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A. Administering the regular services of architecture
1. Definition of the architects role in the building industry
2. Liabilities and responsibilities
3. Methods of selecting the architect
4. The architectural projects
5. The professional fees
6. Inter-professional relationships

B. The spectrum of the architects services
1. The pre-design services
2. The regular design services
3. Specialized allied services
4. Construction services
5. Post-construction services
6. Comprehensive architectural services
7. Design-build services

C. Building Laws
1. The laws regulating the practice of architecture
2. The laws affecting housing, real estate, design, general construction, etc.
3. The general conditions of a contract

- legally and technically qualified to practice architecture.

1. 21 years old
2. Pass the board exam with an average of 70% and with no day falling below 50%
Day 1 30% history of architecture
professional practice
building tech.
Day 2 30% utilities
Day 3 40% architectural design
3. Registered
a. PRC renewable every 3 years during your birth month
b. BIR
RC residence certificate
PTR professional tax receipt
OR official receipt
c. SEC security exchange committee
d. LGU local government unit
e. DTI department of trade and industry
4. Filipino

1. Graduate of BS Architecture
2. 2 years diversified training experience

1. Concept 5Ms
2. Document Resources in
-reports; pictures; Construction
graphics; draw 1. materials
3. Implement 2. money
4. Post Implementation 3. manpower
4. machines
5. minutes
1. General objectives
2. Ideals
3. Success
4. Remuneration
5. Interest of the clients
6. Professional prerogatives
7. Business venture
8. Behavior
9. Criticism
10. Creative endeavor

1. Direct Selection
2. Indirect Selection
a. Referral from another architect
b. Recommendation from a satisfied client
c. Comparative Selection
3. Design Competition

1. NBC use and occupancy
(National Building Code)
2. FCP risk of the occurrence of fire
(Fire Code of the Philippines)
3. UAP degree of difficulty in design
(United Architects of the Philippines)

1. Simple projects
2. Moderate structures
3. Exceptional structures
4. Residential
5. Monumental structures
6. Repetitive construction
7. Housing projects
8. Extensive detailing
9. Alterations and renovations
10. Consultations and arbitration

Group 1. Simple Projects
- requires no interior partitions
a. Armories
b. Bakery
c. Hangar

Minimum basic fee: 6% of the cost
50M or less: 6%=A
50M to 100M: A+5%=B
100M to 200M: B+4%

55M project
50M 3M
5M 0.25M
55M 3.25M

Group 2. Moderate Structures
- have interior partitions
a. Art galleries
b. City halls
c. Libraries
d. Supermarkets
e. Banks

Minimum basic fee: 7% of the cost

Group 3. Exceptional Structures
- with consultants
a. Atomic facilities (physicist)
b. Aquarium (marine biologist)
c. Mortuary
d. Medical facilities / hospital
(electrical engineer)

Minimum basic fee: 8%
Group 4. Residential
Minimum basic fee: 10%

** Condominium
- Considered as high-rise residential building.
- According to FCP:
a. considered as exceptional
b. 15m above is considered a high-rise building that requires consultants for:
- elevator
- sprinklers
- structural engineer

Dominant Use
- Basis for classification of groupings
- Example is Mix-Use building

Group 5. Monumental Structures
- it requires concept
a. expositions
b. mausoleums
c. museums
d. gateways
Minimum basic fee: 12%

Group 6. Repetitive Construction
- using one and the same plan without any minute difference
- used several times
- includes group 1,2,3,&5
1st unit : MBF of Grp. 1,2,3 or 5
2nd unit : 80% of MBF
3rd unit : 60% of MBF
4th to infinity : 40% of MBF

Group 7. Housing Projects
- includes only houses
1st unit : MBF
2nd 10th unit : (60% of MBF x N) = B
11th infinity : B+(30% of MBF x N)

where: N = no. of units

Group 8. Extensive Detailing
- includes detailing of furniture, cabinets, landscapes and interior

Minimum basic fee: 15%

Group 9. Alterations and Renovations
- includes groups

Minimum basic fee: MBF + 50% of MBF

Group 10. Consultation and Arbitration
- architect is entitled to receive payment on clients when giving an opinion regarding architectural terms
- as of 1979: P200.00 per hour rate


1. Percentage of construction cost
- based on minimum basic fee
2. Multiple of Direct Personnel Expense (MDPE)
- none creative no-construction projects.
- ex. feasibility studies
Architect: NRTMf
Consultants: NRTMf
Staff: NRTMf
Professional Fee: Direct Cost + MP + RE

T : time spend on the project
N : number of person
R : rate
Mf: multiplying factor (2.0-2.5)
RE: reimbursable expenses
MP: margin of profit
-not more than or equal
to 30%

- reimbursable expenses
a. mutual agreement
b. pertinent to the project
c. occur outside of the 100Km radius from the base of operation or office

3. Lump Sum + Fixed Fee
- convert the cost to the nearest whole number
4. Professional Fee + Costs
5. Combination Method
- combination of 1,2,3&4
6. Per Diem
7. Turn Key
- payments received after all the works has been done

