAR: *squeals*

SAN: Good-luck, my friend.

[Rain and fog roll in as Ashitaka continues on his way. In the distance he hears gunshots and as the weather clears, he sees gun smoke firing on IronTown.]

ASHITAKA: It's coming from IronTown. (to Yakkul) Let's go!

[A Samurai squad below the hill top look up and see Yakkul galloping towards them.]

SAMURAI: Halt, who goes there?

ASHITAKA: Samurai again.

SAMURAI: Halt, I said!

ASHITAKA: Out of the way!


[The Samurai takes a swipe at Ashitaka, but Yakkul jumps up and over their heads and lands in the water, swimming towards IronTown.]

WARRIOR: What the devil was that thing?

[The Samurai warriors start firing arrows at Ashitaka, but he just blocks them with his sword,.]

WARRIOR: Don't waste your arrows. He's knocking them away!

SAMURAI: He's a dead man anyway!

WARRIOR: Cease fire! Cease fire!

[Up in IronTown, a few women look over the stakes at Ashitaka and Yakkul swimming towards them.]

WOMAN 1: Toki! Come and look!

[Toki joins the women.]

TOKI: It can't be. It's Ashitaka!

WOMAN 1: So, it's not a ghost.

TOKI: Ashitaka!

ASHITAKA: Toki, are you all right?

TOKI: We're all right! Lord Asano's Samurai thought they'd try and ambush us while our men were away.

Page 41: Princess Mononoke Script

Thought we'd roll over.

WOMAN 1: But we showed them!

WOMAN 2: We sure did!

[Ashitaka and Yakkul climb onto the piece of sand in front of the stakes.]

ASHITAKA: Where's Lady Eboshi?

TOKI: She took every able bodies man and went to kill the Forest Spirit. We're cut off here! We can't even get a message to Lady Eboshi!

ASHITAKA: (to himself) Forest Spirit. That explains the explosions.

[Karouku appears next to Toki holding Ashitaka's bow and arrows.]

KAROUKU: Hey, sir! I've still got your bow and arrows!

TOKI: Aren't you gonna tell him you still got his cloak and saddle too?

KAROUKU: Oh, I do?

TOKI: You're useless!

[Karouku tosses the bow and arrows down to Ashitaka who catches them.]

ASHITAKA: Many thanks, Karouku! I'll try and bring you some help! Can you hold out?

TOKI: Don't worry! We can always pour hot iron on them!

WOMAN 1: Bring back Lady Eboshi!

WOMAN 2: And don't take too long!

[Halfway down the wall, a window opens and two lepers stick their guns out and fire at the Samurai army.]

LEPER MAN: *laughs* I missed. (to Ashitaka) They're bringing boats across the river!

LEPER WOMAN: Go and get Lady Eboshi! We'll hold them off as long as we can!

[Ashitaka strings his bow as Samurai arrows start flying around him.]

ASHITAKA: I'll be back! I promise!

TOKI: We'll be here!

[Ashitaka rides away down the beach as an arrow hits the wall next to Karouku's head.]

Page 42: Princess Mononoke Script


[Ashitaka gets back to the mainland as four soldiers ride nearby.]

ASHITAKA: Looks like they're going to try and cut us off. Run, Yakkul!

[Ashitaka is able to gain the road in front of the riders.]

HORSEMAN 1: You two, go that way!

[Two horsemen break off and ride on the other side of Ashitaka.]

[Ashitaka our rides them, but stops as he comes to a burning valley. He covers his nose with an arm.]

ASHITAKA: Burning animal flesh.

[An arrow comes whizzing through the air and hits Yakkul in the left hind flank.]


YAKKUL: *brays in pain*

[Yakkul rears and throws Ashitaka off and they both roll down the hill. Ashitaka gets up and pulls the arrow out of the elk as two horsemen ride up. Ashitaka draws his sword and grips it, causing the demon mark to grow more over his hand. One of the horsemen rides straight at Ashitaka who holds up his sword and cuts the man's lower right arm off. The other horseman fires an arrow at Ashitaka who places his sword between his teeth and catching the arrow with his hand, firing it back at the soldier, shooting him dead. The other two horsemen arrive and start riding towards Ashitaka who draws another arrow.]

ASHITAKA: Stay back!

