Portrait Lighting - Photo Camp Houston

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My Portrait Lighting slides from PhotoCampHouston.Presentation and images copyright 2007-2009 Jeremey L. Barrett. All Rights Reserved. This means you can't use this presentation or the images therein without my permission.

Transcript of Portrait Lighting - Photo Camp Houston

  • Portrait Lighting Fundamentals Jeremey Barrett @jeremey [email protected] January 24, 2009
  • The Right Light The look you want - what are your goals? Soft? Harsh? Contrasty? Ethereal? Generally portrait lighting is trying to be soft ...but not always
  • Qualities of Light Soft Hard Directional Diffuse Contrasty Flat Natural
  • Light Sources Size: bigger = softer Distance: closer = softer Distance: closer = brighter Harder light = more contrast Coverage Angle Spill
  • The Big Source In The Sky Small or large? Hard or soft? Time of day Color Diffusing Shadow
  • Key Technique: Separation Separate, separate, separate Subject should not blend into the background Light the background, not uniformly Gradients are your friends Light the background rst! Depth of eld Rim lighting
  • Reverse Engineer Where is the light coming from? How hard or soft are the transitions from light to shadow? How many light sources are there?
  • Controlling Light Aperture controls how much of your strobes light gets in Shutter speed controls how much of the ambient light gets in Inverse square blah-blah-blah Distance is a powerful tool! Examples: what color is the background material?