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OCR Media Studies A2 Level

Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio

Mind Map and Research

Name: Jonathan SheehanCandidate Number: 2127Center Name: St. Andrews Catholic SchoolCenter Number: 64135Generation of Ideas for Ancillary Product 2)


Death is an extremely powerful subject to feature and can be manipulated in a variety of ways with the poster. Black is the very darkest colour owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white and is also related to death. Combining this colour with red as well will influence blood And suffering which is extremely common in soap operas. Featuring a specific character featured on the poster will be used to highlight a specific message along with the emotional language used I the text; a powerful message can be conveyed about someone dying

There are many different ways of symbolizing conflict in a poster. It is in one way very different to death but similar I the respect that conflict can lead to death. Usually included would be angry facial expressions ad the inclusion of weapons such as knifes. Anger is normally demonstrated with colors such as orange, red and eve grey. This can be seen in the Hollyoaks poster where all of the main characters are highlighted and surrounded by fire. The hotheaded tagline also highlights that there is ager within the plot of the story.

Everyone knows that liars get sourced out in the end, which is why it makes such an interesting story plot. When a character tells lies in creates tension for the audience as we now that this leads to an intensified drama. This will be hard to paint to a poster however secrecy is normally displayed in the form of colours: white ad grey. Very cold colours. Within my trailer, one of my sub plots may be kidnapping which is a great form of mystery as the audience will not know who kidnaped the person. For this, an interesting phrase will have to be used which will cause the viewer confusion, wanting to find out more ad creating a personal relationship (Katz). EastEnders had used a plot similar however with a murder and had multiple characters that could have been the killer, I may replicate this for my poster ad is a good way of including each and every character.A multi stranded narrative is an extremely powerful way in producing an interesting soap as it reflects that many stories are included. This is far more interesting that just one story as we as audience members are given the opportunity to see a perspective of two characters from the same soap. These stories can intertwine with each other to create an even further interesting approach.

Propps Character RolesVladimir Propp was a Russian critic and was interested in the narratives of folk tales.He identified a theory about characters and actions as narrative functions.Characters have a narrative function which provides the structure for the text.

This is relevant to my soap opera production as I have constructed the story around this theory, making sure that each character has a different role and responsibility in making sure the soap is professional and interesting, for example the villain which would be Adam, the antagonistic female and the peacemaker. Without the addition of characters which hold different stories and personality traits, the multi stranded narrative feature would not be present.

Alliteration & Sibilance: These two techniques are used a lot in Taglines as they make the sentence Catchy and interesting, especially with the use of sibilance which for example would be Simon the Snake. Catching the attention of the viewers is extremely important and repetition can also be used in conjunction to be even more bold. When repeating words they do however have to be one syllable and easy to say.

Rhetorical Question?: Extremely common in all types of media this forces the reader to think about the story and involve their own opinion to how they feel about the character. Although they are not actually answering the question a rhetorical one involves even more thinking. This again is creating a personal relationship with the reader (Katz).

Emotive Language: This is used in order to make the reader feel a certain emotion, this can be hate, love or envy for the specific person within the poster. These words can influence the viewer to watch the soap and change their opinions to characters, for example Lovely Lutum tries to save everyone around him.Walton Exposed - This type of tagline influences the viewer into thinking that there is a large group of interesting people in the village and that each one has a different side to them that will soon become apparent. The audience will immerse themselves, wanting to discover why and what will be exposed. Small Town, large secrets - Short and sweet, this tagline is simple but says a lot, creating misery for the reader as their intention should be to find out what these secrets are and to why they are so large. As it is a soap opera this is a good tagline as soap operas are profound for being dramatic and outrageous. Sibilance is also used here which is a great form of alliteration, the high amount of s sounds create an effect of a snake and snaked are represented as liars and cheats. Each door holds a different secret - Like the previous tagline, this one is slightly different, not in terms of terminology but with wording. This tagline demonstrates that each house in Walton has a secret and is so large that their front doors cant even keep it in. Immersing themselves into the soap and wanting to find out each character and what makes the text so rip-roaring. Directing the theme of my soap opera to lies, death and tragedy I will use dark colors and within Adobe Photoshop and position the tagline within the middle area of the poster. I will use a range of techniques to make the text seem dark and sinister such as the bevel and stroke tool. The bevel tool will allow my to make the text seem in a 3D format and will bring it more to life whereas the stroke tool will allow me to have a different routine to the rest of the color, I will pick complementing dark colors such as maroon and dark grey.

With experience from taking photos for my magazine last year, I will be taking my photos in front of a white photography background. This makes it much easier to use the quick selection tool in Adobe Photoshop and insert a suitable background. I will feature each character over a faded picture of Walton on the hill which will give recognition to the viewer. Including the soaps logo and channel name (BBC 2) will give extra information to where the viewer can watch the soap. Image adjustments - There are many basic adjustments that can be made to an image for example the contrast and exposure to alter the amount of light present in the photo, shadows and fade for death to the photo and lastly skin tone. These adjustments can alter the first impression people have on these characters. Because they are all new characters, viewers would not have made an impression on them yet and this poster could influence how they are perceived.Spot removal tool - This is an extremely useful tool for not only removing spots but all imperfections. With previous experience I used this tool to take away moles and scares that were not necessary on the face. For my picture I want all of the characters to appear as perfect, with all imperfections removed. EastEnders used this type of edit in one of their Who Killed Lucy posters and it looks extremely professional. It is also makes the soap opera seem ironic, in a good way, as deep down the characters are not perfect and only appear as so. Brush tool - Selecting and cropping people out of their original photos is extremely useful when manipulating a photo, the brush tool selects the object/person and the clear tool removes the background, making it suitable to be placed onto another image. This is extremely useful as the background image can be captured without the necessary people or even created on Photoshop. I will also use the hair masking tool which I learned last year to make sure that the person looks natural and that their hair is removed professionally as hair can be tricky to remove and can leave with patches.I will display on the poster all of the characters who are featured in the trailer. Because this is a new soap opera, the viewers will not yet know of any story lines so there wont have to be a main protagonist yet. By displaying each character on the poster evenly, this will allow the views to meet each one in a fashion that will not give any clues away as to story plots. I will have the characters lined up next to each other with he text overlapping them. Each character will be looking directly into the camera so that they in a sense stare into the goals of the viewers. This will create confrontation and will look interesting, making the characters seem guilty at the same time.

My main form of social media inclusion will be the use of hash tags for Twitter as I feel this is an extremely powerful way of publicity. Many soaps always feature their hashtags during the actual text to try and influence people to tweet about the text. When this happens the program starts trending on Twitter and more people see it at a rapid pace. I may include Facebook as well however this is not as important as twitter. Including Facebook will however allow me to upload any interesting pictures I find viewers may enjoy.By doing this I am appealing and connecting with my audience (Katz).I will be including the BBC 2 logo onto the Walton Hill poster as this will be the chancel the soap will be featured on. Because BBC 2 is a popular and well known TV channel, viewers of the soap should be influenced to proceed with watching it as they will understand that BBC feature good quality programs most of the time. Also being added is the ti