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Transcript of Press Kit - Bloomerang Press Kit Media contact: press@ Updated July 2013. About Bloomerang...

  • Press Kit Media contact:

    Updated July 2013

  • About Bloomerang Bloomerang helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world. Our cloud-based solution is rooted in principles of philanthropy, simple to use and focused on empowering your team to achieve remarkable results through enhanced donor loyalty.

    Fast Facts:

    Founded: August 2012 Customers: 92 Referral Partners: 90 FTEs: 10 Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN


    To be the world’s best partner to nonprofit organizations, delivering tools and perspectives that generate value for nonprofit donor relationships.

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  • Jay B. Love is CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomerang. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Avectra. Both organizations serve the nonprofit sector only. Prior to Avectra, he was CEO of Social Solutions in Baltimore, MD. He was engaged as a turnaround specialist for them. Prior to Social Solutions, Jay was Senior Vice President of the Arts and Cultural Division of Blackbaud.

    Prior to Blackbaud, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of eTapestry for 10 years. eTapestry was the leading SaaS technology company serving the charity sector. Jay orchestrated the sale of eTapestry to Blackbaud in

    2007 after growing the company to more than 8,000 nonprofit clients and charting seven years of record growth.

    Prior to starting eTapestry, Jay served 14 years as President and CEO of Master Software Corporation. MSC provided a widely used family of database products for the nonprofit sector called Fund-Master. MSC was acquired by Epsilon in 1984 then by American Express in 1986. Jay has also been a business consultant for numerous high tech firms throughout the U.S.

    He is a graduate of Butler University with a B.S. in Business Administration. He currently serves on the boards of

    numerous nonprofits and one private tech company. He and his wife Christie served as Co-Chairs for the Indianapolis YMCA 2011 Capital Campaign and are the proud parents of three children as well as three granddaughters. He was a Founding Chairman of NPower Indiana, Founding Member of Techpoint Foundation and Founding Member of the AFP Business Member Council. He is still an active member of the AFP Ethics Committee. Over the years he has given more than 2,000 speeches around the world for the charity sector.

    Jay Love Co-founder & CEO

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  • With over a decade of experience building “Software as a Service” applications for the nonprofit sector, Rob Signorelli now serves as Bloomerang’s Co-Founder and CTO, leading the team responsible for conceiving, designing, and developing the Bloomerang software.

    Rob began his work in the nonprofit technology sector as an intern at eTapestry while earning his B.S. in Computer Science at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He stayed on as a remote member of the team while studying distributed computing and earning his Master’s degree in Computer

    Science at Indiana University. At the completion of his Master’s, Rob joined the eTapestry team full time in Indianapolis.

    During his ten years at eTapestry and Blackbaud, Rob earned the Employee of the Year honor and progressed into a leadership role on the Development team, becoming a mentor to his fellow developers and eventually leading the team as the youngest Software Architect in Blackbaud’s history.

    In 2010, Rob left eTapestry to take on a new challenge as the Manager of Software

    Development and Lead Architect at Fifth Gear, hired on specifically to design their new “Overdrive” order fulfillment platform. While he enthusiastically rose to the challenge of creating an entirely new system, over time he found that he missed the unique opportunities and challenges that come from working with nonprofit organizations. It was time to get back to his roots, and so Rob decided to bring his wealth of nonprofit technology and product development knowledge to the Bloomerang team.

    Rob Signorelli Co-founder & CTO

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  • Ross Hendrickson COO

    Wayne Robbins VP of Sales

    Steven Shattuck VP of Marketing

    Steven Shattuck is VP of Marketing at Bloomerang. As a HubSpot Certified inbound marketer, he is a frequent contributor to Social Media Today, Search Engine Journal, Business2Community and the Content Marketing Institute. Steven has spoken at national and local conferences, and is frequently interviewed by traditional media outlets in Indianapolis for his expertise in social media marketing.

    Steven serves as Communications Director for the Irvington Halloween Festival, one of the country’s largest and longest-running community events. He also helps organize Startup Weekend Indianapolis, and serves on the marketing-communications committee for CICOA.

    Recipient of the David Letterman Scholarship, he graduated with honors from Ball State University in 2006 with a degree in Telecommunications and Creative Writing.

    Wayne is the Vice President of Sales at Bloomerang. Having over 10 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector, he has been instrumental in shaping the dynamic structure and focus of the how nonprofits use CRM tools to raise more money. Prior to Bloomerang, Wayne spent 5 years helping eTapestry shape new vision and direction for the charity world.

    Wayne also served as Director of Development for a Christian School in Northern Indiana where he was successful in helping orchestrate a successful $1.7 million building campaign for the school’s new education wing and sports complex. Wayne is a graduate of Hyles- Anderson College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion.

    Ross Hendrickson is COO at Bloomerang. Prior to joining Bloomerang, he served for four years as an Account Executive at eTapestry, as well as a Business Analyst at Blackbaud. Most recently, Ross was a Product Manager at Bostech Corporation and Avectra. He holds a B.S. in Economics & Engineering Science from Vanderbilt University.

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  • Visual Guidelines The Bloomerang visual identity is the principal visual expression of the values and people that make up our company. Often times, the visual identity will be the first part of Bloomerang that clients, potential clients, partners, and others will interact with. Before they step into our offices, visit our website, or talk with a salesperson, our visual identity begins to tell the Bloomerang story.

    Bloomerang - Press Kit 6

  • Logo Configuration The Bloomerang logo forms the foundation of our organization’s visual identity. It is custom designed mark that serves as a visual representation of the values and personality of our brand.

    Our logo acts as the face of our brand, and as such should always appear in a specified and consistent manner. To that end, the majority of this graphic standards document is dediccated to its appropriate use.

    Bloomerang - Press Kit 7

  • Logo Configuration Misuse The Bloomerang logo is a custom designed mark. To maintain its integrity, always use approved artwork and always follow the guidelines given in this document. The examples shown here illustrate inappropriate usage of the logo.


    Bloomerang - Press Kit 8

  • Logo Color Variations The Bloomerang logo is designed for use primarily in full color on a white background.

    For instances in which the full color logo is not practical, the colors and color combinations shown here are the only approved alternatives.

    Bloomerang - Press Kit 9

  • Bloomerang - Press Kit 10

  • Logo Color Variations Misuse~ The consistent application of color plays an extremely important role in the Bloomerang identity system. At no time should any unapproved colors or backgrounds be applied to the logo. The examples on this page illustrate inappropriate application of the logo.

    Bloomerang - Press Kit 11

  • Logo Clear Space & Minimum Size Clear Space

    To maintain the integrity of the Bloomerang logo, it is important that the space around it is not encroached upon. To maintain readability and ensure maximum impact, the logo must never appear to be linked to or crowded by copy, images or other graphic elements.

    No matter the size of the logo, the minimum clear space required is equal to the height of the ‘symbol’ in the logomark.

    Minimum Size

    In order for the Bloomerang logo to stand out and to maintain readability, always adhere to the minimum size requirements outlined on this page. As a rule, the logo should never be used at a size smaller than can be clearly executed and viewed.

    Bloomerang - Press Kit 12

  • Proxima Nova is the primary typeface for use on Bloomerang materials. It’s crispness and simplicity make it a prefect complement to our logo, as well as ideal for both print and on-screen use. This font family is available for purchase from

    Calibri is the alternate and complementary typeface for use on Bloomerang materials only when the primary typeface is not available. This font family is available on all Mac OS- and Windows-based computers.


    Bloomerang - Press Kit 13

  • Color Palette & Specifications These are the colors that make up the