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EDITOR Paul and Donna von Stein Dunedin, FL 33528
Associate Editor: New Issues Eben A. Farnsworth P.O. Box 101 Cornish Flat, N.H. 03746
Associate Editor: Ainnail Joseph L. Eisendrath 350 N. Dee re Park Dr. Highland Park, Ill. 60035
Associate Editor: Postal Cards George M. Martin 1120 Larson Building yakima, Wash. 98901
Associate Editor: U.S. Envelo~s William H. Maisel 1507 Norman Avenue Lutherville, Md. 21093
Gordon C. Morison 2493 Pine Grove Court Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
SECRETARY Edwin F. Ball 6715 Kenilworth Ave. Riverdale, MD. 20840
TREASURER Dr. Paul K. Berg P. 0. Box 42 Staten Island, N.Y. 10310
EXHIBITION CHAIRMAN Dr. Rodney L. Mott 29 Hamilton Street Hamilron, N.Y. 13346
LIBRARIAN Richard D. Schamber 21724 Tenny Dearborn, Mich. 48124
SALES MANAGER Charles D. Root 855 Cove Way Denver. Colo. 80209
DIRECTORS Clark H. Stevens, Chmn. William H. Bauer Robert D. Corless Charles A. Fricke Dr. Austin P. Haller Kenneth Hinson Frank B. Stratton Mrs. Conway Zirkle
POSTAL STATIONERY OfiJcial bimonthly journal of the United Postal Stationery Society. Ente red as 2nd Class matter on Dec. 15, 1969 at the Post Office , Dunedin, FL 33528. (Act of Oct. 23, 1962.) Subscription price included in dues of UPSS members. $1.00 per copy for non-members.
Advertising rate card on request from Editors. Closing date for all copy is the first day of the month of publication; Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept. and Nov. Make all checks payable to the UPSS.
Furnwd 111 )9 •" lw ·' llll.'fL:t· r of du.: POSTAL CARD SOCIETY OF AMERICA • 1891 •
The United Postal Stationery Society, its journal, •postal Stationery• , a nd other projects are not conducted for profit. The officers, editor and all others serve without compensation. Membership dues , receipts from advertising, and other contri­ butions are used for the improvement of its journal, roster and t he promotion of collecting postal sta­ tionery of the world as a hobby. Every effort Is made by its editors to assure accuracy in the con­ tents of this journal and the Society andj or its editor s assume no responsibility for incorrect statements of contributors.
All correspondence on Society affairs and all changes of address should be submitted ro the Secretary, Edwin F. Ball, 6715 Kenilworth Ave., Riverdale, MD. 20840.
Manuscripts must be typewrirten and in double space. Publications for review, and all copy for advertisements should be sent (prior to the dead­ line, lst day of month of publication, to: Editors, Paul and Donna von Stein, Dunedin, F L 33528.
STAMPED ENVELOPES OF GREECE, by Louis T. Call •••• , ••• 84- 88
NEWS & NOTES, Secretary's Report •••••••••
• • 89
• ••• 91
• 93
.95 MYSTERY REPLY CARD, by Clark H. Steven.s •
WHY NOT TRY UNITED NATIONS? by Jack L. JenkJns •• • •••••••• 96
U. S. POSSESSIONS CATALOG, Status of •••• • •• , •• , • , , • ••• • 97
REPORT FROM ROYALIST YEMEN, by Eben A. Farnsworth •••••• • • 98
1969 U.P.S.S. HONOR ROLL • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . 99
Do you receive mail at home? Do you r eceive mail at your office? What !!... mall? What do you do with your mall? Who opens your mall?
About a year ago we had asked all members to please save every piece of postal stationery and contribute it to the U PSS for distribution to various charitable projects. Well, as the saying goes •charity begins at home• ••• so, we are again asldng that you save and send us your used stationery, but this time It is solely for the UPSSI
As we are sure you've read, Lou Call has been appointed to head the Education Committee. One of his pro­ jects, already in the works, is to place ads in magazines which are widely read by junior collectors, such as •eoys Life• (the Boy Scout publication). When inquiries are received by Lou, he can send them a few pieces of postal sta­ tionery along with UPSS promotional
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. 100
literature, to not only educate them on what postal stationery ~ lllce, but in hopes of having them 'bitten by the bug' and, of course, joining the UPSSI
This office has just sent Lou 282 pieces, including all sons of entires, postal cards, aerogrammes, etc. both U.S. and foreign.
We are sure that aU of you receive bills each month (can't get away from it), and many of them come In an em­ bossed window envelope, Many of you also receive postal cards. If you work in an office, the incoming maills heavy. Why not ask your wife, your secretary or your mail c leric to save the entires and postal cards that come in. • • then when you have a bundle, send them In to Lou Call at 1413 26th Street, N. W ., Winter Haven, FL 33880. OR send them to a UPSS officer or director nearest to your location, We are not even ask­ ing you to 'cut squares'!
Thank you for your help in this pro­ ject of attracting and educating junior collettors. • • it~ a good cause.
To B e Appointed
As any organization grows, it be­ comes increasingly important that the officers maintain close contact with the wis hes of the member s hip and that r espons ibilities within the society be spread a mong more individuals .
We feel that' s particularly true for the United Postal Stationery Society. The popularity of our bra nch of phila­ tely is increas ing, and collectors are looking to U PSS for help, information, guidance and fellowship. Our Society is experiencing phenomenal growth in member s hip.
As a r esult, your Board has been able to expand society services as we noted in our last me s sage. Evidently, we ar e doing something right as one of our r elatively new members wrote recent ly: "I don't know why I did not join sooner • • • I jus t wanted to tell you how much I enjoy be ing a member. •
That kind of response is s atisfying. However , we must be certain that as our Society gr ows, we continue to provide the services our me mber s hip wants. To he lp assure this , I am establishing, with the concurrence of the Board, a new appointive office within U PSS­ that of Regional Executive.
Per sons na med Regional Executives will serve as a s ource of information on member s ' interests and opinions to guide officer s in formulating U PSS programs for the future. Regional
Executives will also promote the inter­ ests of our Society and assist in re­ cruiting new me mbers. So that more members can be involved in the Society the officers , directors and committee chairmen will not be cons idered for these appointments.
Initially , we are naming about 20 Regional Executives. Ultimately, we would like to have one in every state and every major city where there are more than a few members. We would welcome any suggestion for appoint­ ments to this post, and would be pleased to hear from any member who would like to volunteer.
Although there has been time for only a fe w to indicate their acceptance, I would like to announce the names of the first Regional Executives: Cliff Tuttle for Upstate New York, Joe Frye for Tennessee, Dave Philipps for Flor­ ida, Earle Brooks for Maine, Gordon Lazerson for the San Diego area, Frank Raciti for New Jersey and Hobbs W. Jackson for Alabama. Others who ac­ cept appointments will be announced in the next issue.
Your Board feels that Regional Executives will help UPSS gain new members and promote stationery col­ lecting. They will become increasingly important in familiarizing officers with the wishes of the membership as the society continues to grow.
.; c
1:.:: ,., .~
The sla te of officers for the UPSS is satisfacto ry and your nominating committee fonnol ly places in nomination the following names:
1 o Cut a long dotted I ine. : ; · -~- --l?.---------- - -1971~19ii _______ ___ uNrrEo _____ , . ~
: ~ ,.., OFFICIAL BALLOT POSTAk~~~~J~ONERY , u 1 Please check box, or give your write- in vote.
Nominee Office Your write-in
Robert B. Warlick 1st VICE PRES.
Dr. Paul K. Berg 2nd VICE PRES.
Wi lliam H. Bauer SECRETARY
C. 0. Colder TREASURER
Edwin F. Boll DIREO"OR
Gordon C . Morison DIRECTOR
Clark H. Stevens DIREO"OR
Officers' terms - 2 years, Directors' tenns - 4 years.
Mail it today to: EDWIN F. BALL 6715 KENILWORTH RD. RIVERDALE, MD 20840
As o member in good standing, I wish to toke odvontoge of the 25th Anniversary Dividend . Enclosed is my check for $3.50, payable to the U.P.S.S. ond my moiling label .
--- --- --- -- ----- -- --- ------- ---- ----- ---· I I
--------------------- ------: Make check payable to the U.P.S.S.
Mail i 1 codny 10: PAUL K. BERG 8030 INNSBRUCK DR.
ATLANTA, GA. 30338
I ()I !: I Ill
gl oo l <>. I ~ I _ ___ __________ _ C_!' :_ a~o~~ d;>~·~ ~i~e:.. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ;;
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Sign Up a New Member
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The Regular Issue of 1939
:: El\..1\.AT:: :;
F igure 1
On September l, 1939, the Greek government released two stamped envelopes for use by the general public. These were the first stamped envelopes issued for general use s ince the first issue of 1894. These envelopes, the 3 drachma plus 50 lepta and the 8 drachma plus 1 drachma, utilized the 1937 design (Scott No. A67) of the King George II regular Issue and the new postal tax s tamp design (Scott No. RA 7) depicting Queens Olga and Sophia. These are known as the "Royal Effigy• issue (F ig. 1). The 3 drachma plus 50 lepta was intended for use within Greece and sold across the counter for 4 drachmas. This envelope had a printing of 5,154,000. The 8 drachma plus 1 drachma was intended for use in international mail and sold at face--9 drachmas . A printing of 1,053,000 was made. The above postal rates were in effect until April, 1941. It should be noted that all internal mail required postal tax stamps throughout this period.
Greek Occupation of Albania
In 1940 the Greek army chased the -invading Italian forces back across the Albanian border. In a short time, the Greek forces controlled a sizeable portion of Albania and they established a postal service for the civilian population of the area. On January 1, 1941, in adc:tition to postage stamps, the 3 drachma plus 50 lepta envelope and a postal card were issued. All of these items were overprinted to
read •c reek Administration• intwolines (F ig. 2). Both stamp designs on the envel­ ope were so overprinted. The authorities overprinted 299,13l envelopes, however, a considerably smaller number were actually sold to the public in the few weeks that they were available.
Paae 85
figure 2
These items were withdrawn when Germany invaded Greece and the remainders were returned to the postal authorities in Athens.
The 6 Drachma plus 1 Drachma Envelope
Figure 3 Early in 1941, the Greek authorities released a 6 drachma plus 1 drachma
(Fig. 3) stamped envelope. The 6 drachma design was the same as the then current regular 6 drachma stamp (Scott No. A 77), while the postal tax design remained the same as the previous issue. There was probably a very small printing of this issue; the exact number is not known at this time. Ther e are two considerations supporting the small printing theory; one is the fact that this envelope was never used for surcharging and the other is its comparative rarity, used and unused.
Occupation and Inflation 1941-1944
April, 1941, saw the German army take overt he Greek nation. Shortly thereafter they turned the administration of Greece over to the Italian forces. After complete control was established, military authorities ordered all Greek post offices to withdraw all postage stamps and stationery showing any pictures of the Greek royal family. Thus, all stamped envelopes, with the exception of those in the Ionian Island post offices, were sent to Athens by May, 1941.
In 1942 it was decided to reissue the envelopes with the royal portraits obliterat­ ed by an ornate design incorporating the triple "T• signifying "Post, Telegraph and Telephone• . On May 15, 1942, two surcharged envelopes were released to the public by the occupying authorities. The first of these two was the 10 drachma on the 3 drachma plus 50 lepta envelope ( Fig. 4) of which 586,613 pieces were printed.
