Presentations: What Every Planner Needs To Know

Presentations What every planner needs to know

Transcript of Presentations: What Every Planner Needs To Know

PresentationsWhat every planner needs to know

Ryan Link

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Richmond, Virginia


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Planning moves fast

As planners we are

constantly looking

for new tools for

our toolbelt

Work on mastering the

art of presentations


may be the most

valuable tool in

your tool belt

Planning can get stale

We are born storytellers

Experience trumps


“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the

complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.””

-Charles Mingus

The good, the

bad, and the


"One of the things I learned about in the formative stages of my career was

public speaking. I learned by watching lots of presentations, and one thing I

figured out early on is that most CFO-level speakers — particularly CEOs,

particularly male CEOs—really suck as speakers. They're boring; they're

long; they wander around. I saw speech after speech, and I discovered that

if there's anything worse than a speaker who sucks, it's a speaker who

sucks and you have no idea how much longer he or she is going to suck.

That's a horrible feeling.

To prevent you from getting that feeling, I've developed a Top 10 format. All

of my speeches are in Top 10 format, because if you think I suck, I at least

want you to be able to track my progress through the speech so that you

know approximately know how much longer I'm going to suck."

— Guy Kawasaki

1987PowerPoint is born

1995PowerPoint Nirvana

2000Term “Death by PowerPoint” coined

200590% of Presentations Suck (Guy Kawasaki)

The evolution of PowerPoint Presentations

Pecha Kucha: Get to the

PowerPoint in 20 Slides

Then Sit the Hell Down-Daniel Pink

Pecha Kucha: Still

PowerPoint – Just Not

Resulting in Death-Author Unknown

Al Gore's new thinking on the climate crisis

There are three

key components

to successful


Start with a beginners mind

Cheesy Graphics

• (b/f and after examples from PZ)

• Picture of traditional bullet filled slide with presenter

Keep it Simple

There is more

than one way to

skin a cat

BBP Respects the Limits of Working Memory

Apply familiar



Act I: The first five slides

Act II: justifying the call to action

Act III: Back to the beginning

What’s your

point?Why does it



Always bring it back to the point


The window to your soul

Five effective ways to incorporate gestures

of the impact you have

on the phone comes

from your voice84%

of the impact you have on the phone

comes from the words you use16%

Read your audience – get them involved



The Scenario

The Scenario:You are a member of a team from Virginia Tech tasked with developing a presentation that will be given to prospective undergraduate and graduate students. These students currently have the Virginia Tech MURP and Public and Urban Affairs programs on their short-list.

As a team you must develop a 15 minute presentation that makes the case that Virginia Tech is the right choice, the only choice for these prospective students.

Rules:1. Open use of graphics, but must cite (not focused on resolution)