Prepaid TravelSIM Prepaid TravelSIM¢®+ Thank you for choosing Australia Post Prepaid...

download Prepaid TravelSIM Prepaid TravelSIM¢®+ Thank you for choosing Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM¢®+, the

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Transcript of Prepaid TravelSIM Prepaid TravelSIM¢®+ Thank you for choosing Australia Post Prepaid...

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    TravelSIM®+ Travel with confidence

  • Welcome to Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+ Thank you for choosing Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+, the smart choice for data, voice and text around the world.

    With no minimum daily spend or lock in contracts you stay connected and in control when you travel overseas.

    This guide will help you get the most out of your Prepaid TravelSIM®+ for this and future trips.

    +TravelSIM® is a registered trademark of Premas Solutions IP Pty Ltd and licensed exclusively to TravelSIM Australia Pty Ltd in Australia. Powered by .

    Important Your phone must be unlocked for the Prepaid TravelSIM®+ to work. If you see a message such as SOS only, Restricted, SIM Lock or something similiar, your phone may be locked to your Australian service provider. You will need to contact your service provider to unlock you phone. Visit for more information on how to unlock your device.


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    Before you go you’ll need to activate Go to from your mobile, tablet or computer.

    You’ll need: • The device you are taking with you • A credit card or current Australian passport in your name

    Don’t have access to the internet? Call us on 1300 881 710 to activate.

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    Your SIM Your TRI SIM is three SIM cards in one. Adapt to a Standard, Micro or Nano sized SIM by pushing the SIM out. Swap and change the components to create the size you require:

    Standard SIM Micro SIM Nano SIM

    Resize and reuse your SIM card if you change your handset or share your SIM with a friend.

    (->) (->)

    Download the App Download the free Prepaid TravelSIM®+ App to get even more benefits when travelling. • Access offline mapping • Add credit through your handset • Dial through the App to eliminate the unnecessary guess work of international dialling

    Available for iPhone using iOS 7 and up or Android 4.1 and up.

    Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google, Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

  • Adding credit Add credit securely 24/7 while overseas by registering your credit card details. How to register your credit card: • Go to • Select My details > Stored credit card details

    Add credit: • From the Prepaid TravelSIM®+ App • To add $25 text ‘RECHARGE’ to +61 428 745 183 • Online • Call us on +61 2 9233 5165 Checking your balance: You can check your balance anytime: • From the Prepaid TravelSIM®+ App • By dialling *101# from your handset • Online


    Your online account To manage your online account:

    1. Go to

    2. Enter your user name and password to: • Check your balance • Add Credit • View your call history • Keep your SIM active

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  • Set up data When you are ready to use data please enter the following APN settings and turn on data roaming.

    Step 1: Find APN settings iPhone: Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Android: Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names iPad: Settings > Mobile Data Network Other: Usually under settings or internet

    Step 2: Enter APN settings APN: travel.apn Username: (leave this field blank) Password: (leave this field blank) Step 3: Turn on Data Roaming To test: Turn off Wi-Fi and launch a web page


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    How to dial Dial from the App To call or text from the App, dial like you normally would and let the App take care of the rest

    From your keypad To call or text from your keypad always dial in the full international format

    + 61 428 745 183

    + Country code Mobile phone numberwithout leading zero

    + 61 2

    + Country code Area codewithout leading zero

    To call or SMS a mobile number (e.g. 0428 745 183) dial:

    To call a land line (fixed) number (e.g. 02 9233 5165) dial:

    Enter the + sign by holding the ‘0’ down for 3 seconds or if using a Nokia handset press the * key twice In Italy, when calling Italian landline numbers, include the leading zero of the area code

    9233 5165

    Landline number

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    Helpful tips The Prepaid TravelSIM®+ is a roaming SIM card, we recommend turning your phone off and on at least once a day to refresh the network connection .

    Can’t make or send SMS • Check your balance • Check that you have dialled the number correctly

    Can’t receive a call? • Is the person calling you dialling your Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+ number correctly? • Check your balance • Check that you have reception

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    No network coverage/restricted access • Is your mobile phone unlocked? If you are unsure check with your Australian service provider. In some cases a fee may apply. Visit for more information on how to unlock your device. • Does your mobile phone work in the country you are in? Your handset may not be compatible with networks in Japan, South Korea or the Americas.

    For a full list of countries where Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+ is available, visit

    How to make an emergency call Wherever you are in the world dial 112 to contact emergency services.

  • We’re here to help Please contact us if you need any assistance

    Email us:

    Online support: SMS support: +61 428 745 183

    Customer helpline: 1300 881 710

    International customer helpline: +61 2 9233 5165 (free call for the first 10 minutes from a Prepaid TravelSIM®+)