Figure 4
The second was a 15 drachma surcharge on the same, basic envelope. There were 2,404,553 pieces surcharged of this latter envelope. The first of these two (10 drachma on 3 drachma plus 50 lepta) was primarily for use in internal mail, while the latter (15 drachma surcharge) was for use in international mail. There appar ently was only one overprinting of the 10 drachma, while there seems to have been at least two printings of the 15 drachma surcharge. The first of these printings was in black and the second in dark red-brown.
With continued inflation and rising postal rates, the 10 and the 15 drachma envelopes became obsolete. On September 1, 1942, the authorities released envel­ opes to cover the new rate of 30 drachmas. For this surcharging, both of the 1939 envelopes were utilized. There was a total of 2,974,536 envelopes surcharged for this new 30 drachma r ate, but no record was kept as to the number of each basic envelope used. Again, there were at least two surcharge-printings which are found on both envelopes; the fir st in black and the second in dark red-brown.
flP. 12Q FigureS
Nine months later, another sharp increase in the postal r ates necessitated still another surcharging to cover the new 120 drachma envelope rate. On June 1, 1943, the 120 drachma surchared envelope (Fig. 5) was released through the post offices. The basic envelopes used for this higher rate were the remainders of those pre­ pared for the Albanian Occupation. Mostofthereturned stock must have been used for this surcharging since a total of 249,998envelopes were overprinted. Only one color, black, is known in this 120 drachma denomination.
~ llP. 1 o.oo·o • e
4w15 Figure 6
As the war neared its end in Europe, inflation increased so r apidly that by early 1944 postage rates were climbing almost weekly.OnMay 20, 1944, a 10,000 drachma surcharged envelope (Fig. 6) was released. Apparently the supply of unsurcharged envelopes was nearly exhaused, for tRe postal authorities used the 3 drachma plus 50 lepta envelope - - already surcharged" 15 drachmas• -- for this new rate. There seems to be only one printing of 498,287 made of this 10,000 drachma surchar ge whereas both colors (black and dark red-brown) of the 15 drachma surcharged envelopes were utilized.
With the liberation of Greece in November, 1944, all postage stamps and postal stationery items were withdrawn. The postage stamps were replaced by older issues overprinted "New Drachma". Postal stationery items were not replaced at this time.
Smudt!ed Overt>rints
Figure 7 Mr. P. J. Drosos, writing in STAMPS, Dec. I, 1945, states that the postal auth­
. . . .
After the war, many obsolete stationery items were used by postal authorities for official correspondence. These were German military· letter sheets, Gr eek postal cards and stamped envelopes, as well as the smudged overprints and the overprinted" Albanian Occupation• envelopes with added smudges over the overprint.
Ionian Islands
Figure 9
Italian authorities in 1941, took over the postal administration of the Ionian Islands. Apparently the orders about removing all stamps and postal s tationery items with portraits of the royal family did not apply in this area. The stamped envelopes for international use were overprinted (Fig. 9) but the face of King George II was not obliterated. The number of envelopes overprinted is not known but is probably very small as it is unlikely that more than a few hundred were left in the post offices at the time of the Italian Occupation.
F igure 10
The 3 drachma plus 50 lepta envelope remainders left on the Is lands had gum med labels adhered over the imprinted stamps (F ig. 10) and were used in official correspondence.
Abolishment of Stamped Envelopes ?
The end of the Second World War in Europe brought an end to s tamped envelopes in Greece. Since 1944, there have been no stamped envelopes issued in Greece, nor does it seem likely that there will be any issued in the near future -­ a most regrettable occurrence.
1831 JESSUP, Mrs. Dorothy M.,129East69thSt.,New York, NY 10021. Collects Great Britain. By E . F. Ball #656
1832 GOFFERY, James, 56 5th Avenue, Apt. A2 , Bay shore, L.I., NY 11706. Collects Indian States, specializing in Gwalior. By Edward Fladung #1195
1833 STOKER, Robert , 1220 South Gallatin St., Marion, IN 46952. Collects U.S. postal cards and Austrian postal cards. By Clark H. Stevens, #HL538.
1834 KALMAN, M.M., 4900 De Maisonneuve, W., Westmount, P.Q., CANADA. Collects world-wide postal stationery. By Louis Robbins #303.
1835 WARREN, Maj. Daniel C. , 213 Lang Drive, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234. Collects Trinidad & Tobago; Germany (Third Reich). By Wm. Bauer #957
1836 CONWAY, Herbert E., 55 Birchwood Drive, New Hyde Park, NY 11040. Collects United Nations (N.Y.). By Clark H. Stevens, #HL-538
1837 CUTTER, Robert A., 37- 41 83rd St., Jackson Heights, NY 11372. Collects East Asia, specializing in China & Japan, U.S., United Kingdom and Australia. By Gordon C. Morison #497.
1838 GRIFFITH, Bruce R,, 146 Shelwn Road, Nichols, CT 06611. Collects U.S. postal cards and stationery. By W. A, Griffith #632.
1839 PURCELL, Lyle J. , Box 1555, Little River Station, Miami, FL 33138. Collects U.S. and British North America. By Paul K. Berg #1271
1840 WELSH, Elwood M,, 1431 Garner Ave., Schenectady, NY 12309. Collector/ Dealer - collects Germany. By Clifford Tuttle #990
1841 DUDLEY, Edward M. , Jr., 8206 Pleasant Plains Road, Baltimore, MD 21204. Collects postal cards, specializing in U.S. By Paul K. Berg #1271
1842 NYBERG, Edward J., Jr., P . 0. Box 95, Coventry, RI 02816. Collects U.S. and Possessions. Specializing in U.N. postal cards. By E. F. Ball #656
1843 NEWTON, Reginald M., P, 0 . Box 22, Beaumont, TX 77704. Collects general. By Edwin F . Ball #656
1844 NIVEN, John, 29 Pauline Circle, Rochester, NY 14623. Dealer. By Clifford Tuttle #990
1845 GIBBS, Irwin J., 111 Pine St. , Suite 1317, San Francisco, CA 9411 1. Collects Canal Zone postal cards and s tamped envelopes. By E. F. Ball #656
1846 PROVOST, Joseph R., 184 Vermilion Drive, Levittown, PA 19054. Collects U.N., Lebanon and specializes in U.S. postal cards. By R.B. Warlick #728
1847 FISK, Edward, 234 Knickerbocker Ave., Rochester, NY 14615. Collects U.S., U.N. and Canada. By Clifford Tuttle #990
1848 SEITZ, Wayva F., 6 Edward Terrace, Albany, NY 12208. Collects U.S., U.N. and Israel. By Deborah Friedman #1746
1849 HAPANOWICZ, Bruce S. , 2333 Sunset Ave., Utica, NY 13502. Collects Poland. By Art Williams, #1058
1850 ARTHUR, William E. , 215 Avondale Road, Rochester, NY 14622. Collects Canada. By John Niven #1844
Eben A. Farnsworth Post Office Box 101 Cornish Flat, NH 03746
All ma il bids must be received at the
a t the LOS ANGELES HILTON HOTE L in Las Ange les, California during the Annual
Conve ntion of U, P,S . S. a bave address NOT LATER THAN -
SEPTEMBER 20, 1970 UNITED (NOTE: For your convenience the Auction POSTAL STATIONERY pages may be removed without injury to the
SOCIETY continuity of this jour~ ---Editor)
CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. The highest bidder shall prevail. In cose of dispute, the a uctioneers decision shall be final. 2. In case of duplicate mail bids, the bid with the earl iest postmark shall have priority. 3. All bids shall be mode using the lot numbers listed . 4. The Society reserves the right to withdrew any lot prior to sole. 5. Floor bidders may receive their purchases after the sole upon payment af full purchase price. 6 . Mall bidden will be notified of the ton purchased for them and the total cast, No lon shall
be mailed until full payment is rece ived. Please add postage and indicate method o f shipment . 7, Any lot which is incorrectly described may be returned within ten (10) days from date of receipt . 8 . Miscellaneous ton o f more than ten (10) items are not returnable. 9. Lon desc ribed as Good a re not·retumable because of condition.
Please buy the following tats for me at prices not exceeding those shown. These bids a re mode subject to the conditions of sole a s stated abave .
NAME 1 ·------------------------------------------------ 11; ADDRESS SIGNED l CITY & S·-TA_T_E----------- ------- --Z-IP_N_O _____ _
U. P. S. S. NO. _ ____ _
Lot I BID Lot I BID Lot I BID Loti BID lot, BID Lot I BID
ln<iicote met/rod ol sbi .,.,, Insured Parcel PM t • isteretl First Closs ~-
Lot No.
24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31.
FEATURED L 0 TS Description Cot,/EII. Valve
United States Stamped Envelopes -A complete ealleetion of 59 Univer$01 Postol Congress Entires- one of the few known- oil mounted in album, 125 sets of these were presented to delegates attending Universal Postol Congress, Wash. D.C. in 1897. Eoeh envelope is overprinted in blaek, 3 lines: UNIVERSAl/POSTAl/CONGRESS .
Collection of 66 all different Chieoga blue eoneels (some rorel), period 1873-74, on 1 ~ brown on buff Uberty IS 1 and 52 postolcards mounted on 11 album poges . With round blue Chleago eaneels and foney eut eorks-rounds, squares, bars, initials, Maltese crosses, dover leaf, ete . AN OUTSTANDING COLlECTION II Est.val.
U.S. envelope cut-squares. A wonderful eolleetion of. the 1904, 2~ red envelope eut squares. 411 varieties (and 21 duplieotes) oil properly identified ond mounted on album poges . ANOTHER EXCEPTIONALLY FINE COLLECTION II Thorp eat. val. approx.
United States aerogromme, Thorp l5503o- 10~ red, sheet reverse eut. A seoree error. Hong Kong- oerogromme 11 1h, 50e red . ERROR -all blue eolor missing II (The nome HONG KONG, oil text, Iobei ot upper left, dotted o<!Cfress lines and olrmoil border completely missing. A fine item, Kessler eot. vol. Hong Kong - oerogromme 111g, 50e red, ERROR - red portion of airmai l border missing! (A eomponion pieee to lot ISPS, with blue missing.} Kessler eot.vol. Jopon- Grof Zeppelin eover- 1929 Round-the-World Flight- o eommereiol eover mailed from Japon to New York. ~very ~item. EJt.vol.
