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Transcript of PORTLIGHT - Portland Yacht Club Happy 100th Birthday Helen Price! Helen turns 100 years old on...

  • PORTLIGHT January 2016

    P O R T L A N D Y A C H T C L U B M O N T H LY Volume 66, Number 1

  • www.portlandyc.com

    Pop! A balloon exploded on its descent from the ballroom ceiling at PYC’s New Year’s Eve party, ushering in 2016. It is a privilege and honor to be your 2016 Commodore. May we all have a Happy New Year!

    We will be bringing back two cruises from years past. One is the Barkley Sound cruise the last week of July. Roger Jorgensen and I will chair this cruise as we last did 10 years ago. You will find that Barkley is closer than going down the Strait to the San Juan or Gulf Islands, has better fishing and sailing than the straits on the inside of Vancouver Island and is beautiful. Several Saturday morning Education Docks targeting skills needed for this cruise will include crossing the bar, weather forecasting and general cruise planning.

    The second cruise from the past will be in late Sep- tember, the week before Beacon Rock. We may call it the Miller Island or Fall Upriver Cruise. It antici- pates us being lifted by two locks through the first two Columbia River dams and anchoring in the lee of Miller Island which is near the convergence of the Deschutes and Columbia rivers. This will be timed so we can stop for the Beacon Rock Cruise on the way downriver.

    There are six sailing regattas listed on our 2016 cal- endar. However, the queen of them all is our own Mauni Elliott series in June. It is named after Glenn Elliott’s mother, who was the Club’s bookkeeper for forty years and lived in the upstairs apartment while her husband was the Club’s Port Captain. The series consists of races on four consecutive Wednesday evenings for PYC boats only. I want to encourage – shall I say taunt – those of us who have sailboats but usually crew aboard other boats, to gather our own boats and crews and venture forth upon the friendly waters for Mauni Elliottt. If you are too timid to race because of your rusty knowledge of the racing rules, take heart. We’ll offer a basic refresher course on racing and the rules in the spring.

    Please note on another page of this Portlight the list of committees and volunteers. This list of volunteers is not exclusive. The plethora of volunteers helping Michael and Mary Stainsby put on the February Crab Feed are not listed, nor are the helpers for the October Scotch and Cigar night. I imagine Gil MacGregor will ask Walter Witschard to once again lecture us on the values of scotch and ask Bill Farr to play his bagpipes along


    with having a cast of servers.

    PYC is adding three committees. The dock maintenance committee headed by David Stuckey actually started in October. Its purpose is to ensure that the rods holding the whalers to the cement docks and the cement docks together are periodically checked for tightness to protect our investment.

    The second new committee is the Intermediate Members group headed by Lisa Cicala. She and her committee will gather together the club’s intermediate-aged mem- bers to identify common interests and activities they share and promote those in tandem with other club events.

    The third is the PYC Youth Sailing Scholarship com- mittee formed to provide financial assistance to applicant youths who take youth sailing classes in the Portland area. With the assistance of Randy Duncan, this com- mittee is forming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation so that donated money is tax deductible. As you know, PYC already has a reciprocal agreement with Willa- mette Sailing Club so our family members may take sailing classes at WSC member prices. The scholarship fund will complement this arrangement, but will not be limited to PYC member families nor to classes at WSC.

    A brief procedural note on paying bills: When invoices for committee expenses fall on the bookkeeper’s desk they will be scanned and emailed to the committee chair for their approval as well as being OK’d by the club manager before being paid.

    Please note the Commodore’s Ball is January 23rd. Janet and I look forward to an entertaining night. Please join us!

    Lastly, most of you know that Janet and I have sailed many miles. However, we are both very aware that miles don’t matter as all of us are equally entranced when stepping aboard any boat and the essence of this club is to serve as a social platform to share this magic. Or, according to Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows: “There is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth

    doing as simply messing about in boats.”

    Please do not give the “N-Row” gate

    code to any vendor at any time.