** 15 days receive payment after all the working drawings have been submitted.


1. downpayment: 20% - 50%
2. progressive payment: based on partial complition
3. guaranteed bond:
punch listing inspect the building upon completion
Specialized Allied Services
1. proposal phase: 5%
2. submission and acceptance
of preliminary drawings: 25%
3. submission and acceptance
of final drawings: 50%
4. retention fee: 20%
total 100%

1. proposal phase 5%
2. schematic design phase 15%
3. submittance of design
development phase 15%
4. contract document phase 50%
5. construction phase or
retention fee 15%
total 100%

** To get the proposal phase of the architect

from the lot area, determine the buildable area
buildable area = lot area open spaces

** rule of thumb: 30% open area
ex. buildable area: 100sqm 30sqm
: 70sqm
: P20,000 x 70
: P1,400,000.00

AE (architectural/engineering fee): 10%
: 140,000.00

proposal phase of 5% = P7,000.00


UAP Doc. 201
The pre-Design Services
- non-creative projects (MDPE)

Economic feasibility studies
Physical planning services
Architectural programming services
Site selection and analysis
Site utilization and land-use
Space management
Promotional services

UAP Doc. 202
Regular Design Services
- sequential process

Schematic design phase
-integrated regular engineering services
Design development phase
Contract document phase
General conditions
Special Provisions
Construction phase
Milestones of Construction
1. Establishment of References
a. horizontal references
- lot plan, benchmark
b. vertical references
- positioning of elevations
staking plan positioning of wood as marks for the start of digging and excavation.

2. Excavation
- supervised by the architect and the structural engineer
3. Reinforcements
- check size of bars, spacing, splicing and number of bars.

Support bars for installation of slab reinforcement: sapatos or spacer

4. Concreting
5. Finishing

UAP Doc. 203
Specialized Allied Services
- requires consultants, having specified licenses

Physical planning services
Interior design
Landscape architecture
Acoustics, communications and electronics
Comprehensive planning services

** structural: P50.00 P80.00 per sqm

A. Physical Planning Services

3 types:
1. Site Development Planning
- as of 1979: P5,000.00/has

2. Subdivision Planning in the Urban Area
- as of 1979: P3,000.00/has

Subdivision planning subdividing or parceling of large lots into smaller lots.

3. Subdivision Planning in the Rural Area
- as of 1979: P2,000.00/has
civil works
- get paid 4% of the cost of the work
- additional 30% if the terrain is rugged
B. Interior Design
2 types:
1. Interior Decoration
- mainly furniture
2. Interior Design/Architecture
- combination or integration of furniture to its location
minimum basic fee:
- 12% - 20% of the cost of the work
- 15% is mostly used

C. Landscape Architecture
Minimum basic fee: 10% - 15%

D. Acoustics, Communications and Electronics
Minimum basic fee: 10% - 15%

E. Comprehensive Planning
1. Physical planning services
2. Economic planning services
3. Socio-cultural planning services
4. Transportation and utilities planning services
- roads and bridges
5. Legal and administrative
- includes form of government

UAP Doc. 204
Construction Services

F full-time supervision: 1% - 1-1/2%
- supervision of the architect on site or its representative from 8am 5pm
Cm construction management:
1-1/2% - 3%
Pm project management:
2% - 5%

UAP Doc. 205
Post-Construction Services
- making the structure habitable and has occupancy permit

Be Bldg. and equipment maintenance
Bg Bldg. and grounds administration

1. Salary method
2. 45 to 6% of the gross monthly rentals

UAP Doc. 206
Comprehensive Architectural Services
- inclusion of UAP Doc. 201 - 205
- package services

UAP Doc. 207
Design-Build Services
- guaranteed maximum cost 10%

a. Design-build administration
b. Design-build guaranteed maximum cost

- holds the money
- purchase the materials
- payment for laborers

- compute the payroll
- submit computed payroll to the owner
- canvass and identify suppliers
- no responsibilities in holding the money


It establishes the relationship between: Owner-Architect, Owner-Contractor(s), and Contractor-Architect. It stipulates the norms by which the contractor shall perform his work in accordance with the current trends in the practice of Architecture.

Section 1. Definition and Documents
Article 1. Definitions
Article 2. Execution, Correlation and Intent of
Article 3. Drawings and Specifications
b. As-built
c. Detailed Drawings
d. Shop Drawings
e. Working Drawing
** 6 to 8 - distances of nails
** Every 4 - distances of rivet at ridge roll for roofing
5 Sets of Blue Prints
1 office of the building official
1 contractor
1 owner
1 fire department
1 site:
Only the architect can use the copy at the site.
May cause termination of the contractor in case of lost or mishandled.
Well-kept at the site.
Protected by electrical tape, binded by wood and screw and supported by acetate cover.

Additional 4 copies of blue prints
1- homeowner association
1- security of homeowner association
ex: town house, condominium, subdivision, etc.
2 lending institution
a. file
b. appraiser

** 9 copies are free of charge and the succeeding copies are payable.
Conflicts on drawings and specifications or text
specifications or text will prevail
if not stated on drawings and specification,
the contractor has the right to do it in the most expensive manner, still the materials have to be approved by the architect.