226, 1~ blue on orange, die 34, the Ncilehed Choker, size 4, wmk 2. Cot.val. 405, 1~ blue on orange, portio! double impression . 426a, 1~ blue, die 47, size 11, wmk 7 , RARE. Cat,vol, ditto- (ereosed, but rare even if ereosed). 695(U178), 697(U178), 698(U179), 5~ blue Taylor, on amber \lze 3, 4-!, on blue size 4! Taylor. 741, 6~ red on amber, size 7; 760, 6~ red on amber, size 7 with Weii>-Fargo frank; 763, 6~ red on white size 7, 788, 10~ brown an amber, size 7, with Wells-Fargo frank, U348-401, Chieogo Ooy Columbian Expo. eovers with 1c;,2~,4~,6~ Columbian stomps. Four very fine and eleon eovers. Est. val, U42- 12~ brown on buff, envelope eut-square. Retail vol. U34 (Thorp 100) used entire, knife 9, Patented Nov. 20, 1855 (see inside envelope), pink Spencer Port 1 N.Y. eoneel. Est, val. U163, used entire, left edge torn off, blaek Boy Line Steamer in ei rele, DEC 24 (1877), Che$0peoke Boy Line. Est.vol . U163, e leon eover, lightly stained ot r . edge, purple Boy Line Steamer in eirele, OCT 14? (1878) (Che$0peoke Boy Line) . Est. val. U164, very eleon, erisp, purple Bolt & Norf (AGT) Mar 28 (1879) Est . val. U164, 2 used entires, 1 slightly stained at r.edge, 1 block Bolt & Norf AGT, JAN 7 (1879) and cut eork. Est.val, U2, Syracuse, N.Y. pmk; U10, Fredonia, N.Y. pmk; U10 (diff.die) Boonville, N. Y. pmk; U9 greenish blue Brlnfield, Ms. prnk . Est.vol. 1021, 4~ green an white, size 7, w/Wells-Forga frank, folded & slightly $Oiled. Cat.vol. S6.00, a lso 1266, 2~ green on manila, size 7, w/W-F frank, r.edge stained. Total eot .val. 1157-8 (stain), 1727-13(?) stain, 1831-14 stain, 1840-14, 3238-19 stains, 3512-25 boek flap tarn, 3579-26 stain, 3603-24, 3178- 20 soiled, 1435-7,' 2~ green an blue, w/ Wells-Farga frank. A fine eleon envelope. SCARCE I 1468-4~ red w/Wells-Fargo frank (U238o); 1544 (U342), 9~ purple (stains an stomp). 1524-7, 30~ brawn an white, size 4!, very fine, searee envelope. 1525-7, 30~ brown an amber, size 4!, very fine, eomponion Ia lot 120, 1565, 2~ vio let on ereomy white, size I (4-5/16 x 10- 3/16 inches) w/ printed address. 1629, 1 ~ green on 2nd qual. manila; 1629a, ditto on wove manila; 2153o-15, 2~ carmine on amber, size 4. 35- 3~ red used envelopes (period 1853- 55) with various eoneels. Interesting lot. 2485- 15, 2516-24 soiled, 2536-31 flap torn, 2485- 15 fine. 2651(U481b), J!~ purple ERROR of eolor, mint, superb condition. 26511 ditto above . 2667-38, 1!~ brown on amber ex. qual. with earner eord, 2767- 19, 2~ eormine, eot. val. unused $6, not prieed used- scaree thus. Est.val. 2767-19, 20- 2~ eormine on white, size 13 (2). 4-2~ round die varieties, oil used, 2844-22, 30; 2845- 28o, 29,
5.90 7 .00 4.70
12.00 3.00
32. * 33. * 33a.
34. * 35. * 36. * 37. * 38. 0 39. * 40. * 41. * 42. * 43. * 44. * 45. * .co. * 47. * 1.8. * 49. * 50. * 51. * 52. * 53. *
51.. * 55. * 56. * 57. 0 58. 0 59. 0 60. * 60A. * 608. * 60C. 60D. * 61. * 62. * 63. * 64. * 65. * 66. * 67. * 68. * 69. 0 70. * 71. * 72. * 73. * 74. 0 75. •o 76. * n. * 78.
79. 0 80. 0 81. *0 82. 0
29-46, 3c; dark violet on buff, size 7, wmlc 19, with corner cord. 2999-19, 3c; purple on buff, Jize 7, wmk 19. A collection of 23 varieties of the controversial Die J - 3c; circular die envelope5 (48 lcnown vor.) Thorp Nos. 30 10-J to 3058-J. (Details on request-excellent starter col. )Scarce 3425a, 2(c) on ~brown, type 4 surcharge, die 108, size 8, amber . 3847-47, 5c; dark blue, size 6- 3/4. 3784-45; 3787-45; 3793 (cor. cord blacked out}; 3796-45, 46; 3798-45, 46; 3820-43 and 3833-43; 46. 1492o-12 .tain, 1914- 14 stain, 3626-29 slightly soiled . 3139, 4c; revalued l~c. size 8, wmk 27. AN UNLISTED ITEM . Est.vol. 3851o, 5c; Lincoln, die C, with albino impression of 4c; Franklin . SCARCE. 3604, 1 He;) an 1 c; green, on amber . 3541(U486), 1!(c;) on 2c; green (1890), size 3, wmk 12. Very Scarce Item. 3628, 2c; Washington Bicentennial, die 2, size 5, rotary press. 3629, 2c; Washington Bicentennial , die 2, size 8, with corner card, rotary press. 3767-41, 3771-41, 3c; (round) + lc; revalue, 2 mint, clean envs. (1958). 3801-43, 3802-42, 3808-42, -2c; (round) + 2c; revalue (1958). All mint, clean. 2c; (oval)+ 2c; revalueds (1958}, 3817-45; 3820-43,45; 3821-44; 3824-46; 3829- 43,45,46; 3830-42; 3831-45,46. Eleven llne, clean envelopes. 3832, 2c; oval + 2c; 1958 revalued envelope, nice, clean. 1958, 3c; oval+ lc; revalued>, 3781-45,46; 3787-45,46; 3788-46; 3790-45,46; 3796-45,46; 3797--40; 3798-45,46. Twelve flne, clean envelope5. 1958, 2c; round+ 2c; revolueds, 3805-43; 3813-43. Mint and clean. 1958, ~c; oval + 2c; revalueds, 3816-45; 3818-46; 3825-43,45, 3826-43,45, 46; 3827-42, 44; 3828-43, 45; 3832-45,46; 3833-43-46. Fifteen fine clean envelopes. 1962, 4c; + lc; revalued>, 38401- 47 (up) (dn); 38401-48(up) (dn); 3840oll-47, 3840oll -48. 1962, ditto above, 38411-48; 3841all-47; 384loll-47; 384lall-48. First 2 up, lost 2 dawn. 1958, 3c; oval + lc; revalued>. 3778-45; 3779-44; 3780-46; 3782-45, 46; 3783-44; 3784-45; 3785-46; 3786-46; 3791- 45, 46; 3792-45, 46; 3793-45, 46; 3794-46; 3795-46; 3799-46; and 3800-45,46. Twenty-five fine c lean envelopes. 1968, 5c; + lc; revol, envs., 3 var. on 3867-49t; 3868-49 (plain) (Togged). 3604-22, He; on lc; green on amber, size 13. 1958, 6c; + lc; revalued airs, 50728-48; 5075-45,46; 5078; 5078a. Allllne, clean. UC4, 6c; aronge, die 2b, bicolored border, size 13, cane. AP0715, 13 Jan 1944. UCI3, 5c; an 6c; oronge, die C, FOC, 1 Oct 1946, APO 713. 5027a-39, 6c; orange (the recut die). Nice used censored copy. 1958, 6c; (Skymaster) + lc; revel. envs. 5073-43,45,46. A flne lot of 25 mint, freoh 1960 oval die entires, etc. unchecked for size, dies, etc. A fine lot of 1960 oval die preconcelled envs. all diff., 19 fine items on small size envs. 7 size 10 preconcelled 1960 oval die envs. 2-1c;,2-1 1/4c;, 1-t!c;, 2-2c;. All fine, clean. 1925 revolueds, 3299o-19, 3378a-20 plus 3 others (freaks) of li.ted items.
SPECIMEN AND ESSAY ENVEL OPES 571, 3c; green on amber, Specimen type F24-A27, die 57(8), size 5, wmlc 2. 592, 3c; green on blue, Specimen type C30, die 57(8), size 4!, wmk 2. 593, 3c; green on fawn, Specimen type C25, die 57(8}, size 4!, wmk 2. 597, 3c; green on blue, Specimen type C31, die 57(8), size 5, wmk 2. 857, 30c; block, size 8 on white, Specimen type 35-34 in red (slightly soiled). 878, 90c; carmine on white, size 8 Specimen type 35-34, slightly soiled. 6058, 3c; bloclc on lemon (P,O.Dept.) die 205, size 3, wmk 5, Specimen type 15a. 6060, 3c; black on lemon, ditto above except size 5. 6502, lc; green on buff, used but unconcelled, size 7, wrnk 17 (Postal Savings) RARE I E106o, 30c; blue (trial color) on white, size 4!, Essay. E106b, ditto above e.xcept on amber. El06e, 30c; groy trial color, on white, size 4!, Essay. EI06d, ditto above except on amber. 12 different First Day envelopes and 4 dlff. First Day oerogrommes. Est .val. 10 entlres, 2 used, includes penalty, etc. Est. va l. U.S. envelope Freaks, U400 with stamp misplaced LL on bock,U429 at left on face. Est. 98 diff. mint ent~res, all small size. Contains same good items. An excellent buy I Gibbons; Over 260 U. S. envelope cut-squares, many full comers, slogans, etc. die varieties. Est .
UNITED STATES AEROGRAMMES FDC 5500, 5504 (2), tOe; oerogrommes with llrst day cancelS. UC3S, 11~ aerogrommes; FOC(l); 1st Direct Flight, 1 Round- World jet freighter svc:. Est. 5507(UC38), llc; Kennedy, 4 FDC w/ 3 diH. cachets, Aeropex 66 FOC; 5508(UC39) 13c;. 3-llc; Kennedy oeros w/c:oc:het fint Round World Jet Fre ighter Service, etc:.
7.00 17. 50
107.25 60.00 15.00
14.50 5.00
7.60 5.00
5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
15.00 12.00 10.00 10.00 27.50 20.00 20.00 20.00 20. 00 3.50 2.50 4.00
31.60 10.00
4.50 3.00 3.00 4.00
UNITED NATIONS POSTAL STATIONERY, ETC. 83. 0 PCIJ - 2~ blue on c reom, with hi doy cancel. 2.00 84. * UXI, UX2, UX3, UXCI, UXC2, UXC3, UXC5a(2}, UXC7, env.UI-3,6; aerosUC2o,4,5. 9.42 85. 0 UX3,UXC4, ~ & ~ FDC; env. U3, ~ (2 sizes} FDC; UC6, ~ (2 sizes) FDC. Harris cot. 2.80 86. 10 Kessler 16b. lie; w/Aeropex cachet & spec. cance l; mint Kl6b. lie; Aeropex. 6.50 87. 10 Kl6, lie; with 20th anniv. Civil Aviation cancel; (1.00); KilOS, military aero.(6.00). 7 .00 88. 0 U.N. Emergency Forces (contoins Canado, Pakistan, Danish, etc .) 3 coven in lot. Est. 3.00
UNITED STATES POSTAL CARD ESSAYS & SPECIMENS 89. lc; + 1~ black Brooks reply card essay. &t.val. 15.00 90. lc; red+ I~ brown (Liberty head) return postal c:ard essay (age stain). Est. val. 5.00 91. * SS{UX6) 2~ blue, Specimen in contemporary handwritinjj, mint but glue of original mount-
lng on bock, creosed at right, No guarantee but worth researching . Any others like It? Est. ?