[The horsemen continue to advance so Ashitaka fires an arrow and cuts one horseman's head off. The horseman turns his horse around and gallops away. Ashitaka then runs over to Yakkul.]

ASHITAKA: Show me your wound. You'll have to stay here. Wait for me! I'll come back for you!

[Ashitaka runs down a hill, but Yakkul stubbornly follows.]

ASHITAKA: I said stay!

[Yakkul continues to follow Ashitaka who picks up the reins and leads him along.]

ASHITAKA: We're almost there, my friend.

[Ashitaka travels across the land until he reaches a hill that overlooks a valley covered in the carcasses of the boars. A man sits nearby with a shovel, so Ashitaka goes to him. Two of Jigo's monk's step up, and interrupt.]

Page 43: Princess Mononoke Script

MONK 1: Who goes there? My orders are no outsiders permitted here.

ASHITAKA: All right, but I've just come from IronTown. I have a message for Lady Eboshi. Tell me where I can find her.

MONK 2: The Eboshi woman's not here. Give me the message. I'll make sure she gets it.

ASHITAKA: I must speak with her. Now where is she?

[Several IronTown men appear behind the two monks.]

MAN 1: I-It's really you?! You're still alive, lad?!

[Two men run up to Ashitaka.]

ASHITAKA: It looks like you men have had a worse time than I did.

MAN 1: We've been burying our friends all day.

MAN 2: It was horrible! Horrible!

ASHITAKA: IronTown has come under attack.

MAN 1: What?!

ASHITAKA: The women and the leper's have fallen back to the inner wall. We haven't got a lot of time.

MAN 1: Those Samurai bastards!

MAN 2: Asano must have just been waiting for us to leave IronTown.

ASHITAKA: Now, I must find Lady Eboshi.

MAN 1: She's off hunting down the Forest Spirit.

ASHITAKA: Then someone's got to stop her! Call her back!

MAN 1: If you're all done, I want you out of here. The rest of you, keep digging!

MAN 2: Wait! What about IronTown?!

MAN 1: That's right! It's our home!

MAN 3: What do they expect us to do? Just abandon IronTown?

[The men, except one standing next to Ashitaka and the one kneeling in front of him, crowd around the two monks.]

Page 44: Princess Mononoke Script

MAN 4: You heard the man! We haven't got a moment to lose!

MAN 2: Send the message to Lady Eboshi!

MONK 1: The forest is too big! No messenger would have a chance finding her!

MAN 1: Send out a hunter! What else are they good for?!

[The man next to Ashitaka turns to him.]

MAN 3: Lady Eboshi's just being used by Jigo.

ASHITAKA: Tell me something. When you fought with the boars, were there any wolves with them? Did you see San? The Wolf girl?!

MAN 3: I have no idea. It was pitch black when the animals came at us.

MAN 5: She was there. I saw her.

[Ashitaka kneels down next to the man.]

MAN 5: I was right in the front line. I saw everything! Everything!

ASHITAKA: What happened?

MAN 5: I'm not sure! Everything started happening so fast, it was like a nightmare!

MAN 3: Jigo's troops put us in front as bait to lure the boars in They didn't tell us about the land mines beneath our feet or the grenades coming in on top of us.

ASHITAKA: *gasps*

[Ashitaka senses that one of the wolf cubs are nearby. He runs over a rise and sees the younger wolf trapped under a boar carcass, trying to get out and foaming at the mouth with the exertion. Ashitaka runs up to the wolf.]

YOUNGER WOLF: *snarls*

ASHITAKA: Where is she? Where's San?

YOUNGER WOLF: *snarls*

ASHITAKA: Take it easy. I'm trying to get you out.

[Ashitaka kneels down and pushes up on the carcass trying to lift it up, but it's too heavy One of the IronTown men appear on the rise and looks down.]

MAN 3: Ahh! There's a wolf over here! Hey! Hurry! (to Ashitaka) Young master, what are you doing?

Page 45: Princess Mononoke Script

[The other men as well as the two monks run up.]

MAN 1: What's going on?

MONK 1: Move! What do you think you're doing?!

ASHITAKA: I have got to find Lady Eboshi. This wolf is going to help me find her.

MONK 1: You're on their side, aren't you, boy?

MONK 2: Stand aside!

