PoW140: Power of Words in 140 Characters Academy of Management 2014

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Combined slides from the Power of Words "140" Social Media professional development workshop at the 2014 Academy of Management meetings. Panelists: David Lamond, David Burkus, Terri Griffith, CV Harquail, Patrick Murphy, Bret Simmons, Marcel Bogers

Transcript of PoW140: Power of Words in 140 Characters Academy of Management 2014

  • 1. #PoW140 The Power of Words in 140 Characters or Less Academy of Management Meeting Philadelphia PA August 3 2014 Chair: @davidlamond
  • 2. #PoW140#PoW140 http://www.fredcavazza.net/2013/0 4/17/social-media-landscape-2013/
  • 3. #PoW140#PoW140 http://www.seeisee.com/sa m/2013/04/02/p3682
  • 4. #PoW140 So why are you here?
  • 5. #PoW140 Our intention From To
  • 6. #PoW140 A Presence Framework for Social Media* Passports, Outposts and Home Base Passport: Profile to use on various sites Outpost: presence maintained for interaction and promotion purposes Home Base: focus for most presence time * http://www.chrisbrogan.com/a-simple-presence-framework You.com
  • 7. #PoW140 Menu of Our Social Media Events & Our Presenters Social Media for Discovery David Burkus & Patrick J. Murphy* Social Media for Integration Marcel Bogers & David Burkus Social Media for Engagement Terri Griffith & CV Harquail Social Media for Teaching & Learning Patrick J. Murphy* & Bret Simmons * Proving that Marshal McLuhan was right if the technology works
  • 8. #PoW140 Social Media for Discovery @davidburkus & @profpjm
  • 9. #PoW140
  • 10. #PoW140 Patrick Murphy
  • 11. #PoW140 Scholarship on the Age of Discovery
  • 12. #PoW140 Social Media for Integration @bogers & @davidburkus
  • 13. #PoW140 Networking & Sharing Personal Professional Direct/close Indirect/distant Self-promotion Hub New Old
  • 14. #PoW140
  • 15. #PoW140
  • 16. #PoW140 Visibility & Reputation Marcel is hoping for internet access []. Hes the AOMs biggest tweeter, FYI. Thanks for the retweet on the CFP. Having you retweet it was part of our marketing strategy. :-) Invited for academic and corporate events, projects, papers, etc.
  • 17. #PoW140 Social Media as a Moderating Variable My good stuff Others good stuff Visibility Reputation What else? Social media
  • 18. #PoW140
  • 19. #PoW140#PoW140
  • 20. #PoW140 Social Media for Engagement @terrigriffith & @cvharquail
  • 21. #PoW140
  • 22. #PoW140 Engaging: Interacting to Enable Identity Activate Agency Foster Voice Cohere Community Catalyze Purpose To help each other flourish
  • 23. #PoW140 Affirm & Invite Peoples Identity Interests Point of View Contributions Connections Expertise
  • 24. #PoW140 Share Items Relevant to Identity Interests Point of View Contributions Connections Expertise
  • 25. #PoW140 Demonstrate Engagement
  • 26. #PoW140 Invite Engagement By: Disclosing Asking Reacting Emoting Opining Teaching Sharing
  • 27. #PoW140 Share thick tweets Offer context and reason before sharing a link Summary Soundbite plus link to your own content
  • 28. #PoW140 Follow Up to Add Value Engagement By:
  • 29. #PoW140 Boost Engagement By: Connecting people through relevant item Invite peoples Voice & POV Into The Conversation
  • 30. #PoW140 D.F.T.B.A.
  • 31. #PoW140#PoW140
  • 32. #PoW140#PoW140
  • 33. #PoW140 Social Media for Teaching & Learning @profpjm & @drbret
  • 34. #PoW140#PoW140 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B66LZe9-9- rFdDR3ZHo1Q1daelE/edit?usp=sharing
  • 35. #PoW140 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGJEje NVmU5qVNjwhO4U9YjFQZ7t0LBZw
  • 36. #PoW140 A Google Earth view of the Mutinies https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B66LZe9-9- rFbU5rYlJOQVdtLWc/edit?usp=sharing
  • 37. #PoW140 DPU Entrepreneurship Online
  • 38. #PoW140 Video Presentations
  • 39. #PoW140
  • 40. #PoW140
  • 41. #PoW140
  • 42. #PoW140 Value What you can do uniquely well to help others address opportunities or solve problems that matter to them.
  • 43. #PoW140 Digital Citizenship
  • 44. #PoW140 Summary Social business is here to stay. Strategic imperative to immerse yourself in the process Start now, dont quit Assuming responsibility for your digital citizenship is good for your career and your company
  • 45. #PoW140 Getting Started and Advancing Online Equipped with the insights from the presentations, participants will be guided through a model for understanding their online platform and invited to think through and discuss their platform with those at their tables.
  • 46. #PoW140 Maintaining the Contact Building the Relationships Next year in Vancouver? Opening Governance through Social Media? #OG140?
  • 47. #PoW140 Thanks to Everyone