0 S3(UX4) 1 c; black on buff. 15.00 93. * 55, 2c; blue; 57, 1~ brown and S58b, 2c; on I~ green. All mint. 4.00 94. 0 S5, 2c; blue, used to England and bockstamped. 2.50 95. 0 S6b, 1 ~ block- the 23 teeth variety- a nice copy. 10.00 96. * S16(UX13), 2~ blue Liberty head. 12.00 97. 0 S19(UX15), lc; Adoms, library size cards- two excellent used copies. 5.00 98. * 519, lc; Adoms, library size cords, I mint, I with printed address. Both excellent cond. 4.00 99. * 520, 2c; black on buff, an Unlisted variety of this cord with domaged U in UNITED. Est. (?) 25.00 100. * 527, 1~ McKinley, very fine condition. (69tmm.) 2 .50 101. * 537, lc; Jeffe.wn, Lee C. Gray CIPEX souvenir postal cord. Est.val, 5.00 102. * 20 diff. lc; on 2c; 1920 overprints, on 544(5), 545{15). Cat ,val. 13.35 103. * 544-30, lc; on 2c; die 1 (Ogden) (block deer head, Forester). Excellent clean condition. (+) 15.00 104. * Another of the some. (+) 15.00 105. * Another of the same. (+) 15.00 106. * S44-42f and S45-42f, lc; on 2c; 1920 revalues, Seattle type- overprint inverted LL. 5.00 107. * S45-14f, inverted surcharge lower left . Scott Cat. val. 2.00 108. * UX34 (551-1) 1c; on 1c; red McKinley. Scott Cot. vo l. 10.00 109. * S56e, 1 c; green Jeffe.wn, double surcharge. Scott Cot. vol. 2.00 110. * S56-2o, di tto, verti cal, surcharge ot left of cord reading up (Detroit type Invert). 50.00 111. * S57c, ditto, inverted surcharge LL w/Consumen Power Company cor,card at LR. 25.00 112 . * 563, ~ Liberty PASTE-UP. Very rare I Est. val. 40.00 113. * MR12 (UY6) lc; + 1~ reply cord, unused, superb with print ing about Aero Exh. RARE (+) 15.00 114. 0 9 preeancelled postol cords (philatelic) oil Birmingham moilers permit, incl. Civil War,etc. 3.50 115. 0 10 diff. preconcelled postal cords (philatelic) oil Kansas permits, incl. Oags. UX38,etc. 5.00 116. 0 Ditto above, 9 from N.J., 1 from Po. on UX38, UX44, UX46, UY13m. Est. vol. 4.00 117. * Airmail postal cord Official Election Wor Ballot block printed address and text on bock. ? 118. 0 UX45, UY16, uxc2, FDCs, OC26, oll Art Croft cachets, 1 with Scott 1785 & 790 blks. 3.00 119. 0 25 diff. U.S. postal cards, regular, commem. and airmail all with diff. slogan cancels. 7 120. 0 14 diff. U.S. postal cards with FDCs, some with special cachets. Est.val . 3.50 121. * iO diff. U.S. postal cords, incl. reva lues and airmails. Est . val. 3 .00 122. * 14 dlff . regular and commem. postal cards, a fine lot. Est. val. 3.00
EXPOSITION POSTAL CARDS Lot No. Descrlptiott Cat./Ett. Volu.
123. * 1893 Columbian Exposition Goldsmith cards, Set No. 2, Fint Edition, 1 to 10, on S 10 & 11. 10.00 124. * Ditto above, Set No. 5, Second Edition (4 new designs), Designs 1 to 10 complete also. 20.00 125. 10 Ditta, Partial Set No. 6, Third Edit ion, 8 mint and 1 used. 21.25 126. * Ditto, Set No. 6, Third Edition, 12 designs, 12 cords, nat numbered, complete. 30.00 127. * Ditto, Set No.6, (on SIO), 2 cords miuing, all others in superb mint condition. 25.00 128. * Ditto, Set No. 7a, mint full set of 12 cards on S 10, some hinge marks . 6 .00 129. 10 4 diff. Coi.Expo. cards, 3 unused, I-EX21 used in 1905, 2nd EX16 fresh, used as FDC. 6.00 130. 10 Ditta above, EX35, EX39 (2 copies diff. colon) mint, rest used as FDCs for U.S. In 1947. 11.50 131. * 1898, Trans-Mississippi Exposition on S 17, complete set of 10 cards . SUPERB I 80.00 132. * Ditto above on 517. Mixed types, but a full set o f iO cords in mostly fine cand. E1t ,vol. 8.00 133. * EX87, unused, but with printed ad of Souvenir Card Society. Trimmed sl1art, an 514. (?) 12.50
UNITED STATES POSSESSIONS 134. 10 CANAL ZONE, a irmail env . 7 (size 10) mint, 7 (10) with FDC, all diff . Nice lot. Est. 2.50 135. * HAWAII, postal cords, 1(UX1) corners broken off, 2(UX2), 6(UX4), 9(UX5) (2), 10(UX6),
s lightly soiled, one corner bent, i i (UX7), 12(UX8), 13(UX9). Cat. val. 14.25 136. *0 HAWAII, postal cards, 2 used w/ red San Francisco Paid cancel; 9-1~ Provisional Gavt. 5.00 137. * HAWAII, MR1 (UY1) I~ + I~ violet on buff reply card, unsevered. 9.00 138. * HAWAII, MR2(UY2) 2~ + 2~ dark blue on white reply card, unsevered. 12. 00 139. * HAWAII, Env. 1, 1o- 1c; green. H&G val. 4.75 140. * HAWAII, Env. 2, 2b- 2~ rose, pink. H&Gval. 11.50
141. * 142. * 143. * 144. * 145. * 146. * 147. 0 148. * 149.
150. 151. 152. 0 153. 0 154. 0 155. 0
156. 0 157. 0 158. 0 159. 10 160. 0 161. * 162. 0 163. 0 164. * 165. 0 166. 0 167. 0 168. * 169. 0 170. 0 171. 0 ln. K:J 173. 0 174. * 175. 0 176. 0 177. 0
178. 0
179. - - 180.
182. 183.
Lot No. F 1. 10 F 2. * F 3. 10 F 4.
F 5. * F 6. 0
F 7. * F B. 10
HAWAII, Env. 4, 4o- ~blue. H&Gval. HAWAII, Env. 5-1~ black. H&Gval. HAWAII, Env, 6 - 2~ rase, inside blue. H&Gval. HAWAII, Env. 12, 12a- 5~ blue; 13- 10~ black with Provisional Govt.oprint. H&Gvol. PHILIPPINES, H&G 22, 2~ blue reply card. Cat. val. PHILIPPINES, postal cards S23 w/Type I Victory, S24 w/Type II Victory, env. 13(U8) soiled, 72 (U35), 84o(U42). PHILIPPINES, Japanese Occup. H&G 1-2 used with Scott N2 & N6 stamps. PUERTO RICO, postal cards H&G 1,6,8, 11 (pre- U.S.) (Ta be listed in UPSS new catalog.) PUERTO RICO, postal card, 5C. DE PESO, red an buff, H&G type 4, unlisted in Ascher or Beckhaus. Est. val.
U.S. STAMPLESS COVERS, FDC, POST CARDS, SOUVENIR FOLDERS Stampless cover. Forwarded by Hale & Co., etc. inscription. Sampson Cat. val. Stampless cover. Norwich & Worcester R.R. (red). FDC, USI775, 3~ Michigan Centennial, on env. of Mich. Hist. Comm. plus pair. FDC, USI776, 3~ Texas Centennial, signed by designer, w/corner card, size 10 env. FDC, USI776, Texas Cent. signed by Gov. Allred, w/2! ln. official gold seal, size 10. FDC, USI776, cancelled Gonzales & Houston, also 2 early-use covers autographed PMG .
UNITED STATES POST CARDS Pan-American Expo. 1901. Official Gies post card w/U.S.I294 and Expo. cancel,crease. LouisianoPurchase 1904. Official Cupples Hold-to-Light, silver bkgrnd. w/ U. S. 1300. Ditto above . Cancelled with World Fair slogan cancel, Luff 16411, in 1904. Est.val . Jamestown Expo. 1907. Bosse I man 18564 unused and 5537; A&VCo., 3 used with slogans. 1908 Christmas Seal 'wX3c tied to embossed Tuck Oilette card by machine cancel. Est .val. Unique 1906 post card made from bank note pulp, unused . lowe cat. val. Ditto above, used 14 March 1906. 1908 Hold- to-Ugh! New Year card, printed message at left on address side, flag cancel. Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Expo. 1909. Multicolored, Pan-Am bldg . with 21 flags, etc. Picture of USS Birmingham, used with ships cancel Jan 20, 1911 from Samara, S. Domingo. Panama-Pacific Expo. 1915. Multicolor, slogan cancel, Luff I64JO, with U.S.I40t, Flag cancel USS Arkansas, doted 3 July 1929 on London, Eng. view card an offlcial visit. Souvenir folder, U.S . MOil Steamer Uncle Sam, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, Pre WWI, mint. Sowenir folder, Juneau, Alaska, used 1925 with 2~ Canadian cancelled Str . Princess Alice Sowenir folders, 2 diff,, Los Angeles, Col.; Son Francisco, Santo Barbara, Long Beach. Souvenir folders, California - Beautiful; Scenic Northern; Sunny Southern, Shasta. Souvenir folders, All California, Notional Parks, mint and used. Missions & Redwood Pork. U.S. Expo. Sowenir Folders, etc . Century of Progress Expo. Chicago 1933, w/ slogons. 2 diff. Souvenir views of Honolulu, fishes of Hawaii, with 18 multicolored paintings. Unusual. FDC, Gastineau (Alaska) Stomp Club F. D. a lbum sheet with block of 4-7~ Alaska airmails. Conal Zone FDC, lt41, 148with Smith photo cachet, 149, 150, 151, 152, 154. Bear, Arkan>Os, fancy 1929 registered cover with Bear outline cancel on stamps; block of 6 Fallen timber ond 1~ Hug.-Wolloon. A Very Fine ~r II Est. val. 4 Lincoln memorial covers with airmail stomps (3), and one official cover, moiled from Springfield, Ill., period 1926, 27, 29. A Fine lot. Est.vol.
LITERATURE Catalogue des Timbre-Post, France & Colonies 1890, by Edmond Fremy. Est.vol. Postal Stationery Catalog - 1898 Edition of Scott Standard Catalogue of Postal Cords and Letter Cords. Privately bound in hard covers . Immaculate condition. Est. val. United Stales Postal Card Catalog, UPSS First Edition, bound in green hardboard cover and autographed by Editor George M. Martin. Est. val. Scott Standard Catalog of Air Post Stomps, Second Edition 1931. Est.vol. Scott Standard Postage Stomp Catalog - 1903 Edition, plus Scott Stomp & Coin Co. Price List from 1900. Est.val,
4. 50 7.00
10.00 2.50
10.00 2.50 4.00 7.50
15.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 3.50 2.00 3.25 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.50 2.50 6.00 5.00 5.00 2.00 5.00
? ?
? '?