ASHITAKA: What's more important to all of you? The head of the Forest Spirit or saving your town!

[The first monk blows through a tube, releasing a dark which Ashitaka just manages to dodge as it pierces the carcass right next to his head. the second monk fires one as well and that lands on the other side of Ashitaka's head in the carcass. The carcass is too heavy, though, and lands back down on Ashitaka and the wolf.]

MAN 2: those darts are poison! That's enough now!

[The men attack the monks, knocking them out with shovels and rocks. They then run down to Ashitaka and gather around the carcass.]

MAN 1: Come on, let's get this thing off him! All together now!

MEN: Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave!

[The men are able to lift the carcass freeing Ashitaka and the wolf.]

MAN 4: Look out!

[The men back away as the wolf stands up. Yakkul, whose been standing nearby, walks up to the wolf and they touch noses.]

MEN: *gasp*

ASHITAKA: After you come through the swamp, take cover by the lake 'till we et there.

MEN: Right.

MAN 1: Be careful. Those rifle men with my Lady belong to Jigo.

[Ashitaka hands a man his bow and arrows.]

ASHITAKA: Here, take these. Where I'm going they won't be of any use.

[Ashitaka then runs up to Yakkul.]

Page 46: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: You go with them, Yakkul. (to men) Take care of him!

[Ashitaka starts running with the wolf next to him.]

ASHITAKA: Find San! That's where we'll find Eboshi!

[In the forest, Jigo, Lady Eboshi, and Gonza stand next to the path as their men walk in by in front of them.]

JIGO: Come on. Keep moving, straight ahead. Today we finish this.

[A tracker runs up from behind and stops behind Jigo.]


JIGO: Yes. Have you spotted them?

TRACKER: Okkoto is badly wounded, but he and the wolf girl are making their way to the realm of the Forest Spirit.

JIGO: So, they're going to beg him for his help, are they? Keep after them. But stay out of sight or you'll frighten the Forest Spirit away.

TRACKER: Yes, sir. I understand.

[The tracker leaves.]

EBOSHI: That was boar's blood painted on his face, wasn't it?

JIGO: uh-huh. A little trade secret. Don't want to spell human.

[In another part of the forest, San leads a badly wounded Okkoto through the forest. Behind them, the older wolf makes his way slowly forward.]

SAN: We're almost to the pool of the Forest Spirit. Just a little farther. Keep going.

[One of Okkoto's feet slip on a rock and he falls to the ground, throwing San into a rock.]

SAN: Ahh!

[San hears something in the distance.]

SAN: What was that?

[San returns to Okkoto, who's trying to get back up.]

SAN: Lord Okkoto, something's wrong. We have to keep moving.

Page 47: Princess Mononoke Script

OLDER WOLF: Something's out there.

SAN: But what? With so much blood in the air, I can't smell it.

[Suddenly sticks start hitting them from above.]

SAN: *gasps*

[San looks up and sees the Ape Tribe sitting in the trees.]

SAN: I should of known it was you!

APE 1: You did this!

APE 2: Because of you, the forest will die.

SAN: You're wrong! We've all been fighting to save it. This is the thanks you give us?!

APE 1: You bring bad things.

APE 2: Bad things coming. Neither human nor animal.

SAN: What do you mean neither human nor animal?

[Hundreds of mice suddenly run out of the trees and over and around San and the wolf to get away.]

APE 1: They're coming!

APE 2: It's the end for us!

[The apes leave as something appears in the distance. San looks closely and sees a boar with eyeless sockets looking at them. More appear behind them.]

SAN: They're warriors.

OKKOTO: *sniff* They've come back! My warriors! They have come back to me from the land of the dead! *squeals* Forward my warriors!

[Okkoto gets up and starts running ahead. San grabs hold of one of his tusks and hangs on.]

SAN: Lord Okkoto, listen!

OKKOTO: Forward to the pool of the Forest Spirit!

SAN: Okkoto. No wait!

[Okkoto crashes through rocks and trees as the hunters in the boars carcasses follow.]

SAN: No, Lord Okkoto! Your warriors haven't come back to you! Those are humans, wearing the skins of

Page 48: Princess Mononoke Script

your warriors to hide their scent! It's a trick! Don't you understand?! It's just a human trick to get us to lead them to the Forest Spirit.

