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  • 1. First of allWhere is Ireland?Ireland is asmall countryin Europe. Itis an island,which meansit issorroundedby sea.

2. Ireland is an island divided into two parts. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. Colour Northern Ireland orange. The Republic of Ireland is an independent country. Colour it green. Dublin is the capital city. Colour it purple. Shannon is the longest river. Colour it blue. Carrountoohill is the highest mountain. Colour it yellow. Colour the sea around Ireland blue. In Ireland, there are lovely rivers, hills, green fields and lakes Ireland has two official languages: English and Irish (or Gaelic ). You might hear someone say Erin gobragh on St. Patricks Day, which is Gaelic for Ireland forever.Can you locate Blarney Castle on the map? What is Blarney Castle famous for? 3. Symbols of IrelandIrish flag Leprechaun Irish harpThe Irish harp and theShamrock are both symbols ofIreland ShamrockCeltic cross 4. Celtic music usestraditional instruments suchas the fiddle, tin whistle andbodhran (Irish drum).(Animated photo from: http://www.drumdojo.com/world/ireland/bodhranintro.htm) 5. The harp is a symbol of Ireland. It can be seen on the presidential flag and on the back of the Irish Euro coin.(Photo from: http://www.publicmuseum.oshkosh.net/Exhibits/Communities/communities.html) (Photos from: http://www.eurocoins.co.uk/ireland.html) 6. Irish traditional dishesIrish breakfast Irish stew SconesB-C-NI am hungry B-A-Snow Can youBL--K PU--INGfind theE-GSSA--AGESingredients I TO--TSneed to prepare B--TERmy IrishT-A 7. SPORT The game of Hurling is Irelands national sport and passion. It isplayed with a ball and sticks and it has prehistoric origins. When it isplayed by women it is called Camogie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu7jqZOmybc 8. The Leprechauns Legend The Leprechaun is the mostfamousof all magicalcreatures in Ireland. He is said to be only 60centimetres tall and usuallywears a green cloak, apointed hat and boots. Theyare shoemakers. The Leprechauns are theguardiansofthe Vikingtreasure, which they bury inpots called crocks and theyhide under the rainbow . If someone catches him, theLeprechaunwill promisegreat riches, but if you stop There arelooking athim he will thousands ofdisappear in a second. 9. Next we will see some pictures about beautiful places in Ireland 10. Typical Irish doors 11. Halfpenny Bridge in Dublin 12. Trinity College.Dublin 13. CORK 14. Glendalough 15. Ashford Castle. Connemara 16. KINSALE 17. KILKENNY 18. CLIFFS OF MOHER 19. Blarney castle 20. Pollet Arch. DONEGAL 21. Some famous writersJonathan Swift was born in Dublin in 1667.He was an Irish cleric, and poet. His mostfamous work Is Gullivers travels. He diedin 1745.Oscar Wilde was born in 1854 in Dublin. He was an Irish novelist and poet He wrote many tales as The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose . He died in Paris in 1900.George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin in 1856. He was a dramatist and literary critic. He wrote more than sixty plays. He was awarded with the Nobel Prize (1925) for his contribution to literature. His famous work is Pygmalion. He died in 1950. 22. Musicians U2: Itsthe most popular rock group from Ireland.They are from Dublin. The band consists ofBono (the singer) and three musicians. Theyhave got 15 albums. The band is active in humanrights, international development and socialjustice causes. http://www.u2.com/ The Chieftains : They are a band of Irishtraditional music. It consists of six members.Each one plays a traditional Irish instrument andPaddy Maloney is the bands leader andcomposes or arranges most of the bands music.This group has got many Grammy awards and itsgot many albums as well.http://www.thechieftains.com/discography/ The Corrs : are a Celtic folk-rock group fromDundalk (Ireland). The members of the the band 23. LISTEN TO IRISH MUSIC: Shoe the donkey(mazurka) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oG44RGPtEERiverdancehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B718RsboGEI&feature=relatedThe Corrshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEJa_VgpIAc&feature=related 24. Lets have a go at Irish dancing with the song The devil is deadDANCING STEPSIn threes, join hands and: Move the right foot from right to left 3 times. Move the left foot from left to right 3 times. Walk 3 steps forwards. Walk 3 steps backwards. (Repeat).Come back to initial position. Raise hands and go under the arch as if weaving in and out.Repeat all the steps