F 9. * CAMEROONS, PC IS, 9, 10 (1/2); CAROLI NE IS. PC 17, 8, 9, 10. o il mint. 5 .35 FlO. * CANADA, PC 14, 16, 17, 67. 3.35 Fll. 0 CANADA, 3 used Jubi lee cords (117), 1 w;Victory flag cancel, 2 used to Europe w/two
!.; Q.V. adhesives; 1-1 19, I<; carmine used to Austria w/two!~ Q.V. stamps. Est.val. 5.50 F12. CANADA, stamped envelope 11, 5.; red, pointed flap. A SCARCE ONE. Cat.val. 50.00 F13. CANADA, stamped envelope 12, 10~ dark brown, companion to 11. SCARCE. Cat.vol. 35.00 Fl4. 10 CANADA, envelopes & postal cords, 2 mint, 10 used envs., 4 used cards, 2 official cords. 3.00 F15. * CANADA, Aerogrommes, Kessler 12, I~ red, 15-10.; blue, mint . 10.00 Fl6. * CANADA, Aerogramme, l15o, 10~ blue (broken crown). Cot.val. 12. 50 F17. * CANADA, ditto above . 12.50 FIB. 0 CANADA, Aerogrammes, 123, 10.; blue, 5 used copies, possible varie ties. 5.00 Fl9. * CANADA, Aerogrammes, 124 or 25, 10~ red and black, 3 mint copies. 3.00 F20. 10 CANADA, PC 12 used; 185, 202, 210, 213 mint. Env.'90, 91, 92, 92a, 93, 104, mint;
wrapper l33 and aerogramme 121 both mint. 3.00 F21. CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA, 9 pes stationery, Bolivia, Brazi l, Chile, Oom.Repl. Guat . 3.00 F22. 10 CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA, 55 pieces, pes, envs., wrappers, mostly mint. 5.00 F23. DANZIG, PC 17, 30(red) on IOpf carmine. Cat. val. 3.50 F24. DANZIG, ditto above. 3 .50 F25. * DUTCH INDIES, 1876 Official envelope 11, mint. Est. val. 5.00 F26. 10 ESTONIA, & LITHUANIA, Estonia 110 used, small tears; 122a, 25, 26 mint ond
Lithuania ItS used. Cat.vol. 19.25 F27. 10 ETHIOPIA, PC 11 mint ond cancelled to order aerogramme 11. 10.00 F28. * FALKLAND IS., Reply postal card 14, ld + ld red. Cat. val. 5.00 F29. * FALKLAND IS . , letter card 11, lp brick red. Cat. val. 20.00 F30. * FALKLAND IS . , registration envelope It, 2d blue. 20. 00 F31. * FINLAND, PC 118, 20, 21, fine conelition. 20.00 F32. * FINLAND, 2 Helsinki lette r sheets, mint, thick & thin poper, H&G cat.'l-2 17. 50 F33. * FRANCE, Pneumatic letter card 121, 60c on lfr. on pink, fine, clean copy . 15.00 F34. 0 FRANCE, Military postal card, used by a Serbian from the evacuated Serbian
army, stationed in Corfu, late 19)5, no postal marking, as was usual during the winter retreat and settling on Corfu. An unusual item! Est. val. ?
F35. 0 FRANCE, PC *25, I fr. with 25f adhesive, scarce used. ~at. val. 20.00 F36. * FRANCE, Pneumatic letter card 12, Pneumatic env. 11, both fine. 25.00 F37. GERMANY, stamped envelope IIJo, smudges and stains. 15.00 F38. 0 GERMANY, 1205, the 15pf Goethe ca rd used to U.S. (tear at bot.&stains). 12.50 F39. * GERMANY, Berlin, PCIJ2, 10 + 5pf, 100 Y'l· Postal Adm. in Berlin. 17.50 F40. 0 GERMANY, Berlln, Radio Lottery Cards l XI (two copies far obverse and
reverse exhibition). 15.00 F41. 0 GERMANY, Berlin, aerogramme 11 (K.'51E), properly used toN. Y • stained. 30.00 F42. * GERMANY, Reply postal card I]J, 2pf blue + 2pf brawn. 7.50 F43. 10 GERMANY, 24 diff. Nazi period postal cards, betw.'221-305, mint & used. 15. 00 F44. * GERMANY, D.D.R. PCIS, 12pf overprinted 34/Michendorf. Expertized . 6.00 - - F.45. 0 GERMANY, 6 diff. p-t-p-o postal cards with special cancels and reproduc-
tions of early Hamburg and Saxony stamps. A nice lat. Cat.val. 9.00 F46. *0 GERMANY, Mise. lot of stationery and covers, Incl. PCII46, 245, 271,
394, 310AVIII; Berlin 143, D. D.R. PCIIO all mint; 5 used cards, incl. 11, 6 covers, incl. 2 censored. Est. val. 4.50
F47. *0 GERMAN/SWISS, Misc. loi , 20 pieces German, 2 Swiss, good-fair. 3.00 F48. 0 GHANA, registration envelope IJ, 4p w/ stamps Ia, 10. A nice cover. 2.50 F49. * GIBRALTAR, registration envelope 112a, type 3, with Specimen. 7.00 F50. * GOLD COAST COLONY, registration env. I], 2p+lp brown with Specimen. 10.00 F51. * GREAT BRITAIN, registr . env. #JO, 3d brawn & ld red, size F. Scarce:-- 20.00 F52. * GREAT BRITAIN, ditto above except size G. 20.00 F53. * GREAT BRITAIN, ditto above, 131, 3!d blue & !d green, size F. 20.00 F54. * GREAT BRITAIN, ditto above except size G. 20.00 F55. * GREAT BRITAIN, Reg. env. l34a, 3d brawn & 2d orange, size G. One of
the rarest registration envelopes I Cat. val. 125.00 F56. * GR~ITAIN, Offices in Levant (Turkey), reg . env. 14, I Piastre on
2d+ld brown, size G; 16, 7!P an 2d+ld brown, size F; 16a, ditto, size G . 7.50 F57. * GREAT BRITAIN, aerogrammes 113, 14, 14a (Shakespeare,w/ 2 diff. pies.) 6.50 F58. *0 GREAT BRITAIN, Misc. p.s., PCI52 & LC 110 British Empire Exhib . , I tO
mint and used, l73 - 5 items. Cat . val . 3.75 F59. *0 GREAT BRITAIN & COLONIES, 20 pes. stationery & covers, 7 mint.Good. 3.50 F60. * GREECE, postal card revalued #45, 47, 48, all fine mint. 7.50 F61. HELIGOLAND, Counterfeit postal cords, OfFicial #J w/additional 3F-5PF
light green impressed stamp in u. l . comer of card; ditto, with some stamp added beneath original stamp. Est . val. ?
F62. *0 HONG KONG, PC19, 12, 21 (creased); env.ll, 2a, all mint plus Is, 5a (tears at top), used; 17a, 8, mint and 19a used, last one unlisted. 8.55
F63. * ICELAND, Pella, Sour, error at up.lft. (r.h. top earner broken off). 7.50 F64. * ICELAND, PCi 4, 51-Sa, rough card, 19, 51-Sa, smooth card, 140, 8+8a,
#41, 1()i-10o, all reply cards. 10.00 F65. * ICELAND, LCl l, 2, 4 and 10 our (3 sets, minor differences in IJ).Cat .val. 9.00 F66. *0 INDIA, 15np env. error, 15np inland let., UN stamp exhib. cover; Sirmor
PCII, TravancorePCI2, Nepal env.ll (used, damaged), Ryukyus ae~ 5.00 F67. 10 IRELAND, PC'l used, #Jmlntandenvelape#( mint. -caT.val. 33.50 F68. *0 ISRAEL, 5 TABIL airmail PCs #(mint, 12 used (eta), #3 mint. 17.50 F69. *0 ISRAEL, Env . #( mint, #( (6 used), 5 diff. spec. events cancels, #42, FDC. 27.00 F70. * ISRAEL, aerogrammes /3, *4. 8.00 F71. * ISRAEL, ditto above. Cat,val. 8.00 F72. *0 ISRAEL, 21 letter sheets, mostly airs, but also LS # (, 2, 7. Mint & FDCs. 13.00 F73. * ITALY, Offices in Albania, PCI26, 28, 29, all mint. 2.35 F74. 0 ITALY, 18 dlff. WWll military cards, mostly used w/prapaganda cartoons, etc . 4.00 F75. * ITALY, Military envelope 1(, cancelled but unused. Cat. val. 7.50 F76. JAPAN, Russ.-Jap. War cards, H&G I CCII, CC50 w/ calored pictures. 5.00 F77. * JAPAN, envelopes 110, 11, 13, mint. 3.25 F78. 0 JUGOSLAVIA, German Occup. of Serbia, PCIB, 9, 10, 11 correctly used
and censored. Scarce thus. Cat .val. 20.50 F79. 0 JUGOSLAVIA, German Occup. of Montenegro 1944. *1-13, conc.unused. 10.00 F80 KOREA, South. Postal card, surch . 500wn blue (Scott A24) on 5ch red
(Scott A24). A scarce card. Est.val. 5.00 F81. 0 LATAKIA, PCil; LEBANON, PCI2, LCII. Cat.vol. 25.00 F82. 0 LIBERIA, 6 used 2~ brawn, large size airmail envs.(2 var.) Not in H&G. 3.00 F83. 0 LIECHTENSTEIN, PC16, 10 on 25Rp, correctly used as business card from
Treisen. (Small tear and light crease at u.l.). Cat.val. 6.00 F84. * LUXEMBURG, Postal cards, the scarce 1878 surcharges, *25, 26a, 27a. 9.00 F85. MANCHUKUO, PC*20, 1! + 1! fen reply card. Cat.val. 7.00 F86. * MANCHUKUO 1 PCl 21, 6 fen red, 123, 1! fen gray-blue. 10.00 F87. * MANCHUKUO, PC*25, 2 fen blue-,.ray, 129, 2! fen dull purple. 10.00 F88. * MANCHUKUO, PCI30, 1 fen red, 32, 2 fen green. 8.00 F89. * MANCHUKUO, PCI33, 2 fen green- a. on cream, b . on buff. 7.00 F90. *0 MANCHUKUO, PC*33, 2 fen green, 2 cards, mint and used. 7.00 F91. * MANCHUKUO, PCI 35, 10 fen red, sky of lines, *36, 10 fen red, (clouds). 10.00 F92. * MANCHUKUO, PCl37, 1+1 fen brawn, reply card. 7.00 F93. * MANCHUKUO, PCI39, 2+2 fen dark blue, reply card. 5. 00 F94. * MANCHUKUO, ditto above. 5.00 F95. * MANCHUKUO, PCI43, 1()1-10 fen red-orange, reply card. 7.00
F96. * MANCHUKUO, letter sheet#(, 4 fen green. 5.00
F97. * MEXICO, Postal card error - IBb ERROR - DOS PESOS stamp instead of DOS CENTAVOS. Card Issued trimmed at right to remove PESO. 5.00
F98. * MEXICO, PC' 51, 2c cannine, no CARTE POSTALE. Cat.val. 7.50
F99. *0 MEXICO, PCi69b used, 186(2), f((Jb, mint; *120 used with nice stamps, #(4, 25, 3 Occup. mint and 123 used. Cat.val. 5 . 65
FIOO. *0 MEXICO, PC and env., 1 mint, 6 used peds., 3 used envs. Interesting lat. 3.00
F101 . *0 NATAL, Registration envelopes 12, mint and used. Fine. 9.00
F102. 10 NEPAL, #(, 8Ps with special 1st day cancel, addr . In Nepali; (used) plus 12, 8Ps, 13, lOPs bath mint. Kessler cat. 28.00
F103. *0 NEPAL, #(, 8Ps with special 1st day cancel, addr. in English; (used) plus #3, lOPs mint. Kessler cat. 26.00
F104. * NETHERLANDS, LCs #1, Ia, 2, 2a, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, all mint . 3.70
F105. 10 NETHERLANDS & DUTCH INDIES, Neth . PCIS, 16, used; 1277, ch. af addr. cards, 124, 26, 27, 29 mint; LCIS, 10 mint; env . l4 used; Dutch Indies env. 135 used. Cat. val. 3.25
F106. *0 NEW ZEALAND, Collection of 23 cards, 3 mint, rest used with Interesting cancels, incl. 138, 42, 45, 46, 48, 48a; Official PC Is, 6, 7, 8; plus printed matter cards 17, 8. Latter all used . Cat.val. 10.20
F107. *0 NEW ZEALAND, letter cards #39 (m&u), 40, used, 41 (2) mint; all entires 19, 10, 11, 13 used (poor), 17, 20(2), 23, 32 (3 diff.), 34, 40,
7.50 41, used and all with selvage removed. Est. val. F108. *0 NEW ZEALAND, Env. 127 (m&u), 29(2), 29, 31 (2), used; #33, 36 mint;
136, 2 official used. Est .val. 4.00
F109. 10 NEW ZEALAND, Reglstr. env. *29, 33 used; #31, 33 mint. Cat. val. 9.25
FllO.*O NEW ZEALAND, Wrappers 16, lla, 13, 16, 22, 24, used; 114, 21, 22, 24 (2), 25(2) mint; 3 Commonwealth reply coupons, 3 other pieces. 6.50
F111. * NIGERIA, Reglstr. env. w/Specimen (black) an fac.e like H&G*1, 2d blue, but Thas. De La Rue & Ca. under flap. (Nat listed). Est.val. 7.50
F112. 0 PAKISTAN & INDIA, Airmail envelopes, etc. Pakistan Gadinas 'E613(3), E616(2), E618, E620, also 13p envs (2 trimmed); lndiaGadinas *E518(2), 3-2As regular envs, 1 card. All used cammerc:.ially with added stamps. 6.00
F113. * PALESTINE, Aerogramme 12. 6.00 F114. * PALESTINE, ditto above but with printed return address. 6.00 F115. *0 PANAMA, PC*10, LCI2, env .l2 (tarn & folded), Reg. env . l3o (stains),
airmail env.l2 used w/ odditianol airmail stamp (a good cover}. Rest mint. (?) 40.50 F116. * POLAND, Offlces ln Levant, PCIJ. Fine. 37.50 F117. *0 PORTUGUESE GUINEA, 10 pes, mostly mint, incl. peds, LCs, etc. + 3.00 F118. 0 RUSSIA, Airmail envs.*3-16kop, 2-4kop, 8-6kop, all but 3 w/stamps. 6.50 F119. * SALVADOR, Ascher l.o~o, So, 6o, 2+2c, 3+-3c, 5t5c, lmperf reply letter
cards (flat, unfolded). Ascher cat. 15 marks. Est.vol. 7.50 F120. * SALVADOR, ditto above. Est. val. 7.50 F121. 0 SPORTS, 5 slogan cancels on regular Austrian & German stationery; 3
Czech SOKOL cards; 9 German 1936 Olympic cords,(m&u), 239/44. 7.50 F122. * SWITZERLAND, Complete mint set of 32 Zumstein 1111-11 postal cords
(20 cis red), Series B (1932), all diff. views. Est. val. 7.00 Fl23 . VATICAN, SOc & 75c r.;,tal cards of the 1929 Papal arms issue. 10.00 F124. 0 WURTTEMBURG, Env. NGK (Neuer Gonz.-Kot.) 125, change of
currency imprint, NGK cat.val. 70M. (Repaired at Est.val. 10.00 F125. 0 WURTTEMBURG, Env. NGKI27, change of currency imprint. RARE.