OKKOTO: Come out, Forest Spirit! If you are truly master her, give my warriors the power to slay the humans, and be victorious!

SAN: Stop, Lord Okkoto! Please! You've got to listen!

OLDER WOLF: San, they're al around us! Okkoto's done for! Leave him!

SAN: No! I won't let him turn into a demon like Nago did! Tell mother that the humans are setting a trap for the Forest Spirit. She'll know what to do.

[San rubs the wolf muzzle.]

SAN: You'll have to hurry, or it could mean the end of all of us! Go on now.

[The wolf jumps over the boars and runs off into the forest. Okkoto collapses in a small clearing as the human-boars circle around, closing in on them. San lifts her spear and faces them.]

SAN: Stay back or you die! And then this whole forest will see just what you really are!

[In the distance a wolf howls. San listens intently.]

SAN: Ashitaka?!

[The human-boars close in around them and start attacking Okkoto.]

OKKOTO: *squeals in pain*

SAN: Get back!

[San swings her spear around, pushing the boars back.]

OKKOTO: I burn. There're flames growing inside of me!

[Red squiggly things come out of Okkoto's head and body. San runs over and tries to wipe them off.]

SAN: Ahh! You must fight it! Don't let yourself become a demon!

[One of the warriors lifts up a hand holding a sling and starts twirling it.]

SAN: Lord Okkoto! Ah!

[The rock in the sling hits San in the back of the head, knocking her out, and causing her to fall on Okkoto. The red squiggles take over and grow around San, trapping her.]

[On the outside of the forest, Ashitaka and the younger wolf stand, listening.]

Page 49: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: What is it?

[In the distance a wolf howls.]

ASHITAKA: Is it San?

YOUNGER WOLF: She's in danger!

ASHITAKA: Let's go!

[Ashitaka jumps down the cliff and starts running through the forest, the wolf by his side.]

[Back in the clearing, Okkoto lifts his head and squeals in rage. San comes to, but cannot free herself from the squiggle things.]

SAN: I'm on fire! Ahhh! No! I don't want to become a demon! Please stop, Okkoto!

[Ashitaka continues to run, until the wolf runs a little father ahead.]

YOUNGER WOLF: You're too slow. Get on!

[Ashitaka reaches up and grabs a hold of the wolf, lifting himself up on to its back. The wolf runs and jumps over cliffs and ridges and soon arrives at Eboshi's camp. He runs through the ranks of men, knocking them off their feet and dodging rifle blasts.]


[Up head, Eboshi, Gonza, and Jigo are seen looking back at the approaching wolf. They pass the startled humans and Ashitaka jumps off the wolf.]

ASHITAKA: You keep going!

[The wolf disappears into the trees as Ashitaka turns and faces Eboshi.]

ASHITAKA: Eboshi! I have something to say!

JIGO: Hold your fire!

EBOSHI: What is it you want?

ASHITAKA: Lord Asano's Samurai have attacked IronTown. The women are out numbered. They can't hold them off for long! Forget about the Forest Spirit! Your men are already heading back to IronTown, but they need you to lead them!

EBOSHI: What proof is there this isn't a lie?!

ASHITAKA: Lie?! Don't be ridiculous! What reason do I have to lie?!

Page 50: Princess Mononoke Script

EBOSHI: So, it's don't kill the Forest God, now you want us to kill Samurai instead?

ASHITAKA: No! What I want is for the forest and the humans to live in peace!

[Ashitaka turns and follows the wolf into the forest.]

JIGO: Just who's side is he on anyway?

GONZA: Shouldn't we go back?

EBOSHI: The women are on their own now. I've done all I can for them. They can take care of themselves.

[Eboshi continues walking on their present course.]

EBOSHI: There's the pool Karouku told us about. the creature must be somewhere nearby.

[Jigo hangs back and lets the others go forward. One of his men walk up to him.]

JIGO: It's the moment of truth, boys. So keep your eyes peeled.

MONK: Why do we need that woman sir?

JIGO: When you're going to kill a god, let someone else do your dirty work.

[Ashitaka arrives at the pool and sees Moro lying in the water, her head on dry land.]

ASHITAKA: Moro! What happened to you? San! It's me! Ashitaka! San!!

[In the distance, Ashitaka's voice echo's over Okkoto, waking San.]

ASHITAKA: (echo) San!!

