Presentation on film festivals and markets for South Africans

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Markets and Festivals By Mayenzeke Baza and Pascal Schmitz

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This presentation covers the major festivals and markets in the world and compares them to local South African festivals and markets and to each other as well as explains how to prepare for them

Transcript of Presentation on film festivals and markets for South Africans

  • Markets and Festivals By Mayenzeke Baza and Pascal Schmitz
  • What is the purpose of a festival?
  • Purpose 1. Buzz around the film 2. Raising your profile 3. Getting attention of buyers (distributors) 4. Networking 5. Learning (from good films, panel discussions) 6. Pitching new projects 7. One on one sessions 8. Co-production
  • Lets Compare Feature Festivals Cannes/Berlinale DIFF
  • Lets Compare Feature Festivals CANNES/BERLINALE Red carpet, paparazzi, celebrities, global media buzz, black tie Narrow selection of films, hardly any SA filmse.g.. Skoonheid: Oliver Hermanus at Cannes Short films - Launch pad for new directing talent Berlinale Talent Campus DIFF You will be the only one wearing a tuxedo- no red carpet More SA Films- Higher chances to get selected DFM- Durban Film Mart Talent Campus- Satellite TC from Berlinale
  • Lets Compare Documentary Festivals IDFA/HOTDOCS ENCOUNTERS
  • Lets Compare Documentary Festivals IDFA/HOTDOCS Forum pitching sessions as main events Top docies in the world- narrow selection Some SA films every now and then Docs for sale/Doc shop - mini market element Education (Top international speakers) panels, master classes, workshops Networking (very social) ENCOUNTERS Aljazeera pitch- small scale More SA films No mini market Education- panels, master classes, workshops Networking
  • What is the purpose of a Film/TV Market? t
  • Purpose 1. Selling!! Stands by Sales agents, Distributors 2. Acquisitions (Buyers)- Walk arounds by Distributors, Broadcasters 3. Networking !!! 4. Education Panels, workshops, keynotes 5. Media buzz / launches- New TV shows ..e.g. black sails 6. Co-production 7. No red carpet screenings
  • Lets Compare TV Markets MIPCOM/MIPTV DISCOP
  • Lets Compare TV Markets MIPCOM/MIPTV Biggest TV/ Content market in the world Content from any country for any country More demand to match supply Education (Top international speakers) panels, keynotes, industry screenings Networking- More business (daytime), Less social (night time) 13000 participants, 4400 buyers, 1700 exhibitors, 100 countries, 250 journalists DISCOP The only TV market in Africa Content from any country predominantly for African buyers More supply than demand Education (more local speakers) Networking benefit of most participants having focus on Africa, more accessible than at bigger markets 2000 participants, 800 companies,70 countries, unknown nr buyers
  • Lets Compare Film Markets EFM/CANNES MARKET AFM
  • Lets Compare Film Markets EFM/CANNES MARKET Art-house and Indie Films Eurocentric market- only 7% attendees are US In-development project and finished films Exhibition format like TV markets - Stands Networking- more social Cannes - 12000 participants, 2000 buyers, 108 countries, 1000 production companies, 400 stands, 5400 films EFM- 8000 participants, 1700 buyers, 94 countries, 170 stands, 816 films AFM Genre and Commercial Films US market focused 99 % finished films market Sales office format- hotel rooms only Networking more business 400 distributors, 1000 production companies, 8000 industry professionals, 70 countries,400 films, More that $800m in deals every year
  • How to Prepare? 1. Research the Market/Festival purpose 2. Research the buyers/investors/ key players 3. Know your projects - do they match the market?, logline, one liner 4. PR and social media campaign at least a month in advance e.g. Facebook, Twitter 5. Package your product artwork, trailer, format facts, . e.g. genre, running time, stage of the project. Electronic versions are best; websites,vimeo,pdfs 6. Package yourself/company- business cards, personal profile, business profile (various versions : 400 words, 100 words etc) 7. Gain access to markets/festival databases- request meetings at least 2 months in advance having done all of the above 8. Prepare your spontaneous elevator pitch- your project in 30 seconds,twitter pitch
  • Now you therenow what? 1. Exercise and pray in the morning - go to market/festival with a positive attitude; people want to meet happy people 2. Orientate yourself at the market/festival on first day- be early and walk around 3. Attend any first timer events/workshops and all official social events 4. Contact the media department or publicity office and try get your story published 5. Keep your breath fresh at all times 6. Look presentable- like you mean business 7. If you have meetings, get there on time ..preferably early 8. Do not pitch in the toilet or within the first 10 minutes of meeting someone 9. Focus on creating relationships- sell yourself more than your project
  • Back homenow what? 1. Exercise and pray in the morning- do not stop 2. Collect any PR published and duplicate to your social media network and local media outlets 3. Send a follow up email and keep the relationships going 4. Send regular emails to keep interested parties updated with your project developments 5. Add all contacts you made to your database , e.g. gmail contacts add info like, market you met them at and description of them and what they do 6. Share what youve learnt with your peers!... UBUNTU!
  • Dates Festival Focus Market Focus City, Country 16-26Jan 2013 Sundance Film Festival Feature Film & Documentary Park City, USA 6-14Feb 2013 Berlinale Feature Film & Documentary European Film Market Feature Film Berlin, Germany 12-14Mar 2013 Rio Content Market TV Content Rio, Brazil 5-10April 2013 MIPTV TV Cannes, France April 2013 Hot Docs Documentary Toronto, Canada 14-23 May, 2013 Cannes Film Festival Feature Film Cannes Film Market Feature Film Cannes, France 7-12 Jun 2013 Sheffield Doc Fest Documentary Meet Market Dcoumentary Sheffield, UK 24-27 Jun 2013 Sunny Side of the Doc Documentary La Rochelle, France 28Aug-7Sept 2014 Venice Film Festival Feature Films Venice, Italy 26 Sept-10Oct. 2014 Rio Film Festival Feature Films Rio, Brazil 5-15Sept 2014 TIFF Feature Toronto, Canada 6-10Oct 2014 MIPCOM TV Content Cannes, France 6-13Nov 2014 AFM Feature Film LA, USA 28Nov-1Dec 2014 IDFA Documentary Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Funding and assistance available to attend festivals 1. NFVF: Festival and Market attendance fund 2. DTI: EMIA (Export Market Investment Assistance) Scheme I. Individual Company Assistance Schemes e.g. IE : Individual Exhibition II. Group Schemes e.g SSAS emerging exporters group delegations organised through industry associations e.g. ATFT
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