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  • 1. Evaluation Question 4 - How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

2. Throughout the year I have used many different mediatechnologies to create my products. I have used them in theconstruction stages, the research & planning and evaluationstages. In this PowerPoint I am going to explain and giveexamples of the different technologies I have used and howthey have had an impact on my work and if I found themhelpful or not. 3. Final Cut ExpressI used final cut express to produce my teaser trailer. In AS mediaI used final cut express too, but I found it hard to use and felt asif my work I produced from it was not to the standard I wishedfor. But this year in A2 I had much more time to learn on thisand felt as if I have learnt a lot.On Final Cut Express I have produced my teaser trailer for theconstruction of my products and also used it to produce myanimatic in the research and planning. 4. In my teaser trailer I wanted to create the horror genre effect and wanted mytrailer to look as professional as possible. As you can see by these screenshots, I have learnt to fade the soundtrack and also the on screen visuals.Changing the opacity to make a shot fade at the end enabled me to create thehorror genre effect I was aiming for and certain shots because I felt as if thenormal shot-to-shot was not affective enough. 5. I used Prezi in my evaluation stages and research and planning stages. I used it toresearch my sound ideas because I found it easy to uploads videos of different sounds Ihad found on YouTube that I could create on garage band. I could then link them so anidea very quickly and efficiently. I also used Prezi for my primary audience research andto produce my film timeline. I used prezi for my primary audience research because Icould upload screen shots very easy and then link them to the outcome. Also prezi iseasy to work while having an excellent layout and a professional look. Prezi alsoallowed my to be creative by adding my own touch to things by choosing my ownlayout and fonts etc.I feel as if I am skilled on prezi and I have reached my potential because I am proud ofthe work I produce from this technology every time. 6. I used glogster very early in my research and planning. I made a Glogster to show the location, character types and costume that is going to feature in my teaser trailer. I decided to use glogster for this because I did not need to include a lot of text, just a visual image of what I was going to include in my trailer, so I decided glogster was the best media technology to use. Glogster allowed me to be creative an add my own touch on things. I found it easy to use because it is simple and straight forward. This is the glosgter I produced and as you can see, I uploaded similar images of the location where I shot my trailer. Also I included images of the costume my characters would be wearing. I also put images of the props I planned to use in the trailer. Glogster allowed me to show in clear detail what I was planning on doing in my trailer, instead of putting it down in words because I wouldnt have been able to describe this in words. I also added a horror genre touch on this by having a red/black background. 7. Garage BandI used garage band in the construction of my trailer to get the corrects sound effects andsoundtrack fro my trailer. I had not used garage band much before but I had an idea ofhow to use it. I enjoyed using this because I had the chance to experiment differentsounds and to see what sounded best with my trailer. The advantages of using garageband was that I could experiment what sounded best and it was quick and easy to re-new it if it did not create the correct effect I was aiming for. If I had to say somedisadvantages of using garage band was that I was limited to certain sounds to chosefrom but I found the ones I was looking for.Here are some screenshots of me using garage band,as you can see on the first image I am searchingthrough the sounds trying to find the best one to fitmy trailer. The second image I am putting togethermy soundtrack.I would say that I am fairly skilled on garage band butI have not reached my full potential on it, there arestill things I have to learn but I am pleased of theoutcome of my product from using garage band. 8. I have used blogger to publish all the work I have done. I used it in theconstruction stages, the research & planning and evaluation stages of mywork. Blogger didnt just allow me to record each stage of my productionbut du to its online nature it allowed me to produce better work as I couldget inspirational ideas that I included into my work. Blogger has allowedme to achieve the most out of my products because of the layout, whenlooking through my blog, if something did not look he way I wished for, Ican easily go back to the product and adjust certain things and thenupload it again into blogger. The advantages of using blogger is that itseasy to keep track of what you have done and if it is up to your standards.Also it is easy to use and looks and effective way to present your work. 9. Here are some screen shots of my blog, you can see how it is presented therefore canunderstand how I can use this layout to look over my work and improve it if needed. 10. Adobe PhotoshopI used Photoshop to create the magazine front cover and poster for part ofmy construction work. I feel as if I have gained a lot more skills from AS. Ihave learnt a lot more of the tools on Photoshop and made this evident inmy work. I have learnt how to correctly use the layers and how to orderthem to make text/images over the top of other things or behind them.I feel as if I have used Photoshop to the best of my ability but maybe thereis still room for improvement. The advantages of using Photoshop is that Icould create the genre I was aiming for and create professional products. 11. In this screen shot I am changingthe layer style. I am putting aneffect on the text to make it standand and more visible to thepotential reader.This is a skill I have grown to bemore confident with and thereforemade this evident in my product.In this screen shot I am placing text in theplace I wanted to put it. This is going to be partof my sell lines. This is not a new skill I havelearnt but thought I would include this screenshot to show me using Photoshop.