Section 2
1. Laws
2. Regulations
3. Site Conditions
- the architect should do ocular inspection of the site
4. Permits
- responsibility of the contractor to provide permit on his own expense
5. Taxes
- whoever gains pays tax
6. Insurance
a. life insurance
b. property insurance
7. Survey
- actual verification of size of the lots at the cost of the owner
- re-survey when problem occur but at his own expense

Section 3. Equipment and Materials
o Equipments written on quotation submitted by the contractor must comply with actual usage.
o Materials should follow what is written on specifications.

Section 4. Premises and Temporary Facilities
o Define by property line
o Consideration of safety of adjacent lots and users.
Temporary Facilities
1. warehouse
2. bankhouse or barracks
- for stay-in workers
3. office
- for architects negotiations
4. utilities
- water, electrical sources, etc.
5. access
- road, pathways, etc.
6. trial usage
7. enclosures
8. signage
- falling debris
- park at your own risk

Section 5. Protection of Work and Property

Section 6
1. Labor
a. Quantity: no. of worker, lesser the worker when construction is almost finish
b. Quality: proper work designation such as painter, carpenter, steel man, etc.
2. Work
- based on specifications and plans

duration include liquidated damages which means delayed construction to be deducted to the fee.
a. working days Monday to Friday
b. calendar days number of days including Saturday, Sunday and holidays
3. Payment
- no payment shall be made without the approval of the architect.
** duration starts counting 7 days after the acceptance of NTP notice to proceed.
** within 7 days: mobilization and materials were prepared.
** immediately means 5 days
** s-curve allowable deficiency is 10%

1. Certificate of completion (partial)
2. Request for Inspection
3. Billing
4. Certificate of Non-Financial

When accepted
- the architect furnish certificates to the owner:
1. Certificate of acceptance
2. Certificate of payment

** the contractor may not be paid till 90 days before he go to court.
** substantial completion (98%): the contractor may e paid 100%

Section 7. Contractor-Separate;
Contractors-Subcontractors relations

Section 8. Suspension of Work
People who can suspend work: owner and contractor
1. Owner
a. Bankruptcy declared by BIR
b. Insubordination not following orders
c. Non payment
2. Contractor
a. Government stoppage of work
b. Non action of request
- drawings
- materials
- inspection
c. Non payment of workers or materials

Involving numbers
** 5 days means immediately
** 7 days NTP notice to proceed
** 10 days request for materials and drawings
notice (stop, begin or resume)
** 15 days money matters (request for inspection, payments, salary and wages)
** 30 days arbitration
** 90 days government stoppage
** 120 days Building Permit (stoppage)
** 365 days Building Permit (without construction)
3 consecutive board examination failures
guaranteed bond
** 3 years renewal of license
** 15 years liability of architect to his project


Practice of Architecture
1. RA 545 The Architectural Law
2. PD 49 Intellectual Property Law
3. PD 223 The Law that created the PRC
** Hon. Antonieta Fortuna-Ibe (head)
4. LOI 1000 The letter of Inspection Mandating Government support only to the A.P.O.
5. EO 164 The Executive order regulating the hiring of foreign consultants
Article 1. Organization
Article 2. Registration and Exam
** Qualifications
a. 21 years old
b. Filipino
c. Graduate of BS Architecture
d. 2 years diversified experience
e. High-School Graduate

Article 3. Sundry Provision
a. Foreigners cannot practice if there is no reciprocity
b. Corporation cannot practice architecture
c. Architect whos employed by the government cannot practice architecture privately

Termination of License
1. Fraudulent Acts
2. Scandalous Acts
3. Criminal Acts
a. Life
b. Property
4. Unsound mind
5. Violation of Code of Ethics

** ADB Building Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM)
** Bureau of Soil Japanese architect
** Lung Center and Health Center George Ramos
** World Trade Center Minoro Yamasaki
** Only the architect may sign the Architectural Plans


1. PD 1096 The National Building Code
2. PD 957 The Condominium and Subdivision Buyers Protective Law
3. BP 220 The Socialized Housing Law
4. BP 344 The Law Enhancing the Mobility of the Disabled (The Accessibility Law)
5. PD 1185 The Fire Code of the Philippines

** former president Ferdinand Marcos signed most of these laws
** Architect Roberto Pentong Gaite architect to juries
** Building Permit issued to buildings having a cost of P15,000.00 of indigenous materials
** Hon. Florante Soriquez secretary of DPWH


1. Chapter 1 General Provision
2. Chapter 2 Adm. and Enforcement
3. Chapter 3 Permits and Inspection
4. Chapter 7- Classification and Use
5. Chapter 8 Light and Ventilation
6. Chapter 12 Gen. Design and Construction

Apprentice Designer Draftsman
- signed by Filipino architect
- current and valid ITR
- under minimum of 6 months work with architect
- maximum of four architects to sign the logbook
- 3840 hours
- while studying, 4 hours a day may count
- 8 hours a day when working
- overtime, Saturday and Sundays are not included
- submission of logbook is 30 days before the board exam