    The Portlight page 2 January 2016

  • www.portlandyc.com

    CLUB MANAGER REPORT By Daniel Wilkins

    BAR & GALLEY NEWS! LUNCH 11 am - 2 pm

    Thursday, Friday & Saturday (no lunch on Saturday January 23rd)

    HAPPY HOUR — FRI. & SAT. 3 - 5 pm

    HAPPY HOUR — SUNDAY 2 - 6 pm

    (Sailing on Sunday every Sunday in January)

    DINNER 5 - 8 pm Friday & Saturday

    PYC can accommodate large groups for lunch or dinner. Please call our reservation desk for

    more information.

    Did we have a great time during the holidays or what? December provided so many great events and memories that will last a lifetime, a great cap to a wonderful year. Now we can look to the future and what 2016 will hold.

    I am very optimistic and look forward to the leadership of our incoming Board of Trustees and new Commo- dore, John Colby. We will continue to build our founda- tion as the leading club in the greater Portland area with clear and concise direction that will ensure our future will remain as bright as the cupola in her maiden year.

    We encourage you to take a look at the 2016 calendar for our many events. We will always update the calendar online and will continue to communicate the latest infor- mation on events and happenings at the club through our weekly newsletter. Our website will continue to offer the latest member information on the member side of the website and at some time in early 2016 you will see the event rental information available on the public side of the webpage to encourage outside event rentals.

    As presented in the annual meeting in November, we will now offer the clubhouse to groups without the requirement of a member sponsor. Our goal in this endeavor is to generate further revenue for the club without disrupting the use of the club for our member-

    ship. All rentals will require an application and will be approved by the PYC Board of Trustees for two reasons:

    1. To ensure that the prospective clients will treat our clubhouse and grounds with the respect it deserves, with payments delivered upfront with sizeable deposits to cover for any damages.

    2. To protect the members’ interest in clubhouse use. We do not want to turn away PYC members from using the clubhouse just to make a buck.

    Our target market will be businesses looking for event space, primarily during the week, to ensure the clubhouse is used for member and member-sponsored events during the weekends. Our competition will be hotel convention centers near the airport that can accommodate groups of up to 300. We believe our clubhouse offers a distinct com- petitive advantage over these hotels with our river views that cannot be beat, and with the proper advertising, can generate substantial revenues that can be put back into the clubhouse to make it better than ever. We appreciate any referrals that you can send our way!

    Thank you for your support and membership! Cheers to a great 2016!

    � PORTLIGHT publisһed montһly by tһe

    PORTLAND YACHT CLUB 2341 NE Marine Drive, Portland, Oregon 97211

    503-285-1922 (ph) • 503-283-4960 (fax) office@portlandyc.com • www.portlandyc.com

    COMMITTEE – Mike O’Bryant, editor; Sandy O’Bryant, graphic design; David McNamee, Nancy MacGregor and Skip & Mary Ann Nitchie


    Commodore John Colby (sail) Vice Commodore Dave Simonson (power) Secretary/Treasurer Frank Bocarde (sail) Rear Commodore Larry Justice (power) Trustee Robert Dubay (sail) Trustee Ken Hunkins (power) Trustee Robert Morgan (power) Trustee Craig Shambaugh (sail) Trustee Stan Tonneson (power)

    The Portlight page 3 January 2016

  • NEW MEMBER PROFILES By Mary Ann Nitchie

    RICK AND NICHOLE KERSEY Rick has been boating since

    the age of 10. Born in Van- couver, he has lived and worked in this area his whole life, first with Dick Hannah, then opening his own auto repair business, Accurate Auto, in three locations. The Kerseys have two children, Noelle, 5, and

    Mason, 1. Their boat, Plan B, is a 29' M/V manufactured by Phoenix. Rick is a flotilla commander in the USCG Auxiliary, working security for the Christmas Ship Parades. Their sponsors are Rick Williams and Paul Wilson.

    PHILIP AND CORINNE RAGAWAY The Ragaways have two

    children, Martin, 2½, and McCoy, 1. Philip’s goal at PYC is to create a founda- tion for his family to enjoy and learn from the unique opportunities in the yacht club community. He crewed for eight years on

    former PYC member Sue Burns’ sailboat, and has par- ticipated in ocean racing and cruising. He owns Quar- terworld Pinball and Spot Properties, LLC. Philip has had much experience building and operating restau- rants, many of which are still in business. Corinne enjoys snowboarding, biking, the arts and dance. Their sponsors are Mary Stainsby and Jolene Coats.