SAN: Ashitaka!!

[Back at the pool, Ashitaka listens.]

SAN: (echo) Ashitaka!!

[Ashitaka looks into the direction of her voice and sees Okkoto appearing between the trees, covered in red squiggly's.]

ASHITAKA: *gasps* Okkoto. Turned into a demon.

[The human-boars surround Ashitaka and some point darts launchers out of the eye sockets.]

WARRIOR: Leave, boy!

Page 51: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: Fight me, and the Forest Spirit will never come.

[Ashitaka walks towards Okkoto as the boars back away.]

ASHITAKA: Lord Okkoto! Calm your fury!

[Okkoto stops in front of Ashitaka.]

ASHITAKA: Oh, mighty Lord. Let me have the girl, I beg of you. Please, let her go. San! Are you there? It's me, Ashitaka!

OKKOTO: *squeals*

[Ashitaka spots San's foot trapped in the squiggly's.]

ASHITAKA: *gasp* San!

OKKOTO: *squeals*

WARRIOR: Kill him!

[Darts fly as Ashitaka ducks, avoiding them, then movies forward towards Okkoto.]


WARRIOR: Stop him! He'll ruin everything!

[Ashitaka jumps onto Okkoto's head and starts to dig through the squiggly's.]


OKKOTO: *squeals*


[Ashitaka finally spots San and lifts her head up.]


[San opens her eyes.]

SAN: Ashitaka.

[Okkoto squeals and tosses his head, freeing Ashitaka, but keeping San.]


SAN: Ashitaka!

Page 52: Princess Mononoke Script

[Ashitaka bounces onto Moro's head then splashes into the water.]

MORO: Here I was saving the last of my strength the bite off that damn woman's head. But I must save San.

[Squiggly's from Okkoto go flying, burning holes in the boar skins. Monks, warriors, and trackers jump up, screaming, as the two wolf brothers arrive, They advance on the humans who are trying to use the skins as shields.]

WARRIOR: Use your grenades!

[The fighters throw grenades at the wolves, who dodge them, then run to stand on either side of their mother, who is trying to stand up. all three face Okkoto.]

MORO: Don't touch him. He's no longer a god.

[Okkoto squeals, spewing blood, as the two wolf pups back away.]

MORO: You can't even speak, can you?

[Jigo and Eboshi arrive nearby and watch. Jigo turns to one of his men.]

JIGO: Well done, men. Now fall back and get the wounded out of here. Go on.

[Jigo turns back to the pool.]

JIGO: What a revolting spectacle.

[Eboshi readies her rifle as Jigo looks over to the island in the lake and spots the Spirit.]

JIGO: It's him.

[The Forest Spirit emerges from the island and starts walking on top of the water, towards the two gods. Moro bits down on Okkoto's head trying to find San.]

MORO: Give me back my daughter, Demon!

[Moro soon backs away as Okkoto stops and stares at the approaching Forest Spirit. The red turns old and brown as Moro weakly tries to stand.]

MORO: Ashitaka. Can you save the girl you love?

[Ashitaka, still in the lake, wakes up and swims to the surface, right in front of the Forest Spirit.]

ASHITAKA: The Forest Spirit.

[Eboshi fires her rifle and the bullet goes through one of the Spirit's ears and out the other, causing it to pause and start to stink.]

Page 53: Princess Mononoke Script

ASHITAKA: *gasp* Eboshi! Hold your fire!

[The Forest Spirit looks at Ashitaka and steps back on top of the water and continues to walk towards Okkoto.]

ASHITAKA: Eboshi, your enemy is not the Forest Spirit!

[Ashitaka turns and swims towards land.]

JIGO: But that should of killed it.

EBOSHI: He's a god, it'll take more than one shot.


[Ashitaka runs up to Moro and pulls San out of her mouth. He carries her to the lake and jumps in.]

ASHITAKA: Don't die!

[The Forest Spirit walks up to Okkoto and touches his nose. Okkoto falls to the ground, dead, followed by Moro.]

JIGO: I don't get it. The Great Forest Spirit took their lives away.

[Jigo watches and gasps when he sees the moon appearing.]

JIGO: Quick, he's starting to change!

EBOSHI: Now watch closely everyone. I'm going to show you how to kill a god. A god of life and death. The trick is not to fear him.

