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Where we come from- This is a short descriptionof where we live.

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2. Argentina is in the northern hemisphere ofthe American continent 3. We are in the Buenos Aires province, which hasthe largest population density and is the homeof the city of Buenos Aires, which is the capitalcity of Argentina. 4. San Nicols is situated in the north of theprovince, and it is one of the main agriculturaland siderurgical producers of the area. 5. It is a very rich city interms of culturalcontent, shown both inthe history of thecountry and in religion,because there is asanctuary of theVirgen Maria delRosario de SanNicolas", to whompeople around theworld are devoted. 6. In 1852 the province governments joined at CASA DEL ACUERDO toplan the signature of the National Constitution of 1853. 7. The Cathedral of San Nicolas De Los Arroyos is situated in thecentral square. The building took 30 yearsto be completed and itholds the rank of cathedral from 1947. 8. The City Theatre Rafael deAguiar was opened on 10thAugust, 1908.Some workshops are conductedthere: childrens theatre, poetry,drawing and painting. 9. The city lies by the Paranariver. It is located 240km fromthe capital of our country. 10. The industrial concentration is greaternear the Parana river, thusconforming the industrial cordon. 11. The agricultural activity is related to thecultivation of soybeans, corn, wheat, etc;this is due to the favorable climate andfertile soil. 12. We attend a technical school called Escuelade Educacin Secundaria Tcnica n6" whichis important due to being located in anindustrial area . In general, our professionalfuture will be found in or related to one ofthese industries. 13. ..AND THIS IS OUR CLASS.. 14. CREDITS.Students:CAMILA NACIMENTO.FEDERICO HEFFEL.LUCAS LOMBARDI.MARCOS CHANFERONI.VALENTINO MORANO.Teacher:LAURA BLANCO.