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Sherwin VreeSwijk

workeXPerienCe10/2010 - present Pr and Acquisition employee, at kCAP Architects&Planners, rotterdam, netherlands tasks: Production of european tenders, grant applications editorial restructuring of the company website the preparation and administration of publications / press releases and media relations the preparation and administration of awards, lectures, exhibitions. explore opportunities in foreign markets to expand kCAP activities writing project texts for various projects Creating presentation materials for various projects

Assisting the directors in presentations

01/2010 – 08/2010 Architect at n2 architecten, rotterdam, netherlands Projects: De wereld op Zuid, rotterdam Cartesius lyceum, Amsterdam Startershof, Zoetermeer De olieberg Scheveningen

04/2010 – 09/2010 Several freelance jobs, including drawings, and 3Dmodeling_Designproposal for the Auditorium of the ‘ Universiteit van Suriname’, Suriname

09/2007 – 05/2009 Sales & Marketing, at Achmea healthcenters in rotterdam

12/2006 - 07/2007 Drafter, at Dt Projects in Capelle a.d. ijssel, netherlands

PerSonAl inforMAtionSurname: Vreeswijk name: Sherwin DonovanDate of birth: 07 August 1983Place of birth: Paramaribo, Suriname, South Americanationality Dutch

eDUCAtion2006 - 2009

2002 - 2006 1996 - 2002

ContACtAddress: indrapoerastraat 50 3029 nn, rotterdam netherlands

Mobile: +31(0)6-42017011 +31(0)6-37030753

e: [email protected]

CoMPUter SkillSAdobe (Photoshop, indesign, illustrator) Autocad, Vector-works, Maya 3D, Sketchup + rendering plugins: (V-ray, iren-dernext, Maxwell) Dreamweaver, Microsoft office

StrenGthS Good communicational and social skills, team worker and also independent, stress resistant, flexible attitude, initiative

lAnGUAGeDutch: fluent english: fluent

Master Architecture, technical University of Delft (tUDelft), Msc Diploma in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Bachelor engineering , technical University of Delft (tUDelft),

Vwo, Mr. Dr. j.C. de Miranda lyceum, Paramaribo, Suriname, Courses: Dutch, english, Math, Science, Physics, economy

Curriculum Vitae

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Sherwin VreeSwijk

Programa 50.000 m2 music centre with 30.000 m2 rehearsal space, restaurant, shop, poppodium, and auditorium, with music studios. and public foyer

time2008 - 2009

A center for musician is a building wher different kinds of musicians come together to practise and perform their music. it’s a combination of rehearsal space, poppodium & a music conservatory. the whole concept for the program is to get people out of their garages and practise in a good acoustic environment with all sorts of musicians to be inspired by.

the tower relates to Amsterdam and the base relates to the neigborhood. which also had the functions that the neigh-bours will use like the restaurant, store and auditorium. the whole building is divided into different music clusters. the clusters are stacked according to the intensity of use.

the interior street of the building brings you from the pubic cluster to the recording cluster through one walkpath from bottom to top, bringing you through all the different clusters and different corners of the tower. the interior street can be read from outside revealing and leading through the entire interiority of the the building. it is a combination of closed and open. with a wooden public part and a hard concrete part for the studios..

MUSiQ centerformusicmakerstU Delft Graduation

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Sherwin VreeSwijkMUSiQ centerformusicmakerstU Delft Graduation

music + leisure

+ =


sherwin vreeswijkudo garritzmann | pelle poiesz | maarten meijs

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Sherwin VreeSwijkMUSiQ centerformusicmakerstU Delft Graduation

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Sherwin VreeSwijk

Programa 5.000 m2 rehearsal spaces and classrooms for the Art foundation of rotterdam with 2.000 m2 public space: exhi-bition space, theater, restaurant and shop


the SkVr stimulates active and passive amateur art partici-pation. the SkVr strives to reach as many (young) inhabitants of rotterdam as possible in an attempt to connect them to arts and culture. the activities take place in the different quar-ters of the city (in community centers and other locations), in 16 buildings (spread over the entire city and its suburbs) and around and within the schools of rotterdam. the foundation is divided into four sections, which are closely related and working together. located on the corner of the witte de with straat and the willian Boothlaan in downtown rotterdam. the surrounding buildings on the location have ‘green’ openings in between also called a hof in the netherlands. the courtyard provides sunlight in the centre of a big building block, which is common in historical buildings in rotterdam. All the green spots on the plan are all entered via tunnels in the buildings. Behind the tunnel lies an almost hidden part of rotterdam, because it is a place where the public usally never comes. A closed facade with a small opening gives the effect of a se-cret garden. this garden (hof) of the building gives a suprise effect compared to the closed outer facade. inside the gar-den viewing boxes are visible for every section of the SkVr.