(Stamp removed from over 3Kr. imprinted stamp, ragged at edges.) 25.00 F126. 0 FOREIGN REGISTRATION ENVELOPES- Bahrain, Gt. Britain, Hong
Kong, Malaya, Trinidad & Tobago. AM size G, used with stomps. Fine. 3.00 F127. *0 FOREIGN AIRMAIL, Jamaica Ia, 9 mint; Gr.Britoin 3 used aerogs;
Austria 2 used aerogs; Mexico SOc airmail env. Est.val. 3.00 F128. 0 10 diff. Foreign and U.S. used aerogrommes. Est.val. 1.50 F129. *0 60 pes. British, Colonial and general foreign p. cds, envs., e•c. Goad. 6.00 F130. *0 40 pes. Foreign stationery; 1 Germany (Berlin) cover w/Scott 19N13. 5.00 F130A. FOREIGN CUT-SQUARES, over 1300 cut squares, same duplication. 13.00
FOREIGN POST CARDS, COVERS, ETC. F131. 0 BARBADOS, Post cord showing 20 diff. Barbados stamps in color. 2.50 F132 . 0 BELGIUM, Post card, Li ege Expo.1905, Marcovlcl 13958, embossed, 2.00 F133. 0 BELGIUM, Folding post cord, ditto above, double folder view,not Lowe. 5.00 F134. 0 BELGIUM, Post cords, ditto above, DTC 187,136, 163,etc. Lowe cot. 3.75 F135. DENMARK, Post cord showing 19 Danish stamps (Zieher orig.l72 mint). 1.25 F136. FRANCE, 2 post cords (Menke-Huber), 1st stomps of Repl. Lowe cot. 3.00 F137. FRANCE, .Post cord, Paris Expo. Photo view of Expo. and Eiffel Tower,
pmk Paris E1frsltion 2 Juil 00, with France '91. (Souvenir of Elffel T .) 5 .00 F138. * GREAT BRIT N, Post card Court size full color Glasgow & Highland
Royal Mail Steamer, mint . Lowe cat.S3. 5.00 F139. 0 GREAT BRITAIN, Post card, same as lot F138, but used with G.B.189,
cancelled lono Steamer 1163, B SP 27.99. (Lowe val. as ord .size $3.) 10.00 F140. 0 JAPAN, Post card, phOto-of Asamo, Scott 195 on face, fancy cancel. 2.50 F141. 0 JAPAN, card with FD cance10f1Qpan *150, pmkd 4.11.10.(1915). (?) 5.00 F142. 0 MEXICO, Post card with 11 diff . Mexican stomps, used ln 1912. 2.00 F143. 0 PANAMA, Post cord showing flag and 9 diff. Panama stamps, used 1909, 2.50 F144. 0 18 all diff. post cards showing embossed cains of various countries; 1900 circa. 6.00 F145. 0 ARGENTINA, 3 fine flight covers w/Scott 1638/685,686,687,735/.693. 3.00 F146. 0 AUSTRIA, FDC, 1.50 sch. Romanic Art. Est. val. 2.00 F147. 0 FDC -lot of 13 beautiful covers, Australia 3, Norfolk h.3, Papua &
New Guinea 2, Nauru 5. Est ,val. 12.00 F148. 0 BARBUDA, overprint on Leeward Is. !d, 1d, 3d stamps (Scott 11,2, 9)
used on registr .letter to USA. Transit marks of Antigua and N.Y. on reverse . These stomps on cover ore very scarce I Est. val. 10.00
F149. 0 BELGIAN CONGO, 3 commercially used covers w/stomps(12,3,5). 4.75 F150. 0 FDC Bermuda, Scott *143-52, 155); Burundi, 73, 78. Est.vol, 3.00 F151. 0 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA, Two 5h stamps on cover to Munich {1914?)
3 very clear and scarce departure mark; K&K Mllitarpast. Est. val. 5.00 F152. 0 CANADA, 18 diff. covers, interesting cancels, FDCs, etc. 4.50 F153. 0 CHINA- (Pre-Republic) Airmail covers, 12 w/various arrangements of
Scott 1562, 630,640,645,688,750,752,755-57,860,861,863,867,868; Manchurio,K&H issue*21,22(6), used Shanghai and Manchoul.Est.val. 8.00
1851 VANWIE, Richard J., 65 W, Genessee, Balowinsville,NY 13027. Collector and Dealer. Collects general. By John Niven #1844
1852 KIENER, Bert, 21 Blossom Circle West, Rochester, NY 14610. Collects drug advertising. By John Niven #1844
1853 ASKINS, Dr. Arthur L., Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720. Collects Japan and Japanese Empire. By Rodney L. Mott #C-38
1854 TOMS, Margaret, 321 Crawford Street, Orillia, Ontario, CANADA. Collects Canada, B.N.A., regular postal stationery of Great Britain & Colonies. By Robert B. Warlick #728.
1855 REPA, John I., 522 River Street, Scranton, PA 18505. Collects Gov't postal cards & entires with flag, slogan & hand cancels. By Clifford Tuttle #990
1856 DUNAKIN, Henry G., P, 0. Box 426, Carmel, CA 93921. Collects Japan, Ryukyus, Mexico, special cancels, air & rocket mail. By G. C. Morison
1857 ALVARADO, Luis, Amberes 1004, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico 00920. Col- lects Puero Rico, U.S., Dom. Rep., Cuba and Philippines. By E.F. Ball #656
REINSTATEMENTS 526 HARWOOD, Dr. Mark R., 1200 East Genissee St., Syracuse, NY 13210 1027 PADDOCK, Dr. Arnold, 14320 Haymeadow Dr., Apt. 2036, Dallas, TX 75240 997 SMITH, Mrs. Dorothy Fordham, 472 Lake Road, Webster, NY 14581 1642 BOWER, John E., 831 Fourth Ave., Brockway, PA 15824 CHANGES OF ADDRESS FOX, Norman (#821), 115 First Place, Brooklyn, NY 11231 FRANZ, James M. (#1438), 8i2 Cabin John Parkway, Rockville, MD 20852 GRISWOLD, Ralph E., (#1124), P. 0. Box 54, Red Bank, NJ 07701 HAKE, Theodore (#1826), 115 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 HOAG, Lt. Col. Irving C., Jr. (#lllO), RFD #1, Epping, NH 03042 HOGER, Charles E. (#1543), 1103 Kolterman, Seward, NB 68434 LAZERSON, Gordon H. (#1581), 4138 Van Dyke, Apt. 9, San Diego, CA 92105 SHAW, David G., (#1396), 2017 s. Olsen, Tucson, AR 85713 STANTON, Thomas E. (#1155), 4514 Aragona Drive, Oxon Hill, MD 20022 STUDER, Paul R., Jr. (#1120), 330 Bret Harte, Reno, NV 89506 RESIGNATIONS MORRIS, Forrest M., Jr. #1274, 215 E. Front St., Hattiesburg, MS 39401
available to UPSS members for S5.00 each, while they last.
Author's son donated them; proceeds go to UPSS Treasu ry.
(Make checks payable to the UPSS.)
liiGHLAND PARK, ILL. 60035
• I .. • J • I I J Fig. J .:I
In the past decade this writer's chief interest has been directly re­ lated to that of postal stationery honor­ ing our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. As a direct result, a specialty in the 6¢ Lincoln issues of the George H. Reay and the Plimpton companies has developed. However, the interest goes beyond these issues to all Lincoln postal stationery and adhesives.
I am indebted to many postal sta­ tionery specialists, both living and dead, who have aided in this collection. Many collector s fail to realize the fact that each one is dependent upon others for material and research which is the foundation of any serious collection. Some of the people to whom I am in­ debted are: Louis H. Barkhausen, Geo. c. Slawson, R. R. Bogert, Joseph Rechert, Prescott Holden Thorp and William H. Maisel.
As my collection of Lincoln develop­ ed, one basic question kept coming to mind -- how does one organize entires so that others can appreciate and enjoy their beauty? Finally it was decided to use Elbe presidential pages with a
simple title ABRAHAM LINCOLN print­ ed at the top for entfres of sizes 3, 4-1/2 and 5 and at the side for entires of sizes 7 and 8. A simple, single-line frame-line was printed around the page. Simplicity was the rule. The mounting of the entires was made using Marlate mounts which affords protection without the application of hinges. The mounts provide a black background and sets the entires apart from the texture oft he album page. Overlapping of entires is the rule when important features are not hidden. Thus we find greater interest and more material on fewer pages. There is still adequate space for any write-up.
