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  • PresentationSECRETS a book by Alexei Kapterev
  • I live in Moscow and I teach at theMoscow Universitys business school
  • 4 year s ago I pub lisheda pr esen tation Slideshare on
  • As se TV! en onW hich became one the worlds most popular presentation about presentations (funny, yes)
  • B ut letme makea small confession...
  • Back then Iwasnt reallymuch of aguru myself
  • I was justmaking myfirst steps
  • But when Death by Powerpoint went viral, lotsof people came to me asking for helP!
  • I had nochoice butto becomean expert
  • Q: So, 4 years later, do we still suffer from Death by Powerpoint? YES.A:
  • Most presentations still have:Incomprehensible Lousy Sleep-inducing structure slides delivery
  • TypicalstructureYou cannot summarize the argumentNo answer to the question why bother?No story arc just tons of facts
  • Typical slides (it did get a bit better, but still)Too much text and dataAesthetics? Whats aesthetics?Pictures for the sake of pictures
  • Typical delivery Talking to the mic, not to the audience Mo-no-to-ny-mo-no-to-ny-mo-no-to-ny Scripted, canned inauthentic
  • What is still wrong?
  • Bad presenters share either of the 2 extreme beliefs: orIts voodoo magic, You can do it you have to be by following born with it 3 simple rules
  • areOK, presentationsdifficult(This is true and Im notgonna lie to you on this)
  • It m ight SEEM likeyou have to become: Scriptwriter YOU Designer Actor
  • But afterdoing it myself Im convinced:EVERYONECAN DO IT
  • 4 RULEIts just NEVER PRESE a matter of 1. Dont esimple rules. 2. Use san 3. Avoid uFor example 4. Always
  • The ruleUse pictures not wordsoften leads to irrelevant,cheesy slides
  • So I suggest adopting3 PRINCIPLES (not rules):Focus Contrast Unity
  • Focus Contrast Unity Our attention is limited, so weshould FOCUS only on few things and leave out the rest.
  • Focus Contrast UnityWe can truly understand facts only in CONTRAST to other facts.
  • Focus Contrast Unity By working from a SIGNLE UNIFIED METAPHORyou achieve internal consistency.
  • Theory pracTice Now, principles are easy. Applying them is hard.Let me give you some examples.
  • Structure 1st point 2 nd point GOAL 3 rd point 4 th point Ideally, a presentation should haveONE GOAL supported by 3-5 KEY POINTS.
  • Slides LARGE BIG STATEMENT PICTURE Much Smaller Supporting KEY INDICATOR Points A slide should have a CLEAR FOCAL POINT, something it is about.
  • Delivery A presenter has to GUIDE the audiences attention, making sure they can FOLLOW.
  • Structure The story must describe both solutionsand PROBLEMS otherwise its POINTLESS.
  • Slides Best illustrations COMPARE or show things CHANGING.
  • Delivery Great presenters ENGAGE * the audience. * Engage [engj]: 1. occupy, attract, or involve 2. enter into conflict or combat
  • Structure Solution + Intro Call for action Problem The S-curve is a CLASSIC PATTERN of CHANGE. Whats the overall pattern of your story?
  • Slides This font works with this object This font works with this objectWhats your OVERALL DESIGN METAPHOR? For this presentation its a whiteboard.
  • Delivery Improvise Rehearse Both improvisation and rehearsal areINDISPENSABLE if you want to look authentic.
  • OK, principles areimportant, but thisbook is NOT aboutthe principles.It is mostly aboutILLUSTRATIONS,EXAMPLES, CASES.
  • I believe that bystudying examples youlearn to APPLY thoseprinciples CREATIVELY and this is the secretof GREAT presentations.Get your copy ofPresentation Secrets ALEXEI KAPTEREVon