Powerpoint and Graphics Workshop

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Short presentation for a Workshop for students on the Social Science Research Methods MSc at Cardiff.

Transcript of Powerpoint and Graphics Workshop

  • 1. SIT702: POWERPOINT AND GRAPHICS WORKSHOP A guide to presenting your researchJoanne Payton IKWRO, HBVAnet & Cardiff University joannepayton.me.uk

2. TASK: Research timeline Using a template can save time and effort Open PowerpointClick NewGo to Office.com Choose Schedules Choose Project TimelinesDownload 3. Getting startedPOWERPOINT FOR BEGINNERS 4. Presentation templates Download Cardiff Universitys Powerpoint template at http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/identity/ele ctronic-resources.html Or, choose an in-built template in the Design tab You can change the colour scheme Built-in templates on Macs are more stylish and can be edited on a PC, so if you have a Mac-user friend, ask to borrow it for an hour, get started and then work on it on your own computer Most free templates arent very good and you can waste a lot of time looking through them Pre-set layouts save a lot of time 5. Make it visual Too much text is distracting and puts a heavy cognitive load on the audience 6. Keep it simpleA striking but simple image is more impactful and less likely to distract from your content and yourself! 7. Increase the impact of your workDESIGN FOR NON-DESIGNERS 8. Aim for CRAP design ContrastRepetition Alignment Proximity Robin Williams (1994) The Non-Designers Design Book, Peachpit Press, Berkeley 9. Proximity Use proximity to group items which go together 10. Alignment Create strong lines of alignment to organise text and graphics 11. Repetition Create repeating elements to unify the design 12. Contrast Build contrasts for dynamic design 13. Before and after 14. Useful links cfoworld.co.uk/slideshow/people-management/3243187/the-worlds-worstpowerpoint-presentations What not to do! slideshare.net Check out other peoples Powerpoints. You can upload your own, then embed it on your blog or in emails and even add an audio track. search.creativecommons.org, istockphoto.com & sxc.hu Find free & cheap images to illustrate your presentations informationisbeautiful.net & flickr.com/groups/great_diagrams_in_anthropological_theory Inspiration for diagrams audacity.sourceforge.net Free and simple audio-recording software (good for presentation practise and for creating slideshares)Joanne Payton joannepayton.me.uk [email protected]