In doing research for the write-ups, it occurr ed to me that there is a major problem. The fact is that infor­ mation of minor concern is often neg­ lected in the more modern texts. For example, among the George H. Reay issues the two types of monogram US POD watermarks which were identi­ fied by Bogert and Rechert in 1892 are now combined. Why this is so, I do not know. To obtain both types for each
item {assuming they exist) is a real challenge. Furthermore, items which are unique may or may not be listed. If unique, I feel they should be listed but not priced, and the word •unique" should appear. This would give a more complete picture of types and varieties which are known to exist. An example of a probable 'unique' item in my col­ lection Is the •we lch and Ryan Dutch Flat Express" frank on T -B #296. This entire was originally in the Louis H. Barkhausen and later in the Henry H. Clifford collection. M. C. Nathan, Editor of Western Express, says he ha s not seen a used example and mentions this example only in a letter addressed to me. The item is pictured, Figure 1.
There are various facies of Lincoln postal stationery collecting which can be areas for research. For example, the various express company frankings and methods of use. The Wells Fargo and Compnny on Lincoln 6C entlres has used labels Indicating cities of origin, cancellations with •Messenger" numbers, and city-name cancellations with dates. How many other types of use Is a question yet to be answered. What messengers were in what city {cities) has not been explored. Any unus ual use by an express company on any 6C Lincoln entire would be of interest to this writer.
Another fa cit of my collection which offers a challenge is the color varieties used. It Is interesting to note the wide range of color shades even though exist­ ing catalogues may list one orrwo color varieties. There certainly was a laxity in color control among the Plimpton 6C issue in particular. Furthermore, ther e are many Imperfections in watermarks.
In my collection, an attempt is made to stimulate interest in the general field of postal stationery by introducing the unusual areas: specimens, unusual uses, express franks , specimens from
post office frames, and an advertising collar. The example of a collar on a Lincoln entire Is Figure 2.
F ig. 2
Perhaps the exhibition of such ma­ terial in major shows will cause a revival of interest In the postal station­ er y branch or philately and a growth in our United Postal Statione ry Society. This need is evident by the lack or mate rial and knowledge by a lar ge number of dealer s in the philatelic trade. With the passing of s uch great postal stationery authorities such as Barkhausen, much needs to be done and much can be done to encourage this branch of philately. I find the collecting or entires more r ewarding than collect­ ing adhesives. I feel the aspects of research on my specialty, ABRAHAM LTNCOLN 1870-1882, has not been exhausted and thus it wlll be a source of challenge for me in the years to come. In the meantime I shall continue to ex­ hibit the material. Recently, it was exhibited at SESCAL 1969, CORNPEX ' 69 and WESTPEX 1970.
As a post-script, if any member of UPSS has any information or material for sale which may add to my Lincoln specialty, please contact me. It will be appreciated.
dletO-fjULit u t LeJ
The history of the aerogrammes of Colombia is at the same time the history of airmail of this country. In 1923, just a few years after the es­ tablishment of SCADT A (Colombian airline) (Sociedad Colombo-Alemana de Transportes Aereos) in 1919, the fir st forms were placed in use.
The first one,a20 centavos value, was made in the style of the letter cards of Germany of that time (with perforations on three s ides for quick opening and with heading at upper left: AEROMI­ SIVA). A short time later a second edition appeared with two additional lines of text under AEROMISIVA: " Servicio de Transportes Aereos 1 En Colombia (SCA DT A)." Both types of these aerogrammes (letter cards) are found with and without a watermark which extends across the whole sheet: • LOUIS ST AFFEL WITZENHAUSEN - K I NORMAL 3a•. Only a portion of the watermark appears on each sheet.
The emission was not very large and at that time not very popular, so that used specimens are scarce. Under their name of • Aeromisiva• , we pro­ bably have herewith, the first "aero­ grammes• of the world.
The successors of SCA DT A, the A VIANC A (Colombian airline) of today, s tarted February 1st, 1954.
The air letter forms now in use have no va lue (stamp) imprinted. The colors of the sheers vary - gr ay, blue or green- according to the various emis­ sions, with colored borders, which is the mark of airmail. At first these
oJ @rJ-L()..mlJia by Walter Ble il, #1549
forms were provided free of charge, later on - probably in 1958 - they were sold for 5 centavos each, to avoid misuse, because many people used these forms to make memorandums, instead of for writing air letters. To cover increased expenses of production the selling price is now 10 centavos, starting October 15, 1968. The old price of 0.05 has also been overprinted 0. 10. The sheets are all continuously numbered.
The Universal Postal Union recom­ mends that all postal authorities pro­ more the use of aerogrammes and so rhe Colombian Ministry of Communica­ tions , in Resolution //126, dared August 28th, 1969, ordered the e mission ofthe following 4 values of aerogrammes, probably to have appeared in December 1969: $col. - .70 for internal use (300, 000); 1. 20 for fir st inter-A merican Zone (100,000); 1.40 for the second inter-American Zone (100,000) and 2.50 for Europe (? ) .
By a later Resolution !/1839, dated September 2nd, 1969, the airmail ad­ ministration has been authorized to make a contract for delivery with the firm of Carvajal & Cia. , which owns one of the most modern printing plants in South America.
Aerogrammes arc popular today in Colombia, so these new forms with im­ printed values should continue this popularity. The issue of these new aerogrammes coincides with the 50th anniversary of SCADTA-AVIANCA.
New York Auctioneer, and long­ time member of UPSS, Herman "Pat• Herst, Jr. of Shrub Oak, N.Y. recently sent in an interesting letter he had received from the late J. M. Bartels shortly before his death. The letter re­ sponds to Herst's original notes during his writing for his now-famous book "Nassau Street• .
"My dear Herst: Aug. 22, 1944
Your article about me, though very well meant, starts from the wrong supposition and for that reason does not seem to be timely. You are apparently under the impression that I am going out of business or closing up my firm which is not the case. I have only moved into a smalle r office a few weeks ago in the same building, 17 John St. , and for that reason sold some of my furniture. I am still going s trong and at present negotiating for an auction sale of a col­ lection which would be my 338th and probably held at the Collectors Club.
"In looking back it seems to me that what I achieved for Philately was more important than the training I did. I am best known as the expert on U.S. envelopes (Bartels Catalog,five editions) my works on Philippines, Panama, Canal Zone, U.S. Plate Numbers and articles in various publications, among them my former weekly Comments and Reminiscences in "Stamps• where you can also find my life's history. Gener­ ally it is of interest that I am a Vir­ ginian by birth and a direct descendant of Geo. Washington' s grandfather, Laurence Washington. In 1910 !founded and published the Philatelic Gazette which I sold later to John A. Klemann.
"Regarding the employees you might bring out the fact that I turned my bookkeepers, who came with no idea
about stamps, into philatelists and stamp dealers. In this group belong ·Toaspern, Laurence and 0' Amato.
"I do not think I would care to have an article written just on my employees which should only form part of a write­ up. I am going over your article care­ fully and noting occasional errors and shall return it during this week.
Very sincerely yours, J. M. Bartels• --~···· ....................................... .
position cancels on cover.
If you are not on my mailing list,
please send name and address for these.-
Would like to buy any of this material
that you have for sole.
~ l HOBBS W. JACKSON l P. 0. Box 116 . : Lafayette, Ala. 36862 • ~ ............................................ .
• • • • • SEND FOR YOUR NEW 19 7 0
A1~ Rep4 CMJ?
In the Sept. -Oct. 1969 issue of POSTAL STATIONERY, we featured a "Mystery Reply Card", asking for help to determine its origin. It is still in the 'mystery' category, but members have offered some interesting thoughts about the card.
The person who started all this is Harry Cavaco in Hawaii -- he acquired several hundred of these cards from a rubbish collector who is also a stamp collector of Ryukyus. Cavaco has used these cards in his correspondence, of course with the proper adhesive stamps affixed. He has given away many of them, hoping to learn just how they came into existence. Our study has not pinpointed the creator, or even the real purpose as to why they were created - - so on goes the hunt. We report here the replies received to date:
Joseph Eisendrath, UPSS Airmail Associate Editor, suggests that they may have been part of a layout pre­ pared by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for guidance of the Engravers in preparing a new 4¢ card.
Lt. Col. Ted Bozarth writes, "Your 4¢ reply card looks like a private essay for an airmail reply card. Probably someone copied the inscription blocks photographically and added a rough sketch of his idea for a stamp design, with wings (?) around the vignette to suggest flight."
Bruce Miller points out that his mystery card is similar to the stock used for the 4¢ Lincoln card. It is his guess that they were privately made on a hectograph. He also observes, as has been suggested, that they could have nothing to do with World War II, since
by Cl ark H. Stevens
there was no 4¢ postal rate at that time.
From Miss Ruth E. Brown comes this logical conclusion: "This card might possibly be what is called, in some countries, a "Training Card"-­ that is, a card used in some post offices in the training of clerks, teach­ ing them the proper processing (post marking, cancelling, etc.) of postal items. It looks like, but isn' t a valid item of postal stationery. I have in my Japanese postal stationery collection, a "Training Card" --in other words, a 'dummy' on which the postal trainees can practice."
Cavaco asked the Editor of the Hono­ lulu Advertiser to help track down the origin of this mystery reply card and was turned down. Cava co points out that some call it the Black Devil card and it is also known as the Flame Circle. If you will look again at the illustration on page 318 of the Sept- Oct. '69 issue, you will note that the bottom of the winged ends on both sides of the card (message side) closed at the left and the right side, has a squared box. On the reply side, bottom left of the wing is open and the right bottom side is the shape of a squared 'U'. Could these be secret marks? Your continued corres­ pondence is invited.
Secretary Edwin F. Ball has all of the extra copies of the 1970 Directory, plus back issues of the journal -- this office does not handle requests for publications - - we're lucky to get a copy for our own files! .. • • DvS
Have you ever thought about collect­ ing the postal stationery of the United Nations? This Postal Administration offers all the necessary ingredients for a rewarding experience in station­ ery collecting - - the chase, the search, the varieties and the research. The UN is a philatelically clean category which does not contain unnecessary issues of stamps or stationery. Also, its staff of international designers does an excel­ lent job in the symbolism that is used on most of its emissions. In addition, a complete collection of mint postal cards, aerogrammes and stamped en­ velopes of the United Nations in New York can be assembled at a relatively low cost as a starter collection.
The Minkus and Scott catalogs pro­ vide a chronological listing of all the basic items of postal stationery that have been issued by the UN. The Lind­ ner and Terins Specialized UN catalogs contain such information as dates of subsequent printings of each item; descriptions of color and paper varie­ ties of various printings; and first day of use of revalued items. And for current information, there is a regular UN column in LINN' S Weekly Stamp News, written by Herbert Conway. Occasionally, Conway offers a r eprint­ ing of a series of his columns as they originally appeared in LINN' S.
The UN has its own Postal Admini­ stration, but the United States Post Office Department actually handles its mail. Because of this, the UN' s domes­ tic and foreign postage rates must always be the same as the u .s . rates.
