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Post- Colonialism ?. “I” and “You”, Near and Far: Mapping the World on the Internet Aleš Vaupotič, Ljubljana (Seoul, AILC/ICLA 2010). Mapping the sp ace. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • I and You, Near and Far: Mapping the World on the InternetAle Vaupoti, Ljubljana (Seoul, AILC/ICLA 2010) Post-Colonialism?

  • Mapping the spacethe ambiguous attitude of the English working class to [the Irish proletariat] divided the oppressed, provoked a struggle of exploited against exploited instead of their united struggle against their common exploiters (Lukcs Lenin)the traveller in the undiscovered country of the poor must, [...] until his stories are corroborated by after investigators, be content to lie under the imputation of telling such tales ... From: Henry Mayhew London Labour and London Poor (4 Vol., 1861-2).

  • The Globalization and the Contamination of Distancesthe progress then achieved in transportation and communication, together with the spread of elementary education [...], made it possible to mobilize the people far more rapidly and in a far more unified direction; everyone was reached by the same ideas and events far more quickly, more consciously, and more uniformly. For Europe there began that process of temporal concentration, both of historical events themselves and of everyone's knowledge of them, which has since made tremendous progress and which not only permits us to prophecy a unification of human life throughout the world but has in a certain sense already achieved it. (Auerbach Mimesis)

  • The Globalization and the Contamination of DistancesLoss of the traveller's tale and, with it, the possibility of some kind of interpretation, which will be coupled with a sharp loss of memory, or rather, with the flourishing of a paradoxical immediate memory linked to all-powerful nature of the image. A real-time image no longer offering concrete (explicit) information but discreet (implicit) information, a sort of illumination of the reality of the facts. (Virilio The Perspective of Real Time)

  • Vilm Flusser's Techno Imagination and Proxemics

  • Vilm Flusser's Techno Imagination and ProxemicsI am not responsible for the Iraqis [in the context of the media coverage of the then contemporary Golf war in 1990-91], but I am responsible for an aspect of their cognition. I am engaged for them and they are, whether they want it or not, for me. (Flusser Kommunikologie weiter denken)

  • Online Communities and Literature?

  • The Distances in a Literary Web Project: SMS sonnet, by Teo Spiller