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  • Laci Olah Jelle Vastershaeghe Viool Piano

  • Jelle Vastershaeghe is a Belgian classically trained all-round pianist.

    He obtained a Master of Arts Degree at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent,

    Belgium, studying piano with Daan Vandewalle and Vitaly Samoshko. He

    attended classes with Juan Jos Perez Torrecillas.

    He is a highly skilled accompagnist with great stylistic variety and well-

    praised improvising gifts. In addition, he is an arranger and orchestrator,

    focusing on string orchestra and pop ensemble.

    He participates in the Pascale Platel productions C'est

    Moi le Monstre with Charles Dekeyser and KipKappen

    with Paul De Loore. Both productions toured

    extensively in Belgium and the Netherlands; C'est Moi

    le Monstre ended with a standing ovation in the

    Handelsbeurs, Ghent, Belgium.

    Jelle developed his skills as a classical accompagnist in the Vocal

    Classes of Gidon Saks and Marcos Pujol at the Royal Conservatory

    of Ghent, and Lena Lootens at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

    He frequently cooperates with vocalists, a.o. in varit with

    Marleen Iterbeke, preparing Poulenc's La Voix Humaine and a

    World War I anniversary project, and in musical and pop with

    Liesbeth De Wolf. Jelle founded the cabaret crossover

    collective Clabaret with Helene Bracke, mixing classical music

    with cabaret style. He is presenting a classical Lied/Aria

    programme with soprano Jolien De Gendt.

    He recently played at the Salons Mimosa in

    Eeklo, at Bordeau in Oude Vismijn in Ghent,

    Brussels Event Brewery in Molenbeek and Dolce

    La Hulpe in Brussels on New Years Eve.

  • Laci Olah is a classically trained Belgian violinist, orchestrator, and teacher.

    A sixth generation musician, he attributes his development as an all-round

    musician to his heritage and his father, who himself is a classically trained

    and all-round pianist.

    During his studies at the Royal Conservatorie of Brussels, his prominent

    talent was recognized by Igor Oistrakh, who accepted him in his class. He

    continued his studies with Lilia

    Umnova at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, where he

    graduated Master of Arts in Music'' for violin with

    summa cum laude in 2011.

    In 2001 he received the First Prize at the Dexia Competition. His many

    solo achievements include the H. Wieniawsky's Violin Concerto, F.

    Waxman's Carmen Fantasy, and P. Tchaikovsky 's Violin Concerto.

    He has had the privilege of collaborating with such distinguished

    musicians as Michel Tilkin,

    Mikhail Bezverhny, Geert

    Soenen, Guy Penson, Patrick

    Peire, Peter Ritzen, Dirk Brosse,

    Alex Callier, Cdric Murrath

    Laci Olahs Orchestral and Chamber Music development has

    benefited from the collaboration with the string ensemble,

    Timur Und Seine Mannschaft, where he was acting as

    concertmaster from 2007 till 2011.

    Since 2011 he has worked for Musical van Vlaanderen where

    he participated in the production of Oliver! and played the

    fiddler role in the production Fiddler on the Roof.

    In 2012 he was awarded with the position of concertmaster

    in the Hooverphonic with Orchestra project.


    Hooverphonic, he recorded two albums and an a live

    DVD and played over 50 concerts with Hooverphonic

    and toured for over 2 months in the most prestigious

    halls of Belgium, such as the Sportpaleis, 6 times in the

    Elizabethzaal, Capitole Ghent, Viage Brussels, Roma

    Antwerp... He performed live in numerous

    Hooverphonic tv and radio shows in Belgium.

    He recently recorded with Iris van Straten and with canadian superstar Mark Masri. His future

    projects include De Voice van Vlaanderen, a CD recording with Eros Ramazzotti, and he will be

    appointed as the concertmaster for Night of the Proms with the Belgian Session Orchestra.

  • Serenade originated as a collaboration between Laci and Jelle at the

    Royal Conservatory of Ghent. Laci, from a sixth generation all-round

    family, and Jelle, whose grandfather was a crooner, quickly shared

    equal artistic conviction about musical performance: entertaining

    and playing for the audience as the highest priority.

    This conviction translated into the name Serenade.

    Originally proposed as a Master Degree Graduation at the Royal

    Conservatory of Ghent, the first project, Cinema Serenade,

    presented a new sound with their own artistic rendition of film

    music, with string orchestra, rhythm section and themselves as

    soloists. The overwhelming success lead to the next project, as

    they were asked to perform as a ballroom orchestra at the

    Sheraton Hotel in Brussels.

    In addition, Laci and Jelle were asked to perform for the Koning

    Boudewijnstichting in the presence of Prince Filip and Princess Mathilde

    of Belgium. They were celebrated personally by Princess Mathilde for

    their performance.

    They presented the new performance concept Laci

    & Jelle in Concert with sopranos Nadine Heyndrickx

    and Victoria Perez Santisteban. The huge success

    redefined conventional concert experience


    They provided for numorous performances as a professional

    duo in various settings, including bars, restaurants, hotels and

    corporate events, and continue to do so nationally and


  • provides

    professionally finetuned music and performance in extended stylistic variety



    Corporate events

    Concerts and stage performances

    Marriages and funerals


    Bars, hotels & cafs, adjusted to the

    demand of the establishment

    (background music, concert, ballroom




    Jelle Vastershaeghe

    [email protected] +32 (0)496 373 566

    Laci Olah

    [email protected] +32 (0)485 280 623