[Eboshi runs out into the open and holds the rifle up to the transforming Forest Spirit. Ashitaka and San break through the surface and see Eboshi. Ashitaka draws his sword and throws it at the rifle.]

ASHITAKA: No stop!

[The sword lodges halfway into the rifle and Eboshi looks at Ashitaka whose leaving the lake, carrying San.]


[Eboshi points the rifle back at the Spirit, but it just looks at her and leaves and flowers start springing up around the rifle. Eboshi wipes them away and raises the rifle.]

EBOSHI: You will die!

[The rifle fires and the bullet tears right through the neck, dislodging the head.]

Page 54: Princess Mononoke Script

SAN: *gasp*

JIGO: She did it! Quickly, go get the head!

[The head of the Forest Spirit falls to the ground as the rest of the body transforms. The translucent purple body spews out gobs of purple, killing everything it touches. It sprays through the trees killing all the men but four, carrying the box. San and Ashitaka fall back into the water as one bubble shoots by. Eboshi picks up the head.]

EBOSHI: Quick Jigo! Bring me that box of yours.

JIGO: The porters are all dead! Hurry. Hurry!

EBOSHI: Be careful not to touch the spirit's body. It will suck the life out of you!

[Moro's head opens its eyes and stares at Eboshi.]

EBOSHI: Here it is. One head, as promised!

[Eboshi tosses the head to Jigo who catches it as Gonza runs past.]

GONZA: Watch out!

[Eboshi looks behind her just as Moro's head leaps up and bites off her right arm. The head bounces into a purple bubble and is no more. Gonza catches Eboshi before she falls.]


GONZA: My Lady!

EBOSHI: I told you. A wolf's head can still bite.

JIGO: Come one. We gotta get out of here! Hurry!

[Ashitaka breaks through the surface of the water near Gonza and Lady Eboshi. He runs up and takes Eboshi from Gonza.]

ASHITAKA: Gonza, we've got to get to the island!

GONZA: Island? I can't swim!

ASHITAKA: Then walk along the bottom!

[Ashitaka pulls the fainted Eboshi into the water and walks along the bottom towards the island. Gonza wades in, taking off his straw cape and hat and diving under just as a purple blob floated by. As they made their way to the island, the headless Forest Spirit was moving around. Everything it touched died. Kodama's fell out of their trees dead. Once they touched an objet, they disappeared. At the island, Ashitaka pulled Eboshi halfway onto the land where San runs over to them, tearing the cord around her neck which held the crystal dagger.]

Page 55: Princess Mononoke Script

SAN: Give her to me! I'll cut her throat!

ASHITAKA: Your claim has been avenged. Your mother saw to that (to Eboshi) Here.

[Ashitaka pulls off his outer shirt and starts tying it around Eboshi. Gonza comes up to them.]

GONZA: Lady Eboshi!

ASHITAKA: Help me!

EBOSHI: Don't waste your sympathy.

ASHITAKA: I promised Toki that I'd bring you back to IronTown.

[Ashitaka looks up back to the mainland and the Forest Spirit.]

ASHITAKA: He's searching for his head. We can't stay here.

[Ashitaka approaches San as Gonza picks up Eboshi.]

ASHITAKA: San? You have got to help us.

SAN: No! You're on their side, you always were! Take that damn woman and just go away!


SAN: Never! I hate all of you human!

ASHITAKA: Yes, I'm human, San. And so are you.

SAN: Stop it! I'm a wolf, you hear?


SAN: Stay back!

[San hits his chest with the dagger, but then realizes what she just did. Ashitaka holds out his arms and holds her to him.]

ASHITAKA: I'm sorry. I tried to stop it.

SAN: It's over. Everything's over. The forest is dead.

[Ashitaka pulls away and looks at San.]

ASHITAKA: Nothing is over. The two of us are still alive. Now, will you help me, San?

[Back on the mainland, Jigo and the three men with him, run through the forest as what's left of their band

Page 56: Princess Mononoke Script

run away.]

JIGO: A little crisis and they panic. Whoa!

[The men carrying the box slip and all four of them fall down a crevice. Jigo looks up and sees the purple glob descending down on them. The box starts to shake.]

JIGO: Look! The head is moving! It's pulling him to us!

[Jigo and the men grab the box and start to run away again.]