SkVr headquarterstUDelft MSc1 Project

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Sherwin VreeSwijk

groundfloor first floor

hidden garden closed facade-small opening


public domainrestaurant

-the design orders an entire façade around the garden, en-suring that the garden is hidden.

one small opening makes the observor peek into and

invesigate the building. hereby the entrance is clearly located

rather than lost in space-

SkVr headquarterstUDelft MSc1 Project

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Sherwin VreeSwijk

KCAP Architects&Planners Hoornwerk Deventer [NL]


KCAP Architects&Planners Hoornwerk Deventer [NL]



gde Ka



Mr. de Boerlaan

Hoornwerkstedenbouwkundig plan

1:1.000 28 oktober 2010


overall masterplan 1:1500 aerial photo 1:1500

groundfloor 1:400 level 2 1:400

section through public deck facade single family homeslong section (through atrium)

Architectenselectie Oktober 2011

Nieuwbouw Michaëlschool, Rotterdam [NL]KCAP Architects&Planners





bouw M

ichaëlschool, Rotterdam


kCAP Architects&Planners

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Sherwin VreeSwijkn2 Architects->Startershof

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Sherwin VreeSwijkn2 Architects->Startershof

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Sherwin VreeSwijkUnder Malmö’s SkyCompetition june 2012 | 1st place

ProgramCreate new homes while densifying the city centre. .time2012

teamS. Vreeswijk, M. Beraldo, B. Pereira, G. Magnusson,

there is a possibility to take life to a higher level. Spaces unseen from the street are the answer to create new homes while densifying the city centre. in Malmö’s city centre, unlike the number of unoccupied buildings, the considerable amount of empty and flat roofs provides the supply to meet part of the demand of new accomodation. the centre is the habitat for young people in general, students and tourists. this is the perfect setting for synergies between building owners, hotels and the university in an open-minded step-by-step process of creation of new rooftop communities.Malmö’s goal shouldn’t only be about creating accommodation for young people but rather providing better tailored quality of living for the youth of the city. the market of better quality of life for Malmö’s future inhabitants is brimming with potentially good return of capital at all levels. once empowered to participate and triggered by incentives young people can spend their greater amount of free time amusingly transforming that human capital into economic value and a better city for everyone to enjoy.

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Sherwin VreeSwijk

Building owners receive money all year round.

studentsyoung professionals building owner(s)


tourists hotel (investor)SEK










Synergetic plans start to take shape.

Building owners start

investing on the creation of

new communities on the

Buiding owners rent

the rooftop bungalows

to young professional

tenants and students

during low touristic


During high season,

tourists pay the hotels,

whcih pay the building


hotels invest on the

construction of rooftop

bungalows due to the

touristic interest.

the Universities can invest with

design research and educational

Students investigate and test pragmatic

ways of implementing rooftop communities,

how to design and assemble the bungalows,

recycling or up-cycling of old

material can cut costs if the labor costs are kept low. it

may also rise brand equity of small companies that wish to

promote sustainable and ethical living.

Shared walls can cut cost of

insulation and make assembly simpler.

installing solar panels or small-

scale wind power can make energy effectively


Shared and centralized functions

may give dwellers better equipment than what they could afford

themselves and provide a lower rent without cutting return of capital.

Multiple use of spaces, namely sharing facilities

with the Universities, enhances the desirability of these rooftop

communities and assures return of captial also by creating continuity

Step-by-step implementation

A rooftop development starts with just one or a few bungalows.

Appropriat ion of outside space and creation of common features bring better environment.

More bungalows can be added and new people will move in.

A community is created and will always evolve everytime people move in and out.

Under Malmö’s SkyCompetition june 2012 | 1st place

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Sherwin VreeSwijkAmsterdam 1915remodeling of a 1915 ‘herenhuis’ apartment

Programremodeling of historical Amsterdam herenhuis appartment.

time2011 - 2012

A fully reconstruction of an interior from a ‘herenhuis’ apart-ment in Amsterdam east. the whole layout redrawn from base upwards to accomodate the 21st century needs for this space. the owner is a young medical student who bought the place to have a steady education and carreer in the ong-joing years. the extra room is meant to be a long term rental room for expats and erasmus students. the old floorplan didn’t allow any room as a meeting place. the 2 flatmates had only a small kiitchen where they could meet. the biggest problem the owner had with this space was also the absence of good storage space. So there the idea came to make a whole living kitchen, where you can cook, dine, study, and have friends over. while the bathroom was slimmed down and moved the east side of the apartment. this gave the space the extra space it needed and the owner didn’t lose any of her personal space in her own private bedroom, where a diviing wall with the hallway was turned into a wall closet.

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Sherwin VreeSwijkAmsterdam 1915remodeling of a 1915 ‘herenhuis’ apartment

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Sherwin VreeSwijk

ProgramAuditorium with foyer, event space, student meeting area


the idea behind the concept of the building speaks for itself in the concept drawings on the leftside of the page.

it has to give the effect that the auditorium slopes upward creating an entrance to the streetside. this gives the effect that the street or the square in front of the building gradually goes inside of the building.

the building is divided into 3 parts: 1: the entrance, which also houses the reception and lobby. 2: the circulation, containing the stairs and also restaurant and offices servicing the main function of the building.3: the auditorium, with dressing rooms

the building is rotated with a 45 degree angle the to the street. with this you can see the whole shape of the build-ing from the leysweg and also pointing the entrance to the streetside. Around building is a square that is slightly higher than the street, giving it a more more formal entrance to the building self. Behind that is the parking area which is hidden behind the hightend square. the four grass areas around the square represent the 4 functions of the auditorium: celebrations, orations, promo-tions, and graduation ceremonies.

ADk AuditoriumProposal for the auditorium of the University in Suriname

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Sherwin VreeSwijkADk AuditoriumProposal for the auditorium of the University in Suriname

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Sherwin VreeSwijk3D work