The two-cent domestic postal card issued on July 19, 1952, was the first item of postal stationer y produced by
J ack L . J enkins, #1770
the UN. There wer e eight printings of this card during its six-year life. While the dates of reprinting are known, sufficient data has not been gathered to determine the first days of use of each reprinting. To date, the UN-NY has issued four denominations of domestic surface rate postal cards; four domes­ tic air mail rate cards plus a revalued card; along with two foreign air mail rate cards. Printing and color varieties exist on some of these cards, which can be added to your album pages to provide more interest.
The first stamped envelope was is­ sued in September, 1953, with an em­ bossed design, in the current domestic surface letter rate. Both legal and letter size envelopes were produced. The letter size was slightly larger than those in current use by the United States P.O. D. These measured 6- 3/4 inches by 3- 3/4 inches and there were two additional printings in this size. These can be readily identified by paper or color differences. lt is interesting to note that the original agreement between the UN and the U.s. stated that these stamped envelopes "shall con­ form to the specifications of the U.s. P .O.D. as to size • •• •. In 1958, the fourth pr inting was made and the letter size envelope measurements were then changed to 6-1/2 inches by 3-5/ 8 inches which does conform to the size used by the USPOD. There have been three additional denominations of domestic surface rate envelopes issued in both legal and the new letter size.
In September, 1959, the first domes­ tic air mail envelope was issued. It also had an embossed design. There have been two additional denominations 97 POSTAL STATIONERY !ULY·AUGUST, 1970
issued in the domestic air mail rates. The last two domestic surface and air mail rate envelopes were produced by offset lithography, rather than by em­ bossing. The offset method permits the use of more colorful designs for the stamped envelopes.
The word • Aerogramme• did not appear on the face of the first air letter sheet which was produced in August, 1952. It was reprinted once in this form during its two-year life. To conform to Universal Postal Union regulations, the word "Aerogram me" was added in September, 1954, and there were two reprintings in this new form during the next five years. In January, 1960, a new stamp design was issued and it was reprinted once. In June, 1961, a rate change caused the issuance of a new aerogramme, which was reprinted three times during the next seven years. In May, 1968, another rate increase brought about the issu­ ance of the current aerogram me. There are at least two color varieties of this known. All of these reprintings are listed in the specialized United Nations catalogs as they are distinctive enough that they can be identified.
Using this collection as a base, there is ample opponunity for expan­ sion with such in- depth studies as printing varieties, cancellations, and rates. An exhibit of these postal cards, stamped envelopes and aerogrammes, interspersed with some of these varie­ ties, would surely be an attraction at most stamp shows. Why don't you give it a try?
THE AIRMAIL ENTIR E TRUTH, best source of information for air post Stationery COllectorS and appears 3 times a year. A sample copy may be obtained for 25¢ from LAVA, Box 1, New York, NY 10040.
U. S. POSSESSIONS CATALOG Progress is being made with the up­
grading of the U.S. Possessions Catalog with sections being assigned to various Committee Chairmen. The Editor-in­ Chief, Dr. Austin P. Haller,hasagreat team working with him ••• James W. Brumbaugh is Chairman of the Canal Zone Section, while Roben L. Griffin is Chairman of the Philippines Section.
The success of this new publication also lies with you - - your help is needed now. If you collect any of the U.S. Possessions postal stationery and have an item that is currently unlisted, you are requested to please contact the appropriate Chairman above, with your particular "find•. It is requested that you send a detailed description, and NOT the actual item ... when all the in­ formation is gathered, you may be called upon to submit your material for verification with other members of the catalog committee. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in this monu­ mental task.
CANAL ZONE CHAIRMAN: James W, Brumbaugh, Box 341, Hopkins, Minnesota 55343
PHILIPPINES CHAIRMAN: Robert L. Griffin, 713 West F St. , Wilmington, California 90744
~ The active New York Metropolitan
Chapter of the UPSS had noted stamp auctioneer , Vahan Mozian share some of his experiences with the club during their April meeting. Western Express Franks on U.S. entires were exhibited and discussed by Sam Arlen at the May meeting which also served as a farewell pany for Dr. Paul Berg, UPSS Treasur­ er, who recently relocated from New York to Georgia.
The June meeting featured•Turkish Delight• by Bob Stuchell and Paul Silverstone on stationery of Turkey.
by Eben A. Farnsworth
After a silence of almost two years, word has at las t reached us from Gen. Bruce Cond~ (UPSS# ll2-C). He writes:
" T he July-Aug. l969POSTALSTA­ Tl0NERY has just arrived (Dec. 10) and it is the first I have seen for ages, as all unregistered mail is delayed and sometimes lost in transit enroute to Yemen. Our correspondence has also suffered more than the usual 10% loss in all classes of mail transiting the battle zones, and, if the news has finally percolate d through, both we and Saudi Arabia are now being attacked by air and on the ground by the combined forces of the two communist puppet s tates in the south, the so-called "People ' s Republic of Southern Yemerf ' and "Yemen Arab Republic".
"I am unaware of what has been published about our postal stationery s ince 1967 or what has got through to you; if you could let me have copies of your letters sent and photocopies of what is published, I would try to organize everything in correct chrono­ logical order, checking for complete­ ness and bringing things up to date. Please note my new address for mail ­ ings and bes t wishes to you and all UPSS members." "yours, Cond~"
His new address is: Maj. -Gen. the Prince of Cond~. G.H.Q. Camp al-
Mansur, al- Mahabeshah, Yemen (Tran­ sit via Jeddah, Saudi Arabia).
It will be recalled that some three or four years ago, Gen. Cond~ was able to send us aerogrammes of Yemen, with examples of provisional stamped envelopes and a new series of postal cards . These items were reported and illus trated in POST A L STATIONERY and several attempts were made by this writer (and others) to obtain this mat­ erial for dis tribution among U PSS mem­ bers.
A certified bank check in payment for aerogr ammes was sent but never received by Cond~. nor was it ever cashed, so it is assumed that it was lost in transit (through the battle zones?)
A very handsome series of three postal cards was prepared (also illus ­ trated in POSTAL STATIONERY), one of which was used for transmitting the above message and now that communi­ cation has been re-established (?)we will try to order sets of these cards to
be made available to U PSS members. Aer ogrammes may also s till be avail­ able and if so, we will also try to get a supply of these.
With all the news of the troubles in the Near East between Is r ael and the Arab s tates, the fight of Royalis t Ye men to maintain its identity is all but lost.
Every Member Ger A Member
In the President' s Message in the last issue, you will recall that every­ one was urged to seek out new mem­ bers for the Society. For each new member you propose, you will receive a free want ad in • Postal Stationery" journal. And, for just listing five names and addresses of potential new mem­ bers and sending them to the President, you can also receive a free want ad.
Last year, 34 different members proposed new members for our Society. Leading the list outside the offis:ial family was Edward Fladung, who ob­ tained 17 new members in 1969. Here's the list for last year:
Robert B. Warlick 27 PaulK. Berg 24 Gordon C. Morison 21 Edward F. Ball Edwin F. Ball 20 Edward Fladung 17 Rodney L. Mort 5 Samuel S. Arlen 4 William Bauer 4 Artur Lewandowski 4 Donna von Stein 4 William H. Maisel 4 Robert D. Corless 2 Eben A. Farnsworth 2 Siegfried Saalfeld 2 Clifford Tuttle 2
The following each proposed one new member: R. E. Adamson, Jr. , Earl Apfelbaum, Donald C. Axtell, Theodore Bozarth, George Brett, Larry Bunge, P. 0. Edwards, Charles Fricke, William L. Griffith, Austin P, Haller, R. D. Harris , George M. Martin, Paul A. Nelson, Robert Payne, Luigi Penile, Warren C. Stevens, V. R. Trimmer, Henry Von Vange and Paul von Stein.
You can still get your name on the 1970 Honor Roll and receive a free
want ad. Ei~her send five names and addresses to the President at 2439 Pine Grove Court, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, today, or obtain applications for you to use yourself from any of the officers.
0000000000000000000000000000 POSTAL STATIONERY
is always included in my public auctions, held regularly, and include Express C.C. Exhibition Postal Cards, Multicolored, etc. A card will put you on my mailing list. Approvals sent by s tates, topics , issues. Collections Purchased. Please say you saw it in the " Postal Stationery" journal.
FREE AD FOR YOU A free 15-word want ad in " Postal
Stationery• magazine will be given to each member submitting the names and addresses of five member ship prospects to UPSS President, Gordon C. Morison, 2493 Pine Grove Court, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. A free want ad is also awarded to the person proposing a new member. Help UPSS growl Send the names and addresses of five persons whom you think might be inter ested in joining • • . and earn yourself that free want ad.
Classified Ads MINIMUM AD Sl. 50, 5t per word over ;10. Please send advertising copy with your remiuance, payable co the lJl>SS, co: EDITOR, PAUL VON STEIN, DUNEDIN, FL 33528. Ads close firs< of month.
NEW ISSUES SERVICE AEROGRAMM ES, New issue service. Mint and cancelled. We service the entire world. Also can supply many older issues. Am also interested in exchanging. RICHARD HEFFNER , 2012 Spring St. West Lawn, PA 19609 (2-71)
WORLDWIDE POSTAL STATIONERY FOREIGN STATIONERY COLLECT­ IONS, Mint-UsedAll different: 50-$4.00, IONS, Mint-Used All different: 50-$4.00, 100-$7 .oo, 200-$22.00, 300- $35.00. Postpaid. CWOplease. Worldwide Want­ lists . Periodic Auctions, free copy. DESCHL, Box 117, Wayne,NJ 07470(2-71)
POSTCARD CATALOG STANDARD POSTCARD CATALOG , lists and prices all picture postcards, including early Expositions, pioneers, Private Mailing Cards, $3. 95. Other references available. JAM ES LOWE, Folsom, PA 19033 00- 70)
FRENCH GUI ANA Will buy pos tal stationery, postal cards, covers, APO 418 letters, prisoner letters - mint or used, stamped or s tampless. JOHN M. McGARRY, 189 Ashuelot St., Dalton, MA 0 1226 (8-70)
PRECANCELLED Enve lopes Wanted. Will buy accumulations or collections of any size. I collect every Thorp variety available from all different rowns in each type of precancelled overprint . B. D. HEDDING, Box 545, Gle ndora, Calif. 91740 (1 2-70) WASHINGTON BICENTENNIAL Envel­ opes (U523- U528) with Corner Cards, Bicentennial Cachets , First Day Can­ cellations. Buy or Tr ade. Please write: R. E. GERST ACKER, Box 87, Lancaster OHIO 43130
WANTED WANTED: Mulready wrappers with printed advertisements inside; also Higgins & Gage Bavaria KA 7, KA 7a, KB36; Belgium KAl, KA2, KA3, KBl, KB2, KB3; Estonia KAl; France KAl ; Italian BLP letter sheets; and all other stationery, from any country, contain­ ing multiple private advertisements. State prices; will pay full catalogue or possibly more, for items 1 need. K. KLOSS, 10500 ROCKVILLE PIKE, ROCKVILLE, MD 20852. (8- 70)
SPECIAL OFFERS SC ARCE OTTOMAN TURKEY cards and envelopes. Closing out odd ite ms. Selection 1-six unused ite ms , good to very good, list $5. 75-only $4. 75. Selec­ tion 2-five unused items, fair-very good, list $4.25, only $3. 50. Selection 3-six used items, fair-very good, lis t $4.50, only $3.25. Potpourri, miscel­ laneous condition, 5 used ite