[Back at IronTown, everything's quiet except for some snores from the women sleeping and the light tap of a small hammer as one of the leper women fix a rifle. Toki sits next to her and Karouku sleeps on the other side of Toki. The woman hands the rifle back to Toki.

LEPER WOMAN: There you go, Toki. It shouldn't jam anymore.

TOKI: Thanks.

LEPER WOMAN: It's awfully quiet.

TOKI: Asano is waiting for sunrise.

LEPER WOMAN: I wonder if that young man ever found Lady Eboshi.

TOKI: Don't worry about him. He found her all right. They'll be marching over that hill any minute now.

KAROUKU: *snores*

TOKI: Big dope. Don't ask me why I love him.

[Toki shakes Karouku.]

TOKI: Hey, Karouku!

LEPER WOMAN: Oh, let him sleep, Toki. While he can.

[In the distance, Toki hears something.]

TOKI: Huh?

[She runs to the front of the stockade where other women have gathered and looks out into the forest.]

WOMAN 1: What's that?

TOKI: I don't know. But I don't like it.

[Suddenly over the hill top the forest spirit appears and a wave of purple glob rolls down the mountain.]

Page 57: Princess Mononoke Script

WOMEN: *gasp*

TOKI: It's the Night Walker!

[The purple wave crashes through Asano's camp, sending half-dressed men and horses running.]

TOKI: Everybody hold your positions.

WOMAN 2: Toki, it's coming right at us!

KAROUKU: Run! We gotta go!

TOKI: No! We promised Lady Eboshi we would defend IronTown!

[Toki looks down the beach and see two wolves running towards them, each carrying San and Ashitaka.]

TOKI: Look! Over there! He's come back!

[Ashitaka jumps off his wolf and looks up at the women.]

ASHITAKA: Get everyone out! The Great Spirit's head's been cut off and he wants it back! If that black ooze touches you, your dead! Run for the lake! The water will slow it down! Lady Eboshi and the men are on their way over from the other side! I'm going to try to return his head before he kills us all! Hurry!

[Ashitaka jumps back on the wolf and they run away as the ooze washes over where they had just been standing.]

WOMEN: It's too late! What are we going to do now?! It'll kill us all! Now what?

TOKI: That's enough! Get everyone down to the lake and stay calm. We can carry the sick and the wounded.

[All the women start to panic and run around as the ooze crashes through the walls of the town. Most of the women run down to the beach, but some run out to the land.]

TOKI: Not that way! Stop!

[Toki's the last to leave IronTown and run to the beach as the ooze crashes to the land, killing the women who were running that way. Carrying the leper woman Toki joins Karouku in the water.]

KAROUKU: Ahh! there it goes!

[They watch as the ooze climbs up the walls of the forge.]

KAROUKU: We're done for! Once the forge burns that's it. That'll be the end of IronTown.

TOKI: We're still alive, Karouku. We'll manage somehow, now let's go.

Page 58: Princess Mononoke Script

[The two make their way to the rest of IronTown out in the middle of the lake.]

[One a crest of a hill, San and Ashitaka ride, searching for Jigo and the head.]

SAN: There they are!

[San points in the distance where Jigo and the three men are trying to beat the approaching spirit to the rise of the hill. San and Ashitaka jump off the wolves and run towards them.]

SAN: (to wolves) Go!

[The wolves run away from the approaching spirit as San and Ashitaka run up to Jigo.]

ASHITAKA: Stop right there!

JIGO: Whoa! Oh, your both alive. How nice.

ASHITAKA: I'm giving the creature back it's head. Put the box down and back away.

JIGO: Give the head back now? Come on, boy, don't be silly. Now? When the suns about to come up? Look! He's a brainless, swollen, life sucking, God of Death! But at sunrise, he'll vanish, like a bad dream!

MAN 1: Sir! It's coming! We gotta get out of here!

JIGO: Look, everyone wants everything. That's the way the world is. But I might actually get it.

ASHITAKA: Don't force me to kill you.

JIGO: Oh, dear, you make it sound so very easy. You really out to relax!

[Jigo attacks Ashitaka as one of the other men go after San with a dagger.]

JIGO: (to two men left) Get going!

[The two men run for the crest of the hill, carrying the box, as San runs after them. They trip, letting go of the box as it tumbles back down the hill. The two men run away as San runs after the box.]

