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PRESENTATION ON WEB BROWSER Prepared by- Swasat Dutta CIT/13/AM/004

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Prepared by-Swasat DuttaCIT/13/AM/004

What is web browser

Aweb browser(commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

Privacy and security

Most browsers supportHTTP Secureand offer quick and easy ways to delete the web cache,cookies. and browsing history. For a comparison of the current security vulnerabilities of browsers, seecomparison of web browsers.


The primary purpose of a web browser is to bring information resources to the user , allowing them to view the information and then access other information .

This process begins when the user inputs aUniform Resource Locator (URL), for example into the browser. The prefix of the URL, the Uniform Resource Identifier orURI, determines how the URL will be interpreted. The most commonly used kind of URI starts withhttp:and identifies a resource to be retrieved over theHypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Different types of web browser

Google chromeInternet exploreSafariOperaMozilla FirefoxMany more

Google chromeDeveloped by-GoogleEngine- WebkitLanguages- 50ThemesWritten in C++,Java script

Mozilla firefox Developed by-Mozilla corporationWritten in C,C++, CSS , Java scriptEngine- GeckoLanguages-75ThemesDownload manager

OperaDeveloped by- Opera softwareWritten in : C++Engine- PrestoLanguages- 45Speed dialOpera Link

Internet exploreDeveloped by-MicrosoftLanguages-33Search suggestionsSmarter address bar

safariDeveloped by-AppleEngine- WebkitWritten in C++Pop up ad blockingText searchSpell checkingDisable images

Interface of Google chrome

Interface of Safari

Interface of opera

Interface of Mozilla

Interface of Internet explore