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This stunning home is almost like a piece of art that you can live in. Constructed using 12 recycled shipping containers.

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  • 1. PREFAB CONTAINER HOUSE Submitted by- Kartik Sood (10110026)

2. 12 CONTAINER HOUSE # of Containers: 12 Shipping Containers used Built area: 4000 sq. ft. (372 sq. m2) - Adriance House Year built: 2003 The 12 Container House is a custom prefab green home created from 12 recycled shipping containers. This "T-shaped" 2-story summer home features floor to ceiling windows, concrete floors, two fireplaces and radiant in-floor heating. It is both ubiquitous and original, small and large, intimate and expansive. Kalkins creative architectural arsenal seems to have more corners and secret rooms than any one could every fully explore. Arguably the premiere example of shipping container architecture. 3. INTERIORS The home uses the containers partially for structure, supporting a glazed glass structure that envelops the home. 4. INTERIORS 5. LIVING AREA The containers flank the two side walls of the home and on the ground floor are open to reveal the kitchen and the living area. 6. STAIRCASE Two steel staircases lead up to the second level of containers where the bedrooms are located. the whole space covers close to 4000 square feet and features a double height garage door style opening that connects the entire home to the outdoors. 7. BEDROOMS 8. CONSTRUCTION PHASE THANK YOU