SAN: Ashitaka!

[Ashitaka turns and sees the rolling box as Jigo steps out in front of it.

JIGO: I got it!

[The box hits Jigo in the chest and continues to roll down, bringing Jigo with it.]

JIGO: Everything's... uff... under... oh...control!

[The box lands on top of a large and stops rolling. The remaining man, Ashitaka, and San run on to the

Page 59: Princess Mononoke Script


JIGO: This is bad.

MAN 2: Master, we're surrounded! Yeahh!!

[The ooze surrounds them on all sides.]

JIGO: Come on sun, rise!

ASHITAKA: Open the box!

JIGO: Don't you see? It's too late for that now.

SAN: Why are you wasting your breath talking to him?

ASHITAKA: Human hands must return it!

JIGO: Don't say I didn't warn you.

[Jigo opens the box and Ashitaka and San reach inside and pull out the head. They hold it above their heads and San gasps as a purple demon mark starts spreading on her as Ashitaka as well.]

ASHITAKA: Forest Spirit! We give you back your head! Take it, and be in peace!

[The headless Forest Spirit stops and 'looks' down.]

JIGO: Ahh... well, that got his attention all right.

[The neck reaches down, turning yellow and envelops its head, Ashitaka, San, Jigo, and the man. Everything suddenly turns very quiet as the IronTown women stand in the water, waiting.]

KAROUKU: Well, I think it's over.

WOMAN 1: Look, it's the men!

[The women look over to the other side of the river where a couple of rafts are making their way to them. Yakkul stands on one of them.]

WOMAN 2: the men! The men are back!

MAN: (on raft) I really can't believe we made it! never thought I'd live to see home again!

[A few of the women climb aboard the raft and gather around Eboshi.]

WOMEN: My Lady!

GONZA: Be careful! My Ladyship has been injured.

Page 60: Princess Mononoke Script

[Silence reins as the sun starts to rise. The spirit starts to dissipate as the main body falls towards IronTown.]

MAN: Look! It's falling on IronTown!

[The spirit falls onto the town, disappearing as it hits the water. A strong wind blows up as everyone on and around the raft hang on.]

TOKI: Hang on tight, everybody! Don't let go!

[The wind lets up as slowly, green starts returning to the land. Grass and flowers grow on the land where the ooze had killed it. On the ruins of IronTown, grass grows over it.]

KAROUKU: Huh. I didn't know the Forest Spirit made the flowers grow.

[Back at the rock, tall grass has grown up. The two wolves sit on the rock as Yakkul comes towards them. He stops and bends down to where Ashitaka and San are lying on the ground. Yakkul nibbles on Ashitaka.]

ASHITAKA: *gasp* San. San, look.

[Ashitaka gently shakes San and she looks up, staring at the grass. Both of them run to the top of the hill and look out at the forest, slowly returning to normal.]

SAN: Even if all the trees return it won't be his forest anymore. The Great Forest Spirit is dead, now.

ASHITAKA: Never. The Forest Spirit is life itself. He's not dead, San. He's here right now. Trying to tell us something. That it's time for both of us to live.

[Ashitaka looks down at his right hand where a faint purple mark remains, to remind him. San climbs onto one of the wolves and looks down at Ashitaka.]

SAN: Ashitaka, you mean so much to me. But I can't forgive the humans for what they've done.

ASHITAKA: I understand. You'll live in the forest and I'll go help then rebuild IronTown. I'll always be near. Yakkul and I will come and visit you whenever we can. all right?

[San nods as she and the wolves return to the forest. On the rock, Jigo sits and watches.]

JIGO: Well, I give up. Can't win against fools.

[In the forest a lone Kodama appears, turns its head to the side and sets it clicking.]

MONONOKE SONGIn the moonlight I felt you heart.Quiver like a bowstrings pulse.In the moon's fair light, you looked at me.Nobody knows your heart.When the sun has gone, I see you.Beautiful and haunting, but cold.

Page 61: Princess Mononoke Script

Like the blade of a knife, so sharp, so sweet.Nobody knows your heart.All of your sorrow, grief and painLocked away in the forest of the night.Your secret heart, belongs to the world,Of the things that sigh in the dark,Of the things that cry in the dark.