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Precise Handyman service Owned By: Leroy Taylor Presented BY: Mario Turner

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Precise Handyman serviceOwned By: Leroy Taylor Presented BY: Mario Turner

HistoryThis is a Massachusetts registered commercial business owned by my grandfather Leroy Taylor

Mr. Taylor has been in this type of business for approximately 10 years, starting when he lived on the Island of Jamaica.

This business has been in place in Massachusetts for about 5 years and got its name in 2010 after being preciously called Leroys Landscaping.

How did it start?Mr. Taylor started getting involved in entrepreneur training sessions.

He also attended skill training programs devoted to the landscaping profession.

Mr. Taylor stated that due to his keen eye for detail this profession came easy to him.

Type Of BusinessThis business is in the form of sole proprietorship because he wanted to be able to have full control of the assets.

It offers services such as:LandscapingPlantingMowingCuttingDesigningMulchinglawn careSnow RemovalPlowingSnow blowingDe-icing

Type of equipment neededLawnmowersRakesPlantsSnow blowerPlowEdge trimmersChainsawEtc...

SuccessesMr. Taylor is currently the only one employed in his business. He exclaims that though this is not his intention, it helps the business grow because he does not have to pay anyone.

Being able to work through the seasons is another added success to the business.

ChallengesBeing a new business, means that not many people know about what you offer. This means that very little customers are acquired

There are a lot of equipment required to do the jobs requested by this business sometimes two three pieces of the same equipment are needed incase one breaks.

SolutionsMoney is spent on business cards and flyers to help promote the business.

Also, every time there is work done on the property, there is a sign placed in the lawn to help promote the business

As far as equipment goes, a percentage of the profit made from a job goes towards the purchasing and maintenance of new equipment.

Problems with a business like thisYou are at the mercy of nature. If it suddenly decides not to snow in the winter, you do not get business

If it is really rainy and cold in the summer, you may also not get a lot of business

Where you are located is also a factor ( small towns or cities may not have enough customers)

Stiff competition between other landscaping companies.

Worth StartingWhen faced with this question, Mr. Taylor enthusiastically responded with a yes. He states that he had worked for many other companies, such as Harvey windows, Titleist and a few others and found them to be unreliable due to the economy and the constant layoffs. He stated that while working in and out of these jobs, he mad it his duty to pick up work as a landscaper for neighbors on the side and found it to be more rewarding.

Future of the businessMr. Taylor plans on his business turning into a company, with many employees and a fleet of equipment such as vehicles and machinery.

Words of inspirationNo matter the Challenges, you have to make up within you mind that you can overcome them. KEEP GOING AT IT UNTIL YOU FINALLY REACH YOU GOALS(Leroy Taylor).