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  • Customer Presentation

    Presented byJohn A. Frank, MPA

  • Customer Presentation Slide 2

    Definition - LIFE MATTERS!

    LIFE (noun): The state of being alive includinglife episodes, events.

    MATTERS! (verb): Be of importance; have significance, consequence.

    When LIFE presents you with difficult choices; . . . . be sure you choose the one that MATTERS!'

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    IntroductionIs Your World in Turmoil?

    Do you feel like your life is a constant struggle between what youre doing and what really needs to be done? Do you know exactly whatyour Main Thing is and how to achieve it?

    Leadership experts tell us Change is Good and the most successful companies are led by disruptive leaders who Think Out of the Box.

    But how do leaders determine which changes are good? And how can they be certain their radical ideas will bring the hoped for results not just for their organization but for employees and stakeholders as well?

    'LIFE MATTERS!' was established for the purpose of providing training and coaching to key personnel who are concerned about how their decisions affect their organization and the world around them.

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    We can help you with . . . ways to maintain your competitiveness. challenges to your people to constantly improve and

    develop their knowledge and job skills. exposure of your key people to trainers with a wealth of real

    business experience. a consultative approach to training through partnership. improvements in communication skills to create and

    maintain good internal and external relationships. exposure to the latest developments in new management

    thinking. maximum value for your training and consulting budget.

    LIFE is Short! Do What MATTERS!!

    Why Choose LIFE MATTERS!?

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    How We WorkWe promise satisfaction in all our work Guarantee - the best possible quality of training and consulting services. Nondisclosure Agreement - we respect your proprietary information. Pre-work - no charge for pre-meetings and discussions Training Venue and Course Materials - we can handle all arrangements. Attendance Records - records are always maintained for each class or session. Training Certificate - provided for all business skills courses. Follow-up - exit briefing upon completion of each delivery. Help Available - we are accessible for questions for 6-months after each event.

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    Great Leaders formulate Great Questions!Lets focus on a BIG and SPECIFIC goal!

    I agree! What can we do to DOUBLE our sales in six months?

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    TRAINING COURSES Tailored Courses

    We can tailor any of our Courses to your particular needs. Location

    We can provide Courses at your facility or or at any other location you prefer (Hotel, Conference Center, etc.).

    LevelThe same course can be tailored to different staff levels or departments (e.g. Management, Administration staff, etc.).

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    Sample Business Skills TrainingAssertiveness SkillsChange ManagementCoaching Skills for ManagersStress ManagementEmotional IntelligenceFinance WorkshopNegotiating SkillsNew Leader TrainingProject Management FundamentalsSituational LeadershipNew Time Management Techniques

  • Customer Presentation Slide 9

    CoursesOUR TRAINING COURSES (Continued)

    Human Resources SkillsRecruitment Interview SkillsSelf-Motivation SkillsTrain the Trainer

    Quality ManagementConducting Internal AuditsCustomer Relations ManagementISO Implementation and Assessment

    Communication SkillsNetworking Whats Your Elevator Pitch?Internal CommunicationsProfessional Report WritingEnhance Your Speaking Skills

  • Customer Presentation Slide 10

    Tailored Courses

    YOUR COURSEMade To Measure If we do not have a course already

    prepared for your needs please ask us for a quotation.

    We will prepare a proposal to meet your wishes.

  • Customer Presentation Slide 11

    Company teams study their options during Finance Workshop

    Public Courses

  • Customer Presentation Slide 12

    Services ProvidedWhat Else do We Do?

    CONSULTING AND FACILITATING Consulting and Coaching Services

    Senior Level Coaching, Balanced Scorecard, Change Management, Training Needs Assessment, Project Management, Quality Assuranceand ISO 9001 Review.

    4G Business SolutionsOne-Stop Shop for strategic positioning, leader coaching and company or team facilitation for todays busy executives and management teams.

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    OUR CONSULTING SERVICES Executive Coaching and Mentoring Assistance with Managing Situational Changes Balanced Scorecard Implementation Project Management Assistance Customer Service Review and Assistance Rescue Management Planning and Conducting of Internal Audits Temporary Loan of Skilled Managers or Technical Staff

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    Leadership Facilitation

    The Power of AlignmentThe Power of Alignment

  • Customer Presentation Slide 15

    Goal: Full AlignmentStrategy

    Processes Customers



    The Power of Alignment

    We facilitate Team ChangeWe facilitate Team Change

    We teach Business SkillsWe teach Business Skills

    We help identify StrategiesWe help identify Strategies

    We coach LeadersWe coach Leaders

    From The Power of Alignment by George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky

  • Customer Presentation Slide 16

    2-Hour Public SeminarsPOWER LUNCH

  • Customer Presentation Slide 17

    2-Hour In-House Mini Training Modules

    Active ListeningAnger ControlAppraising PeopleAssertive CommunicationsBody LanguageBrain Storming TechniquesCoaching SkillsComposing Effective E-mailsControlling Negative ThoughtsCorporate Lifestyle SolutionsCreating RapportCreative ThinkingCross Cultural CommunicationsCustomer SatisfactionDelegation or How to let go!

    Developing Your CareerEmotional IntelligenceEmpowermentFacilitation SkillsHealth and FitnessHandling ComplaintsHandling Difficult SituationsHiring Smart Leadership versus ManagementLeading Successful MeetingsLetter Writing Making PresentationsManaging ConflictManaging DiversityIntro to Mind Mapping

    MotivationNegotiation SkillsNetworking with PeopleParticipating in MeetingsPersonal Development PlanningPersonal Wealth ManagementProblem SolvingQuestioning Skills Risk ManagementStress ManagementTelephone CommunicationsVirtual TeamsWork Hard and Go Home on TimeWriting Reports


    Let us have your ideas!

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    Bus. Skills Training

    LIFE MATTERS! = One-Stop Business Solutions


    Coaching Consulting Soft-SkillsTrainingStrategic Positioning

    Change ManagementStaff Orientation & Training

  • Customer Presentation Slide 19

    How to Contact Us


    Email: info@golifematters.comTel: +1 (239) 233-1392

    1009 SE 46th Lane, Unit 105Cape Coral, FL, 33904-8845